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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I'm a little bit new here. Quick question My kids and I will be a permanent resident very soon. We are now living in the US. My wife live in Canada (she is Canadian). I want to minimize the time he will be separated from me and the kids. Of course she can cross the border and stay in the USA for 182 days every calendar year. I know we can do all the processes thought a Canadian consular. But can she do all the process while she is in the US ? Like the statement below she will enter legally without the requirement of any Visa. Page-2 https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Resources/A1en.pdf Can my relative wait in the United States until becoming a permanent resident? No. If your relative is outside the United States, filing an I-130 does not allow your relative to live or work in the United States. An I-130 petition only establishes your relationship with your relative. Your relative should wait outside the United States to immigrate legally. If your husband or wife, unmarried child under 21 years, or parent is already in the United States after having entered legally, they can apply to adjust their status to permanent resident at the same time you file their I-130 petition. If so how can she apply to adjust their status to permanent resident any additional form of the I130 and can we combine both document at the same thing when sending documents ? Thanks !
  2. It has been extremely hard to find answers to this as my partner's Canadian job involves work travel to and from the US. Me: Us citizen, live and work in us Fiancee: Canadian Citizen, works for Canadian airline that frequently works flights that go into US, UK, Europe. Commutes from both Canada and the US. Waiting marry or set intent to marry until we can determine best Visa process. Issue: We would like to live in the same place. For one thing long distance is rough, for the other we can save a lot. It isn't an issue currently for him to commute to work from the US to Canada to fly. However, if we begin the process for either fiancee or a spousal visa (obviosly would meet the marriage timing requirements of before vs after accordingly)- which of them is the best process to ensure he can continue travelling between the US and Canada and continue working out of Canada? The end goal is for him to have US citizenship and able to work/apply in the US, and minimize time being unable to commute from the US/visit the US. It seems to me he would have strong evidence for short visits to the US and ties to Canada due to his work flight schedule for a Canadian airline and having a Canadian address, Canadian bills, bank accounts, etc. Does the i-130 petition process force him to get a visitor Visa? or does the nature of his job preclude this? Does advance probation have anything to do with a situation like this if we go the K-1 route? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hey there guys, I am new here and seen a lot of beneficial information shared on this forum so I am really hoping someone will be able to give me guidance on my current situation. We’ve received our packet four details via email from the US consulate last week directing me to schedule my interview and medical exam however, once I went online the website wouldn’t let me pay the fee nor would it allow me to schedule an appointment as it currently reads there is no appointments available and to check back in a few days. I’ve been checking multiple times throughout the last few days but still I couldn’t manage to schedule an appointment. Is anyone else facing a similar issue? How long will it take to schedule an interview at the embassy ?
  4. Hello, I recently moved to the US to be with my fiancé! I have all the letters from my car manufacturer and received my stamps from the border giving my car the "okay" to be brought into the united states. I was just wondering what I need to do first? get insurance? register? get my in-state license? I just don't know what step to take first in this process.
  5. I just want to double check: can my Canadian fiance visit me while our K-1 Visa is awaiting approval? We just received notice of the NOA1. Fingers crossed for your responses and advise. Cheers,
  6. My husband is Canadian and we just received his permanent green card in April. We would like for him to have dual citizenship & just want to make sure we plan appropriately as the years move forward. We had no issues during any of the K1 process without using an attorney. Looking for advice, similar stories, etc.
  7. I am applying for AOS and am a Canadian on a TN Visa. I crossed into the US at a land border from Canada in a NEXUS lane in the summer and did not receive an I-94 or a passport stamp. When I look up my I-94 on the CBP website, a previous I-94 is listed from air travel earlier in the year. Arrival/departure records on their website do list my most recent land entry (I am aware that the process is such that land entry I-94s do no get updated electronically). Therefore I have no I-94 which accurately lists my most recent date of entry into the US, and no passport stamp to prove a legal entry into US. do have: My original I-94 white paper card stapled into my PP which was given to me when I was initially issued my TN Visa two years ago. This I-94 number does not match my "most recent I-94" number listed online. This suggests that CPB makes a new I-94 number each time you cross the border. My "most recent I-94" available online with wrong most recent entry date. AOS requires my I-94 number (presumably my most recent one which should prove I legally entered the US). I have three questions: Has a new I-94 been issued to me at the time of land crossing that I don't have any record of? Or is my "most recent I-94" listed online the real most recent I-94. If this were the case it would stand that no new I-94 number was created when I entered by land. There would still be the discrepancy of an inaccurate most recent entry date. What options do I have to prove my legal entry into US on my AOS? Maybe CBP did not create a new I-94 number for me at most recent entry because previous I-94 was still valid and I left the US to be in Canada for less than 30 days. Does anyone know how I could confirm this? Maybe the correct I-94 number to list on my AOS is the original white paper card given to me when my visa was issued? Thanks for your help! PS: I have found this issue come up a few times on this forum, but no resolution ever posted.
  8. Hi all, I just wanted to share this article for our Canadian friends and their SOs. Canadians who work in the marijuana industry — and those who invest in the booming pot sector — risk a lifetime ban on travel to the U.S., according to a senior official overseeing U.S border operations. https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/13/canada-weed-pot-border-783260
  9. Hi everyone, I have several questions about bringing my parents from Canada to US. And doing it the right way. I understand there is a choice of doing it while they are in Canada or doing it from US, hopefully someone can help me with clarifying somethings. 1. If I would like to petition for them after they enter the US, can they go through the boarder normally (Canadians don't needs a visa) or would that be illigal? If so what's the best way to do it? Would it affect their adnace parole later to leave if needed? 2. I also have a minor sibling brother. If they do the process from Canada can he enter the US with them once they get their visa? What the best way to go? If you know any info or have been through this, specifically Canadian because sometimes it's easier. please comments below!! Thank youu
  10. Hello! (I'm still new at this, so I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong place..) I was wondering if any CANADIAN k-1 beneficiaries could share their list of options on where they could go for their MEDICAL EXAM from the embassy (Preferably fairly pretty recent). Wondering if they can reply with a picture of the list or type up all the options they give to Canadians. I'm a January filer and waiting for our NOA2. We have only met once in our 4 year relationship (don't worry, we met in the two year span of filing), so we would like to make another visit before his interview. If there is a place close to me (but not him) where my fiance can get his medical exam, then visit/stay with me for a bit across the border rather than getting a hotel, we will do it that way to make it easier and cheaper for us, plus more prove for the interview!
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