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  1. My fiancé (K1 visa) has over 10k in account. She will move some of the money into our account in the USA. At the day of her entry into the USA her foreign account will have less than 10k. Is she required to file at FBAR for that year regardless of when the account exceeded the 10k threshold?
  2. I am living overseas with spouse. I've read that to receive ITIN the W7 form has to be filed concurrently with tax paperwork. It takes 2 months before receipt of ITIN. I go back to for a little while to US but not long enough to wait for ITIN. How is this possible to complete overseas? Is there a step I am missing? If I write non resident alien (NRA) on my taxes would I lose money on my return (if any)? Would there be anything to amend if I write NRA?
  3. I'm jobless since feb 2018. My old employer sent me w2 form. i'm going to file taxes? will it create a problem if i file ? Because my petition is at USCIS and IK i will need a joint sponsor as i'm currently jobless. can i still write letter at Nvc stage that i didn't file the income tax return cause of low income if i file the taxes? i'm confused is it better not to file taxes?
  4. Hello, We are in the process of finalizing my papers for adjustment of status from K1 - permanent resident. On the I-864 Affidavit of support, my spouse has not filed her income tax returns for the most recent year (2018 ). She has not received her W-2s yet. Can we possibly use the tax returns for 2017, 2016 & 2015 instead?
  5. First we will be getting this all looked over by a tax preparer but wanted to see how other people have gone about it as I see a lot of people who moved to California on here from the UK I moved to America in July using the K1 visa got married and applied for the AOS and EAD which I got January 24th and my AOS interview is in a month I worked in the UK jan-June 2018 but have not worked in USA due to not having my EAD until last week Do we have to file a joint claim and then write off my UK income using the form 2555 How have everyone else done this
  6. I came to the US on an F1 visa. I got married in 08/17 and filed for AoS in 11/17 (My wife is a US citizen). Both my wife and I have been working all these years. I received an EAD and Advanced Parole in 12/17. I traveled abroad and got a PAROLED stamp on my passport on my return to the country because my AoS was pending. My understanding is that currently I do not have a status (even though the F1 visa on my passport is unexpired) because I have the PAROLED stamp in my passport switching my status from F1 to 'no-status'. My AoS is still pending, and I have sent a follow up to USCIS since it is outside processing time. In the past I have used tax prep software that was provided by our university. The forms used were Form 1040-NR and Form 8843. The forms need to be physically mailed in, and couldn't be filed online. My question now is: Which tax forms I would use to file this year? Should I jointly file with my wife? If so what status would I say I am? Thanks for your help!
  7. josie125


    This is for IR1/CR-1 and/or IR2 Ghanaian members How long is it currently taking to have an appointment scheduled for interview in Ghana? Does anyone know the latest appointment that was schedule and when was the case complete for that person?
  8. Hamidparis

    Tax return

    Hi, I have a quick question, I will be eligible for my N400 application in march and been reading about the question they ask. I didn't do my tax return for the past three years because I haven't been working and didn't think I needed to do it. My spouse did his tax return as married filling seperately Will it be a big issue for my application ? I will be doing it this year though. Can anyone give me some advice on that matter ? Thank you
  9. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before. My wife (US Citizen) and I are not 100% sure on how to file her tax in 2019. I have been here since June 20th this year. I am still awaiting my EAD. I applied for my SSN at the same time. I have my AOS interview scheduled for the 13th of December but I doubt I'll have my greencard, EAD or SSN before the end of the tax year. I realise we have to file as married. Is it better to file separately or joint? If we file jointly will the earnings I had in the UK before moving be taxed again? Any advice would be much appreciated. Sandy
  10. Is it true that J1 applicants will no longer be able to file for federal tax refund? There have been rumours but I couldn't find any official source that states that.
  11. I, the petitioning sponsor, am working on Steps 4 and 5 of my wife's IR-1 visa application process. The earnings from my current part-time job in Japan plus my wife and my combined assets may put us over the required 25% above the poverty line (125% of poverty). But to be safe, my mother (who files taxes jointly with my father), will be the only joint sponsor. Also, my father sent me a signed letter on his business letterhead saying there's a full-time position paying $15/hr. effective when I make landfall in the US. My question is, how should my mother calculate her earnings for 2017? -Simply add together line 1 from both of her W-2 forms [...which wouldn't show their earnings from real estate sales from their other business.(Yes, I know; real estate holdings must be proven with further documentation.)]? -Split their adjusted gross income from their 1040? -Other? Thank you for reading! Kind Regards, Itchy
  12. avol93

    Filing taxes in the US

    Hi there!! We just got approved at our K1 Visa Interview (yay!!) and I’m finalizing all the bits and pieces to move over there. its my vague understanding that the US tax year matches the standard year (Jan-Dec). We are planning to get married in Jan 2019, so when she files for the previous year (2018) I’m assuming we file jointly? I will obviously not have worked in the US for any of that year but have worked in the UK. Do I put this on the form and do I need evidence like payslips? I won’t have any continued income from the UK once I move and I’m closing up my ISA, so won’t have any interest being paid into an account either. Ive also recently sent off the form to HMRC to let them know I’m moving, and a letter to the pension people. Is there any other tax/legal things I should be doing UK based before I go? Apologies if this is a repeat or super simple, taxes baffle me 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hiya - whilst waiting for my K1 visa (fingerscrossed), am starting to look at the whole future tax situation. Hugely unromantic, but sadly necessary... and know it's tricky, hence heaps of overseas US-citizens turning in their passports. A previous thread said any funds you currently have in UK will not be taxed in US - fantastic! But, at what point do you become liable for US tax on overseas income, or overseas capital gains? Is it as soon as you arrive on the K1, during the AOS process... or, only once AOS completed? Also, does anyone know of a basic source where i can start reading up on US tax on overseas earnings? Thanks much any advice/info/pointers - would be hugely helpful x
  14. Hi fellow V journeyers, Just received my EAD & AP Combo card in the mail. THRILLED. Was v excited at prospect of getting a SSN and beginning to work soon. However there is no SSN on the card ( there is a USCIS# and instructions that employers would accept it as a List A Doc when completing Form 1-9 Employment Eligibility) Is there another step/process I need to go through to get SSN ? Much appreciated Thanks in advance Andrea
  15. Hello, I can't seem to find direct response t my question so I'll just drop it here (hopefully the right place). Can someone help, please? My and my husband are during I-130 process. We got approved in USCIS lately and now gathering documents for NVC stage. His tax person said that since I do not have ITIN nor SSN he can't file married, filing separately and did it as Head of the household. I found this information (not on the official US Government site though!😞 "The petitioning spouse is required to provide the tax return with the visa application or the application for adjustment of status. The adjudicator deciding the case will review the tax return for the filing status. When the immigration officer sees the filing status of Head of Household is selected by a petitioning spouse, it informs the immigration officer that the spouses did not actually live together during the last 6 months of the tax year. This may be understandable when the immigrating spouse is still waiting in the home country for a consulate interview. However, it is not allowed for married couples who were living together in the U.S. during that time." So does that mean we are OK? Because obviously, I am not living with my husband since I am in my home country Thanks in advance for all your help!
  16. In 2016, After I received my GC for the first time in November 2015, my accountant advised me that I don't have to file a tax return for the year of 2015 since I didn't have any income from a job and was a new resident for about a couple of months only. I also didn't have a bank account yet. Does this constitute any form of violation of my LPR status? I was wondering what is the appropriate answer in the question in N-400 form. A. "Have YOU ever not filed a Federal, state or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident? B. IF you answered "Yes", did you consider yourself to be a "non-U.S. resident"?
  17. I would like to ask a few questions. I am a DV winner and I was granted in New York a GC on November of 2015 valid for 10 years in. 1. Is it true that LPR's have to wait 5 years until they apply for free or subsidized healthcare? I received free madicaid for about two years when my income was very low as I proved by my tax returns and now I withdraw completely from madicaid. Is this going to be a trouble when I apply for GC renewal or citizenship in the future? Because I haven't find a definitive answer yet. 2. In 2016, After I received my GC for the first time in November 2015, my accountant advised me that I don't have to file a tax return for 2015 since I didn't have any income from a job and was a new resident for about a couple of months only. Does this constitute any form of violation of my LPR status? Should I reply yes to the question in N-400 A. "Have YOU ever not filed a Federal, state or local tax return since you became a lawful permanent resident? B. IF you answered "Yes", did you consider yourself to be a "non-U.S. resident"? 3. In January 2018 I had a small claims court which I had initiated against a client who refused to pay for my services for the business I maintain from home and the client won the case. I also got a traffic ticket for cellphone but I plead not guilty and I appointed an attorney to represent me and he successfully dismissed the fine and the points on my driver's license. Should I mention these incidents to my naturalization application and if yes how and in which line exactly I should mention it.  4. I noticed in a UCSIS confirmation email I received when I changed address a couple of years ago that I had mistakenly wrote 83th St. instead of 83th Ave. All the other information is correct and as I checked in the USPS website, if I put 27th St, it comes up a suggestion that the right address is 27th Ave. Also, in google maps wen I put the wrong address, it shows the right place on the map and I see a photo of my apartment. Should I contact UCSIS and let them know of this error or is it something minor since the address still points to the correct location on the map? * I suppose since I received my GC, that I don't have any pending case anymore with the UCSIS so they wouldn't need to send me any document after that point. Am I correct? Thank you
  18. I know this might sound stupid to some people but I still need any help I can get from this community ,I made a mistake by filing Joint return with ITIN application (The mistake was me realizing IRS needed original passport or certified copy both of which I was not able to provide as my spouse is in India) and I received a notification that my ITIN was rejected upon not having original passport as proof, I still have not received my returns yet but I am not sure how to handle this situation. I have file for IR Visa for my spouse and its currently at NVC and once they ask to submit my returns for last year I am not what I am supposed to submit, will the transcript that I printed out for paper filing and W2 attached with it be enough ? if they ask how do we respond now and at interview. Thanks for your response.
  19. Hi I'm British, my wife is american. we have been issued a visa to enter the US and collect a green card for me. I have until 7th Oct to do this. I am planning on selling my flat here and the gains made will come with me to the US. However I want to enter officially with my pack etc before 7th Oct, get my temporary green card and then come back to the UK to sell my flat. What I've been reading is that a US green card holder is taxed internationally the same as a US citizen. So when I sell my property I would have got my temporary green card, been in the US for a weekend and back living and working in the UK. So do I have to pay tax on the gains made of the sale and how much??? if so if I managed to sell my property before would i be taxed if I entered after the sale went through and the money was in my account?
  20. Hello, My hubby got an RIE back at the end of March (for birth certificate) and they reset the clock back in May. Due to recent developments with RFEs not being issued anymore come September 11, I'm terrified of something being wrong with our AoS now. Particularly that we didn't have our joint 2017 taxes (first year joint filing) completed when submitting the initial packet. Now that the clock has been reset to May, does that mean that they would likely request the 2017 returns? I filed for a tax extension until October. Should I send them to USCIS without them asking once I get them completed? Should/can we call them and ask if they want it? In the initial packet, I did provide returns for the years 16,15,14, and a letter of long term employment with my salary stated and a few paystubs. I make over the limit for income requirements, but not by a whole lot and we don't have a sponsor for back up. I know there's a lot of confusion right now, should we be worried? Do applicants often get an RIE and then an RFE down the line? We were told our timeline is now 12-22 months for my husband's green card. I'm scared of a now potentially unmentioned RFE (like his medical exam might expire or etc) that could happen at any point during this time... Thank you!
  21. I was recommended for citizenship after my N-400 interview. However, a week later I received a letter stating I needed to submit a signed agreement from the IRS showing that I have arranged to pay the federal taxes I owe for 2014, 2015 and 2016 as well as documentation from the IRS showing the current status and compliance with a repayment program. But I paid my taxes, in full and on time, for those years and have the bank statements to prove it. I have no need to enter into an IRS repayment program, because I owe no money to the IRS. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  22. Hello wonderful, kind and helpful people of Visa Journey! Do I need to include all 40 pages of my joint sponsors tax return? I have letter from employer, I-864A and W-2s. Just 40 pages is a lot? Or is there a specific page like the first two with all the info that I should send? Thank you in advance!
  23. Hello VJers, My wife and I returned home from a short trip up to Olympia on the weekend to a scary looking yellow letter from USCIS with 'REQUEST FOR INITIAL EVIDENCE (I-485)' written on the front. Our first ever RFE! I read through the letter and rather than get panicky and worried about my case and what it meant for our timeline, I simply became very confused. Here's what they are asking me to provide: All supporting tax documentation submitted to the IRS for the most recent year. We submitted a copy of my wife's W2, her 1099g (federal and state tax documents) and her Turbotax transcript for 2017. The RFE lists form 2555 and 'all supporting tax schedules' but in all my research for the AOS package, all I heard about was people submitting their tax transcript, W2s and 1099s. Did we miss a document? What is a 2555? And what would a tax schedule look like!? I also wondered if maybe they are asking for 2018 tax documents, but at the time we sent the package we hadn't filed our 2018 taxes yet (and actually wont be until later in the year because, without an SSN I cannot file) and what about people filing in January who also wont have necessarily filed their taxes yet? Did I simply miss some documents? Based on the documents submitted with Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, the income did not meet 125% of the poverty guideline for the household size. Submit evidence of assets or obtain a joint sponsor. My wife was the sponsor. She filled out the I-864 and we included 8 of her most recent pay stubs and a letter from her employer stating her current job title, hours and salary (just under $38,000). I just checked, again, what the poverty guideline amount is for a 2 person household - it's $16,240. Making 125% equal to $20,300. So, what is it that is leading them to believe my wife doesn't earn enough? We obviously wrote her current salary in the form itself too, which makes it all the more confusing. They are asking for us to list assets to make up the difference in the income amount but there is no difference. Are they basing it on the amount that she earned last year? Because that wasn't above the FPL - but I distinctly remember discussions on here about it being more important what the sponsor is 'currently' earning. Not what they happened to earn last year. Any thoughts on these? I feel like I've missed something but I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. I genuinely considered the fact that the letter arrived on April 1st... and whether this is all some big joke. Obviously I'm keen to get this all squared away as soon as possible. We really appreciate any help or advice y'all can share. Thank you.
  24. So I got an RFE requesting that I resend my i864 for my new wife's green card application. In this process, I've learned that my cashier's check was never cashed by the IRS, so I did not in fact pay 2017 taxes. I have a photocopy of that cashier's check and the certified mail confirmation that it was delivered to the California IRS P.O box. I only have 83 days to send in the i864. I do not know if it's enough time to deal with this tax issue. My question is this: Can I send in my 1040 and schedules (since I worked both as a full time employee part of the year and as a freelancer), along with the prove of certified mail receipt and the cashier's check copy, and a letter explaining that I could not get a IRS transcript for 2017, and expect this to be accepted? I would also send the transcript for 2016 (paid), and for 2015 (I did not file, so this just says that there is not record), and I would add my father's i864 with all thre previous years' IRS transcripts (make make far more than I do, and well enough for this affidavit). Will this be enough? Or must I at all cost show that my taxes in 2017 were verily accepted and cashed? Thank you, Cale
  25. Hi, I am a resident with a pending Removal of Conditions (ROC) process pending. My window to apply to citizenship opened on May 10th. I haven't filed any form yet. I need some suggestions from you on how to deal with this situation. I first came to US as an au pair 2011-2013 (In New Mexico), left and came back on 2015 with a CR1 visa. I got my green card in Aug 2015. I now live with my husband in Texas. For 2015-2017 I filed taxes join with my husband. My concern is the taxes while I was an aupair. For 2011 I did file taxes helped by a program in the community center I was taking classes at. The thing is that the person told me I was going to get a refund and I did. Later I realized I was not supposed to as I was foreign. For 2013, I worked Jan-Jul and I thought I hadn't made enough money to pay taxes. Au pairs get paid around $198 per week. It is my understanding that my earnings in 2013 were a little above of the amount needed to pay taxes for. I am not quite sure going to an accountant would help. After I came back to US with my CR1 visa, I talked to two accountants in New Mexico and they both told me that if the IRS didn't send me a letter I should not be worried. Well, I am worried. I was not supposed to get refund. So that means that I got money from the government that I am not supposed to and I own them money too from 2013. Now that I am in Texas I am confused about what to do. I don't quite trust accountants as they are not informed about the immigration details. I have postponed this due to work. I also thought about filing for citizenship until after our ROC is approved, but I need to get this tax issue fixed as soon as possible. Is there any ex aupair with similar issue here? Maybe someone with a similar situation? I will call Texas IRS to get an appointment and talk to them about it directly. Thanks in advance for any information.