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  1. I’m trying to figure this out but can’t seem to find straight forward information. I came to the US from Canada in June on a B2 visa. I think I meet the substantial presence test because I was in the states in 2020 for more than the required number of days. My husband and I ended up getting married in August and applied for AOS. Our case hasn’t really moved (still not even biometrics) so our lawyer has said we need to file taxes and get me an ITIN. I also filed my taxes in Canada since I was working there until March. We want to file jointly in the US. We will be getting my passport certified at the IRS when we go for an appointment. Is there anything other than the W7 form we need to include on the tax return? Am I able to be treated as a resident alien? Do I need to include that letter stating I want to be treated as a resident alien or is the substantial presence test enough?
  2. I have a couple questions that I have not yet been able to get answers to with the research I have done - please help if you can. Here's the situation: My wife (Brazilian NRA) were married in 2019. I filed separately for 2019 mainly because I could not figure out the joint process even with the help of turbotax. I still haven't figured it out but would like to refile 2019 and complete 2020 jointly. Below are some facts: My wife has a SSN that she obtained around 10 years ago; She never worked or lived in the US in 2019 or 2020; She has income in Brazil (less than US$100k); I have income here in the US and have lived solely in the US for 2019 and 2020. To file jointly do I include her Brazilian income? I know we need to write a statement saying we will treat her as a resident alien for tax purposes. What about the taxes she paid in Brazil - do I receive credit for that? I have read in some places that her income can be excluded with foreign earned income exclusion? This and what forms I actually need to submit are where I am most confused. Turbotax has not been very helpful with this and the local tax experts do not appear to have much international experience. Many thanks and best regards!
  3. Hey, So, I came in the US around June 2014 on F1, and has not left the US. I received my SSN around 2017. I did not have any job so did not need to file taxes. However, this year I am filing tax return with my wife who is US Citizen. And, while going through FreeTaxUSA it asked for recovery rebate credit questions and if I have received stimulus payments, but since I never filed tax return before I have not received stimulus payment. So, I said no. And it automatically applied prior stimulus payment amount as a refund on tax return. So, Am I eligible to receive those stimulus payments? Because, I clearly pass substantial presence test for tax purpose and will be counted as resident alien for tax purpose. And, I have not filed any tax return prior year, and this year I will be putting in $0 as Wages, income, and also claim 1098-T, and recovery rebate credit. However, I will be putting 3k as gain on ETH crypto. Thanks
  4. So, I just filed for my 2020 tax return and it was accepted.... should I still write that my most recent return was 2019 and write the reason I didn't file for 2019 on the I864... or should I write 2020 down and send in my tax return documents from 2020?? If not.. should I bring my 2020 tax return to the interview to further prove my domicile?? Just trying to make sure everything is perfect!! Thank you
  5. Long story short - my husband and I got married in October of 2020. He lives in Pakistan, and has never visited, or lived in the U.S. I am in the process of filling my taxes (I am a U.S citizen) and have been told I can file as single since my husband has never lived here in the U.S with me, and does not have a SSN, or a ITIN number. However, I asked if it was possible to file as married for immigration purposes and I was told I could, but I would have to go through the lengthy process of having my husband get a ITIN number. SO my question is does it really matter if my taxes are filled as single or do i have to go through this process of my husband trying to get a ITIN number (I prefer not to)? THANK YOU for your help and time.
  6. Hello, Last year I filed my tax returns as married and filing jointly for a wife who is still abroad. We filed for her ITIN and filed the tax return. An oversight on my part, I specified that she was unemployed for 2019 but on ds-260 I specified she is a nurse and currently employed. I have yet to submit the civil documents. I cannot modify the 260 now but I can chose what to upload in civil documents. Would it be a good idea to file for a tax amendment before I submit all the documents or should I just upload my 2019 tax return transcript and just clarify during the interview that we have filed for an amendment? Id appreciate any suggestins.
  7. My wife opened a Citibank checking account last month. We just recently received a packet in the mail from Citibank stating she needs to fill out a w-9 form. My question is does she need to fill this out? And if she doesnt will she be considered a public charge? What can happen to her if the W-9 is not filed? The reason I’m asking is because of covid and covid related restrictions, we havent been able to get her SNN yet, and we are still currently filling out her AOS application. So she does not have a SNN, TIN or EAD. She has not been working, and assume isnt going to receive any interest (she only has a checking, not savings). The only reason she opened a checking account with citi is to transfer money from her country that she had saved. Similarly related, she also joined my BOA account last year before we were married, never received a W-9 form for her or any other tax related documents. I hold a checking and savings and have been receiving interest, unemployment checks (pandemic relief stuff, now working), and stimulus check. Does her being a joint holder make her a public charge? Im technically receiving all of this, unemployment and stimulus check were in my name not hers. Just curious if her being a joint holder makes her eligible to be a public charge. Thanks VJ!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm looking to prepare my packet to file my I-751 because the lawyer/firm I had hired jacked me around and basically robbed me of my money prior to this part. Anyways, for this part they want to charge me $2300.00 to do this and I think that I might have a better experience doing it myself and it be cheaper too. Anyways, my case is actually pretty straight forward and nothing complicated so I believe I should be fine. I do however want to know if it will be a problem if my husbands income for 2019 will affect my application to remove conditions. I know to initially sponsor me to the USA he had to make a certain amount and his taxes at the time were fine, however, his 2019 income is significantly less. Will this is be a problem? Thanks i should get everything done for near end of January to file.
  9. Hello i forgot to mention this on my last post I have never worked, was full time student, and still dependent on parents to this day until i move out and work with my academic degree. I uploaded my I864 and simple letter of explanation only, is that it? because i didn't upload anything else, when asked about tax documents i clicked ( Not Available) Thanks guys
  10. Hello Everyone, My 90 days window to file N400 will open at the end of September 2020. At the moment I have an I-751 pending (filed September 2019, WAC case number). I will be applying for citizenship based on marriage and planned to submit the application online via https://my.uscis.gov/. I have several questions and I hope someone can enlighten me or direct me to the right post. 1. Re: Evidence; 3 years tax return. My husband (US Citizen) retired in 2012, left the US and travelled internationally beginning 2013. While he was traveling abroad he made ZERO income. He simply live from his savings and travelled. Advised by his tax lawyer he did not file tax from 2013 - 2017. We moved to the US, got married, and begin my AOS in 2017. In December 2017, I got my 2-year Conditional Green Card and as of March 2018 I began my employment in the US. We filed tax jointly for the 2018 and 2019 Fiscal Year. So when I have to submit the last 3 years of tax return documents, I only have our 2018 and 2019. Would this be an issue? During AOS process (i-485) we submitted a letter explaining our situation and we had no issue with my application. What are your thoughts? 2. Would applying for N-400 when my I-751 still pending create complications? These days I feel somewhat uneasy, with the coming election, pandemic, and whatnot. Anyone in the same boat in 2020? Please advise. 3. Am I correct to think that the REQUIRED evidence for N400 are only: Tax return (3 years), Certificate of Marriage, and Green Card (front and Back). Everything else would be considered supplementary and may be submitted with my application or bring during interview. Please advise. 4. What supplementary evidence would rank higher? Please advise. I hope someone can help. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Take care, everyone. Stay safe, healthy, and God bless the USA! J/G
  11. In Hong Kong, we have this Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) which is for retirement, sort of like pension scheme. If someone leaves Hong Kong permanently, he/she can apply to withdraw it. If I'm able to take this lump sum out and bring it to US before /when I land the first time (either bringing a band draft, or wiring the money to my husband's US bank account), will this amount be treated as my foreign-earned income and be taxable?
  12. Hi everyone, I'm asking this on behalf of a friend. She moved earlier this year, changing states, and hasn't yet updated her driver license due to COVID-19 restrictions. I'm helping her prepare her N-400 and told her how to request her IRS tax transcripts. For 2019, her income was below the required threshold to file, and I'm seeing other posts on the forum like this one where people suggest requesting a wage and income transcript to demonstrate that the applicant wasn't required to file. Per the IRS website: Because she moved earlier this year, I'm assuming her new address isn't on file with the IRS. I'm wondering if it's still possible for her to request her normal tax return transcripts for prior years and wage and income transcript for 2019 to be sent to her new address. Thanks for any insights you might have on this!
  13. Hello, Due to the income tax filing extension I am filing my 2019 taxes this week. My husband is not in the US. We are in the NVC stage right now. My accountant said that since he is not in the US we cannot get an ITIN or SSN yet. Has anyone filed Married Filing Separately without an ITIN for their foreign spouse? Accountant said he needs to have one. I thought I read in other threads I could leave that blank and provide a letter of explanation why there is no ITIN or SSN. Much appreciated!!
  14. 1. Hi, I have 3 years of 1040 tax pdf, can I upload just last 2019 1040 tax forum, and bring all of them at interview if need to show. Because one of tax 1040 forum have 192 page and can't be less 2 Mbyte, or can I cut pages and keep only first 12 page? 2. I add joint sponsor and they ask my proof of US domicile, him live and working at US almost 4 year, can I use for a proof same PDF forum 1040 for confirm address? 3. What is average time the review case after summitted? Thx your guy's for answer !
  15. Hi all, My husband is adjusting from F-1 status to become a permanent resident. Our NOA-1 date is December 9th, and we are currently waiting for our interview. He has an SSN and received his EAD card and just got a new job. We are thinking of opening a Roth IRA for him, but are wondering if he should be considered a non-resident alien or a resident alien? We looked at the IRS's guidance on Determining Alien Tax Status. I don't think he meets the green card test as that document is currently pending. For the substantial presence test, he's been here for a few years now, but had an F-1 status, so years under that status are to be excluded from the continuous presence days. Our question is, what exactly has his status been since our NOA-1 date (12/9/2019)? If that status is not exempt and does indeed count towards substantial presence, can we wait until 183 days after January 1, 2020 -- which would be July 2 -- and open up his Roth IRA while selecting "resident alien" as his status? Ideally, we'd like to open the account before July 15th, as that is the 2019 contribution deadline. Thanks for your help!
  16. Hello. I am filing my 2019 Federal return. My car was flood damaged during Tropical Storm Imelda. I sold it. I bought another car and paid taxes on it. As a Permanent Resident do I have report that my car was damage during the disaster and that I paid taxes on a car I bought? Would I get any tax relief?
  17. Hi everyone, My husband and I are getting ready to file an i-130. We've been living together in Russia for the past 3 years and so my husband wasn't able to work so he didn't file his taxes. This year he filed but stated that he was single on the form because it wouldn't go through otherwise. Will that influence the process? His mom is our co-sponsor and her taxes are fine. Thank you so much in advance!
  18. There is a chance I may receive my DV visa sometime in March-April 2015 if all goes well. (DV-2015) I heard I have to pay close attention to US tax laws and should declare all worldwide income and assets to the US taxman. If I sell my house in July 2015 (after I get my visa), will I have to declare any capital gains to the US taxman? Do I become a tax resident as soon as I get the visa? Or is it when I enter the US? I would like to avoid being taxed by the US taxman for the sale of my home. Your input is welcome. Thank you,
  19. Hi. So, I have been doing online freelancing since January but haven't registered myself yet as an online professional. I have undergone treatment and just waiting for the clinic to open. I'm sorry if this may sound an unnecessary or stupid question,😅but if I fail to register before leaving the country or taking the interview, will it pose as a problem to my visa application? Do they check this? Will they think of me as a future liability and deny my visa? Thank you so much to anyone who answers. 😊
  20. I know there's a lot of posts about I-864 but I've searched the forum and could not find something that quite fit, so hopefully I've not made a duplicate post. My wife and I are currently filling out the I-864EZ form following on from our I-130 application. In Part 5, sections 5a and 6 we are asked about her last three years of taxes. Up until September of 2018, my wife had not held employment in the United States and thus had paid no taxes. Additionally, in 2017 she lived in Ireland (where she did not hold employment, unless it's easier for us that she did). In 2019 she made well above the poverty threshold, but that leaves us with a small figure for 2018, nothing for 2017, and we cannot tick that she has filed taxes in the last three years. I understand that the poverty threshold is almost entirely based on the previous tax year, but I'm more concerned about her lack of filing. Is this solved simply by adding a supporting document explaining she started work for the first time ever in September 2018? Is there anything else we can do or need to do? Will there be issues by not ticking that we have three years of taxes? Thank you very much.
  21. Hello! I got my green card through marriage last November and i just got a job! Should I be filling out my W-4 as married filing jointly or separate? Also, am I getting a higher tax withhold because I am married? Help!
  22. I have a U.K. Defined Benefit pension with Centrica. I have never filed this on the FBAR (see: various threads on here from me in 2013 panicking about FBAR). I requested a benefit statement from this pension before I moved to the US, and it was around £10,000. Moving on a K1 and getting married, that was nowhere near the $100,000 reporting threshold for FATCA so I never worried about it. My ex husband and I divorced in 2018, so the FATCA limit would have dropped down to $50,000. It doesn’t apply to 2019 because I married my USC wife so the limit went back up. Here’s where I’m confused. I paid about £10,000 into this defined benefit scheme over the course of 5 years. If I do ‘retirement illustrator’ and choose lump sum, the cash amount is around £10,900, which matches about what it should be and was told to me when I left and froze the pension. But the ‘transfer value’ says £51,000. What on Earth? That’s nothing close to the actual cash amount I actually ‘own’. My understanding is that it’s like an incentive to get rid of you from the scheme. Centrica (British Gas) is doing pretty horribly right now closing down multiple offices, so I imagine they’re trying to bump off as many of us defined benefit pension people as possible. Things are so shaky with them at the moment though that they might not even be around when I retire. So what do I do about FATCA? Does the incentive count toward my reporting threshold or it doesn’t because it’s not actually my money and just a carrot they’re using to get rid of me? Again, it doesn’t apply to my 2019 taxes because the limit increased but if I missed it for 2018, I need to correct it. P.S. my mum in the U.K. sent me a cash gift of $15,900ish through PayPal. I saw this comes off some lifetime allowance thing somewhere? What do I do with that? I was married to my USC spouse at the time if that matters. Thank you.
  23. Hi Everyone! My husband and I are still waiting on our I-130 approval. He's about to fill his taxes but we have an issue. We got married last year (August 2019 - I'm still living in Mexico) and his tax guy is telling him is best to fill as single since I don't have a SSC but our immigration attorney is telling him to file as "married filing separate" - she's also saying we will need an ITIN. Do you know what's the ITIN number? Do you think we will need it? Thank you all for your help!
  24. Hi everyone! I need help in figuring out what could be the best Tax filing status in regards with our situation. I am a US Citizen, self employed and have US income for 2019, while my husband is a First Time Immigrant here in the US, he entered on January 2020. My question is can I file Married Filing Jointly (MFJ) with my husband for the Tax Year 2019? Or I have to file Married Filing Separately (MFS) because my husband is not present in the US in the year 2019 and no US income? Thank you guys in advance!
  25. Hoping someone could confirm what I think to be correct regarding TFSAs closure and needing to declare interest on US taxes. I closed my TFSA and converted it all in USD and placed all this into a non interest generating checking account a few months before moving to the US and getting married. My husband and I are planning to file Married Joint for 2019 (moved to US and married in July ). Since closing the TFSA the sum in USD has not generated any interest income so nothing to report there. When I closed the TFSA there was some interest generated I believe, do I report this on our US taxes? If so do I need to convert to amount into USD ? at what exchange rate? Also does the fact that I bought US currency before leaving Canada have any tax implications for the Canadian taxes? I read somewhere something about if you bought US currency and the exchange rates are now different (which probably they are) you have to see if there was a gain or something? I'm really confused since it seems like a lot of hassle for something that is just bringing my money with me when moving countries. However, I want to make sure I don't overlook anything or accidentally make a mistake on taxes. Thanks for any input!
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