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  1. My wife is a citizen of Singapore, a permanent resident of Australia, and a green card holder in the U.S. She arrived in the U.S. on a K-1 visa, and we successfully adjusted her status (I-485). She is on a temporary green card, and we have a letter from USCIS stating that its validity has been extended into 2025 (48 months past our I-751 filing date). We have been waiting over two years for her Removal of Conditions (I-751). For several reasons, we intend to move back to Australia next month. We can’t postpone this move further due to Australia's Resident Return Visa (RRV) rules. Because my wife has been outside Australia for over 4 years, the Australian government has told us that they will require her to get another visa if we delay the move further. Currently, we are not considering this to be a definitely permanent move. We need to try living in Australia first and determine if living there will be a better fit for us. We need to sell our house and cars to be able to buy a house and car(s) in Australia, so for now our ties back to the U.S. will primarily be my job (as a full-time contractor of a U.S.-based company) and my parents (who live here). If our house here does not sell, we will still own it and will pursue renting it out. We will also continue to file U.S. tax returns — and Australia tax returns when we have become tax residents there. I have seen some topics here at VisaJourney (like this one) about this type of move, but they are from years ago. I am not sure if the laws have changed. I am trying to find out how she can get back to the U.S. if we need to come back. So far, she got an I-131 combo card (EAD/AP) during the Adjustment of Status process, and she has already had biometrics taken for Removal of Conditions. What is the re-entry permit that we need to get for my wife? (Is this the same as either the I-131 Advanced Parole for the combo card from our I-485 process, or the Returning Resident Visa for the U.S.?) Does my wife already have this re-entry permit based on having a conditional green card (plus USCIS’s extension letter and an I-551 Extension stamp in her passport)? How long does my wife need to be in the U.S. for this re-entry permit to be processed? (She already had biometrics taken as part of the I-751 process.) Can we make the deadline of moving to Australia by a month from now? If not, what is our best option? Can my wife be outside the U.S. while the re-entry permit application is being processed? Is my wife’s (future) job with an organization based in Australia or the sale of our house a red flag? We most likely do have a place to stay temporarily if we need to come back to the U.S. Do we need to buy round-trip flight tickets to Australia? (One-way and round-trip to Australia are currently about the same price. But I don’t see why we should get another ticket to come back to the U.S. when we would need a round-trip ticket from Australia in order to make a trip back here.) Will changing our mailing address with USCIS to my dad’s address have any tax implications for us? (His state has state income tax; our current state does not.) What would happen to our ongoing I-751 application if we leave the U.S.? Will it still be processed?
  2. Hopefully my question is straightforward—a family member is keeping me up to date on her husband's case, who just received EAD approval (the card should be arriving in a week or so, I suppose) and Advance Parole approval. This is my first time seeing an I-512L Advance Parole form, and when I search the forum a lot of the posts are over ten years old. Am I wrong in thinking that a lot of approved I-131 cases are simply rolled into the "combo card" where the recipient doesn't get a separate Advance Parole document? For what it's worth, checking his cases, the EAD was approved on February 22nd, and the tracking said the card was produced today on February 28th. On the AP side, it says it was approved on February 23rd and produced on the 24th. Is this a case of strange timing where they were considered separately? If the AP had been approved before the EAD, does that mean it would have resulted in a combo card? He is still waiting for the EAD in the mail, but seeing that the AP paper arrived in the mail it seems like there would be no point in USCIS issuing that if they know they were about to issue the EAD a few days later. Also, he has a single copy of the I-512L Advance Parole form and I see old forum posts referencing that there should be two originals. Is there a problem or should there be a single? Finally, if the EAD that arrives in a few days says "Not valid for re-entry to the U.S." at the bottom but he has the just-received AP document, he can take those two items along with his foreign passport to leave the U.S. and then re-enter, right? Does it have to be an emergency or can it be for any reason? Thank you! Edit: Adding here that after googling around I have come to understand that in or around 2022, USCIS started decoupling the work permit and advance parole applications to speed along processing and therefore no longer issue combo cards, which answers all of my questions except if there are supposed to be one or two originals of the Advance Parole document. Leaving this up for reference and hoping someone can let me know if there is indeed only supposed to be one I-512L included in the mailing.
  3. Kindly inform how long it take to issue advance parole since i have only one month to leave USA.
  4. Hello I have a valid advance parole for 1 year as. I am awaiting my adjustment of status, I would like to start early enough to re-new my travel document since 6 months already elapsed: 1- Can I submit a new I-131 application 6 months in advance before expiry of my current advance parole? 2- Can I fill in and submit the new I-131 form while I am travelling outside the US with my current advance parole? Thank you
  5. My wife is in Canada and I am a US Citizen. We married in the US in September. At that time she had a student visa but it has expired and she is back in Canada. We would like to apply for residency for her here in the US but are unsure what is the best way to do it. She currently has no status here. One of our big questions is, if she comes here and we apply for residency, is she permitted to go back and forth to Canada or does she have to stay here until approved?
  6. The issue is. According to financial aid.gov, you are eligible under non-citizen if you have a i-94 that says ‘paroled’ for a year and if you are in US with intention to become Permanent resident or USC. Combo card is an advanced paroled document and should be enough to determine eligibility along with 485’s i797. I honestly don’t want to travel during covid19, risk my life and make a re-entry just get i-94 that says parolee. So the Question is, has there anybody else got approved financial aid on pending aos since on the combo card it says “serves as I-512 Advance Parole”? I will receive my EAD shorty and I was looking at job at Starbucks since they will pay your tuition - but without first applying the Fafsa they won’t pay your tuition. That is why I am trying to find a ways if I am even eligible or not. Btw on their website it also says “ To qualify for federal student aid, certain eligible noncitizens must be able to provide evidence from the USCIS that they are in the United States for other than a temporary purpose with the intention of becoming a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.” (As showed in the pictures) I will be happy for any advices! Thank you
  7. I am filing concurrently for my mom. And I am trying to figure out what it means in the I-131 instructions when it is asking for an evidence showing circumstances that warrant AP? Also, for the copy of document showing present status, is it I-94 even though it is expired?
  8. Filed AOS for my mother along with I-131. Filed June 30, 2020. She did biometrics mid January. How long does it take USCIS to issue the travel document. It is now 9 months since I filed for it.
  9. The woman who is now my fiance left the USA less than a year ago. She was under DACA status and left without filing for advance parole. I understand this means she is now unable to come back into the US as a result. My question is: because she left while dealing with a mental illness, could this be grounds to overlook her not having advance parole? She left the country 3 days after being released from a mental health institution. Or is the only route to get her back in the country by applying for a fiance/spouse visa? I would welcome any input. Thank you.
  10. Hello everyone, My priority date for I-130, I-485 and I-765 is April 3rd. None of those have been approved and I submitted the I-131 on November 27th. Is the I-131 still going to take 5 months (or more), or is the fact that they have already been working on all my other cases make it faster? I would assume they can take my Biometrics from the I-765 done in October 21st, same background check, and more information from other forms. Please share any similar experiences. Thank you!!
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