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  1. Hi everyone, My wife and i are traveling to Canada in a month with my advance parole/employment card. When we approach the US/Canada border, what document do i provide to the border officer? And then what document do i provide the border officer when we leave Canada? Document meaning Canadian passport or employment/AP card. Is there anything extra I should bring with me in case? Thank you! Mike
  2. I'm using k1 visa to come here , Can I leave USA while Advance Parole is processing , but after bio fingerprints ? And let my husband to send to me later after processed ?
  3. I've had a bit of an unexpected situation come up and I'm curious for anybody's take. I've seen a lot of old threads about AP expedites but am curious for more up-to-date information. I came to the US on TN status, and am still working for the same employer (my status expires in September 2020). I applied for AoS/EAD/AP on 12/01/2018 based on marriage to my USC husband. I've completed biometrics and am now waiting for EAD/AP, which is estimated to arrive May 13-17, 2019, according to today's VJ estimate. The situation Every year, my boss attends a very important conference for our industry overseas -- it's a huge opportunity to network with our international partners and possibly bring in more money for the company, not to mention that the trip itself is also a financial investment. This year's conference is the first week of April, and my boss already made tons of meeting appointments with important contacts, booked hotels/flights, etc. Last week, she broke her foot really badly and has since been advised by her doctor in follow-up appointments that she won't be able to travel by plane by the time the conference comes around. She stands to lose a lot of money if we have to cancel everything (not to mention the lost potential income to the company if we don't attend at all). Today, she asked if I would be able to attend in her stead, as I work closely with her and am familiar enough with her work to act on her behalf. It would be a great professional opportunity for me as well. I know it might be a long shot, but with a note from the doctor and a letter from my boss, is it worth trying to submit an AP expedite request so I can make the trip for her? One of the USCIS expedite criteria is "severe financial loss to company or person" -- does that need to apply to me specifically, or can a loss to the company I work for also count? I know that this doesn't qualify for an "emergency advance parole" but perhaps a case can be made to speed it up. I'm based in NYC, and my field office no longer takes InfoPass appointments. As I've seen it, I would need to call the USCIS Contact Center number, tell them my request, and then they would ask me to follow up with evidence by mail/fax? Does anyone know how long this process usually takes? Would my boss need to provide flight receipts/accommodations to prove that expenses have already racked up, etc? If the expedite doesn't go through, my boss would never want me to risk my status/AoS (of course, I'd never risk it either!) by leaving, but it would be really beneficial if I could make the trip. I appreciate anyone's experience with expediting AP for work travel. I know I'm in a bit of a different situation as I'm doing AoS with valid U.S. work authorization, but maybe other TNs out there have encountered it? Thanks!
  4. My father recently traveled to Europe for a business trip and had his laptop bag stolen while catching a train in Brussels. Unfortunately, aside from his laptop, the bag also contained ALL his travel paperwork (EAD, Advance Parole, Indian passport, you name it...). He approached the U.S. embassy the day after, and was given the cold shoulder as many AOS travelers have come to expect. However, he was able to convince them to work with them via a method I will detail further along this post. While we were scrambling to figure out what to do next (as you may be doing now) I compiled a list of options, from most ideal to worst case scenario, by scouring through all the forums. Therefore, I wanted to create a centralized post which contains all methods that I read have worked in the past (with varying success probabilities...) including the personal method that worked for us. Options (Best to worst case scenario): 1. Visit U.S. embassy: The EAD card that you receive in the mail (after each renewal period) comes attached to a letter with personal information in the front and generic information in the back. I scanned the front and back of this letter and sent it to my father in Europe. The key part in this letter is in the generic part which says that the U.S. embassy will assist you if you lose your combo card while abroad (the back of the letter with the line, highlighted, has been attached to this post). You'll need to scan over the letter that YOU received with the front part that contains your personal information along with the back portion. My father was able to convince the workers at the embassy that they were supposed to help him, according to the rights he earned associated with the card. The embassy are ONLY familiar with Greencard holders and American citizens. Thus, they usually do not help any other type of visa holders because there's too many visa types and too many unique details associated with each visa that they end up dismissing everyone who's not a citizen nor a permanent resident. However, my father was able to show that his combo card came with the right to assistance from the U.S. embassy. The Embassy employees were very understading from that point forward and very helpful as weel. His trip was only extended by one extra week on aggregate. That being said, AOS travelers with lost paperwork are known to be in a "grey area" because what works for one individual, may not necessarily work for another individual. Thus, I have listed other options that I have read have also worked for other people in the past. 2. Customs Border Patrol (CBP) has hotline —> Regional Carrier Liaison Group (RCLG). Talk to airline to call RCLG to confirm that CBP will approve entry into US Entry into the U.S. up to the discretion of CBP and if you can prove to them that you had a valid AP (copy of the card or the approval letter) they will let you in at the POE. the airlines are the biggest problem because they have most to lose if you're not allowed the entry (because they’re fined by the CBP). Thus, boarding a plane is hard. Thus, if you can get the OK from CBP prior to boarding, and get the airline to see that approval then the airline will let you board. Therefore, this option does not deal with the US Embassy nor USCIS. The Embassy merely provides the documentation that CBP and airlines use to let you travel; you physically interact only with airlines and CBP. So if you can individually convince the CBP and airlines that you are indeed legitamate, then you can travel without the parole. The CBP officers at the POE to be perfectly understanding and the easiest of parties to deal with based off experiences I read in other forums) . 3. Pre-clearance Locations - if the airport has pre-clearance, then you can get to CBP that way. they have CBP officers at international airports Canada, UAE, Dublin and more. CBP Officers conduct the same immigration, customs, and agriculture inspections of international air travelers typically performed upon arrival in the United States before departure from foreign airports. 4. Take a flight to Canada/ Mexico. Try to drive across border. As I said POE seems to be the easiest hurdle. Physically getting back to the border seems to be the hardest part. 5. Apply for Humanitarian Parole. But coming in under a different designation may null disqualify your greencard application. So you'll have to look more into it...
  5. So we had the AOS interview on 1/29/19 (PD 07/09/2018) in Fairfax, VA (DC field office). It went really well and the officer said he would recommend approval and that we would hear in the next day to 120 days. We were not planning to travel, but my husband's (the beneficiary/applicant) grandfather in Costa Rica is dying and now is the time to visit. We are also expecting another baby and won't be traveling later in the pregnancy. SOOOO anyways, the question is if it is possible to travel for 3 weeks and come back in with Advance Parole (combo EAD card) while awaiting an interview decision. I know that if he is denied then it would void AP.... We have people at our address to check the mail, plus informed delivery, plus his application is straightforward (I think) i.e no red flags (first marriage, no illegal presence, over 2 years, kids, lots of comingling)….. Am I just stressing out for nothing? We'll be entering back in as a family, with all paperwork.
  6. Hey! I'm writing this to get your guys opinions on my advance parole situation - and sorry if this isn't in the right place, I'm new to this forum. My fiancé's visa was approved and he's coming to the USA from Sweden this week (8 months to the day from when we sent the I-129F), we're getting legally married at the NYC courthouse 3/1. We're having a big wedding in Iceland in August 2019 - before you guys comment, we're not getting legally married in Iceland, just ceremonially, and we're doing it because we weren't sure about the timing with the visa and wanted to have a big party with all of our friends from NYC and Sweden 🤷‍♀️ Anyway, August 3 is almost exactly 5 months from our legal wedding in NYC. We had assumed that we would be getting the K1 visa much earlier than 8 months, and also assumed that advance parole would take 2-3 months. It seems that advance parole is taking much longer than that, with an average of 5-6 months. I know it's highly unlikely we'd get approved for emergency advance parole, because a wedding is not an emergency. We've already paid for the entire wedding in full, so rescheduling it will definitely be a financial burden, but we obviously can't have a wedding without the groom. Is there anything we can do to make sure we get his advance parole before 5 months, or do we eat our money and reschedule the whole wedding to a date we know will be 100% okay? Insane that it could take up to 16 months with no RFEs and everything done correctly.... Anyway, would be eternally grateful for any advice and we're quite unsure of what to do. Thank you in advance!
  7. I'm married to a USC and we filed for AOS in August 2017 and are still waiting for the interview to be scheduled. I was approved for EAD/Travel in November and had to travel earlier this year to visit family for an emergency and ended up staying for a few months. Long story short, the day of my flight I realized I didn't have my combo card (advance parole) and was unable to board the flight. The US Embassy said they could not issue a transportation letter since I am not a Lawful Permanent Resident and the USCIS field office told my husband they could not issue an emergency parole document without me being present. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please advise, as AOS is kind of a grey area the embassy won't touch the case. I have a picture of the card and my approval notices for travel and employment but they seem to be of no use. PLEASE HELP.
  8. In the form i-131, should I really include a letter? How do I do that? What should I write? And as for the intended travel dates and how many days what should i put? Thank you
  9. Hello my friends... I just finally got a job in a bank with my EAD card.... after finishing all the paperwork I realize that I will need to renew my card in a few months because still no interview notice yet. When I Initially fill my case, only did: I485. I765 and I130 I didnt file advance parole, I just tough It wasn't necesary, but at this time I really dont know how long will take the proccess and may be need advance parole to travel to my country. my question is: Can I subbmit the renewal of my EAD and submit the ADVANCE PAROLE form as well? how is the proccess to Renew the EAD? if you have some similar experiences please share it with me. thank you so much guys! down here you all can see my timeline. I fill my case in Houston.
  10. Does anyone here ever experienced leaving the Philippines with advance parole? I have a pending green card case and I am planning on going to the Philippines in March. I was wondering if I have to go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas to get registered. I didn’t go to Commission of Filipinos Overseas before because I was just an international student, but I was wondering if I have to now that I am married to a Filipino-American.
  11. Hi, With current AOS pending and being an Indian citizen, can we travel from India to USA through Paris CDG airport with a EAD/AP combo card? I am reading several forums where European countries will not accept EAD/AP combo card as a valid re-entry document to the US, but rather require a valid US visa. Is this true? If it is not possible to travel to the US with the combo card through Paris, what other airline options do we have? Has anyone made any international travel recently using the combo card? Kindly share your experiences and suggestions. Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, first I would like to say I have been Visa Journey throughout my whole immigration process and would like to thank everyone for their help. It is a great community. Question: If I am a Canadian citizen with a valid Canadian passport, can I fly to Toronto, Canada (from Philadelphia, USA) using only my passport? This might be a stupid question, but the more research I do, the more confusing everything becomes. I received my Combo Card/Advance Parole about a month ago. I want to visit Canada late December for 1 week. I know my Combo Card should allow me to re-enter into the United States. But I started reading topics regarding people needing an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to enter/fly into Canada. In my mind, my Canadian passport should be enough, correct? I have never flown internationally, only domestic flights. So I guess I am a bit unfamiliar with how the process will go. Such as customs, or where/when I need to present my combo card. Any information or experiences would help me greatly and ease my mind. Thank you! (I have immigrated on a K-1 Fiance Visa in February 2018)
  13. Hello Visa Journey members. This thread is for anyone that has a Priority Date/Receipt Date from the second half of 2017 (July - December 2017) waiting to get their interview scheduled at the Houston Field Office. Please post your PD/RD and your current USCIS online account (both sites and App) status’. Have you received an interview letter and if so, when is your interview date? Please share your interview experience for those that already had their interview, thanks.
  14. Hi! I am applying for lifting of conditions on my green card after 2 years of marriage. My 2year green card expires on March 13, 2019. I just saw on the USCIS site that the average processing time is 16 months. Does anyone know what happens after my conditional green cards expire in March? Can I still work? Can I travel abroad? Is there something like the advance parole during the waiting time? What is my legal document during the waiting time? Thank you!
  15. Just returned to USA from honeymoon in Thailand. Flew into San Francisco. Was sent for secondary inspection as I was traveling on advance parole. Spoke to 2 DHS officers who stated it will happen every time I return to USA after a trip abroad. Just wanted to share this info as I had read here prior to leaving there was no set rule what happens on returning some people were waved through others sent for secondary. Maybe this is just the case for SFO or new guidelines. After waiting for 1hr&1/2, missing a connecting flight my passport was stamped and I was free to go. I wasnt asked anything this time or required to show any documents I had with me. If you have a connecting flight after entering the States my advice is give yourself a good window of time to allow for secondary inspection. Here on out I expect every time to be sent.
  16. Hi everyone. My sister passed away almost one month ago on September 10th, a few days after I submitted my AOS/EAD/AP package. I called the USCIS the next day to explain the situation and ask to expedite my advance parole. Even if I knew I couldn't be able to make it to her funeral, I still want to go back to France with my wife on her next vacation, to spend time with my family and have a little ceremony together. On September 17th, 6 days after my call, I had an e-mail requesting additional information to make a decision regarding my request and sending it by fax. So I sent the death certificate on September 18th ( receipt saying it was sent to 8162512290). I had my biometrics appointment October 3rd and I'm still waiting for them to answer me. I read that calling the USCIS, they wouldn't know if the fax was received. Did any of you ever requested an expedite advance parole and could tell me how low it took and what was the process after sending evidence? Thank you.
  17. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone might have advice to offer in regards to requesting emergency advance parole. We applied for adjustment of status for my husband about a month ago, and all we've received so far is NOA in the mail for them receiving it which is fine. We filed an I-131 at the time, because my husband's father has been in really poor health. He suffered an aortic aneurysm rupture and has gone through two surgeries in the past year, but a few days ago he suffered from a stroke and his health is declining more so. I've called USCIS twice, once while I was at work and the representative said there was other options to request for emergency advance parole aside from an infopass appointment, but couldn't share the information with me without my husband present. Today I called again and spoke with another representative, I assume from Tier 2 because the first representative transferred me and waited for a call back from them. This representative said an infopass appointment is the only way and can take up to 30 days of processing time, she explained that there is no other way and when I explained that there was no appointments available till two weeks from now, she suggested that I should try a walk-in and see if the office will see me. The nearest office to us is a 4 hour drive away, in Portland, and I haven't heard any positive experiences or success with walk-ins at this office. Is there anyone who has had experience with the Portland field office, or has had experience in the process of getting an emergency advance parole? I've gone ahead with making an appointment in two weeks from now, but we don't know how long his father might have, it could be weeks or days, we don't know. Thank you so much for your time in advance.
  18. Hi, I have found mixed information on various sites so Creating this forum to discuss the processing times and case movements for Advance Parole and EAD when filing for adjustment of status. Does USCIS still hold that '90 days processing' for EAD/AP ? or has it increased over the last few months? Anyone has received the AP in less than 90 days here? Its been more than 70 days for me today and I have started worrying a little. (Travel issues, and I need a job ) Many people in these forums abandon their profiles when they get their final cards or dont update it regularly so I dont expect those timelines to be very accurate. Please reply if the you adjusted status and filed EAD/AP and how did your processing go? Thanks all and all the best!
  19. Hello! I'm currently filing for my EAD/AP combo card renewal and I'm stuck at the last port/date of entry question in the application. I initially entered the US on k1 visa on July 3rd, 2017 in Atlanta, GA. However, I also went on a 5 day cruise (New Orleans - Mexico - New Orleans) that lasted from Jan 29, 2018 to Feb 3, 2018. The travel history in my I-94 shows my initial port of entry (Atalanta, GA) and the departure in January 2018 for my cruise (doesn't say the specific location though, it just says "unknown") but it doesn't show the arrival. The thing is when I arrived in New Orleans from the cruise, they never checked any of my documents. They didn't scan anything or ran anything through their system so this whole situation is really confusing to me. Now I'm not sure what to say on my application. Do I put July 3rd, 2017, Atlanta, GA or do I put Feb 3, 2018 , New Orleans, LA? I'd really appreciate any help! Thank you!
  20. My EAD-AP combo card will expire on December 15, 2018. I have an upcoming international travel from November 18, 2018 to December 1, 2018 and plan to enter on my current AP. I am filing for renewal before I leave (~120 days prior to expiry). Wanted to know if it is safe to travel during the renewal period? Will there be any effect of this travel on the AP renewal application? Is there a chance that AP renewal application can be denied if I leave the country before receiving the approval, even though I have a valid AP and will be returning to US before it expires. Will I be able to use the current AP to enter if the new AP is approved but I haven't received it because of the travel?
  21. Has anyone done/know if it's possible to obtain emergency advance parole from an office different to your local one? I'm currently on the other side of the US in the middle of a road trip and am looking for an immediate emergency AP due to a family medical emergency. Currently in San Francisco, and my local office is St Paul, MN. I phoned USCIS and they informed me I had to attend my local office where my application was. I'd like to hope that someone has succeeded in getting AP from a different office! Anyone?
  22. So I just came back from my travel and I was paroled back into the States for one year until August 3rd 2019. What happens after that date if I don't have my green card by then? What do I need to apply for then? Or how long before that and for what? I can't find the answer to this question anywhere.
  23. I am Latino (not Cuban), but I have cuban citizenship and I am applying for a GC with this. My 485 is pending and now I NEED to go to Cuba to get a document for a RFE. I have the advance parole (travel and work) but I am affraid to have issues re-entering the US. Do you think I should go anywhere else and from there re-enter the US? Or no worries about it? Any article, similar case or idea will be appreciated.
  24. Has anyone used advance parole before? My husband and I are leaving the country for a few weeks and even though we have done everything correctly with getting advance parole and carrying proof of I-485 pending with us, I still get scared they won’t let my husband back in the country. 😭 He is from Mexico and I worry about the political attention that has been drawn to the border as of late.
  25. Hi! I have a question regarding the Advance Parole. I sent the papers for the GC and EAD but not for the AP thinking that I won't need it. I guess it was stupid. I sent everything in May, I already had the biometrics appointment. My question is: If I apply for an AP now, will I have to pay the fee or not? And do you think that it can delay the process of the EAD? Thanks!