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Found 35 results

  1. Hi all, I'll be traveling to the US on my IR-1 visa next month and the airline API section asks for either a "green card" reg number or a visa number, depending on which applies to you. My question is, do I choose visa or green card. seems like both could be technically correct but just don't want to do anything that will cause a headache at the airport, as they can be a bit strict at check in. thanks in advance!
  2. Hi I've seen on the forums people mention that for the Medical exam, if you have depression mentioned on your personal care summary from your GP you need a letter from the GP stating you are not a risk to yourself and others? I had a small period of depression almost 3 years ago now. I've inquired with my GP about getting a letter as I want to be prepared for when I have the medical (hopefully some point next year). They want to charge me for a private consultation to be able to write a letter on my mental health as its been 2 years since they've seen me. Is this necessary to get?
  3. Hi all! My recruiter submitted my DS-260 a couple of days ago. Any idea of how long it will take to become DQ'd? Thanks! (feel free to remove in the wrong place!)
  4. Had my medical today, it was after my interview because I couldn’t get an appointment. I spoke to the lady working the reception and explained how everyone at the embassy along with me didn’t have their medicals yet. She sort of sighed and say yes, people are finding it really difficult to get medical appointments prior to the interview, which is causing them to be extremely busy. (She seemed stressed but was very lovely) She said the reason was because the embassy is doing things in blocks, sending out interview letters and notifications in big blocks. So seems like they get a massive influx of appointments needed at the one time, which probably can’t help! A of bunch of folk there today had already done their interview too. thought it was an interesting note from the day and might answer some questions of folk waiting for their date after seeing so many get there’s, with only a day or two difference in DQ. Ps- staff were all lovely but I was there a good 3-4 hours mostly waiting, so keep that in mind!
  5. Hi guys, So I received an email today confirming my interview and my interview appointment is scheduled May 3rd. I have a slight problem. My husband will be starting his new job today and will not receive a paystub by the time I have my interview appointment. I have advised him to provide me with: - Updated I864 - Updated tax return - Letter from employer confirming he has started his job My husband will still be earning well over the poverty requirements so we will not need a co-sponsor. Will the lack of paystubs cause any issues? And will I need to take anything else? I am getting seriously worried.
  6. Hi Me and my family been for interview at London about 3 weeks ago today.! All went alright but they didn’t had medical report in time so gave us 221g pending medical. Since then I asked visamedical and they said medical is already been submitted 3 weeks ago.! But when we check status on ceac it still says Refused.! Does anyone have any idea how long it take for 221g at London Embassy.! Very appreciated.!
  7. Good Morning All. This forum has been useful to me throughout my visa journey. Thank you so much all.! Now finally we are flying to States soon.Just want to ask which type of COVID test is required to travel to States.? And is that airline requirement or Government.? Thanks
  8. Hi Admin please delete this if not relevant here. I am moving to US soon but I need to keep my UK phone on temporary just in case I need to use to cancel all other account! Which UK mobile service is good with low roaming charge in USA specially to receive text message. please advice. thanks
  9. Hi All Admin please move this to right place if I am at wrong forum.! We are planning to relocate from UK to USA. Could someone please advice how to take finance with us.! Do we have to open bank account in any international bank.? Any idea.?
  10. Hi All I know this is not related to this forum.! But if anyone had done this before then could someone please advice what document/certificate to get from my son’s school.! He’s in year 5 and will be moving with us next month.! please advice.!
  11. Hi Please remove/move this post if not relevant here.! We are moving to USA may be next month.! Could anyone please advice if they know any cheap parcel service from here to USA.! Please advice.! Thanks
  12. Hi Could anyone please provide me contact number for US embassy London. And do they advice for status of your immigration visa over phone.? As I been waiting for mine from last month but no update so , just wants to speak to someone.! please advice.!
  13. Hi All I was checking status on ceac website it says “ refused” but last update date changed.!but status is same refused.! I know initially they where waiting for medical.! any advise on this.? thanks
  14. Hi All I am just waiting for my visa package.! It was refused because they didn’t received medical so status was refused but last update date changed so I assume they may have received medical by now.! But status still refused.! So I was wondering if it should go from refused to administrative process and then issued or straight from refused to issued.? please advice.!
  15. Anyone out there waiting for an interview or had an interview for EB-2? Seems to be some EB-3 around on this forum but haven't seen many EB-2s, so if you're out there make contact! I'm waiting for an interview - DQ 9th Feb 2022 🙂
  16. Hi All Could anyone please advice around how many days it takes for medical to be sent embassy.! I know it says 5 working days but does it take that long.? Anyone who has recent experience please advice.! Thanks
  17. Hi All I was going through all my documents and realised that I don’t have any vaccine record apart from COVID vaccine as I was born in another country.! does anyone had experience taking Tetanus/ MMR vaccine at visamedical.? Do they always have it in stock .? As I may have to get train back home on same day just in case they say they don’t have it stock.! Please advice.!
  18. Hello All I apologise in advance if this is not relevant topic.! But I need to upload some documents on Ceac website but that’s over 2 MB.! Could someone please advice me how to reduce size of PDF please.? Thanks
  19. Hello members Good Morning I am new to this group so please advice me. We received visa interview for me and my family ( wife and son) F3 last week.! It was only 2 weeks notice, so can’t get medical date for 3 of us.! After waiting for this long we don’t want to reschedule interview date so we decided to attend interview which is next week and medical after interview next day.! So if we attend interview before medical I know they will refuse pending medical but my question is would medical people ask for interview letter email. And if so then would they accept if interview date is passed day before.? Any suggestion/ advice would be very appreciated.! Thanks all in advance
  20. Hi All Good morning I have interview scheduled for end of February and I have following documents ready to take with me please advice if I am missing anything:! 1. Passport 2. Birth Certificate 3 . Arco Certificate 4. Petitioners Birth Certificate 5. Interview Letter 6. Ds-160 Form Apart from this do I have to take I-864,income tax return, petitioners passport copy .? This is already been submitted on ceac website.? Do I have to take this documents or not.? Please advice.!
  21. Hi I been trying visamedical to reschedule my medical to get it done before interview.! But no luck so far.! Does anyone knows what is best time to ring them to get any cancellations slot.! I know they put me on cancellation list but I think ringing them is good idea.! any idea/advice would be great.! thanks
  22. Hello, My husband and I are finishing our paperwork for submittal. One question we have regarding the I-130A — when entering addresses for the UK, in the ‘Province’ field, should it be left blank since there really aren’t provinces in the UK, or should we put the county? i.e for Manchester, put Lancashire as the Province? One other question, and I’m probably just nitpicking, but want to do it correctly… in the instructions for the 130 (not even sure if it says this in 130A instructions) it states to put NA in unused fields. Do people generally put NA throughout in all blank fields, or would you just do this in the first field of the section to indicate no info will follow? thanks in advance for any assistance!
  23. Hello! I have a lawyer, but she's taking forever on our I134 Affidavit of Support form for our K1. My fiance's interview is in London next week, so we need it asap. Is it ok if I just fill it out and email to him (with my supporting financial evidence)? Or legally does my lawyer have to do it? I keep reaching out and no response still. The I134 is all that's left that we need. Thanks!
  24. Hi Guys! I did my interview yesterday but has been given a 221g stating that my medical hasn’t arrived yet. I did my medical on August 23rd and upon receiving the vaccination worksheet, it stated that my visit date was Mar 10 2016. So I rang VisaMedicals hoping that they will sort it out but up until now they haven’t heard from the embassy yet. I was just wondering if any of you has experienced this kind of technical glitch and how long did you wait until they finally issued the visa? Thanks in advance!
  25. hello, my case has been recently transferred crom islamabad to london embassy. my DQ date is 6th july. visa category CR1. when can i expect my IL i have been following a few youtube pages that says that changing embassy put back in the queue for IL. does anyone has any idea about such situation. regards
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