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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, and thanks in advance for any help with this issue! My fiancee is British, and she spent about 18 months in China in two locations on the mainland, Guangdong and Suzhou. We've sent the I-129f in and been approved, so we're working on the documents that she'll need to bring to her interview in London when the time comes. According to the US website, she'll need police records from the UK, AND from any country she has resided in for more than 12 months, so, China. I can't find any reliable info on how to request these forms from China if you're not actually IN China at the present time. Most forums (on other China visa sites) talk about going to local government agencies in person and applying. Obviously neither of us can do that at this time. Anyone have any helpful hints on what to do next? Thanks again!
  2. AZSunshine78

    CEAC “application received to AP

    My fiancé’s case changed status this morning to “application received” and now it says “administrative processing”and it has changed to “non-immigrant.” Does anyone know what I should be expecting next? Or rather, hoping for next?
  3. Hello everyone! My husband had his visa interview at the Embassy in London on October 22nd, and almost everything went great! At the first window, the consular official asked a few questions about how long my husband and I have been married, and where we met. The official asked about my W-2. I had not uploaded any W-2s to the CEAC site because I thought I was good and clear with submitting the last 3 years of IRS tax transcripts. I did, however, have a physical copy of the W-2s in a booklet with all other required documentation. (Which they didn't even ask for) The second consular officer asked my husband where we were planning to live, but did say Medical and the lack of W-2 and that I had filed Single last year with no uploaded documentation has put our case as Approved pending documentation. She gave him a blue form and another sheet of paper stating where to upload documents to and an email address to notify that I had uploaded requested documents. Fast forward a couple days, and I am back in the US. The embassy sent my husband an email stating that they received the results of the medical exam and still were waiting on the additional tax paperwork. I have uploaded an amended tax form, all my W-2s for the past three years to the requested CEAC site, and emailed the embassy notifying I had uploaded everything. It's been 5 days and CEAC still lists the uploaded items as SUBMITTED. I can't remember how long it took for the I864, marriage license, etc when I originally uploaded them to be marked as ACCEPTED, but I was hoping he would be able to be here by Thanksgiving. Has anyone gone through something like this? It's incredibly frustrating to be caught in this limbo, yet it taught me a lesson.... ALWAYS INCLUDE EVERYTHING. EVEN IF IT IS STATED EITHER/OR.
  4. I had my interview at London on Monday and was told that they were waiting on the medical results. I know they received the results on Tuesday, so does anyone know how long it takes for the visa to be issued after this? Also, will I receive any notifications about the approval before the visa is handed to the courier?
  5. Hey, Just wondering if anyone knows how frequent Interview dates become available to change too? Obviously know one will know for sure however just seeing if it rarely happens or occasionally? Thanks.
  6. nikki1992

    Interview wait time

    Sorry if this has already been asked recently, but I was wondering what the wait time is for an interview at the London embassy? Has anyone recently booked their interview and know how soon they are giving out interview dates? I have my medical booked for 5th September but my application is still at NVC so can't book my interview yet. Based on what I have read on VJ, my application won't leave NVC until 7th September now does anyone know if that's definitely true that they only send the applications out on 7th and 21st of every month? Ours was received on 21st August so just missed it! Thanks in advance!
  7. hannahraeroxs

    Waiting on NVC #

    Good morning/afternoon. Just called NVC to try to get our case number but they didn't have it. We received our noa2 aug 22 anybody still waiting?? Im wanting to cry but im at work
  8. I have a difficult situation right now, and I'm posting to see if anyone has any advice or input. My medical is on Tuesday, so it's too late to reschedule, but I don't have my patient summary or doctor's letter about my previous self harm. I'm going to my GP on Monday, but I doubt I'll be able to get a letter the same day, and I'm worried that the patient summary could take a day or two. The email I got from the medical place says that they can put my medical on hold until I submit the summary and the letter, but how does that work? Can I scan them and email them? Or do I have to post them? I'm so stressed about this, I thought I'd lucked out by getting an appointment so soon, but now I'm terrified 😥
  9. Meggan P

    Noa2 extension?

    My fiance's medical is on September 13th, he is working on the DS 160 now. He has the police certificate. Our priority date is October the 8th. Will we need to have an extension if he can get the interview before that date? Or does that priority date also include administrative processing? Any guidance would be appreciated thank you
  10. Hello, I am a beneficiary of the K1 fiancée. My wife to be is from Seattle, Washington and I'm from County Durham, England My Fianceè, Kristen and I have filed our 129F on the 18th May 2018 and have received our NOA1 which was received on the 22nd May 2018. Even though we understand that this journey can be long and tedious. We are excited that we have made the progress we have this far. Does anyone know realistically how long were going to wait for the NOA2? We are expecting 5-7 months for our NOA2. Any advice ideas? Stories of quick process? If anyone wishes to reach out we are more than happy and willing to extend our advice and support! This website is a great network. All the best and good luck everyone, Kind Regards, Owen
  11. Hiya everyone, My boyfriend and I are getting ready to head to the US (leaving Friday morning) for two weeks to surprise my mom for her birthday! He still has his ESTA from when he visited me last year, so it's still valid but we're not sure exactly what documentation to provide to prove he still has strong ties to the UK. This is what I've put together so far: -Copy of Return flight -His holiday form showing when he's due back to work -Copy of his monthly direct debits -Copy of our Council Tax Bill I would include a copy of our lease but we only have an "official" lease for our first 6 months in our house (which ended in March), we met with the landlord after 6 months and signed on the existing lease that we were agreeing to the same terms for another 6 months... it was very informal so I'm not sure how well that would work for additional evidence. I'm hoping that the fact that we're going together and I will have my British Residency card will help to show that we're both going to return to the UK. Is there anything that I should provide as well? Though I know they don't really care about me leaving because I"m a US Citizen... I'm just not sure that what we have is enough and I really don't want him to get denied entry. (Though, I do understand that no one is ever guaranteed entry, we just want to be as prepared as possible) I just want to make sure that we're bringing everything we should be! Please let us know if there's anything important we're missing, or something else you think we should include. Thanks for reading my post, I really hope you can help us out!
  12. Overall, my experience with Knightsbridge was pleasant, but with a little more waiting than I'd have liked! My appointment was at 10:10, so I arrived at 09:50 - the location is quite tucked away, and it took me about 5 mins to figure out where I was going, even with the help of Google Maps! The streets on Google maps aren't connected, as the surrounding area has a lot of shops, so it can be hard to see where you are going but use the landmarks as best as you can! The building itself looks like a residential building, but has a plaque reading "Knightsbridge" on the door. Inside the building, you need to take the first door on your left. Reception was busy, so I had to wait 15 minutes to be seen. Then, the receptionist took my paperwork from me (including passport and passport pictures) and scanned it all in, before giving me the original copies back (minus the passport and passport picture). She then gave me a urine cup and a clipboard with a couple more forms to sign. I went to the toilet and completed the urine sample, which I returned to reception, and then sat in the waiting room and filled out my forms before returning them. 15 minutes after returning my forms (10:35 appx), a friendly gentleman called my name. He took me to the back room and explained that he would be taking my chest x-ray. He gave me a gown and directed me to the corner of the room, which had a medical curtain to pull across. He asked me to remove all items on my upper body (t-shirt, jacket, bra and necklace) and put my hair up on top of my head (in a bun) - there was a mirror with a shelf on it to keep my necklace and a hair clamp (the kind that you squeeze to open) for my hair. Luckily I had a hairband to use. Then, he asked me to stand in front of the x-ray machine with my chest pressed against it, chin resting on top and moved my arms into a strange position (like your hands ar on your hips, but not quite). He asked me to hold my breathe, then it was over and I could change back into my clothes as he developed the x-ray. He showed me my x-ray on his computer and told me it looked okay and that I could go to the waiting room again. He was really friendly and pleasant, and the experience took around 5-10 minutes. I was in the waiting room until 11:20, when I enquired at reception as I had been waiting for a while. I was told that the doctor was looking at my file and that I was next. I believe I saw Doctor Fong, and she was very pleasant. She apologised for the delay, and explained that she was having problems drawing blood samples due to the cold weather. She went through my paperwork with me and enquired in more detail about my history of mental illness (depression, anxiety and self harm) which I explained to her. She told me I'd need a letter from my GP but said I'd get more info after my test. We moved to the bed where I stood as she asked me to cover one eye and perform an eye test (simple, reading letters off the wall). Before sitting on the bed. She looked in my ears and mouth, and then asked me to change into my gown. Then, she then tested my blood pressure and my heartbeat (front of my chest and back). Then she asked me to stand up and she checked the back of my legs (unsure why), and said we'd be moving to the blood test. She asked how I was with needles and I told her that I wasn't very good with them. I was offered the opportunity to lay down or sit up on the bed (I chose to lay). She tried to draw from my left arm, but was unable to. She asked if she could try in the other arm with me sitting, which I agreed to. She drew the blood and went to write a label. When she came back, I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy, and she said I looked pale. She then moved the pillow to the bottom of the bed (so my feet were elevated above my head) and asked me to lay down for a bit. After a few minutes, she said I looked better and could slowly sit up and get dressed in my own time. Then it was explained that I would see the vaccination nurse next, and that they cannot send off the papers to the embassy until they get my letter from the GP. I returned to the waiting room for another 10 minutes, and was called by the vaccination nurse (12:00). She was very friendly and went through my papers with me. She explained that I'd need 1x MMR booster and 1x influenza vaccines and said that I can get these done at my GP or when I arrive, OR at Knightsbridge for a fee (MMR booster - £50, Influenza - £12). I asked for the vaccinations there, to get it out of the way, and again was asked how I was with needles. She was very helpful in preparing me, and explained the symptoms (achiness and tenderness, feeling hot, headaches) and how to deal with them (lots of fluid, paracetamol if needed) before performing one injection in each arm. She told me when she was going to do something ("I'm just going to touch your arm here now") and told me to take a deep breathe before the injections. Overall, she was very gentle and I had no problems. I returned to the waiting room for another 5 minutes and was called to reception at 12:25. I was given back my passport, and vaccination details and asked for a payment (£365 total). She gave me a letter to give to my GP for the mental illness check, which basically explains that I am seeking to immigrate and that the surgery need information on my general well-being, any treatments and a final ruling with regards to my mental health. She said I need to get the letter from my GP emailed or faxed over, and only after they receive that can they send my papers to the Embassy. She also explained that my blood, urine and x-ray results would come back in around 48 hours, and if there were any issues, they'd get in contact with me/ And that was it! Let me know if you have any questions and I'd be glad to answer Melodie (UK K1 filer)
  13. Hi everyone, I lived in Scotland for 15 months from 2010-2011. Thus will need a police certificate from United Kingdom. I found out a website called ACRO- https://www.acro.police.uk/ This provides certificate for UK. Any ideas whether it will be accepted or not ? Is this a legal website? The police certificates issued here have a validity of 1 year in general - so if the certificate is 10 months can I use it ?
  14. Hi all, Now hubby enters the United States in February . We are now married🎉 but have not filed AOS yet. University of Whales informed my husband that he must return to the UK to take his university exam in May. Not sure what to do...
  15. Hi all! Here is the situation: My Fiance is currently a South African citizen, living in the UK as a permanent resident, and in the process of completing his UK citizenship (he has completed his Indefinite Leave to Remain, and now is waiting on his Citizenship Ceremony and UK Passport). He began this process before we met, and thought it beneficial to continue even though he will be living here with me in the U.S. We just submitted our I-129F Fiance petition last week (3/16/18). On the application, we noted that he is a South African Citizen, and permanent resident of the UK. Questions: - Has anyone been in this same situation? What consulate did they make you go to for your interview? We are obviously hoping he will go in UK (London) as he hasn't lived in South Africa for 10+ years. - His SA passport will be invalid as soon as his UK goes into effect. Will they put the K1 in his UK passport (even though he filed as a SA Citizen)? - Has this caused anyone delays? Will they make us re-file after he gets his UK citizenship. A bit worried and concerned this may slow down the process. One attorney told us it is fine, that he would just wait to make his Interview appointment until he had his UK passport, and they would put the visa in that one. Meanwhile, while we wait, he will be traveling on his South African passport. I hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help!
  16. I am currently awaiting my NOA2 (I applied in mid-November 2017). In order to keep me pre-occupied whilst waiting, I figured I'd get started on the required documents post-NOA2. I need to complete the I-134 as I am applying for the K-1 Fiance Visa. However, both my partner and I currently live in the United Kingdom. I have lived abroad with him for the past 4 years, so am concerned about having my I-134 accepted (US bank account does not have steady income, no US job secured, etc.). I have heard a co-sponsor is a good option for those living abroad. Do I need to complete form I-134 and have my co-sponsor compete one also? If anyone has any experience / advice for me in relation to completing and filing form I-134 with a co-sponsor, that would be very helpful!
  17. Does anyone know when the ceac website updates? Is it daily or like USCIS where it can be throughout the day. Ive noticed just once a day near closing time in the United Kingdom.
  18. Interview for fiancé was on the 6th. i got an email from the embassy today requesting further information from me about something I answered on the application. I responded to the email link the embassy provided with the info they were asking for. Anyone who has had this happen, can you please share how long it was before the issue was resolved?
  19. My fiance had his interview today (APPROVED!) at the US Embassy in London. Does anyone have any insight as to how long it's been taking to get passports back from the embassy??? Thanks in advance!
  20. Hello, again. I just finished filling out the I-129F and now I'm preparing the supporting documents to go with it. I am the U.S. petitioner but I'm currently attending University in the United Kingdom, and my Fiance and I have been living together since I started my program last September. I want to prove that we have been living together for proof that "we have met in the last two years" but I'm not sure if I should include the entire lease agreement or just the part that has our address and then our names as the tenants? I want to provide sufficient evidence but I also don't want to include too much. Also a few other questions I could use some help with. Should I include a photocopy of my student visa for the UK? How many pictures should I include to help our case? I have about 6 picked out but I remember reading somewhere that the recommendation is 2-5. will make sure to include the ones we have with his family but I can't decide which pictures of just us to include. One last question! In the I-129F instructions it says to include one copy of proof of citizenship. I lost my birth certificate when I was in-between apartments during my undergraduate years, since it could take some time to get a new one delivered to my mother, would it be okay for me to just send a photocopy of my passport? Has anyone else done this and had any issues? Should I just play it safe and wait for my new birth certificate (I haven't ordered it yet but wait times are usually a few weeks)?? I really don't want to wait but I don't want to put our petition at risk just because I'm impatient! Thank you for reading! Any advice is majorly appreciated.
  21. If anyone has missed it, the new US Embassy at Nine Elms will open on 16 January 2018. Here is the new address: https://uk.usembassy.gov/address-new-u-s-embassy-london/ Embassy of the United States of America 33 Nine Elms Lane London SW11 7US https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-embassy-london-united-states-expensive-embassy-one-billion-dollars-uk-sugar-cube-a8112176.html
  22. Hi everyone, I had my medical last Thursday and they requested additional information. I got my GP to send knightsbridge an email with all the information requested yesterday, I called knightsbridge this morning to confirm they had received it and they have. I tried to ask the lady I spoke to what would happen next but she was quite abrupt and seemed like she wanted to get me off the phone and just stated I would get an email with timescales. My interview is on Tuesday so I'm really hoping they will review the information and forward it to the embassy before then. I still haven't received an email and I'm unable to contact them by phone as it's constantly busy so I've emailed them but no response so far. Has anyone already had to do this and can shed some light for me? Is it likely this will be completed and sent to the embassy before my interview? Thank you in advance Amy
  23. Long time lurker, first time poster and all that. This forum has been absolutely invaluable during the K-1 process, so a quick thanks to all of you! I My partner just received his packet from the London embassy so we are now working to assemble the remaining required documents for the medical and interview. My last piece of this equation is the I-134. At the moment, I am unemployed. I'm a recent graduate and I'm working on obtaining work but it's taking longer than we anticipated. My dad has agreed to act as a joint sponsor for the visa. He's a champ for stepping in, and easily meets the requirements. I have two main questions: How should the packet be organized? I know that we should both fill out the 1-134 and provide financial documentation backing it up. Should I include a cover letter? Should there be any letter from my joint sponsor explaining his relationship to me and his willingness to take responsibility? In terms of an employment letter (which I hear the London Embassy loves), what should it include? I'm figuring it should be on company letterhead, stating the nature of the employment, how long he's been employed, and what he makes. Is there anything else they look for? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out. I'd love to hear from people who used a joint sponsor on their application and what their experience was like with the London embassy. Cheers!