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  1. I'm working on updating my I-864 because I changed jobs about 2 months ago and we just found out that USCIS has scheduled our interview in Orlando. I'm not sure what to put for Part 4, #3: "Is your current mailing address the same as your physical address?". My wife and I are renting part of a townhouse from another couple during the workweek for a few months, while our house is under construction. Our mailing address is in a condo which is nearly an hour from my workplace and about an hour and a half from my wife's. We spend weekends there and collect our mail there. The townhouse rental is not officially a lease. (Neither is the condo, which my parents own.) We are just giving the owners checks every month. We had looked for a month-to-month lease when my wife was getting ready to start her job. The arrangement with this townhouse was a lot better for us. Do I need to mention this townhouse in our forms for USCIS or bring any evidence for it to our interview?
  2. Got our "Testing and Interview" case status update email today. Our interview has been scheduled. They should mail us the date and time soon. I changed jobs in June, about 6 months after we filed for AoS. Is it just the Affidavit of Support and its evidence that I need to change, or more paperwork too? I've been way out of the frame of mind of doing immigration work since December. My wife and I are busy working, we've bought her a car (she started driving on the right side of the road here in the US), we have a house under construction, and so on...
  3. I estimated the date for the EAD/AP combo card on my timeline. My wife would probably know the exact dates. I think I tried to post that earlier and the update didn't go through. USCIS sent us the "Testing and Interview" case status change email today, so it could all be a moot point. It said that today, they scheduled our interview and they will send us something in the mail about that. Any idea how long it would be between this email and our interview date, given that our field office is in Orlando?
  4. In the original post, I mentioned that the EAD even if renewed would expire in November 2020. My wife's school issues teaching contracts over the summer, so we would potentially need her AoS to be done by July 2020 (~18-19 months after we filed) for her to be able to keep her job next school year.
  5. My wife entered the US on a K-1 visa late November 2018. We filed AoS in December after our wedding. Her EAD came over the summer after we had to put in a request to expedite it. She has now started a teaching job, and her EAD is only valid until the end of May 2020. She could get a one-time extension through November 2020, but that would not last her through next school year and could put her job in jeopardy. Our case is at the Orlando field office because we live in Central Florida now. We are moving to our house near (but not in) Orlando by the end of the year. With the house, we need both of our incomes. The Orlando field office has a long backlog with an estimated time range of 13.5-33 months. Their “Receipt date for a case inquiry” was recently backdated from 2018 to November 26, 2016, as of today. While Jacksonville, Florida’s, processing time is not great, it is at least better: 11-25 months. The Orlando field office is actually closer, but our neighbor was assigned to the Jacksonville field office. His wife got her green card within a few months of their wedding. This was several years before we got married. On my wife’s first week of work last week, her school put us in touch with an immigration lawyer who wants to have a $250, 1-hour consultation with us. We just need to ask that lawyer if we can transfer my wife’s case to Jacksonville. After a lot of effort this summer contacting USCIS, our Congressman, and others in the government, we’re not happy about the government stringing us along regarding her continued work authorization. I’m apprehensive at spending thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees, especially while we have a house under construction. I've used JustAnswer several times before to help us fill out forms, but there's more at stake here. So before I continue down a path with this lawyer, I just wanted to check here: has anyone else engaged an immigration lawyer from a similar situation (planning ahead for EAD renewal after K-1 AoS)? Did it help? Any other thoughts or advice?
  6. It was online at egov.uscis.gov. We were living at a different address last year when we filed the I-129F. We filed the AOS package from our current address. When we filed, I was told on this forum to not worry with filing a formal change of address with USCIS (we did that with the post office of course), just to put our current address on all of the AOS forms. We got our AOS NOA at our current address without any problems.
  7. Reposting from another thread: We filed AOS on December 8, 2018. We heard from USCIS that an interview had been scheduled, but they didn't give us a date or time! Very confusing. Should we call our local field office?
  8. We filed my wife's Adjustment of Status for her K-1 visa on December 8, 2018 (received date: December 13), not long after we got married. This week, she was offered a teaching job for the upcoming school year. The start date is late summer. But the school needs to make the hiring decision official by the end of their school year, which is coming up soon. It's a fairly specialized teaching position at a private high school with high academic standards. She meets their standards, but not a lot of other teachers do. According to VJ, USCIS is now processing EAD requests (for K-1's) from several weeks after we filed. So we filed an expedite yesterday. We just sent her job offer letter and said that it will be a significant financial hardship for us if she can't start this job. The expedite request currently says that it hasn't been assigned for processing, although it has only been a day and it's the weekend now. How long do the expedite requests for this take? And is the lack of the EAD going to block her from starting the job, assuming that it does come before her start date?
  9. Sorry for the delay - we got married Saturday, and we've been quite busy with the wedding and moving! I won't have 6 months worth of paystubs yet. I started my job in October and was self-employed before taking that job. Also my work doesn't provide paper copies of pay stubs. All I've seen so far is direct deposit records in my bank account from my company.
  10. My fiancee and I are getting married on Saturday! We are both flying to my old home state tomorrow for the wedding. With that in mind, we want to get her adjustment of status filing done as quickly and painlessly as possible so that we can get on with married life. A couple questions: I don't think the consulate in Sydney gave her her medical results. Is that going to be a problem? She was approved for the K-1 visa a few weeks ago, so she must have passed. Even though I definitely make a high enough income for sponsorship now, I barely reached 100% FPL last tax year (2017). So I am thinking to be on the safe side, I will still list the amount of money in my bank accounts as assets. Do I need to get an updated bank letter and include a year's worth of bank statements for all 5 of my bank accounts again? She took a lot of this paperwork to her interview! The bank letter we got was dated just over 3 months ago.
  11. Sorry, forgot to update earlier... my fiancee got the visa! She's off to see her parents at the end of this week. Then we head back up north, and the wedding is on! ❤️
  12. CEAC says our visa status is now Issued! Another step in the right direction towards being together again. Hopefully my fiancee will get the visa and her passport back before the date that she's thinking of traveling overseas to see her parents.
  13. Oh, we're in Administrative Processing. CEAC says it can be "several weeks", but she's supposed to go visit her parents overseas in a couple weeks and our wedding is scheduled for 4 weeks from tomorrow! They told my fiancee at the interview that our case was approved, and they didn't have her hand over much of any of the big folder of evidence that I took 6 weeks to prepare!
  14. My fiancee's interview was yesterday (local time) in Sydney. Approved! Thanks @Greenbaum and everyone else who helped us, especially with my many I-134 questions. CEAC is still saying "Ready" for our case. Will it update? I feel like I can't totally celebrate or book my travel for the wedding until she has the visa in her hand.
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