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  1. Hi everyone, We are in a special situation since we live on the Island of Guam and planning on moving to somewhere cheaper to live in the mainland. This tiny island feels really isolated. Our diplomas are in the IT and Accounting field and hopefully we can find a job quite fast anywhere with those qualifications. We are looking to buy a house rather than renting so we are looking for for some affordable options (ideally below $150k). Definitely somewhere near by a bigger city. Please help to find a nice place for us since this country is huge and frankly we don't even know where to start looking. What do you think is a good, safe, affordable place to live in the mainland? Should I worry about anything if I would move somewhere as a green card holder? Thank you for your opinions! Daniel
  2. Hi all, I’m posting in the UK forum as i need correct advice/information based on the country I’m moving back to. I’m living in Pennsylvania but will be moving back to England later this year and taking my dog with me. I’ve read so many different resources online and I think I’m getting a list together of things I need to do but if anyone has been through this please could you tell me your experience and anything I may need to know? Thank you.
  3. Hi I moved to NYC a few months ago from Ottawa. I have brought suitcases filled with my personal belongings but on a flight. My parents are going to drive from Ottawa to NYC and bring some of my other things that are more difficult to fly with; Dyson vacuum, a chair, boxes with kitchen supplies, pillows and bedding. Does anyone have experience crossing the boarder while moving someone else’s personal belongings? I want to set them up so they can cross and don’t have any trouble. Is there someone I can call or what can I give them to help? thanks
  4. Hi all, My wife and I are going through a difficult stretch and would really appreciate some advice. Quick breakdown of the timeline: I'm an American citizen, and we filed her I-751 jointly in late November, 2018 (received early December). We never got a biometrics appointment notice, but when visiting our local USCIS office for an emergency travel waiver (so she could visit a dying relative), they were nice enough to get the Biometrics done right then and there in December 2018. We received a notice that her case had gone through preliminary review and been transferred to the Potomac office in late October 2019. We've been going through couples therapy for the last 2.5 years and have recently decided to get divorced, but we both still love each other and are fiercely supportive of each other. I want to do whatever I can to make sure she's able to live where she wants. We haven't yet filed for divorce, but are thinking to do so in January 2020. Normally we would probably just stay married until the process completes, but a few wrinkles: She loves her job here in Washington state and doesn't want to leave it (totally understandable). I've been offered my once-in-a-lifetime dream job in another state, and need to get there by early February 2020 at the latest. If we're selected for an interview, I would absolutely fly back to participate and support her case. We have an immigration attorney that helped us with the initial filing but it's been difficult getting more information about the steps in front of us. Washington state has a 3 month waiting period after filing divorce before it can be finalized, and our attorney has told us that USCIS doesn't recognize 'separated' as a relationship phase. We're both nervous about what happens next. I assume we should file for divorce before I leave Washington, because living separated (especially in different states) looks bad, but our attorney also says that we can't amend our petition (or basically refile) until the divorce is completed, either. What happens if we're called for an interview? Does the USCIS expect divorcing couples to continue living together until the divorce is finalized? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi all, Fiance and I have been cohabitating in Canada for several years (I was living in Canada for much longer), but I just moved back to the US early to start a new job while fiance awaits visa issuance. I (USC) was planning on returning to Canada to help with the official move-out, as well as drive our stuff across the border into the States myself to load a Uhaul container, thereby avoiding Uhaul's international shipping rates. (The quote doubled for a Canadian address, even though it's just 45 minutes away!) Fiance will of course not participate as we do not intend to activate his K1 visa at that time. My understanding is that as a US Citizen returning to the US after living abroad, I can bring in my household goods duty free. I want to make sure it's okay that I essentially drop it off across the border for shipment, then return to Canada to fly back to the US the next day. Any reason why this could be problematic? Anything I should be aware of? Is my plan sound??
  6. I have 3 bass guitars that I want to California, any idea how I should go about doing this? I only have one hard case and one soft one, but no case for my accoustic bass. From your experience how roughly are the belongings handled and tossed around in transit? Most companies I've looked at have specific box sizes and basses are far too long to fit in even the largest of them. Any company recomendations? In addition to the basses I will have a couple of boxes of personal belongings like art supplies, photos and frames, stuffed toys, books, dvds, cds and vinyl, as well as a large 3 square foot artwork which is very delicate, and a 22x18" painting by my late grandfather. I'm not planning to ship any furniture or any brand new electronics (with the exception of my personal laptop which will be in my hand lugage). Any idea if I would have to pay customs on any of this stuff?
  7. Hey all, We filed for AOS in December (living near Tahoe City, CA) and are now planning on moving to Oakland, CA for the beginning of June. My EAD was approved successfully in March and the case status for the i-485 has been sitting at "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" since then as well. My question is: Will moving to a new place potentially slow our application processing? We will obviously update our physical and mailing address with USCIS once we move/have the info, my curiosity is in whether the case may move from one "local office" to another by us moving ourselves. I haven't been able to determine which office our application would be at - or if it's even made it to a local office yet to begin with, so I'm not sure what to anticipate from here on out. Any similar experience/feedback appreciated!
  8. Hi all, Please move this topic if we have posted to the wrong forum. We are planning ahead, our interview is May 14th, we hope to cross into the United States on May 22nd. We are coming out of Ontario, planning on driving and entering through either the Detroit Ambassador Bridge, or going to the Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia - Port Huron MI. We are coming on IR-5 Visa, immediate family based. So here are our questions: How much cash should we have on us, or in the bank? Our affidavit of support, accepted by the NVC, shows clearly daughters income well above minimum standards , with the father already having an offer letter of employment from a US company. We will be driving a small UHaul truck with some furniture, clothes, books, collectables, a gas lawn mower, desktop computer, etc. We are listing these things to be relatively specific so anybody can review and suggest. Anything there that looks it could be a problem with the CBP? We are dropping the truck off in Ohio, storing stuff and then flying to Reno Nevada. Should we print out all the plane tickets? Son/brother from Canada is traveling along for the move, we have already bought his return one way airfare back to Canada. Should we print out his return itinerary? Anything else that the community recommends? What can we expect at the border? What is the best time to arrive? Thanking you all in the advance!
  9. Hi y'all, My fiance is coming here in 4 days and even though I am very happy (very very much!) I also get these weird guilt spells when I know how much he's leaving behind. His family is SUPER close and all his relatives visit weekly and he has a good solid foundation. When he comes here, he will have me, my mom (who doesn't speak English) and sister. I know rationally this was his choice because he loves me and he wants us to be together and life in Lebanon for us would be hard, but I can't shake this feeling. Anyway, so for those who have come to the US from a completely different cultural region, what suggestions do you have that might make it easier for him to adjust? We will be attending mass weekly at the Maronite church (which I hoped would be a slice of home to him) but even then he's already seen the stark differences in culture (like allowing a gambling event for fundraising purposes on church grounds). What can I do to make this transition a bit easier on him?
  10. I know my sponsor must file I-865, Sponsor's Notice of Change of Address. But what else do I need to change the address for? I-130, I-485? What about my old I-131 and I-765? PS: I am a conditional LPR. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I will be moving to Brampton by the end of this month. For a particular period, I will be working from my CA office. I'm planning to take a few of my belongings with me. I've found some international moving services for shipping(maybe by truck). Brampton is only 20 hours away from here, is there any possibility to drive by? I haven't contacted the mentioned movers and haven't requested a quote yet. The will be my first preference if I'm going to relocate with the help of any movers! Before heading with the relocation, I want to know if there are any legal barriers or not.
  12. So after 7 months I just knew I had to report address change of the sponser. The sponser is also the petitioner on I-130 (which we submitted change of address for.) Should we file I-865 or I-130 change of address was enough? How screwed are we?
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