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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I will be moving to Brampton by the end of this month. For a particular period, I will be working from my CA office. I'm planning to take a few of my belongings with me. I've found some international moving services for shipping(maybe by truck). Brampton is only 20 hours away from here, is there any possibility to drive by? I haven't contacted the mentioned movers and haven't requested a quote yet. The will be my first preference if I'm going to relocate with the help of any movers! Before heading with the relocation, I want to know if there are any legal barriers or not.
  2. alborosie8090


    Hello VJ friends! My husband and I have been approved for I-485. We are moving (within state, literally just upstairs ha!). We completed form AR-11 online. Do you know if we get a formal receipt in the mail about that, or do I just print the online confirmation for our records? We do not currently have any pending cases - until we file for I-751 next year, but I know I should save everything just in case. Secondly, I understand as the sponsor I also need to fill out I-865. Is there anything specific I need to know about this form other than following the instructions and mailing it in? It looks pretty self-exclamatory, but thought I would check. Thank you in advance!
  3. So after 7 months I just knew I had to report address change of the sponser. The sponser is also the petitioner on I-130 (which we submitted change of address for.) Should we file I-865 or I-130 change of address was enough? How screwed are we?
  4. I'm beginning to research how to get my stuff from Sydney to the US. Any Australians here who can recommend a good shipping company? We likely won't be shipping any furniture, mostly clothes/personal belongings in large suitcases or boxes. Thanks!
  5. Hello, We have 2 general questions about moving and K1. We put our intended address X on the I-129f, where we think we will live when I come to the US. We assume that if my fiancé moves somewhere else during the K1 process we can just fill out some form with the new address and send it to USCIS. However, what is if he has to move after they granted me the K1 visa but before I go to the US? (In the 6 months period in which the visa is valid.) And a related question: is it allowed to move during the adjustment of status process while waiting for the greencard; maybe even a few times due to a rotational program? Or do we have to stay at X until we receive the green card? Thank you for your help!
  6. Hey guys, I posted yesterday about trying to figure out how best to bring my stuff across the border on a K-1 Visa, and some new questions have come up as a result. My fiance's father has proposed the idea of driving his truck and trailer, with my fiance in tow, up to where I live in BC, and then bringing me and my things back across the border. However, I'm not sure if this would actually be permitted or not. Would the act of them moving my stuff be considered "working"? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! The previous post is here for reference:
  7. Bottom Line: What are some safe and economical ways to get your stuff from one country to another? My wife will be moving to the US from Russia in a few months. Most of her stuff she will be selling or giving away. But she has a whole bunch of stuff (probably 90% clothes) that she wants to keep. If I had to guess, I'd say it is about 8-10 large suitcases worth. Obviously this is too much to carry over on a flight, and would be crazy expensive for how much airlines charge for bags. Does anyone know of any ways to get her stuff from there to here which are not prohibitively expensive and have a pretty decent chance of arriving without being lost/stolen? Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. There are probably two or three where this topic could go, but I thought it would be rude to make the topic in each.
  8. Dear VisaJourney friends, My fiance and I applied for a K-1 visa back in June. We are awaiting our NOA2, but we have a problem... I am living with my parents in Amsterdam, but they are selling their house soon. They also have a house in Germany and I am planning on living there until I can be reunited with my fiance in the US. Like I said, we have already applied and in the application I used my parents Amsterdam address and we said the Amsterdam consulate is 'my' consulate. Does anyone know: 1) Can/should I change my address? 2) Will it give me problems/delays if I move to a different country 3) Will the visa then be transferred to the consulate in Germany? If moving to a different country will cause enormous trouble, I will have to try to find a place here. Then the question about an address change still remains of course. The potential buyers of my parents house in Amsterdam don't mind receiving and passing my mail along, so that wouldn't be a problem. I am just worried they are going to deny me because I no longer live at the same place stated in my application. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Hey Immigrants, I am planning to shift to Newyork from Brisbane. I need an expert moving company in Brisbane who can transfer my all goods and my expensive piano from Brisbane to Newyork without any inconvenience. If you know then please suggest me.
  10. Has anyone had any experience contracting immigration attorneys to assist in pushing the process of re-mailing a green card along a bit? My wife has been in the country for 7 months, and I updated our address at the time I paid for the immigrant fee (days after she entered the country)...they printed the card and mailed it before they updated the address in their system, and it's been over half a year of waiting ever since. Every time I/we contract USCIS they tell us what we already know (we sent the card, it came back to us), and we tell them what we already know (you've sent it to the wrong place, we've updated the address, please resend it!). We've gone back and forth 3 times over the last 4 months this way, each time they promise to put it back in the mail, and they never do. Does this resonate with anyone? It is very frustrating, and up to this point I/we've done everything ourselves, without the help of an attorney, but I'm at my wit's end. I'm thinking of lawyering up.
  11. Harperman979

    Moving to US while visa pending

    Hello, I am a US citizen. My wife is in Canada. We were married in January and are waiting for our NOA2. Hopefully it comes in the next month or so. We have bought a house and she visits me in the states. We are wanting to move her furniture and some of her personal effects down to the states. Can we use custom form (CBP Form) 6059B, "Customs Declaration," for accompanying goods or the CBP Form 3299 to move her things even while visa is pending approval? https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/107/related/1 It would be immensely helpful to do this sooner rather than later given the household needs and wedding presents given etc.
  12. Hi all, I made an account because my fiancé and I are at an impasse and we're looking at more options... In summary, my fiancé (Canadian, currently lives close to Toronto) and I are filing for a K-1 visa, with the intent that he was going to move in with me, settle, and then once the work permit came in, work. I am currently a postbac student at a university in the US, so this would be timed with my last year of the program. However, I'm being highly encouraged by my professors to seek a Masters program in my field, of which the best schools for me would be in Boston, New York, and... Toronto (in Canada). Our application is essentially complete and ready to mail, but given the conversations on this and the fact that my fiancé is currently self-employed (with the intention of applying for jobs in the US once he is able), we are now torn on what to do. Ideally, we'd like to be married as soon as possible and live together, but given the circumstances, this has become more difficult. We just looked into the CR-1 visa as a different option, because it would give my fiancé the flexibility of working and then coming to the US whenever it was best to (ideally after I had moved to either Boston or New York - for reference, I am currently on the West Coast). However, this does take longer, and we are not married yet (as we had been planning to do the K-1). Given processing times (K-1 is looking like up to 10 months now apparently), and the fact that I would find out about Masters program acceptances in February/March of 2019, would a CR-1 visa be more reasonable than the K-1 (which is the one we have been preparing)? Alternatively, if I get into the school in Toronto, which means I move to Toronto to live with my fiancé there, what might be some good approaches to this? We are perfectly fine with living in either country, as at this point we are mostly concerned about making a future together regardless of where we end up. We do want the ability of my fiancé to work as soon as he is able to.
  13. Hello everyone. I am glad to have found this place. My question is this: When you have a good friend in the US (is a citizen) who is moving and you would like to visit them and help them with the move, doing some sight seeing with them and lending them a hand at their office (typing up notes, creating flyers, assisting with social media updates, stuff of that nature) but NOT(!) getting paid for it, just a friend helping out a friend in need. (Staying for about 3 - 4 weeks). Would that require a B-1 visa? Or would I need a B-2 for the helping out at the office part but I cannot go sight seeing on the same trip? Or would I need a different type of work visa entirely? Advice is much appreciated.
  14. I just applied for my I175 in feb, recently received 'reuse findgerprints' mail and now waiting for the final decision. We recently moved, Im the applicant&I already did online AR11 , but my husband(us citizen) who is a petitioner did not file I865 yet. My attorney told me most people don't file it, and we can both update our address online (just like what I did for my self). We tried to update the address for him(petitioner) but it's said something like "this application was recently updated with the same address, click OKAY if you moved again and this information is correct". I am so confused??? Aren't we using the same WAC number on his as Well? We've never received separate petitioner number for him... Please help:(
  15. Hi, I’m going to be moving to MN soon from Aus on the K1 visa and I’m incredibly lost as to what I need to do!! I know I’ll need to finish my phone plan and cancel my part of the rent etc but do I need to cancel my bank accounts? What else?? Also once I’m married do I need to change my last name with anything here in Australia? Such as my super annuation, passport, or ATO? I’ve tried googling for detailed lists as to what I need to do but there’s nothing!!! Any help is very appreciated! Thanks.
  16. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone else out there has guilt of moving away from their parents and siblings in this process? I am very close with my family and my petition just got approved but now the tough feelings are setting in. I just wonder if there are other people out there who feel this guilt or is this something that shouldn't be happening. I'm not sure why it bothers me, just upset to be missing out on all the things involved when I'm in the same city as my family and not coping well with the change. Don't get me wrong I am super excited of course to start my new life and finally be reunited with my fiancé, however just looking for some tips or acknowledgement that I am not alone. Thanks for reading Brentwood
  17. Hello, My American wife and I (a Canadian in the spouse based visa process) are getting close to the end of the process. We both live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and will be likely moving to a suburb of Indianapolis in the summer. My wife is going to establish domicile soon. We are filling out my paperwork and will either submit it in this weekend or next week before waiting for our consulate visit which will be in the next 1 to 3 months we've been told. In the meantime, we need to start booking a moving van/company to transport our stuff. We want a company that can move our stuff on and off the vehicle, move a 2 bedroom's apartment worth of stuff, drive it over the border with our forms, and hold it in a facility of some kind in case we need to wait a few weeks or a month while any final details are sorted out. Any recommendations of moving companies from the Toronto area to Indiana? Should I start booking a moving company 4 months out even though we have not finished the process? Thanks.
  18. We filled a marriage based AOS (from a F1 Visa) back in November. It went pretty fast at the beginning (got my EAD/AP card in like 60 days) but my case seem to be stale now Anyway, my question here. We live in North West Florida and were assigned to the New Orleans LA Field Office. My husband has orders to New Mexico, and we'll be moving around the first week of July. Once we move, would our assigned office be the same? Or would our case be transferred? I'd hate to have to come down to New Orleans for our interview.. And since I'm here (let me know if I should open a different thread) I have another questions about the interview. With my luck, I'm afraid my husband is going to be deployed for our interview. Could we move the interview date or would it be okay if I go by myself? TL;DR If we move, would our case get transferred to a different office? Could we change the interview date if husband is deployed? Thanks!!!
  19. Hi all! Just a quick question for those who may know. My spouse is military and we will be moving within the next month, however our (hopefully) new landlord wants both of our credit scores, but I haven't had a chance to establish a line of credit here in the US. I do have a good line of credit with my Canadian credit, and would like to provide that, but I can't find a site that will allow me to do receive it online and the only other option would be mailing, but it would mail to my last address and there's no option to change shipping address. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any ideas on how to go about this? Happy New Years!
  20. Hey all, We filed for AOS in December (living near Tahoe City, CA) and are now planning on moving to Oakland, CA for the beginning of June. My EAD was approved successfully in March and the case status for the i-485 has been sitting at "Case is Ready to be Scheduled for an Interview" since then as well. My question is: Will moving to a new place potentially slow our application processing? We will obviously update our physical and mailing address with USCIS once we move/have the info, my curiosity is in whether the case may move from one "local office" to another by us moving ourselves. I haven't been able to determine which office our application would be at - or if it's even made it to a local office yet to begin with, so I'm not sure what to anticipate from here on out. Any similar experience/feedback appreciated!
  21. Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post as this is my first time to this site. I have been married to my wife which lives in Canada for a little over a year now. We are going to go through with the sponsorship through form I -130 but I got one concern and a few questions. My concern is about my income. I was working earlier this year, in August, but I left that place and am just focusing on school as am I wrapping up with my studies. With that being said, I know that you need to be 125% above poverty level (correct me if I am wrong) which I am not at since I don't have an income. Should I be getting a job right now because if I don't start having an income then we have a higher chance of refusal? Or is there ways around having no income / being below the threshold? Currently I am living with my family here in the US and that is why I do not have an income currently because my family is helping me out while I finish school. Another question I have is about moving. If I currently am living in NY, and I sponsor my wife, when she gets accepted are we able to move to lets say Cali later down the road? Or do we have restrictions that we need to stay in the same state that we started the sponsorship in? Thank you anyone and everyone for the help in advanced.
  22. Hi again, everyone! Have another question here regarding moving. I am a Canadian citizen moving to the US before the end of November and I'm planning on bringing prescription medications with me. Now, everything I've read says "Rule of thumb: only bring 90 days worth of medication". I currently have six months worth of refills sitting beside me and I'm wondering - what is the best course of action to bring it all with me? Should I place it on my carryon and declare it and risk it being taken away? Should I only bring 3 months worth and mail the rest to myself (which is frowned upon as well)? Or should I place it all in my checked luggage? I'm not sure what the best course of action is, and the way to cause the least amount of problem during this move! None of the medications are narcotics or not FDA approved. Thanks in advance for your help and insight! K
  23. Pretty new to the visa/immigration world, so please bear with me! I'm a US citizen, and am currently working through the K1/Fiance Visa process so that my Spanish fiance can be with me in the USA. My question is, once we have all of that done, and we are legally married, he will apply for his residency via Form I-485. After we've been married for 2 years, I know we can apply for the removal of conditions on his green card (if someone could explain that to me, it'd be great!) and then I'm assuming he'd get the 10 year green card? Anyhow, I've also read that green card holders have to be careful to not loose their residency by traveling outside of the US for an extended period time/abandoning. My question is, if we both wanted to move to Spain for a few years to live/work there (after we've been married for 2 years) how does that work? There HAVE to be people who do this - if spouses are from different countries, it kind of makes sense that they'd maybe want to live a few years here and there for family, culture, etc. If this question has been asked before please feel free to redirect me. I'm just not even sure how to Google this question! Many thanks!