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  1. Hello! I received my naturalization certificate yesterday! I am now a dual Canadian/American citizen!!! I feel like I keep reading and hearing some conflicting information on passport etiquette. Since I am residing in the USA- do I leave and enter the states (when I am going to visit Canada) on my USA passport? Could I use my Canadian one? I feel like they would wonder why I am living in the USA and using my Canadian passport with no greencard? My other question is that I really want to be able to go home for Christmas. I’ve heard that if you have travel within 14 days you can get an emergency passport appointment and sometimes get a same day passport… But how do I book my flight when I don’t have an American passport yet? I’ve heard that you must leave with the same passport you enter with? I’ve heard I cannot leave the country until I have my new passport even though I have my Canadian one? When I am flying do I need to bring both passports?
  2. Okay.. do you know how apart that usually is? My citizenship interview is early Nov and Christmas travels would be from middle of Dec to Jan 1.... I am so homesick and wanna go home but would hate to spend the $ and not be able to go
  3. Thank you... So in-between the interview and the ocat ceremony I can travel on my greencard as usual? After the path ceremony I need to wait until I secure a passport? For the OATH ceremony- do you choose when to go or is it like the interview where they choose a time and you pretty much have to be there.
  4. Hello all! I have my citizenship interview coming up shortly- it will be in late fall. Where I live I am on the opposite side of the continent from my family in Canada. I am wanting to go home for Christmas and usually would be looking at flights soon because they are very expensive. A lot of people report the interviews being mostly a formality and pretty straightforward if your case is pretty straight forward, which mine is. I am thinking most likely I will get recommended for approval, which I am told they tell you if you are recommended for approval in the interview itself. My question is, if I am approved, but wouldn't be able to secure an american passport in time for christmas, can I now travel into canada AND BACK IN with just my Canadian passport without nullifying any part of the citizenship process? I know with the greencard you were never allowed to enter the USA without it unless you wanted to nullify it (to my understanding). Does anyone know if I need my USA passport to enter once I am recommended for citizenship or should I wait until all formalities are done and I have USA passport in hand? Another question, I am canadian. Will they ask me to give up my Canadian passport? I know if you are from the USA trying to get lets say a canadian passport, that the USA wants you to give up your American passport because they don't want you to pledge allegiance to any other country. And lastly: This is what I have heard about the interview process, can anyone else verify this: go in, take an oath answer 6 civics test questions go over basic info from forms specifically be able to answer questions about recent travel answer questions about if I;ve done this or that crime where the answer is OBVIOUSLY NO answer questions about the constitution and such where the answer is obviously YES they usually tell you in the interview if they are recommending you for approval I know there is a standard list of things they tell you to bring but I am also wondering if it's helpful for you to bring a copy of the n-400 form you filled out so that you can reference it for travel specifically? I travel often enough that I don't remember specific dates.
  5. Hello, I got my SSN card when I first moved to the US. I don't know the specifics because at the time we had a lawyer (we now do not) who guided us through the process but he got me a temporary work and travel visa and when I got my SSN card that was all I had as documentstion. Now I have my 2 year greencard which is currently expired but I have the 24 month extension letter so it really expires in a year. But when I went to get a job recently I saw that my SSN card had a "valid for work only with DHS authorization" stamped on it. When I was doing some research online I saw that as a permanent resident greencard holder I should be able to have a regular SSN card. Is this true? Do you know the best way to go about getting this corrected? Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have a 2 year conditonal greencard based on marriage and am currently in the process of applying for my ROC. When we submitted our application we triple checked everything was correct, including the address. I got the first piece of mail from USCIS saying that they had recieved my application just fine. But the second piece of mail saying my fingerprints were ok to use had only parts of my address. It was a miracle that I even got the mail. I called in and gave them the correct address. They told me they would input it and gave my a case #. I called in a month later to double check because I had never heard right and this time my address was incorrect but it was missing different parts this time but had other parts it didnt before. So I gave them the correct address and got a case #. I called in AGAIN and the excat thing happened AGAIN. BUT, I got an additonal 2 year extension and it arrived fine but it changed the city for me. It's a city beside mine and when buying things online I frequently get autofilled to that city so I don't know if thats why their system keeps messing up my address or because my address is so long. Has anyone else encountered this? Help. I am afraid of missing important notices since I can't see my status online as i-751 isn't integrated into their system yet.
  7. Hello, I have been married for 4 years and am just now getting around to updating my passport to my married last name with my country of origin as I had recently paid for a 10 year passport and wanted to get as much mileage out of it as possible. I am heading in to get it updated to my married name tomorrow and it's just occurring to me now that I might need to let USCIS know of my passport change. DO I need to do this? If so how? Thanks for any help.
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