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  1. This. Without even trying, she makes Cruz look bad. She gets to say "See, this is what you should have been doing instead of running off to Mexico" without actually having to say anything. She looks great, he looks awful. It's a win/win for her. Plus, while I disagree with her on everything, there's also the chance that she's not a bad person and wants to do something to help people.
  2. That's crazy talk. Its not important to fix the problem, we just need to know who to blame. I blame Antifa.
  3. I think it happens to all of us but we don't make a big deal about it. I guess we all figured out that it's not because of our stunning good looks, it's just that we're an oddity over there. We're a novelty that gets people's attention. It's nothing more than that. Also, most of us, when we're over there, we are really not looking for attention from anybody else so, again, it's not a big deal.
  4. Before he ran for President, Beto had always tried to portray himself as a centrist, a guy who will work across the aisle. That probably helped him a lot in his run for the Senate but his Presidential run is going to haunt him. That gun comment will always come back to bite him. I don't know where he goes from here but that sure seemed like a suicidal comment if he had any hope for a political future in this state.
  5. Andy Ngo only reported on the issues that he wanted to report on and ignores those that didn't serve his purpose. I can agree with that but, this is the problem with pretty much all of our "journalism" now. The news/media don't report the news to the public, they report the news that they want the public to know. It's interesting that almost all of my friends, they happen to lean a little left, have no idea what happened in Portland. It was never in the real news, except when they were able to blame Trump. They remember Trump caused some riots and that's it. They assume the riots are over and, if you watch the mainstream news, why wouldn't they think that? What Andy Ngo does can't be any more wronger than what the rest of the news does. The lack of journalistic integrity probably worries me more about our country than any other issue.
  6. This! One hundred times this. If you have the means, it is so easy to make a huge difference in the lives of others.
  7. The thing is, I didn't really have an opinion on the issue, meaning I didn't know what should be done. I tried explaining that.... If I understand correctly, people come over without authorization. When they are caught, they are given a court date. Do we just let them go and hope they come back on their date? I've heard differing numbers on how successful that is. Do we keep them in detention until their date arrives? What about if they have kids? That's how we end up with kids in cages. I think they are only allowed to hold kids like that for a short time. So, then we have the issue of removing the kids from the parents. I don't see an easy answer. Letting people go and hope they come back? Keep the kids with their parents? Remove kids from their parents? I really don't know. And that's when I get called a racist.
  8. I get that mocking the President is okay. And this is the first President I've ever seen that was actually bothered by it. But, there are instances of those on the right being mocked, not for flying a Trump flag, but because they voted for Trump. That's where the issue is. But I get what you're saying. Going on a tangent: Speaking of cults, Obama had an incredible cult following and I thought it was ridiculous. And then I saw those on the right do the same thing for Trump. smh. edit to add: And I drive a Corolla. There's no way I could put a giant flag on there.
  9. The more I think about this, the more I don't understand how you can disagree with what I said. Most of the mocking and ridicule of the "other side" comes from the left. That doesn't mean that the left is worse than the right, I mean that the left has a much larger platform to voice these attacks. All late night talk shows lean to the left. SNL leans to the left. All major news outlets except Fox lean to the left. All actors lean to the left. All singers lean to the left. All of academia leans to the left. Every voice that has a mass audience leans to the left. Of course, when I say all, I mean almost all since I'm sure there are exceptions. The one very large voice that has been toxic from the right has been Trump. However, it's interesting that social media took away his platform while he was President. Major news outlets would turn turn away from him when they didn't agree with what he was saying. So, even the loudest voice from the right could not reach the masses the way the multiple voice from the left could. All of the toxicity is wrong. It's just the toxicity from one side is heard more than the other.
  10. Part of the problem is I work in education, so my perspective is probably skewed. From my daily interactions it is very one-sided because most have learned to keep their head down and their mouth shut if they have the "wrong" opinion. I'm not saying this is representative of how things are on the outside but it is representative of my little corner of the world. On a side note, I have a distinct memory of a conversation with friends at a restaurant. Political topics arose and the conversation veered to immigration. I offered up this opinion, "I find it interesting that everybody has very strong opinions on immigration while at the same time knowing very little about immigration".(that was a mistake) Eventually, I stated that all the issues we have now are pretty complicated and there are no easy answers. That started the slippery slope that ended with me being yelled at, in a restaurant, because I didn't care about brown kids in cages. I'm sure people on both sides can share similar stories, but I'm giving an example of where my bias comes from.
  11. Not saying they should, I'm just commenting on what was in the speech. However, our country needs to bridge this divide we have. We have to stop acting like anybody with a different opinion is evil and should never be heard. I agree that most of it has come from one side but, if we're ever going to improve, we have to start somewhere. Now we see what happens.
  12. When they go so over the top, it ruins any chance they have of being taken seriously when discussing the speech and inauguration . When discussing Biden's speech, I think it was an incredibly important speech, probably one of the more important inaugural speeches. It was a really good speech and I felt he said all of the right things. He talked about unity, tried to make peace with those who didn't vote for him and managed, in my opinion, to not alienate his own voters. Now we have to wait and see if the reality mirrors the speech. And even if he tries to unite the country, will congress agree and follow along?
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