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  1. This is clearly a wonderful way to increase "equity". And you're all racist.
  2. As was posted earlier, I would want around 4 hours minimum between flights in LA. LAX is huge and if you haven't been there before it can be confusing. Being an OFW can be just as rough as she's telling you. Also, the power outages could also be true. If you visit her home, which I recommend, you will probably get a better understanding of things. BTW, I really hope this works out for you. My first trip there was great and I hope yours is the same. Also, if things move in a positive direction, you will at one point want to have a serious discussion about family finances.
  3. Agree with Toyota Sienna. Also, check to see if it really makes sense to buy used. We recently bought my wife's first vehicle and it was cheaper to buy new at MSRP than buy used. The difference was the used was on the lot and we had to wait a couple of weeks for the new one.
  4. How short of a layover are you wanting in LA? In my opinion, you are putting too much importance on avoiding a long layover in LA. You need time to move from one terminal to the other. You need to land in LA and get your luggage. You need to go to the international terminal, check in, go through all the security process and then make your way to the correct gate. Do not try to book your flights too close together. You'd rather spend time waiting for your flight than miss your flight because you didn't give yourself enough time between flights. Also remember that Southwest doesn't show up on the travel sites. You have to go to their site.
  5. Here is how we travel. We book on Southwest and fly to LA and then we book on Philippine Airlines to Manila. Assuming your flying out of Minneapolis, you can find round trip tickets to LA for just over $300. This will have one stop where you have to change planes but I don't see an easier option. You can arrive at LA around 6 pm leaving plenty of time to get to the international terminal in time for the overnight flight to Manila. You can book a flight on Philippine Airlines, nonstop from LA to Manila for about $1500 roundtrip. This is probably the quickest way to get there and you don't have to find your way around international airports if you're not comfortable with that. We always go direct to the airline websites, Southwest and Philippine Airlines, I don't know if you get a better deal through other sites.
  6. Assuming you're flying to LA and then taking the nonstop Philippine Airlines flight to Manila, you don't want to focus too much on avoiding a long layover. You fly to LA, then you have to get your bags and walk down to the international terminal. You have to go through the check in process at the Philippine Airlines counter and go through all the security checks. This process can take a few hours. You'll probably want to get something to eat and at least relax a little bit. Then you wander down to your gate and wait for your flight. Don't try to cut it too close on time. It's better to wait than to hurry.
  7. You don't have to use the travel sites. You can book a flight LA on southwest.com and then book your flight to Manila on philippineairlines.com.
  8. Philippine Airlines still has nonstop from LA to Manila. As far as I know, they're the only airline that has nonstop to Philippines.
  9. Just wanted to add that I was in the exact same situation as you on my first trip. I wasn't sure about navigating my way through multiple airports so I flew Philippine Airlines. Philippine Airlines has nonstop flights from LA to Manila. We still fly this way just so that we spend less time traveling and more time at our destination. If you choose this, I would recommend taking the overnight flight over there. You'll sleep on the way, and arrive in the morning in Manila. Not too bad. Flying back is worse. You'll pretty much arrive in LA "before" you left Manila. Jet lag will suck when you get back. The other advice I would give is listen to your significant other when it comes to things like paying for things, where to go, etc. The last advice is just enjoy your time there. Things will be different and some people have difficulty accepting that. Remember you're there to have fun so don't let little things ruin your limited time there.
  10. And if the parents took the kid to the psychologist, the kid will always think that anything he says will get back to the parents. But he might trust the school psychologist more because the parents weren't involved. If we could just do something for these kids before they reach that breaking point it would make such a difference.
  11. There are so many things a kid will tell adults at school that they won't tell adults outside of school. Of course, this is only really true if there is an element of trust already established. But if there was a kid dealing with some issues, imo, he'd be much more likely to talk to a psychologist at school than one his parents took him to.
  12. Yes, definitely yes. In my opinion, I don't think these kids just wake up one morning and they're this far gone. I also don't think they are born this way. I think it is a process that can possibly be intercepted and changed. Also, talking to a kid in school, giving him counseling and support, is different than outside of school. It won't be the cure all for every kid but I think it could help a lot.
  13. I hate that people are really working to try to blame the police. Here is an article I found: Police-training experts say if Uvalde police didn't storm the school, they weren't following standard protocol Clearly they want to blame the cops but in the article it says, "when a shooter barricades himself inside a building, law-enforcement officers are taught to evacuate and call the SWAT team " It seems that they did as they've been trained. The shooter was barricaded in the building and they were waiting for SWAT. So, how can they say they weren't following protocol? https://news.yahoo.com/police-training-experts-uvalde-cops-175200064.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall
  14. Here's the problem. We talk about restricting AR-15s but that's really not the issue. For the money he spent on those rifles, he could have bought a few handguns and a lot of ammunition. He could have walked in with a handgun and gym bag full of extra magazines and guns. Once he got in the classroom, he still would have killed every person that he killed with the AR-15. I won't be more dead if I'm killed with an AR-15 than with a 9mm Glock. It's also hard to sneak an AR into a building but it would be easy to sneak in with that gym bag full of weapons. We should focus on meaning full changes to address mental healthcare in schools and protecting kids when a shooter is on campus. With that being said, I am definitely OK with charging parents when their kid does something like this with a gun that they couldn't legally own. There is a responsibility that comes with gun ownership and it needs to be taken seriously.
  15. Me and my colleagues talked about this. I think I mentioned it in this thread or the other. We all, even the one's who are normally far to the left, are comfortable with the idea of arming teachers. That's just the teachers I talk to. But there also needs to be school psychologists on campus. Every campus. And teachers need to be trained on signs to look for in a student so that we can discretely refer the kid to the psychologist. We need to help the kids before it reaches this point. In other words, we need to really invest in proactive prevention. But we also need to be honest about how to deal with the situation when it does happen. I don't like the idea of teachers standing in front of their students to protect them. Because, in the end, they're not protecting them. They're just putting themselves in position to get shot first. And then the kids get shot anyway. I prefer to be in front of my kids and actively protecting them. Yes, I am willing to die for my kids but I'd prefer to die while fighting back, not just being the first target.
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