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  1. Supprised to see Boston # 16. Took me 7 months for interview and 2 months for OATH. I thought we did well. 9 months from file to raising the hand. Aug to May of this year
  2. Cat, I see your a 20 Year military Vet. I myself 28 years. That being said I know you know the Slogan of the US Government. "If it makes sense dont do it ... Keep them guessing.
  3. Aug 21 to May 22, 7. 5 months for interview and 6 week wait for oath. 9months total
  4. We bought a deck of cards on amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0983723346/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. Yes wicked overthinking. This is the easiest interview overall as long as you have no issues. You passed the background tests, submitted all your documents now its just time to take your tests. Relax, most officers are not monsters. They have them locked up in the backroom for the difficult cases LOL. Good Luck!
  6. We did the exact same thing. No issues. Approved 10 months later with no interview. they must have filled in the names. We dated and signed too.
  7. and the plot thickens. You should seek out a US Tax Service (Not H&R) and let them do it.
  8. When you file married filing single you pay a higher tax rate. Married filing jointly you get an extra deduction and pay a lower rate. Uncle sam owes you money. H&R Suould gve you better advise than that.
  9. Amend the return and take the extra deduction, Get some money back also
  10. Thats what we did. When it asks for your legal name just put in your married name. No issues
  11. What everyone is trying to say is: You cant adjust status of a sibling, You have to file an I130 and wait for their priority date to be current which is in about 15 Years. He cannot sit here in the states and wait for that date. He will have a Ban to serve and he can do that while waiting for his dare to become current. If he does stay in the states he will NEVER be able to get his green card as you need to be in status to get it. Only ones that can adjust from visitors are spouses and parents of US Citizens. Siblings need to wait in their home country.
  12. Took my wife 7 months. We filed Aug of 21, Interview March of 22, oath May of 22. Still not bad. This was Boston Ma. Was 10 Months for I751. No interview. 4 years from AOS to Citizenship. We were lucky I guess.
  13. Might want to retitle this , people will be giving you a lot of bad advise.
  14. I believe they require the listing of the drivers also. I think what his insurance guy was trying to say was it would be cheaper to list his wife on just 1 car, not all 6. FAQs About Auto Insurance | NC DOI
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