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  1. Did you go to court? Were you arrested or just given a ticket? If you were just given a ticket and went to court to pay the fine then the court system will have a record of it. Police I highly doubt if it was just a citation. No report was probably filed so no record.
  2. I agree. I Know first hand how the AOS is abused and I dont agree with it. While we on VJ have our guides to get things done with immigration the underground has their own guide. Need to change the rules to stop rewarding lawlessness. But thats not the american way. We need to Pity our lawbreakers and make excuses for them.
  3. Like Winning the Lottery, Probably USCIS way of keeping approval times down. I dont think this will become the norm.
  4. In Mass take the firearms safety first. Once done visit your local Police Department and fill out the application. You will be interviewed and we have 2 classes here. Life and Property and Hunting and target shooting. Pick one. You will do better in a small town rather than a big one. Too much crime in the big ones and they are very picky. I got mine through Law Enforcement so its easy for me and I cant comment on what the interview is like. Just need to qualify once a year And I fall under LEOSA which is a Federal law for Law Enforcement
  5. My step daughter got hers approved in like 35 days last may. Sometimes they come quick. We waited 26 weeks back in 2019.
  6. And when you visit You are allowed to get married. OP never refered her Visit Visa as a permit to get married.
  7. No, there are many reasons for filing seperatly. As long as you file and pay what is owed you will be fine. you can bring your spouses return with you as proof of living together also.
  8. means they get to keep the fee and not pay the outside agency doing the work...... money maker for them
  9. USCIS probably likes when the N400 is filed. They get both fees and its cleared in a day. Win Win for them and You. Fees going up soon too!
  10. sometimes crimes or the participants of crimes are not discovered for some time..... looks to be the case. Say a drug dealing or stolen property ring finally exposes itself and suspects rounded up and prosicuted..... happens all the time
  11. I will answer this as if it was me this happened too. Some people have different ideas of what is acceptable behavior. If I brought a wife here and she had a past she didnt disclose to me I would question her honesty and the real reason she wanted to come here. You didnt say if this crime was violent (if it was sleep with one eve open) or moral (if so watch your assets) or drug related ( watch out for those drivebys) sooner or later this is all going to catch up with her. I would wish her well and leave her to her own Drama. She owns this not you and not being honest with you creates some real serious trust issues. Nothing in the law says you got to Rat them out so let her go to solve her problem her way. just because she has a warrant does not mean the country will extradite so turning her in will do nothing in that case. Not knowing the crime I would still make the same decision as she is dishonest and could bring you harm. I say Divorce and move on. This will catch up to her as when USCIS finds out they will take away her benifits as she lied on the forms.
  12. This is from Pushbrk in another subject (forgot kids I130) but I think it applies here also. "As an aside. This is another caution to those who insist everybody should do this themselves. Only those with the aptitude and motivation to carefully study forms and instructions, are able to do this on their own. That's lots of folks, but not everybody."
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