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  1. Ah yes, another poster who already knows everything, so why are we wasting his time telling him the reality of things?
  2. Filed AOS/EAD/AP at the beginning of May 2020. Biometrics didn't happen until January 5, 2021. Work permit showed up February 19, 2021, but only because I put in an expedite request on Feb 4. GC interview Feb 18, card in hand Feb 26.
  3. People are new to this entire immigration fiasco, and know how stupidly pedantic US Customs & Border Patrol can be about even the smallest of things. It's a legitimate concern, even though it's not exactly the largest problem they could have. YOU know it's not a big deal; they don't. Please don't be dismissive.
  4. Was the I-944 "difficult" for me? No, but then again, I'm very good with forms and the type of person who still has certified high school transcripts on hand 22 years after graduation. Was it absurd and pointless? You betcha. My submission for AOS was also delayed getting proof of a credit report that didn't exist. Highlighting English credits on school transcripts and paperwork that's already in English ... to prove I can speak English? Concerned that USCIS wouldn't understand that the language on my advanced degree is in Latin, and having to track down the translation so they wouldn't reject it? Fun times. I understand what they were trying to accomplish with this form, but they went about it in one of the worst possible ways. I was extremely organized, and it was still a massive pain. I can't imagine how complicated and difficult it must have been for those who hadn't looked into the requirements beforehand.
  5. A month after biometrics, there was still no movement on my EAD/AP, so I requested an expedite (as I've mentioned, I was mostly concerned about getting my SSN ASAP!). I suggest giving it a shot, as the worst they can say is "no". And if they say "yes" ... well, awesome!
  6. I've got Canadian military experience, both Regular force and Reserve, so I had to answer the questions relating to military service and weapons training as "Yes". As long as you add the corresponding details in Part 14, you'll be fine. I included all appropriate dates and copies of both my military records and certificates of service, and have never had a issue. The officer in my AOS interview just re-confirmed my answers (along with re-confirming a bunch of other questions), and I was approved an hour later!
  7. Guess what came in the mail today? MY SSN!! 😁 I know that's probably not a big deal to most people, but getting an SSN was supposed to be my very first order of business after crossing the border. When did the offices close? Oh, the day after I arrived. 🤦‍♀️
  8. My EAD/AP was approved Feb 11th. I got the notification that the card was mailed on the 16th (USPS tracking showed they actually received it the 17th), and the card was delivered yesterday, the 19th. In my case, it went pretty quickly. My SSN, though ... I have no idea. I REALLY hope it's soon, but I'm seeing reports of it taking weeks and weeks.
  9. I got the electronic notification that I had an interview scheduled on Jan 11th, and the physical letter arrived on Jan 16th. So, for me, 5 days.
  10. EAD/AP card is in the mail and, according to USPS Informed Delivery, should be here on Saturday. AOS interview was this morning in Denver, and it was super quick and painless. Went over the I-485 form, asked if there were any changes to the Declaration of Self-Sufficiency, and gave them our "proof of relationship" documents. Less than an hour later, my status updated to "Card is Being Produced". I'm truly thankful that things finally started rolling once my biometrics were taken in January. Best of luck to everyone else! Things are moving, slowly but surely.
  11. Welp, looks like my EAD and AP were officially approved today (thanks to an expedite request I finally submitted earlier this month). That's exactly one week before my scheduled interview for AOS. 😆 Oh well, maybe this will give me a couple of weeks head start on finally getting that SSN!
  12. Good to hear! I'm still waiting on the freaking EAD and SSN ... I have a feeling that they aren't even going to bother, considering that my AOS interview is the 18th. My latest concern is that I won't have an SSN in time for my spouse to file jointly by the April tax deadline, and I'm not eligible for an ITIN.
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