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  1. Correct. After sending Packet 3 via email, I received two emails from the consulate within hours: one confirming that they'd received my documents, and the other being Packet 4, telling me I could book an appointment (and a bunch of other info). I don't believe anyone ever receives anything physical related to Packet 4 (at least, not that I've heard. I could be wrong. Sue me. 😝)
  2. There's also a 30-page thread in the Canadian forum specifically about the 2018 switch to fingerprint-based criminal record checks under the Privacy Act.
  3. For those who may not have received notice yet or who were otherwise unaware: Dear applicant, Beginning November 7, 2019, the U.S. Consulate General is moving to 1134 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal, QC H3B 1H4. Please note our offices will be closed for routine services, including visas and American citizen services, on Thursday November 7 and Friday November 8 and will have limited appointments on Tuesday, November 12. We will be open for a regular schedule on Wednesday, November 13. Your visa appointment will take place at the new location. Due to limited space and to avoid crowding, we will admit applicants only at their scheduled appointment time and will not permit lines to form outside the building. Please plan accordingly. Regards, Consular Section U.S. Consulate General Montreal
  4. It depends on geography, really. Montreal is closer to me, so Montreal it was. In addition, doing the medical in Montreal allows you to pick up the results in person (they do NOT mail) prior to the interview at the consulate. They open at 7 AM while the consulate books the first interview at 7:30 AM. Montreal requires 5 additional passport-style photos for your appointment. There is some debate as to whether they want US or Canadian style (the dimensions are different), but I suspect either are acceptable and are just for sticking on a file folder. For the record, I was told by Medisys/Horizon to bring the Canadian style. Medisys/Horizon has to allow for a minimum of 4 or 5 days (I forget which) processing before results are ready, so that's as close to an interview as they will schedule an appointment. They're very upfront about this. My medical and consulate appointment are nearly a month apart, simply because I can't stay in Montreal for a week and I'm not making two trips back to back. Hope that helps.
  5. What's your question, exactly? If you search the Canadian forum, there are several helpful threads where people detail their experiences with the medical in Montreal.
  6. So does Costco, luckily. There are no London Drugs in this corner of the country. In any respect, considering these are for the medical and whose sole purpose is likely to grace file folders, I'm not particularly concerned. I will give Medisys what that asked for.
  7. Incorrect, alas. The American photos are 2" x 2" square, while the Canadian photos are 2" x 2.75" rectangular.
  8. I've spoken to Medisys, and they've told me to bring Canadian spec passport photos. Fine by me -- if they want the American size, they can cut them down from that.
  9. No surprise about the no mailings, it's honestly kind of what I expected. Looks like I'll go with my original plan of picking them up on the 26th before my interview on the 27th. I'm guessing they meant for the purposes of the medical, as actual passport photo specs (for "official" purposes) are very different between the US and Canada. Maybe I'll take a run to Costco after all. Thanks for the response!
  10. Hi all, My medical is October 31st in Montreal while my interview is November 27th. Two quick questions: 1. Montreal requires 5 passport pictures, but what size do they need -- Canadian or American? I'm seeing different answers to this question and looking for input from someone who's gone recently. I don't want to spend money on a format I don't need. 2. I have several weeks between my medical and my interview. Does Montreal mail results if requested? My original plan was to pick it up on the 26th after I fly up and before my interview the next day, but simply mailing them to me would solve that problem.
  11. I had mine done at my local RCMP station on August 14th, and it took just over a month for the results to be mailed back to me. Most people, however, seem to be getting them much sooner than that.
  12. Good to hear, I'm thinking of driving through Houlton as well when the time comes.
  13. Nov 27th @ 7:30 AM here. Could have gone a week earlier, but that's when the other half is flying in from the US for a visit. Figured I should be there at the airport to pick 'em up, haha.
  14. Had mine done a month ago as of Wednesday. Checked with the local RCMP on Friday and it's not back yet. Still waiting here in Nova Scotia ... 🙄
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