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  1. Same. Our "proposal" was "So, you think we should do this? Yeah? OK, let's file the paperwork then." There was no ring, as I had zero desire for one. Whatever minimal plans we had vanished due to COVID, so our "wedding" was a a Colorado self-solemnization in a darkened DMV office in late March 2020 -- no officiant, no vows, no extraneous silliness, just the county clerk, two signatures, and 3 certified copies of the marriage certificate. Nobody changed their name. You know how many issues we're had since then? ZERO. Remember, it's not about traditional stuff, it's following the rules and having documented proof and factual evidence. That's all that matters!
  2. Nov 2022 filer at LIN, just received my 48-month letter yesterday. If you haven't received yours already, it should be coming very soon.
  3. Have any LIN (Nebraska) filers received their 48-month extension letter yet? Nothing here.
  4. The official announcement wasn't made until Jan 23rd. It hasn't even been two weeks yet. It is highly unlikely that USCIS would have replacement letters out by now. Give it at least two to three more weeks.
  5. Hello fellow Denverite, looks like Nebraska also updated a whole slew of November 2022 ROCs to "Fingerprints were taken" status as well this evening. Looks like they do these things in batches, apparently ...
  6. Also, just FYI: CaseTracker shows that a whole slew of Nebraska I-751s from around Thanksgiving just got a "Fingerprints were taken" status update this evening.
  7. Just got the "Case was updated to show fingerprints were taken" status. That's ... something, I guess. 🤷‍♀️
  8. Same for the wilds of Nebraska. I'm hoping to see at least a "Fingerprints were applied" update by the end of the year. 🙁
  9. NOA1 showed up yesterday, with receipt date of 11/25 ... looks like somebody was actually working the day after Thanksgiving! 😆
  10. Mailed on 11/21 Picked up by USCIS on 11/23 Text received 11/28 Let's see when the NOA1 shows up!
  11. As has been said, a ring is not a requirement. I never had one because I didn't want one, and we've never had a wedding other than a document signing at the DMV in the early days of COVID shutdown -- yet our K1 and AOS both went flawlessly. Don't confuse legal documentation and requirements with convention!
  12. Update: Yep, it was just a "Reminder to File Form F-751". So yeah ... you're very likely not missing anything of importance.
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