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  1. This link is handy. Philippines Airlines website will tell you covid requirements at the destination of your choosing. https://www.philippineairlines.com/covid-information-hub/covid-requirements
  2. This guideline is good. It does not have vaccinated and boosted option though. Apparently it now said unvaccinated foreigners can enter Philippines but required 5 day quarantine. https://www.philippineairlines.com/covid-information-hub/covid-requirements
  3. Fully vaccinated is required to enter Philippines. No quarantine and booster is optional. But you don't need negative covid test if you got booster.
  4. It's encouraging that it doesn't take very long for spouse visa to process. Able to work immediately is a nice bonus.
  5. Last time we were together is January 2020 my third trip to Philippines. So 2 and half years.
  6. Thank you for all the replies. My wife and I have been debating and now leading towards going for spouse visa. I plan to go to Philippines in few months and stay there with her until we get spouse visa. We felt fiance visa seems risky especially on AOS part. We'll keep an eye on other couple's progress. At least with spouse visa she can get a green card within couple weeks and no paying around 1200 for AOS filing.
  7. We married online a while ago through Utah because we haven't heard progress on fiance visa for couple years. But then not long after marriage we got a news that embassy have received our application. I still haven't go to Philippines to meet her to consummate marriage for spouse visa. Is our fiance visa application void or still possible to receive it since our marriage hasn't consummated?
  8. It wasn't clear that you can leave Cebu after quarantine. It seems like it's implying you have to stay in Cebu island. Better to have your gf fly to Cebu.
  9. I also heard the news about Cebu governor letting unvaccinated in starting March 1 but they have to quarantine 5 days then a negative test. There's an article explaining about it. It looks like only in Cebu province area but there's International airport in Lapu-lapu. https://www.sunstar.com.ph/article/1921361/cebu/local-news/gwen-its-the-iatf-that-allowed-entry-of-unvaccinated-travelers
  10. Check with Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines on Facebook. They changed the rules again. Typical Philippines.
  11. The link in your post didn't say anything about unvaccinated not allowing to enter. It said they have to undergo required quarantine protocols. It sounds like they are not rejecting unvaccinated tourists.
  12. It seems like unvaccinated people can enter Philippines after Feb 10th. First, negative pcr test within 48 hours before flight. 5 days stay at quarantine hotel then take pcr test. If negative 14 days self quarantine at home.
  13. So unvaccinated travelers can enter Philippines without need of another visa but they have to quarantine?
  14. What is considered fully vaccinated nowadays? Two shots? Three shots? Do they still require vaccinated travelers to quarantine at hotels? I know plenty of people who still caught covid even with 3 shots. Not very effective. Might well as let everyone in, vaccinated and unvaccinated. Less paperwork to deal with.
  15. I believe divorce is not possible in Philippines. Only annulment but it's expensive and takes years to complete. I'm also curious how she get into USA. Certainly not fiance or spouse visa. Did she file report of Marriage to Philippines? I believe that's a requirement after marrying in USA. Philippines government would notice she's already married if they received ROM filing and tip it off to USA government.
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