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  1. Baltimore must be one of the worst offices in the country right now when it comes to N-400. Still nothing from them, filed FOIA, received A-Record, filed out of processing time, canned message, reached out to Congressman, they got the same canned message, and now we got another communication about being out of processing time after we filed a 2nd out of processing after it was up again( due to their constant change of calculation times). They stated, if she does not receive an interview notice within 90 days to call the service center, lol. Baltimore must have some the worst processing times. Unreal..... Sorry, just needed to vent.
  2. My wife is in the same boat with the Baltimore office. We already did a FOIA and now submitted the out of processing request. FOIA shows last time anyone looked at it, she had a pending I-751 pending and no determination could be made by a case worker on 9-21-2021 for a Case flag, which is if she had been a permanent resident for 3 years. She had been and we filed online based on the 90 days early that is allowed.
  3. And how much did you wife make at her very good job in the Philippines? I would bet it was nowhere near $700 a month even when combined with the second sister. My wife and I send her family maybe $150 a month and pay the internet directly. That is it. My wife drew the line in the sand before even she came here and we were married. If there is an emergency, fine, but other than that, she won't even think about sending that much. You also mentioned you are paying the youngest's college tuition, is that on top of the $700, which doesn't even factor in what the other sister is paying for the housing? Is your MIL living in a mansion in Metro Manila and traveling to the country on the weekends or something? Your wife is sending too much, but even worse is the guilt trips and if she is working two jobs just to do this, when do you guys have time to have a relationship? I wish you luck, but honestly, don't see how this ends well. If you get your wife to lower the amounts, you will be the bad guy and they will constantly ride her to leave you. If she keeps going, it will slowly increase over time, you will continue to not get as much quality time with your wife as you want, and the resentment will build against the MIL
  4. If he has added you to his life insurance policies as the beneficiary, that can show additional proof of bonified relationship. Anything he can add you to even before you travel here helps. Plus it is one less thing to worry about when you do arrive. There is enough going on with a move from a different country that the more you can eliminate ahead of time, the better. I had my wife added to the lease even before she moved here. They just asked for a form of identification from the Philippines. Depending on how he filed taxes, if he claimed you as a dependent and you got an ITIN, that can also show proof of relationship. So then you could bring tax transcripts.
  5. Wife is taking her mom back in April. We used https://curative.com/ to find a testing center that has 2hr RT-PCR tests for free. Driving up to DE in the morning, and then off to Ronald Regan International in the afternoon with the results. Her connection is in LAX that evening. They provide results for all of U. S. Just do a location search to see if they have testing in your area.
  6. Search for any Seattle N-400 groups and see what their processing time experiences are. My wife is in a similar boat, plus the processing times kept changing with no movement. Another few days and we will file an out of processing range request, but I fully expect they will change the expected completion range again... or maybe we will get lucky and it will actually start moving again. We also submitted a FOIA request for our entire A File as some folks claimed that helps as well. Can't speak to that as ours isn't due to be completed until March 12th, lol. My wife is impatient to be done with it all and keeps assigning me numerous things to try because of other posts.... I have to check MyUSCIS every other day for her, never mind the numerous apps and message boards she belongs to. Best advice is have patience, your time will come, sooner or later, knowing USCIS, probably later, but it will come. Good luck :-)
  7. She can to the Philippines with a passport that is expiring soon. While she is there she can go to the DFA and renew her passport before she returns. Once she knows she will be in the Philippines, check the DFA site for a location nearest her home and book an appointment. It will be much quicker than renewing at the Consulate in DC.
  8. Well each stay was under 180 days, however if you look at the full aggregate duration, you spent more time outside the US than inside the US. The CBP officer is better at math than your lawyer. I would stay put for at least 6 months. Fully understand the desire to be with your wife, but plenty of folks on here are in the same boat of being stuck apart during this COVID backlog. Do you really want to spend a bunch of money arguing your case if there is a negative impact the next time you travelled.... I wouldn't, especially if CBP put a mark in your passport.
  9. According to the Philippine Embassy, if your US husband is travelling with you, he will not need a VISA. https://philippineembassy-usa.org/visa/
  10. Two FB groups for Ohio with a quick search. https://www.facebook.com/groups/44889399388/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/3188519998035704/
  11. Every embassy is different, however I recommend checking daily, more than once a day. When my MIL applied, we had to check quite often as the available appointments get filled incredibly fast.
  12. So every POE is different because they can occur at different locations and at different times, with different staff. My wife did not experience anything scary during her POE. She said they were very nice, went through her packet, had to look a few times for one of the forms and then stamped her on through. She did not feel intimidated or anything. She arrived via JFK 5 years ago.
  13. Oh I know alot of it is overkill, but what the wife wants, the wife gets. It makes her happy to be overprepared. She has digital of everything as well as hard copies. She wants a test before she travels, they are no cost, so she gets one. 5 more days and she is wheels up, I have told her to relax, but that is just not her way. Everyday she is doing more research, getting her to stop is like trying to stop the tide, so I just ride it out, lol.
  14. Maryland maintains a database of vaccination status. It is voluntary and works with MyIRMobile. Only like 9 states are listed as participating. https://www.marylandvax.org/
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