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  1. I had no issues flying from the UK and saying I was visiting my girlfriend (now wife), I had return flights booked which is all they ever checked. I visited frequently as well: September 2019 - 2 weeks November 2019 - 1 week January 2020 - 2 weeks February 2020 - 1 week Then covid happened.
  2. Exactly, I’m simply sharing an opinion that I believe, and others are allowed to disagree with.
  3. Definitely not an open online forum. Make them harder to access and you can prevent a bad person getting a gun.
  4. Who’s to say he isn’t correct? It’s down to a matter of opinion.
  5. My wife’s parents still live at that address but hasn’t yet been received. Where can you check the status of your card?
  6. My CR1 was approved at the beginning of November 2021 and I entered the US later that month (paid the fees) for a week before returning to the UK to complete my work contract. I then entered the US permanently at the beginning of April and now it's May and almost 6 months later I am still waiting for the physical green card to arrive? Is it normal to take this long? Thanks
  7. Hi all, How do I notify USCIS of a change of my address? Initially was down for Washington D.C but have since moved to Honolulu due to my wife's work. Thanks
  8. Entered the US on 20th November 2021 on a CR1, I ticked the box to receive a SSN on the DS-260. I am back in the UK at the moment finishing off work commitments before returning to the US permanently, however my SSN still hasn't arrived at the address I put down. What are the current timeframes like on waiting for a SSN? Is 2 months normal these days?
  9. JPD91

    What's next?

    Ignore this comment, fixed the issue.
  10. JPD91

    What's next?

    Hi guys, jumping on on this. I received my visa back in November and this post reminded me to pay my immigration fee, when I try and enter my case ID and Alien Registration Number it comes up saying they could not find my a match. Any ways to sort this out?
  11. Collinson Testing at Heathrow at Heathrow are pretty good, used a few times and results usually come in around 15/20 minutes.
  12. Hi all, Recently been DQ'd (7th October), and just trying to get a rough idea of what sort of timeframe other people had in terms of the embassy receiving application and then appointment being made? (London Embassy) Thanks.
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