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    Rpizarro reacted to Dcoquillon87 in Haitian police certificate   
    No he didn't. Says the offices aren't open yet
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    Rpizarro reacted to Boiler in CR1 Or K1? (Read Below)   
    Of course not, spend plenty of time together, you would want to anyway.
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    Rpizarro reacted to Crazy Cat in Huge age difference   
    Best idea I can think of is for her to move to Tunisia to live with you there for a few years before petitioning you to come to the US.
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    Please please please do not adopt a child to increase your chances. Figure out where this relationship is going, before bringing an innocent child into all of this. 
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    Rpizarro reacted to Russ&MaryAnn in No NOA1 after 3 weeks   
    You’ve just begun the waiting. As others said relax. You’ve got to be patient with the process or you’ll drive yourself crazy 
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    Dairy Queen (DQ) is an American chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc., a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. International Dairy Queen, Inc., also owns Orange Julius and Karmelkorn.
    My favorite is the Triple Chocolate Brownie

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    Rpizarro reacted to Paul & Mary in Santo Domingo Embassy- Original documents   
    There are not many DCFers that stay online here.
    File the G884 or get more certified copies.  You will need them later at ROC and Citizenship and for work in the US.   We got extra copies of both our marriage certificate  and my wife's birth certificate.  We have "lost" a few sets to various reasons - like her residency in Mexico, her nursing certificate, etc.
    You have to be your own advocate with your documents and at the interviews.  My wife almost got a 221(g) because the CO miscalculated her time in Mexico and thought she needed a police certificate.  You need to take everything that would have been sent to the NVC to the interview.   The instructions are not written for DCF.
    Your spouse will need their birth certificate for the interview.  The document checker at the consulate will not know or care that USCIS took it.  The consulate officer should have it in your packet, but you have to get that far to the interview.
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    Rpizarro got a reaction from Empressdivine in We got our interview tomorrow!   
    Hey how did the interview go?
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    Rpizarro reacted to HakunaTakeda2018 in DCF Santo Domingo   
    My husband and I have just successfully completed the DCF process started in Santo Domingo. 
    -I130 submitted 05/02/2019. 
    -I130 Approval 07/05/2019 
    With this notice we received basic information about scheduling biometrics and the interview. 
    -Around 2 weeks later I scheduled the biometrics and interview. I could have done it sooner but I thought I had to pay visa fee money to schedule them. 
    -Biometrics 08/26/2019
    -Medical 08/27/2019
    -Medical results picked up 09/04/2019
    -Interview & approval 09/05/2019
    Arrived at the Consulate around 7:30 am our appointment was for 8. Showed our appointment letter to the representative and immediately was sent through security. Entered the second building and received our number. Waited in line for about 25 minutes. Was called to the window and asked for my husbands birth cert, marriage cert,  police letter,  AOS application, tax transcripts, medical exam. Then she told us to go pay and bring her back the receipt. We went to the 3nd floor and paid $325 then brought her back the receipt. She made small talk and a few jokes and then told us where to go sit and wait for our number to be called. We waited for about 2 hours and we were finally called. I, the petitioner, was asked the circumstances of our relationship, how long we have known each other, how we met, if we have kids together, she jokingly asked if I was sure I wanted to bring my husband to the states. She asked him, in Spanish, how we met, who attended the wedding, if we had and where was our reception, what living arrangement did I have in Santo Domingo, how many rooms, what type of work I perform, where do our respective children live, do we have kids together, has he ever traveled to the US, has he traveled abroad before. Then she said we were approved and gave us the next steps sheet. We were never asked for a single photo or other proof of our relationship. They didn’t even ask for translations of the documents. When i gave them to the initial representative she handed them back to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️ We left the consulate around 10:40. 
    -After the interview we were placed in administrative processing up until 09/11 when the status changed to issued. 
    -Visa ready for pickup 09/12/2019
    -Entry into the US via MCO 09/19/2019.
    *Since I had worked abroad all last year my tax transcripts did not reflect the required amount of income to provide support. My current job that I started working in July pays more than enough so I guess that was all I needed. We were not asked to get a co sponsor. 
    Hope this helps!
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    Rpizarro reacted to Sarah&Facundo in tax question: self-employed, sponsoring one's spouse   
    I teach English online and sponsored my husband through my self-employment, no problem. I used the 10-99 as proof of income. I make way beyond 125% of the poverty line, but I know that isn't the case for everyone, so check those numbers. And yes, regardless of where you live, you are subject to that 15.3% tax. You can only claim the exclusion if you were out of the US 335 days a year and made under $100k.
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    Rpizarro reacted to Melc in tax question: self-employed, sponsoring one's spouse   
    If you're self-employed you deal with a Self-Employment Tax which is not excluded unless there is a treaty in place. 
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    Rpizarro reacted to geowrian in tax question: self-employed, sponsoring one's spouse   
    The FEIE won't make a difference. Income that will continue from the same source can be considered.
    Your previous posts state that you did not work in 2018 and you had a joint sponsor lined up.
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    Rpizarro got a reaction from HakunaTakeda2018 in DCF Santo Domingo   
    Hello, When you submitted the i-130 petition, did you have to make an appointment, or did you just show up? I have been checking the "schedule an appointment site" for weeks and have found nothing. No available appointments...
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    Rpizarro reacted to carmel34 in No taxes to file- no income!   
    You can teach English online now, no need to be living in the US to teach online.  And if you haven't filed a petition yet, you have a long time (7-10 months at least) to wait and start earning more US-based income.  There may be US-based organizations willing to hire you based on your US address, even if you continue to live abroad.  Then after the petition is approved you can show greater current income at the NVC stage of the process and eventually the interview.  Good luck!
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    Rpizarro reacted to Loren Y in No taxes to file- no income!   
    Even with zero income you can file your taxes showing no income. I recommend this for many reasons. One is that you are doing immigration things, so being able to get a tax transcript is a good thing down the line. Another bonus is you still might qualify for a refund depending on your tax situation. I say always file, there is no harm in doing so.
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    Rpizarro reacted to JFH in No taxes to file- no income!   
    If your income was too low to file you just need to provide a statement to that effect when you complete the I-864. You are still the sponsor as the spouse, but you will need a joint sponsor as your earnings are not enough to count. Unless you gave substantial assets? 
    Another thing that you need to do is demonstrate your intent to re-establish domicile in the US. Have you started looking into that?
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    Rpizarro reacted to Crazy Cat in No taxes to file- no income!   
    In my opinion, you have the domicile issue satisfied.......next comes the practical financial issues of supporting a family in the US....
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    Rpizarro reacted to geowrian in No taxes to file- no income!   
    It's a decision by the CO if it logically makes sense that the joint sponsor would 1) actually provide said support (e.g. somebody close to you is more likely to do so) and 2) Has the financial means to do so (the I-864 only has minimum income levels for consideration, not approval).
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