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  1. Yes, Arizona got rid of the permit requirement also about 5 years ago, I am hoping Nevada does the same soon.
  2. You can get a Concealed carry permit in most states by doing what you are saying. Take an 8 or 16 hour training course. Here in Nevada it is 4 hours classroom talking about the laws, then 4 hours of Range time where you have to " Qualify" on standard silhouette targets at like 5, 10, and I believe 20ft or so. You only have to fire around 40 rounds, and get a certain number of points to qualify. Honestly you can probably qualify even if you have never fired a gun before ( I personally believe you should get more practice obviously than what is required to just get the permit). I have taken many hours, including the 80 hour course at the police academy back in Ohio that was required to be an armed guard and run an armored car back then. Now. if you are looking to be able to sell and transfer guns, you will need a FFL license. ( federal firearms license). I have had one of these before for about 5 or 6 years, and it requires a lot more work and registration with the BATF and costs about 550 to 600 dollars a year to maintain. I never transferred, bought or sold enough guns to justify the cost, so I didn't renew a few years back. It used to be handy because you could buy direct from the manufacturers, and save some money that way, and there is no background check. But in the long run, most states (Nevada) after you have your CCW permit, you don't have to pay for backround checks either, and at 25 or 30 dollars each, it saves money getting your permit, and you can usually avoid any waiting period if you have your CCW. With CCW permit in hand, I can walk in and buy just about anything is 10 to 15 min. Takes that much time to fill out the form, and with a permit, you are on your way merchandise in hand. Another thing, if allowed in your state or jurisdiction you can legally own Class 3 weapons ( Suppressors/ Full-auto/ destructive devices, etc.) This requires a federal " Tax Stamp" that cost 200 dollars per device to get, and is about a 3-4 month wait currently with you needing to get the local law agency ( Sheriff ) to sign off, then file with the BATF, fingerprints and a wait until your background check clears, then you literally get a paper form with a stamp in the corner, and you can then pick up what you bought from your FFL dealer. Research this if you are ever going to get that much into class 3 stuff, as you will want to set up a Trust to keep the weapons registered to, and if you do want to get a suppressor in the long run ( They are cool in my opinion), spend a little more to get one that does multiple calibers, that way you only pay the tax stamp on the " Tube " of the suppressor, and you can buy the different inserts to put inside the tube to run different calibers, but only pay for 1- 200 dollar stamp. My Silencerco silencer ( https://silencerco.com/) can run anything from 9mm caliber up to .45, and just about any rifle caliber available.
  3. I marry people on Tourist visas all the time. I do at least 10 a year with no issues. Matter of fact, I am doing one tomorrow morning. As for waiting, no waiting if you come to Las Vegas,NV. I believe the fastest I married someone after an international entry into Las Vegas was about 1 hour, maybe 1.5 hours after they cleared customs( The ink wasn't even dry in their passport from the entry stamp when we got to the Marriage License Bureau... LOL!)
  4. FBI reports take about 14 weeks to get done. I do one every January, just did it and am waiting again. Anything you supply really wont matter as others have said, they will do their own. but you can get it done and have it by interview time.
  5. They won't be expecting to see the 2023 taxes until after April 15th, 2024. That is the filing deadline. If you have them when you go in March, cool, if not, they are not going to worry about it much. I took the most recent 3 years to my wifes N400, and they just asked her if she has been filing taxes, they didn't even look at them. The N400 interview will be the easiest of all of them, at least it seemed to me. Study the questions and answers, and you should be good to go.
  6. I used credit card for the whole process, and never had an issue with rejection. Granted I'm running a card with no set credit limit, and have the security options set pretty high. I will get a text message on anything over 5000, and it gives me the chance to approve it before it gets denied. If you have a lower limit, or a new card, as long as you let the credit card know, about when it will be charged, they can put an exception in the credit monitoring for your card for a 30 day window or so, that will allow either a specific amount ( you know what the charge is going to be), or the source of the charge ( The US government for USCIS, you can even tell them USCIS), and you should have no issues. I like the points and miles I earned thru the whole process. I will say only one time the card failed me. I had been in Rio ( Brazil) for like a week already, and was hitting the card hard all week. Funny thing is I took an uber to a restaurant from my hotel, and not the ride charge ( about 5 US dollars) caused the issue, but the Tip I gave the Uber driver in the app, somehow didn't get approved. it was about 2 USD, and it froze my Uber account and I had to get creative to get back to the hotel. I added my other card to my uber account to clear the tip, then was able to continue on. Next day I called the card and asked what happened, and for some reason the low charge got flagged by the security algorithm, and didn't get approved. Rep said it's the small charges that can cause issues, because it looks like someone is testing the card before a big purchase. Funny thing, I bought a car one time on the card, and did get a call from the security fraud department while in the dealership. It was a 22,000 dollar charge, so I guess a call was expected, but they let it ride.
  7. Good old Thailand, Special police headquarters, building number 13, the old ink on the slate of glass for fingerprints, and a circa 1980 logitech camera on top of the computer in the little room in the back for the photo for the report. Also, like you said, you can wait 4 weeks, or get it on the spot with a small transfer of "expedite" fee to the right persons bank account.
  8. Definitely, you can travel. When my stepson entered not 3 hours later, we went down to Mexico, so we left the US and then reentered a few days later on just the stamp in his passport with no issues. The stamp you get is as good as, or in some ways better than a green card, you don't have to carry 2 forms of ID like when you get a green card( Passport and green card separate), just show your passport and it's all in one.
  9. Back in November of last year, it arrived 45 days after POE. Came thru LAX
  10. Normally when you pick up your visa, it will have a website and number you enter to pay your fee. I paid the fee for my stepsons visa from my phone in the post office where we picked up the visa in the passport from the embassy. Took no more than 3 minutes, and when he came thru POE the office verified the address you want the green card mailed to, and lets you know if the fee has been paid or not.
  11. As long as you are working there on a valid Visa, and can prove valid status, you can interview wherever you want. and if you have been there more than 6 months, look into how to obtain the police report from Bahrain, then time it so you have it a few months before interview.
  12. Very true. Though I have found that anyone getting married on a K1 I usually do, more than your traditional marriages seem more comited to making it work. I think everyone I've married is still together as far as I know. And I usually here back from them as they continue the immigration journey.
  13. Yes, I am still doing the Free service for anyone who wants to get married in Vegas. We can have the whole process done with certificate in hand in about an hour here in Las Vegas,NV. Probably the fastest place to get married in the US. Feel free to message me if you need more information.
  14. Adding anyone to your insurance is pretty pricey. For exams and birth control I would cash pay it and go to a local planned parenthood. will get you by for a year or so, and then deal with the insurance nightmare later. Planned parenthood is usually really reasonable.
  15. From what I see in the letter you have 2 options. Get the required vaccines and send proof that they are all completed now from the civil Surgeon, as that would remove the inadmissibility they are mentioning, or like they said in the letter , you can file a waiver if you want to go that route. You have to decide what works best for you. The path of least resistance would be to get all the vaccines completed, and submit a new I-693 showing this. Or you can go the waiver route that might take more time like you said. You have to decide quickly as you don't have much time to get everything done one way or the other.
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