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  1. Someone that can help you with this is @Lucky Cat . He is from Texas and pretty familiar with the license process I have seen in previous posts. I tagged him here, so hopefully he will get back to you as I believe he will have valuable information on the license process in Texas.
  2. True, that's why I was I was thinking he could get a 2 year degree to start and save money initially, then earn his batchlors here in the US to kinda help with job placement. It's still all talk and a rough plan now, but I'm always open to learning more. I'll take every edge I can get.
  3. Ok, didn't know you could wait for the approval outside the US, and maybe they don't mind you taking re-entry permits to the maximum. This info helps me out to, because that's my stepsons plan to get a whole degree on re-entry permits. Then other than a month every 2 years in the US to apply and get biometrics, it could work and not be as expensive as I thought if you had to spend the whole 3 months inside the US. But a month away from your family has to be considered also, but OP said she would have family support, so should be good in that aspect.
  4. Not really. You have to make a pretty good amount before you are seriously taxed on foreign income. I will still file taxes, and probably maintain a bank account and a residential address to maintain ties to the US. It's still work in progress, but I've been researching it quite a bit. They could be changes in the next few years that throw a wrench into the plans, but I'm a cross that bridge when I come to it type of person.
  5. It could work, getting approved for like 3 reentry permits in a row would be kinda a long shot. They would definitely say you are spending more time out of the US than in the US. You wouldn't be earning days towards citizenship either, not a big deal really, you can make up the days when you come back. And I believe re-entry permits take about 3 months to process, so you can't just come back for a few weeks and get a new reentry permit in that time frame. Maybe I'm wrong with this, but I checked on it a few months ago as my wife's son is planning on coming here in about 2 years, get his green card, then apply for a re-entry permit so he can go to his home country for higher education for a few years, come back for a while, then go back to complete his degree on another re-entry permit if he can't find a decent school here to attend. I guess if you can afford to live here for 3 months at a time for reentry permits, you are good, and what happens if after the first one they decided to not approve the second one, then you are in the same boat and lost another 2 years towards citizenship. Just too many chances for things to go south in this plan, but it could work.
  6. I am considering the same thing, not for starting a family, but for leaving the US. My wife just got her conditional 2 year green card, and we are about 3-4 years from her getting citizenship. As temping as it is to blow town, and maybe come back later, I am going to buckle down and suffer the next 3 years until she gets citizenship. With green card in hand, I think we are too far along to bail out on the process now, and I also have worries that say in 4-5 years from now like you mentioned, the ability to immigrate may not be around anymore, and then you end up stuck. Your choice, but might be better to wait for citizenship.
  7. The United States is probably the only country that actually requires you to go thru customs when you arrive on a layover, They may be others, but most other countries when you transit thru the airport you do not enter the country as long as you stay in the Transfer area of the airport. If you came thru any US airport, you were required to clear customs, it's how they do it here. I wouldn't worry about it though, as others have said if it comes up ( I doubt it will) you can mention it at the interview. I have seen I94 records go back a long way, but back then I don't thing they were electronic like now. You can probably file a FOIA record request with your passport number back then, and they would find the record that way, but not worth it in my opinion.
  8. Took my AOS paid via credit card 21 days to be processed back in February of last year, before everything was slowed down. Most people have been waiting about 30 days to see their AOS payment processed.
  9. I second this. I will look for it, but I know I read somewhere, I think on the USCIS website, that they will not send any correspondence to a foreign address. You will get emails and text messages. This could be a issue down the line, as you will need the actual 797c notices to file other petitions down the line.
  10. You may want to consider that having a job as soon as you land in the US would be a good thing. If they plan on hiring him in September even if he doesn't work remotely for them, then I would say not to worry, but Having a job in place when you land in the country you plan to live in is a big bonus in my opinion, and if the paperwork isn't too bad I would do it. At the minimum check on it, you could find out that he can work remotely without anything for 90 days before having to file paperwork, and then that makes it an easy decision.
  11. I think consulates and embassies in foreign countries are going to open based on when that country begins to reopen. Even though they work on US soil per say, they live in the country they work in. So if the country is still locked down or restricting travel there is really no need to go to work. If they want to do interviews, it will be a little hard when residents of that country have cerfues and restrictions on travel, and can't come in for the interview anyway. See what stage the country is in you are going to interview in and base it on that. If airports are still closed, and there are not many things open, I wouldn't expect embassies to open until restrictions are lifted.
  12. The way the current leadership feels about immigration, I don't think a bailout is anytime in the future, and it would make sense for them to concentrate on all the backlogged petitions, this is the US government, "Makes sense" and US government should not be used in the same sentence. They already have the money for all these unprocessed petitions in the bank, and they are still out of money( so they say). You would think if the money paid for the petitions actually covered the whole cost from filing to completion that they would not have a shortfall of money because they still have many thousands of petitions to still process. I think you are exactly right with the second part of your sentence where you say they have to cut staff ( definitely) or pause/stop some operations, is almost a certainty.
  13. If there was a way to skip the whole ceremony thing and just send the certificate in the mail, I'm good with that. So, no guests is fine with me. I'll drop my wife off and have her text me when she has certificate in hand. I'm good with that. That's my opinion on it.
  14. OP said they only have noa2, not a Visa in hand. Still have to schedule and pass The interview, along with medical exam and etc. I don't think they have their Visa yet. And probably won't get it until August anyway the way things are going. And the embassy will automatically extend the noa2 until interview time.
  15. Phone lines are like that in every state it seems. Your best bet is to log into the unemployment website and see if they have a way to fix the issue there. My friend was trying for 3 days calling over 300 times a day and not getting thru. After he checked on the website they just needed a copy of his last pay stub faxed to them. He did that and the next day it cleared everything up and he was free to file. Try checking the website out under your dashboard, or maybe inbox or messages.
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