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  1. Reasons for expedite are listed below, and the last one is USCIS error. I guess if you can get them to admit error, you can use that as a reason to expedite. Can you prove their error? Then that is for USCIS error, not NVC error, not sure who made the error, but if it was NVC they probably have a different list of reasons for expedite. I know you have to request it at each stage USCIS, NVC, Embassy. USCIS may consider an expedite request if it meets one or more of the following criteria: Severe financial loss to a company or person, provided that the need for urgent action is not the result of the petitioner’s or applicant’s failure to: File the benefit request or the expedite request in a reasonable time frame, or Respond to any requests for additional evidence in a reasonably timely manner; Urgent humanitarian reasons; Compelling U.S. government interests (such as urgent cases for the Department of Defense or DHS, or other public safety or national security interests); or Clear USCIS error.
  2. When I did our expedite I received a reference number over the phone, and then about 3 weeks later received the letter requesting the evidence for the expedite and where to fax it to. I faxed everything over on a Friday, then had approval the next day? I think it was a little fast like they approved it before they received my information, but if they want proof, you should be seeing a letter soon asking for proof.
  3. This is very true for many countries. Just google the country and see if they allow residents to enter on an expired passport. I know Thailand will allow you to enter on an expired passport.
  4. I agree with this, there is no way you can sweep the first marriage under the rug and just move on with a new marriage. Definitely concentrate all your efforts on getting the ROC approved, I wouldn't bother filing any other AOS, or I130's etc. until the first ROC is figured out, I believe you are just wasting your money because thinking when you go to the court for the first ROC and the judge says no way, you are deported, you have 30 days to leave the country it isn't going to matter whatever else you filed, it is not going to cover you from an Immigration judges order in my opinion. So, I would see how the first case plays out, then you go from there. Odds are you will be ordered to leave, have to leave the US, and then start all over with a new spousal visa with your now wife. You chances of staying in the US thru this whole process is pretty slim, and I think the attorney is just trying to make a buck off of you before you get ordered out. I would consult another immigration attorney to get a second opinion, maybe one a few cities away so you know they aren't working together or are members of the same country club.
  5. As a side note, you may want to review with your fiancee the process of moving around these airport terminals. If she is a seasoned traveler, it shouldn't be too bad, but someone that doesn't travel internationally much could easily be overwhelmed. I will be flying out of LAX in about 3 hours from now, and it is a busy airport. Actually both airports she is coming thru are top 5 busiest in the US. Atlanta is number 1 I believe for most flights per day,. And LAX is a logistical nightmare with it's terminals 1-6, then the Tom Brady International terminal. It's easy if you have done it before. Like from the international to Southwest airlines you exit the international, take the interterminal shuttle bus to terminal 1 and head to Southwest airlines. Get her the information she needs to help her out. It's not really complicated, but there is just a lot of people and activity at both airports, and you grab the wrong shuttle, it can make for a bad day very quickly. ATL will be easy as she just has to get outside from a domestic flight, the transfer at LAX is where there is a chance of issues in my opinion. You said she has 3 hours, so she should be good. Figure 20-30 minutes thru POE, and she has a few hours to get to the next terminal. If she gets pulled into secondary, then it can be 2 hours for POE, and with the 45 minute cutoff rule for domestic flights, she only has 15 minutes to transfer between terminals. Just look everything up beforehand so she knows where to go. Shuttles are usually different colors, and there are signs, but it's just the sheer number of people at LAX that makes it a little difficult.
  6. It will be LAX. It's where my fiancee and I came thru. Really quick and easy. You will arrive in the international terminal, go thru POE, then got to another terminal to take your domestic flight to Atlanta. Make sure you have a minimum of 2 hours between flights, I would recommend 4 hours to really be safe.
  7. Took 21 days for my payment to process, then next day got all the case numbers via text and email, hard copies about 5 days later.
  8. Yes, sent it with the clips attached, and I used 1 large clip to hold all the seperate petitions together. It all fit in a flat rate USPS envelope. Was a little thick, but if it fits, it ships.😁
  9. Only important thing is to write the A-number with felt tipped pen on back of all photos. You will be sending 6. I think it is in case they get seperated from the package. And if possible put them in a small bag attached to each petition. 2 photos each. When you are ready, it will look like this roughly.
  10. The cards may take a week to 10 days to arrive, but as soon as I added my wife she was in the system and eligible. Next day after adding her I had a doctors appointment and she was already in the system attached to my insurance card number as a beneficiary. So if you already have your Insurance card, your good. You can also print the proof you added her as soon as you do it online. If you do it thru HR I am sure they can email you proof she was added also.
  11. Found it. This should explain why it is a concern..... and this is a small, basic surgery.
  12. So do I really well, exact thing happened to my wife about 2 months after she got here and we married. Thankfully I added her to my insurance the day we got married. The bill was over 60,000 dollars. I'll post a link to it, I think it should be referenced here.
  13. I speak from recent experience, you do not want to be the Guinea pig on some new process, form or questions that come about for AOS process. I would make a serious effort to have it delivered in time to avoid it.
  14. Not 100 percent sure it would work. I mean you have the approval, and their may be a way for them to verify VIA her A Number that she actually does have AP. Now, the snag to that is getting an officer at CBP to go that extra mile to do this. and just showing up trying to get entry without the physical card in hand is asking for trouble, but maybe someone who has had to enter without their card because it was lost or something can comment on this. But leaving without the AP card in hand is a really big risk, and though tickets are expensive ( I know, I may be getting hosed on a China transit visa for my wife she needs now because of policy changes from when I bought my tickets back in February to now, and we fly out next month, and I just applied for her visa with her AP/EAD card that the travel agent didn't think was going to fly as she didn't have her actual green card) and I may be buying another ticket for her to fly separate from me thru Taipei instead of China, it may be better to eat the price of the tickets than risk having to go thru the whole process again VIA a spousal visa because they won't let her enter, or she is stuck outside the US until you can get her a physical card. Even worse I think is they will not let her board the plane to return to the US without proof she can enter, that is dependent on the airline. As a side note, since it was a traceable piece of mail, it may show up. the post office has misplaced packages of mine in the past and has always come thru and found them. It may have been a week later because the address and tracking info got messed up coming thru one of the machines ( You should see all the belts and things the way the mail is moved, it's crazy) and it will take a actual human to decipher it and get it too you.
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