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  1. ROFL... I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the " stuff magically happens" post. I would hold off a few months, as the other first few posts said, this seems like a last resort hail Mary type play.
  2. Loren Y

    Bangkok Interview

    My fiancee and I dealt with the embassy in Bangkok. I did put a stellar review for them under the embassy section because it was a very simple interview. Our application was front-loaded very well for our evidence of relationship, and I helped her study a bunch of questions they might ask just in case, and she was more than prepared. All the work and then only 3 easy questions, and have a nice day. The total interview was under 5 Min. We had applied for a tourist visa before applying for a K1 also, and that was denied in under 30 seconds. From my experience and others I have talked to If you have a strong front-loaded application with lots of evidence you should have no issues on a K1. The embassy is hard on anyone wanting a tourist visa for sure, but they seem to be more than willing to issue a K1 as long as you are legit. Just be as prepared as possible for the interview, and I don't think you will have any problems. Good luck, Know that the approval is just the beginning, I am just finishing planning for the wedding soon at a Thai temple here( It's not to easy to find a Monk that is licensed by the State to perform ceremonies.LOL), and have followed the guides here for everything to the letter. Stick with the guides and you will have no issues, as they have not failed me yet, Had her social security card 2 weeks after landing ( Applied the day after Thanksgiving after only being here 48 hours and she was in the system) took everything the guide suggested and was done in about an hour and a Half. Only took 15min to do the card application, rest was wait time. Will be filing AOS soon following the guides here again to the letter, and am hoping for a speedy processing on that also. Good luck, and I think you should be fine as long as you are prepared.
  3. Loren Y

    CAN>US. What to do about finances?

    I am not 100 percent on the tax thing, but is you keep a record of where the money came from ( Bank statement) and it was not earned here, I don't think you have to mention it, but I am not sure. Cash, cashier check, gold, silver, diamonds, doesn't matter as they say any " Monetary instrument" over 10,000 has to be declared, the money part I am very familiar with, tax aspect not so much. But there are excellent knowledgeable people on here that I am sure will offer you some pointers on the tax responsibility.
  4. Loren Y

    CAN>US. What to do about finances?

    The most efficient way is to bring it with you. Bring a cashiers check payable to you, but that will take a week to clear minimum when you get here. Bring it all in cash if you want, just declare it if over 10.000.00 US and fill out a simple 1 page form and in you come with as much as you want. I have traveled with amounts ranging from 20- 60 thousand US dollars with no issues. You have a valid reason to be bringing the money( You are moving here on a immigrant visa if F2-A is what you enter on), and they will understand your need to bring your money with you. That is the free way more or less. Or you come here and open a bank account then do an international wire transfer ( Cost 35.00 or so) and electronically transfer the money in. If it's millions of dollars, go for the wire transfer, under 100K just carry it in. Under 10k, you don't have to declare anything and just cross with money on your person. And I am not a tax expert, so I won't give a 100 Percent guaranteed answer, but as long as the money was earned outside the US, I don't believe you have to pay taxes on it, but I am sure someone else can offer a better insight on the tax aspect.
  5. This is probably exactly what happened as I have seen it many time in my travels, but not with a B1/B2 stamp. I'll have to dig thru my old passports, but I have a airline employee entry stamp in my one passport because they were crowded and sending some of us thru the Airline personnel line , and I got some weird stamp in my passport. Never caused me any issues but this was a few passports ago so I didn't have to send it with my K1. I don't even know if they stamp airline personnel passports anymore.
  6. Definitely a no on the cruise. It's not a problem leaving, but when you exit the cruise ship back here to the united states, or probably entering Hawaii you will have to go thru CBP at the entry point because you were out of the United States like other posters have said. They have no way of knowing if you left the ship anywhere before at one of it's stops or not. I Have have taken well over 30 cruises from just about every port in the United States, and always when you get off the ship onto US territory you will be going thru Customs. Since you don't have AP or a green card you will not be admitted, unless something drastic has changed in the past year or so that is how it still works. I have done Mexico, Alaska, Caribbean, Hawaiian, Italy and Spain cruises, and always coming back to the US or one of its territories via land, air, ship, hovercraft, dune buggy, motorcycle, and plain old walking across I always had to enter CBP for an inspection, there is no way around it that I know of. On the Caribbean cruises you do have the Western Travel Initiative that allows US citizens the ability to travel from the US and back into the US with just their drivers license or state ID card, and a passport is not required, but that is US citizens only, and only in the Caribbean on cruises from Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Georgia, Texas, going to the Caribbean. That is not all the ports, but you get the idea.
  7. Make sure when you get your ID from the state that it is Real ID compliant ( You usually have to show proof of residence ( Utility bill with your name and address on it/ bank statement, etc.)) If you don't get a real ID card it will do you no good at the airport. Just throwing this in as no one has mentioned it, and I just got my fiancee her Real ID yesterday here in Nevada ( 13.00). And make sure you use uber or lift from the airport, cabs are pricey.
  8. She really doesn't need the I129f part of the application, but if you front-loaded it with any information you may want to make sure she has a copy of any evidence you added to the petition, as that is what they will be using to base their questions on at the interview. If you added photos, boarding passes, etc. they may bring that up and it would be good if she had something to study before the interview. If you are really concerned you can invest in a service like Lifelock, or something similar to protect your credit. I use a service I pay annually and have had no problems. Only a few times in say 5-6 years has someone tried to obtain credit using my social, and the service stopped them in their tracks. They were trying to buy a 180,000 RV in my name in Arizona somewhere when they notified me of the credit app being run. I knew where and had had their phone number in a few minuets, and you should have heard the disappointment in the salesman's voice when he found out his " Buyers" were on the way to jail, and he wasn't going to have a good Christmas after all with the big fat commission, LOL. I have no idea how they got my information, but I never heard from them again. It was great fun though to call the dealership, ask for the manager, and say hello, this is Loren, we have a problem, and he was like why are you calling me from the showroom, aren't you here, Not exactly. It was great, only way to make it better is if I was there to see them when the police showed up.
  9. Loren Y


    https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home Here is the link. After you enter the I94 becomes your official entry record that shows your current status.
  10. Guaranteed they are all in cahoots and will be about the same anywhere you go unless you drive a good distance. Since you have all the vaccinations in writing you may be able to find a civil surgeon that is willing to just transcribe all the information onto the I693 I think it is. That way you don't have to pay for a full on physical, should save you some money if you can find one to do it that way.
  11. Loren Y


    Ours was in the system 3 days after entering at night none the less. With a holiday in between, so I think it updates overnight. I was printing her I94 after we came thru CBP and were waiting for the bags from the airline. Literally the I94 was available to print less than 10 min after POE. I sent it via google cloud print to my printer at home in Las Vegas,NV, and it was waiting for me when I got there. and only a few days later no problems at the SS office, hopefully card shows up in 2-3 weeks. Came thru LAX POE
  12. Loren Y


    Apply for your SSN first. My fiancee and I arrived the 20th of this month, did Thanksgiving, and went yesterday the 23rd ( no one knew that Friday after Thanksgiving isn't a federal holiday. Was in and out in under 30 minutes following the guide on this site. We arrived thru POE at 9pm the 20th, and her information was in the system on the 23rd, so no need to wait 14 days anymore. And that was after arriving right before the holiday. We came thru LAX, and applied in Las Vegas, NV for the SS card.
  13. And also sign up for electronic notification from the USPS. You get scanned copies of mail a day before delivery, that way you know it at least went thru the sorting facility. Then if it gets lost by the carrier, you can have the local post office check for it. They found one of my letters under a seat of a postal vehicle when I went and asked about it. I had a scanned image from them, but it never made it to my house. Not their fault, things happen, but they made it right. Luckily it wasn't anything too important.
  14. Loren Y


    I feel for you, and wish you the best. As I type this I am at a ice cream shop with my fiancee visiting her friends before she leaves with me tomorrow to move to the United States. We visited her family all over the country these past few weeks, and I keep telling her it is going to be tough, but she insists she is ready and as long as I am with her she will be fine. I hope so because I worry so much she will be in the same situation. I have her enrolled in school for advanced English, and many other things I hope to keep her busy with. I had internet installed at her mom's house so she can video chat with most of her family anytime she wants. Good luck to you, and I hope for the best. Try for the emergency AP, like everyone said, isn't going to hurt to try.
  15. Yes, you should have no problems. It really isn't the officiant that makes the marriage legal, it is the clerk of courts that certifies it and registers it, and as long as you get the marriage certificate your golden. I don't think USCIS will ever know who your Officiant was. They just want to see the marriage certificate.