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  1. I was going to use regular mail but was at the post office to weigh it and it needed extra postage as I expected. So I decided to send it priority with signature confirmation. It worked fine, took 2 days from Texas.
  2. Then yes you just need to check No, sign and print your name. Make a copy for your records
  3. It depends on your answer. If it’s ‘Yes’ then you also have to include certified court documents
  4. Yeah that’s good, I guess the date of the RFE on the site was wrong
  5. I got an RFE dated 7/22. Received it in the mail 7/27. The site showed 7/22 as the date they sent RFE. So hopefully their site is incorrect in your case. But looking at the data it might be a 2nd; sorry to say
  6. I did by calling USCIS and speaking to a representative. They didn’t list them but were able to validate if I had a record of previously filing a particular form
  7. Received RFE in the mail today. Dated 7/22. Requesting certified court copies of case disposition of my dwi from 1990. My mistake for not including it with the petition. I’ll send it next week. I’m glad there’s progress on the petition. Hopefully it won’t slow things up too much. NOA1 4/18 RFE 7/22 neither site or iOS apps showed it
  8. Yeah I just did. Thanks for the great info. I also have multiple divorces.... so we’ll see if that’s a factor in delaying noa2. My bu plan is we’ll get married in HK and go cr1 route
  9. @greenbaum told you already. Not 1 year; additional 4 months
  10. Visa Tracker and Lawfully. But neither show stats about approvals etc... They both will track your case, although I can’t yet verify if they update on time
  11. Ahhh got it, my mistake Yeah we’re hoping very soon. Thanks
  12. Awesome! Welcome to America!!! 🇺🇸🎉🎉🎉 just in time to celebrate Independence Day
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