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  1. There’s no problem with that. Also it’s not required to have an official proposal. USCIS requires that you met in person within 2 years of filing and your both legally eligible to marry and you both intend to get married to each other after arriving to USA within 90days
  2. Russ&MaryAnn

    DS 160

    There’s a help request on the site, and a phone number. Sorry I can’t get to the site right now to tell you exactly how to get to it. They assisted us with an issue we had.
  3. I believe the purpose of this forum is to inform people about the processes. True information isn’t always encouraging.
  4. Yeah I’ve read Morocco is difficult. You should check out the forum specific to Morocco. Time together in person is the best evidence of an ongoing relationship
  5. No, just select a random sample showing ongoing communication. It’s not required for the petition. But proof of ongoing relationship is at the interview stage. Depending on the consulate it may not be necessary. If it’s a difficult consulate many suggest front loading the petition with relationship evidence
  6. I did it myself. Read the instructions carefully and used this site. You can learn a lot here by reading posts that relate to your process. As always you have to be able to discern truth from fiction. good luck
  7. You can’t trust everything you read online. Many people including attorneys give false information. It’s best to go by what the USCIS says. Follow the instructions on their website https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/i-129finstr.pdf?download=1
  8. Not sure where you’re quoting that from. But it’s incorrect. Photos as evidence of meeting for the 129f petition are not required
  9. As @Paul & Mary said, just select a few photos. I also think it’s good if you have any in front of an identifiable location. But as said photos are secondary evidence. Passport stamps, boarding passes, hotel receipts are what you really need
  10. I believe they were expecting her to know these things when asked. These are the questions my fiancée was asked in her interview last month in Manila. Fortunately she had memorized these things, including my ex’s name, my siblings etc... she will probably get quizzed on them during the cr1 interview as well
  11. In November when we scheduled her K1 interview there were many dates available at USEM. Some the very next week.
  12. As mentioned by others, photos of you together are secondary evidence and very weak. Photos individually are totally useless. The best evidence is passport stamps. Second is boarding passes but they aren’t required. Don’t even worry about time stamp on the photos, just write it on the back. Hotel or other receipts are also acceptable.
  13. If he sent it with tracking, he knows if they received it. If he didn’t, resend it with tracking
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