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  1. I would not count on being able to move with the USC at that time. Is the beneficiary planning to "move" to the US on an ESTA? They may be allowed to visit on an ESTA, but they would have to show proof that they intend to return. The USC can move to the US, start working, and provide proof of current income in the US for the I-864. Or you can try to find a joint sponsor. You will need 3X 125%. For most couples here, separation is part of the process. This separation will likely only be a few months in your case; many couples here have been separated for years.
  2. The I-129f specifically states: Follow the instructions; don't confuse them by answering questions you should not be answering. If the beneficiary in not currently in the US, you do not complete questions 38a-h.
  3. I was able to renew my driver's license with the extension letter in Idaho, but of course they would only issue a license that expired at the same time the extension letter would expire, so I had to go back to renew again when I had received my green card.
  4. Right now. He is not allowed to be working on an ESTA.
  5. During my AOS interview, my husband got our wedding date wrong. I corrected him, and the officer couldn't stop laughing. She said my husband was in so much trouble now!
  6. I did not send any pictures with my ROC application. ROC is really about an ongoing marital union and financial comingling. Pictures are not the strongest evidence. I did send proof of financial comingling going back to the start of our marriage.
  7. USCIS goes by what you provided in the I-485. If you provided her maiden name as her current name, that is what they put on the green card.
  8. Please let us know how his interview goes and if his visa really is approved. I saw some older posts from you, and it seems like you see every piece of mail from USCIS as an approval. Last summer, you stated that your petition was approved, while all you got was a NOA1 (not an approval, just a notice of receipt). This NOA2 just means that your petition appears to be complete and your husband appears to be eligible to apply for a visa at the consulate. You still have a long road ahead of you.
  9. There are no hidden costs for a medical if you complete your medical overseas for a K-1 visa. If you choose not to complete all the vaccinations, then yes, there will be costs for a medical in the US, and those costs can be very high if you are unable to find a civil surgeon who is willing to just do the vaccinations and complete the I-693 without doing a complete medical. It sounds like the vaccinations were not properly documented during the first medical, so you ended up having to redo the medical (I assume you could not find a civil surgeon willing to just document the vaccinations). All this just confirms that it really is best to complete the medical overseas before immigrating.
  10. It would help if you could elaborate a bit... Is the person who has a disability the petitioner or the beneficiary? No one is forced to find a job, but the petitioner will have to show sufficient income to sponsor the beneficiary, or find a joint sponsor with sufficient income.
  11. I highly recommend you ask your wife to create her own account here and ask these questions. I think there are some communication issues here, and it would help if the US Citizen could join the conversation.
  12. I have always compiled all evidence and I am the immigrant, and it has never been an issue. Being from Ireland, you really do not need a huge packet with relationship evidence. The bare minimum is that you prove that you have met in person within 2 years before filing (passport stamps, boarding passes, maybe a few pictures). You can choose to add a little bit more relationship evidence, but that is not a requirement. You can also bring this extra evidence to the interview. The only requirement is the proof of meeting in person. I second @Dashinka's suggestion of considering the spousal visa. Please research both options. The K-1 may be slightly faster, but the CR-1 has so many advantages.
  13. With an overstay of 13 years and a deportation, it will be very challenging to get a B-2 visa. You can try, but you will have to show very strong evidence that you plan to return to the UK after your visit to the US. Having a stable job to return to, a house, a partner, etc, would improve your chances. You will have to try to convince the interviewing officer that you are not planning to overstay again. You will likely be asked about the overstay during your visa interview. Be prepared to explain why you "didn't finish filing all the forms" for 13(!) years. I agree that the easier thing to do would be to ask your friends to take care of shipping your belongings.
  14. I do appreciate your idea of not rushing into a marriage just so you can AOS and stay. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that the extension will be approved, and if the relationship doesn't work out and the extension is denied, that will seriously affect any future visa applications. A lot of people here have had to build their relationship long-distance for a while. It sucks, but it's the only safe thing to do. Leave before your visa expires, stay in touch, visit each other often, and apply for a spousal visa when you are ready.
  15. Applying under the 5-year rule is so much easier and does not require as much evidence as applying under the 3-year rule. This is one reason why I have not applied for citizenship yet; I have now compiled big packages with information about our relationship/marriage three times (for K-1, AOS, ROC), and it will be nice not to have to do that again!
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