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  1. I saw that in a previous post as well. Which led me to believe that there probably is a joint sponsor who may need to step in and be helpful.
  2. So where is your wife in all of this? From your post history I can tell that you are struggling with a few things. You are desperate to get your EAD because you're running out of money. You were having a hard time trying to find health insurance because you couldn't be added to her Medicare or Medicaid. Your wife has a responsibility as your petitioner and sponsor. She should support you financially, and she should help you navigate the healthcare system. If you have a joint sponsor, they have that responsibility as well. You said you worked before you filed for AOS, so that would have been in November? Why would you go back there 5 months later to collect a check? That makes no sense. Your wife needs to step up and help you with this. And both of you have to do a lot of research on this immigration process. You seem pretty clueless, and it's very important to understand what is coming and what the rules are. Edited to add: I think there may be a language barrier here as well. It's hard to fully understand the laws and rules of a new country if you're not fluent in the language. Your wife has to help you with that, or find someone who can. You should not have to try to figure it all out by yourself.
  3. So what is it that you want? Do you want to divorce him, or are you still hoping to make thing work? Why are you so concerned about his status? Your options are: 1. File for divorce, and let him figure out his immigration stuff. 2. Stay with him, try to gather better evidence (filing taxes as married would probably help), attend the interview with him, and stay in a marriage you obviously are very miserable in. It's up to you. I know what I'd pick.
  4. Please focus on a divorce instead of the ROC. It seems like you have been wanting to get out of this marriage for a while. File for divorce and let him figure out the ROC; that's not your responsibility anymore.
  5. Relax. It's only been 2 days since they received it. I got my NOA about a week after they had received it, but I imagine it takes a bit longer right now.
  6. My understanding from previous posts is that they are at the ROC stage, so it's too late to pull the I-864. OP, please divorce him and move on. Let him figure out his immigration process. You posted 6 months ago about abuse and infidelity and about wanting to leave him. You do not have to do anything for his ROC process.
  7. You likely won't have an interview soon, as all local offices are closed. By the time this is over and your interview is scheduled you may be back to work already. Meanwhile, it doesn't hurt to look for a joint sponsor.
  8. When you're posting in a public forum, you don't own your post and you don't get to decide who is allowed to respond and who isn't. Also, @SusieQQQ is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people on this forum so you were lucky to get some advice from her. You can't tell people not to comment just because their advice is not what you wanted to hear. But hey, you can always just have you mother in law overstay and see what happens.
  9. Nowhere in the AOS application will you be asked for a reason to apply for AOS. So yes, you can do AOS, if you are both okay with paying the $1225, and him not being able to work or travel for at least 6 months (who knows how long EAD and AP will now take...).
  10. Generally not a very reliable source. Of course, you can request an expedite; it's free. However, you can't expedite AP. There was someone here in early January whose husband had interviewed in Islamabad, and she was convinced that he would receive his visa in 2 weeks. I believe he is currently still in AP. Also, with the current crisis and offices closing, don't expect anything to go fast. The US government has more important things to deal with than your birthday.
  11. If birthdays were a valid reason to expedite, USCIS would be overwhelmed with expedite requests.
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