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  1. Would the company that's interested in you be willing to provide a letter offering you a job? If they are, you can try requesting an expedite for your EAD.
  2. ...or you can just wait and see what the RFE really is about instead of already spending money on something that may not be the issue. Seriously, relax. There is nothing you can do except wait for the RFE and then send them whatever it is they want.
  3. Just wait and find out what the RFE is for. It could be anything. Maybe your mountain of evidence overwhelmed them and they couldn't find the good quality evidence in your pile of pictures. Or maybe you simply forgot to sign a form. Or maybe they lost a form that was in your packet. No one can tell you what it is. Just be patient, wait for the RFE and send what they ask for.
  4. Sounds like your best solution would have been to apply for a spousal visa instead.
  5. Leaving is not a problem. Coming back won't be possible without AP.
  6. I'd recommend starting to read the instructions from now on before sending anything to USCIS. The I-130 instructions clearly state what evidence you were supposed to submit with the form, and you mentioned elsewhere that your husband did not submit any evidence. And instead of following the instructions in the RFE, your husband just sent "every evidence they may require". That's not how it works; every form has instructions that you need to follow. As others have said, filing I-129f forced a decision which was a denial. If you're going to refile, make sure you download the instructions for the form from the USCIS website, and send everything that is required.
  7. So what is your question? You received a pretty clear list of documents that you should or may submit.
  8. Good luck on your journey! I highly recommend not posting pictures that include full names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, etc. This is a public forum, and all your information is out there for everyone to see now. I reported your post so a moderator can remove those pictures for you.
  9. If you have told the officer at the embassy on what type of visa you are there, and asked if you will be able to interview there, and they said yes, I am assuming you will be able to interview there...
  10. I looked at your old posts, and I don't see "everyone" telling you that you would not be able to interview in Dubai. You were told that it is country specific, and you were told by 1 person that it was likely that your siblings on tourist visas would have to go home for their interview. It was clear from that post that they were not absolutely sure, which is why they wrote "likely".
  11. Her reasons to visit are much less important than her reasons to return home (and evidence of those reasons).
  12. Yes, it is possible. I personally know someone who received an RFE after the letter.
  13. I was not intending to be snarky. These kind of questions just amaze me. The I-864 is a pretty important document, and I would think that a sponsor would keep a copy of it. The form lists exactly which circumstances end your responsibilities, and him remarrying is not one of them.
  14. It's not just for 10 years; @Jorgedig gave you the exact definition. You could be off the hook sooner if he becomes a citizen, or you can be on the hook for much longer if he does not become a citizen and doesn't work. It's all in the I-864 form that you signed, so you should be aware of what you signed up for...
  15. As soon as my husband understood that filing taxes was necessary to allow me to stay, he finally got it all sorted, with a bit of help (nagging and pushing) from me. 🤣
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