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  1. What some of us are trying to tell you, is that your question may not have been the right question to ask to be able to properly respond to the RFE. Did they really send her an RFE that only asks for 2 affidavits? It is very likely that they provided a list of evidence to send, and affidavits were just one option (and the weakest evidence on the list). As I said before, please have your friend create an account and share the exact wording of the RFE, so she can get help to properly respond to it.
  2. Please have your friend create an account here and post the exact wording of the RFE. I find it hard to believe that they are specifically asking for affidavits. I think they may be asking for evidence of having met or relationship evidence, listing affidavits as an example of what she could sent. However, if that is the case she should really focus on the other examples listed.
  3. Yes, that is the meaning of the word "or"... A or B or C or D or E.
  4. Read carefully. The word "or" after option D answers your question. You need A, B, C, D, OR E.
  5. USCIS wants to see consistent income, and if you submitted your AOS packet 4 months ago, he had barely started working. All the extra 4 months of paystubs that you can provide now will look better, but it might still not be enough. Did he work before this job? Or is this his first job? Maybe you need to wait until you can provide 6 months of paystubs as requested, but I understand you want to get the process moving again asap. To be safe, you need to consider find a cosponsor, and that does not have to be your in-laws. Anyone with sufficient income can be a cosponsor. You could also include assets (his and/or yours). Good luck!
  6. If he had his medical on January 11, the visa will likely expire on July 11. The K1 visa generally expires 6 months after the medical. Make sure to check the date on the visa when he receives it and plan accordingly.
  7. Read the text on the card again, I think the complete text is "valid for work only with DHS authorization". This simply means she will need to show an EAD or greencard to an employer to prove she is authorized to work. It may take a little while for her SSN to show up in any systems, but that is not related to that text on the card. Edit: @arken apparently types faster than me...
  8. Wait... you had your naturalization interview in October, and asked here if you needed to bring your spouse to the interview. And now you want to petition for your spouse? Is this a different spouse? That was quick... Make sure that you are financially able to sponsor 3 immigrants: spouse, mother and sibling.
  9. You should definitely try; it doesn't cost anything to request an expedite, and you have one of the more valid reasons to request one. I'm sorry you are going through this.
  10. Your friend can invite anyone to visit the US, and then that person will need to apply for a visa or ESTA depending on their circumstances.
  11. https://www.visajourney.com/consulates/index.php?ctry=Canada&cty=Montreal Scroll down to "Cheap and good hotels near the Consulate?" and you will find a few hotels listed by VJ users. The Tour Centre Ville is described as being across the street from the Consulate, so that may be the one you are looking for.
  12. Your spouse will be the one filing the petition, not you. So she needs to create an account here and ask questions. You will need a lot of time spent together, and evidence of that: boarding passes, passport stamps, pictures, etc. Affidavits of friends are very weak evidence; in many countries anyone would be willing to write an affidavit, especially for a small fee.
  13. You'll be fine. Don't worry about trying to add pictures to your file.
  14. Wait, what? You sent multiple photo albums? That is overkill. If you really wanted to include pictures, you could have just sent a few on regular paper. However, pictures really aren't that important, especially at the ROC stage. I assume you have other, stronger evidence. My ROC was approved just fine without any pictures.
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