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  1. If this is true, imagine how many times they had to try before this miracle pregnancy happened... Seriously, run. You deserve much better.
  2. Not that easy "to just marry already", considering travel restrictions and all... Many people are just stuck right now.
  3. Correct, you will have to complete the I-864. You are the main sponsor, even if your income is not sufficient. Make sure the joint sponsor fully understands what their sponsorship means. I know many people whose joint sponsor was uncomfortable with signing the I-864 and providing all their financial information. If you have to rely on a joint sponsor, you don't want them to back out at the last minute.
  4. A pamphlet and a class don't prevent domestic violence from happening. She may remember from the class what she's supposed to do, but she may be unable to do so. I understand you prefer to stay out of people's business, but this is not about just anyone. This is a friend that she is concerned about. There is nothing wrong with asking for a welfare check.
  5. Personally I don't think that not wanting to be apart qualifies for an expedite; if it did, everyone would request it and that defeats the purpose. But you can always request it and see what happens. Most people here have been apart at some point in the process. It would be good for your case if you moved back to the US at some point in the process to reestablish domicile and start working so you will qualify as his sponsor. Good luck!
  6. I'm a bit confused. The topic of your post is about expediting, but the post itself is more about concerns regarding the evidence. Not sure what kind of hardship would warrant an expedite, but it's free to try. You seem to have plenty of evidence.
  7. It's probably more useful to ask your wife these questions. She knows what kind of benefits she is receiving and has received. She will need to get some quotes for health insurance for you, and provide evidence that you can afford it.
  8. I'm not negative about the K1 because of any EO, but because I went through the process and it was very hard. I was naive, had not done enough research, and we (or mostly my husband) thought that being together as soon as possible was the most important thing to consider. So we did the K1 and I was miserable for 6 months, sitting at home, no social network, no license, my husband at work all day. In hindsight, doing the CR1 and being able to work, drive, travel, etc immediately would have definitely been worth the extra wait.
  9. Also consider what would be best for your fiancée. Being "stuck" for 5-7 months waiting for the EAD is hard. She won't be able to travel, work and in many states she can't get a driver's license. It is very difficult to go through that, in a new country, while her spouse is working every day. It can be a very depressing experience. CR1 takes longer, but you will be able to visit during the process.
  10. Do you have any proof of this? For example, text messages, or reports from a mental health specialist about the emotional/psychological distress? Unfortunately, USCIS will not just take your word for it.
  11. Awesome! Glad we could help, and thank you for the update. You made it very easy for us to help you solve the issue, with a clear post explaining exactly what you sent and what was requested. Usually it is a bit more of a puzzle, with people giving us little pieces of information at a time. Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  12. Don't mail your actual passport, but a certified copy.
  13. I believe a mosque is not a "correct issuing authority". After your marriage, the marriage was recorded at your county (or it should have been). The county courthouse should then be able to provide you a copy of the marriage certificate.
  14. You are overthinking it. Just tell the truth and don't be secretive about it. You will be visiting your fiancée, not girlfriend (because you are planning to get married). You can tell them that you are getting married, or wait for them to ask. It really doesn't matter, as long as you can show that you will be going home (to a job, a house, other responsibilities).
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