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  1. Thanks, the thing is we are doing the process in the Dominican Republic, where we both live. I think that makes things a little different. For one thing, since I did direct consular filing, I presented the initial petition in-office. Our petition has been approved, but there’s no online scanning of documents, they just want you to bring all documents to the visa interview. Long story short, Even before the lockdown I sent them an email asking if they would accept another document in place of the police certificate and they said no! I would understand why it’s a document that’s not trusted- Have you seen a hatian police certificate?? It’s not even printed on stock paper, no seals, it looks like something you can print at home!
  2. Did they ask you for it at the interview? are you interviewing in haiti? Did your husband ever get it?
  3. Anyone have success getting the police certificate from the DCPJ office in Haiti in a short period of time? Can you recommend the person/services you used? We are in the Dominican Republic , where they require this document. Please advise!
  4. Thanks already finished the ds260 I keep trying to schedule the appointment but nothing happens I get this screen:
  5. So, I filed DCF in the Dominican Republic back in November 2019. I waited 180 days to write to the USCIS field office to inquire about my case. I was surprised to find out our petition was approved in February 2020 (I never got a notification of this) and forwarded to DOS. Today, after writing DOS for information about our case they sent a very short email with our case number and these “instructions”: No mention about ceac, no mention about what documents I’ll need...just “schedule the interview?” What?... anyway so fast forward, I do as they say, I make the profile, but then I get stuck at the “schedule an interview part.” The website shows the so-called dates available for the months of March-May, I click a date and get rejected! “No interview available this day” ok.... What is truly my next step? I was hoping for an email from them with more details indicating what I should do next. Does anyone know how DCF Santo Domingo works after the petition has been approved and transferred to Dep of State? I’m in the dark here..
  6. Ok thanks again for your replies. My question now is if we get to the interview stage, do those documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate) have to be legalized at that stage as well?
  7. 😐I did ask for them back however he told me he was unable to give them back to me. As I mentioned previously. All USCIS field offices have their way of handling matters. I’m kind of screaming into the void here, as it seems all the dcf Santo Domingo filers never come back to VJ once their case has been decided on..
  8. Thanks for taking the time to reply, but I’m really fishing for someone who actually deposited them in the Santo Domingo office. The form you gave me says “IMPORTANT NOTE: You do not need to file this request if you submitted original documents because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requested originals. We will automatically return original documents that we requested once we no longer need them” So that reply was helpful in the sense that it says “they will return original documents” but as someone living in the DR I need to know exactly how and where. We are doing DCF. The USCIS rep specifically asked me for my originals along with the copies 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ When I asked why, he said it’s because everything is processed “locally”. I really want to know how they will be returned back to me. if someone went through this here in the DR, then please let me know
  9. Hello all. Please- if anyone had experience with submitting the petition in person at the Santo Domingo office can you help me out with something: When we submitted the i130 petition, the uscis representative at door 14 took my original marriage certificate and beneficiary’s birth certificate. Will I get these back? If so how, and when? We went through the hardest time getting them legalized from Haiti. It took months and It wasn’t cheap. anxious and nervous, Rebecca
  10. Hello, I see that you did DCF in Santo Domingo a few years back. We just submitted our petition last week. I’m curious about somethinf, ( since you went theough the same process as me you would know) the guy took our original marriage certificate and beneficiary’s birth certificate. Will I get these back? If so how and when. We paid so much to get them legalized and it took a long time to get them. Please let me know if you can, Thank you

  11. Hello, I am reaching out to you because I was wondering if you also did the petition at the Santo Domingo office, door 14

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    2. JODABOO


      Understand, but not always you can do it through the embassy, because the petitioner should be living in that country, and not everyone apply for that kind of process. It’s good for you to read about it before doing anything. 

    3. Rpizarro


      Exactly, each person should read about it.  I have lived here in DR for more than 3 years so I was able to file with the embassy. I hope your experience with online filing works smoothly!

    4. JODABOO


      I remember a case where the process was done through the embassy and it just lasted 6 months, but the petitioner was living in the beneficiary’s country. It means yes, it’s faster!

  12. Ok Thank you for your replies, yes , I should have been more clear, in 2018 the work I did was very little (less than 1,000usd) I considered it as nothing worthy of mentioning. However I considered filing late just to have something on the record. Thanks again for your replies
  13. Sorry, I guess I don't understand because last year I had to pay US taxes despite the FEIE
  14. Here in the DR we are subject to the 15.3% self- employment tax, I must pay
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