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  1. Ok Thank you for your replies, yes , I should have been more clear, in 2018 the work I did was very little (less than 1,000usd) I considered it as nothing worthy of mentioning. However I considered filing late just to have something on the record. Thanks again for your replies
  2. Sorry, I guess I don't understand because last year I had to pay US taxes despite the FEIE
  3. Here in the DR we are subject to the 15.3% self- employment tax, I must pay
  4. Hello, I'm asking about the issue with providing foreign income on the i-184 affidavit of support. Is it true that this income won't even be considered? (because of the negative figures? ) Will this increase our chances of denial? I can use my father as a co-sponsor. The income is from my online teaching job, which I will continue to have after returning to the US. In the Dominican Republic, there is no tax-treaty with the US- we are subject to pay the 15.3% self employment tax. Will opting out of the Foreign income exclusion tax make a difference?
  5. Finally found an interview and deposited our petition today! The officer took our copies and our original documents (beneficiary’s birth certificate and our marriage certificate) I forgot to ask him how I would get them back, any ideas? Thanks
  6. Greetings, I ran into your questions and identified myself as this in the same situation; Last month he deposited I-130 at the consulate of Santo Domingo. You could have done it?

  7. Thanks yes I am a lawful resident of the DR. They mentioned that they do not accept walk ins .
  8. Hello all, it's been weeks and I haven't been able to find an available appointment to submit our i-130 petition. This is in regards to the Santo Domingo field office. They don't reply any of my emails. I check the website daily, several times during the day. Finally, after reading the site over and over again I came across this quote "Residents of Dominican Republic filing with USCIS Santo Domingo may submit the petition and supporting evidence in person OR by mail. Has anyone had success sending the case by mail? I am getting antsy and feel that DCF is the best way for us to go. Any suggestions?
  9. Hello, When you submitted the i-130 petition, did you have to make an appointment, or did you just show up? I have been checking the "schedule an appointment site" for weeks and have found nothing. No available appointments...
  10. Thanks for your suggestions. I will definitely do that. Can that just be drawn up on Word, printed and signed by them? As far as applying for jobs, does self employment count? (Working online teaching English?) I will be able to start working at once, when I am in the states with my husband. Or a few months before the interview if necessary. (BTW, we are just in the very beginning stages before filing the petition. Having our marriage certificate corrected and legalizing his birth certificate back in Haiti- this will take a while 😒)
  11. I definitely hear you about the financial issues. However, Leaving my husband here, for me to reestablish US income again is just not an option for us. 😢 Are there any other suggestions? I will definitely be able to find work once I return. I am on the roster for many Online English tutoring companies and ready to sign back on at any time, once back in the states.
  12. Thanks- I have heard about this public charge issue. But I don’t understand the purpose of the joint sponsor if we can still get hit with this charge? Wouldn’t the joint sponsor be legally binded to us and have to pay the cost of any ‘public charges’ we would make (We definitely don’t plan on doing this! Just wondering why give the option of the joint sponsor if they have the risk of barring us anyway?)
  13. Thanks for your reply: no substantial assets, no. I’m glad you brought that up, I was wondering: Can a letter of good faith explaining my intent to restablish domicile suffice? I have maintained my us bank account, credit cards, drivers license while abroad. Planning to stay with my parents for the first couple of months if he is approved for the green card. Can I use their address as a established place of residence for the future?
  14. I have tried searching for the answer to this, but can’t find something pertaining to our situation. I want to make a petition for my alien spouse. We both live abroad and have done so continuously since our marriage. I have no tax returns for the year of 2018 because I did not work. I have a joint sponsor lined up who makes beyond than the 125% guideline. Will there be repercussions for this? Foreign Husband does make income, but it is very low. (He has no SSN or ITIN) We get by, nonetheless, as the cost of living is dirt cheap. Does anyone have a personal experience with a similar situation? Please share your words!
  15. I have seen this in the DCF guide here on this site. I quote: “Typical DCF Procedure 1. You (and your spouse) will visit the US consulate to file your I-130and required documents. Some consulates will accept the petition and supporting evidence via mail. Please confirm this via the consulate's website (or on the phone if possible).” I would email them to be sure!
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