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  1. No, he did not. We paid in-state tuition, but every school could work differently.
  2. I was tagged in this because I was the original poster of this thread. To follow up, my husband started at community college two months after his arrival (he came and we also married and applied for AOS in April 2018 and the summer semester began in June 2018). He was enrolled and attending school even before receiving his EAD card (September 2018). It was not a problem. He is about to begin his last semester next week and will graduate with his associate's degree after this semester (May 2020). Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about that process!
  3. When my now-husband applied for a B2 when we were dating, he also said he was visiting "friends." This was way before we found visajourney. Anyway, it never came up again in the K1 interview, POE, AOS, or Green card interview. Mehh-- I wouldn't consider it an outright lie. I don't think you guys have red flags.
  4. Granted we had a K1 in process, but it is basically the same idea. My husband visited the US twice between filing and moving here. No issues.
  5. Yes, if you have AP you can travel. That's what it's meant for. We also went home for Christmas last year for a whole month on AP. No issues.
  6. Yes! Sometimes random flukes happen. When we also had a very short time between when we submitted our K1 documents and when we received the NOA2. We filed October 17th, 2016, received the Noa1 on October 27th (normal) and received the Noa2 by November 9th (weird). It was so odd but it turns out that I met someone else on visajourney who submitted the same week as us and the same thing happened! But everyone who submitted the week before and after had the usual wait of several months. None of us expedited either. Someone must have gone through the wrong pile of paperwork or something, I assume, so we all got approved so quickly. And I'm sure each office has a certain amount they have to go through each day, just like any other job. I have a certain amount of paperwork I need to complete in my workday too. So that would be expected. Ultimately, the answers to these don't matter since there isn't anything we can do or control from our end. We just need to wait.
  7. Everyone has an I-94 if they have ever stepped foot in the US. You can pull up their form online and it will have the number.
  8. $208 is a dream! In my state, the lowest cheapest plan for a married couple (we don't have kids) is about $700/month with a $6,000 deductible.
  9. You can delay the entry without a problem. With the K1, you also get 6 months to enter after the date it is issued. My husband didn't enter until 5 months and 28 days later (2 days before expiration). No issue.
  10. I teach English online and sponsored my husband through my self-employment, no problem. I used the 10-99 as proof of income. I make way beyond 125% of the poverty line, but I know that isn't the case for everyone, so check those numbers. And yes, regardless of where you live, you are subject to that 15.3% tax. You can only claim the exclusion if you were out of the US 335 days a year and made under $100k.
  11. My now-husband visited twice after receiving NOA1. He was never asked about the K1 at the border. He never said anything about it either. When asked the purpose of his visit he just said he was visiting me and when asked for how long, he had told them (which was 2-3 weeks each time). No issues.
  12. This was my experience. I got married to my husband in April. I (USC) had health insurance already through the exchange which covered me January-April. When we got married, we had 60 days to get a policy as a "life change event." We ended up having to get a whole new insurance plan. Also, we needed to register by the 15th of the month to get health insurance the following month. Because we filed after April 15th, we could not start our joint plan until June 1st. We just risked it for the month of May and hoped for the best, but of course I would not recommend doing that with pregnancy.
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