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  1. Sarah&Facundo

    Papers at Port of entry k1

    The package was sent to us when the passport was returned.
  2. If what you want is to be with him, that is your best option.
  3. Sarah&Facundo

    Is it worth it to be a US citizen now?

    I work with an accountant who specializes in handling taxes for people who work abroad. Because I typically do spend more than 35 days in the US per year especially now with my K1 husband, I haven't been able to fully utilize this myself, although I know people who have. I have used it partially. Anyway, it is right on the IRS website. And I apologize for saying $90k because I did not realize they raised the cap. it is now a little over $100k. All the information is stated right here on the IRS site. I would highly recommend using an accountant if you ever go this route in the future just to make sure you have all the details done absolutely correctly if it is your first time. https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion
  4. Sarah&Facundo

    Is it worth it to be a US citizen now?

    I work with a company that provides English education to children in China. He is working here, but he is studying coding and programming in college right now in hopes to work with app development and...other tech things that I am not too familiar with.
  5. Sarah&Facundo

    Is it worth it to be a US citizen now?

    The biggest reason for my waiting for my husband is to become is to leave lol. He hates the US and I am not a big fan either. However, there are many opportunities to work online and remotely as a US citizen which is a plus. I currently work online and make USD no matter where I am, including spending time in my husband's country. US dollar goes pretty far in my husband's home country or wherever else we may choose to travel and live later on. As for taxes, you need to claim your earnings but you won't necessarily owe anything if you spend 330 days outside of the US per year and make more than something upwards of $90k
  6. As a follow up question, in the event this happens, does the card's issue date change when you later receive the correct card? Do you file ROC 90 days beforehand based on the first issuance date or the second one?
  7. We didn't have anything translated at all for the interview. You don't need to have anything translated that isn't in English or Spanish. We also never used text messages.
  8. I HIGHLY suggest getting them done by another doctor. Argentinian healthcare is free/low cost. My husband did all of the remaining shots he needed with a regular doctor and paid nothing. The embassy doctor charges a high price (like US prices).
  9. Your response does not make sense. Like my husband, the OP has visited before and returned, is not from a high fraud country, and already has their visa to visit. While yes, no one who is not a citizen is guaranteed entry, the chances of having a problem at the border is very low. My husband visited twice during the K1 visa process, as have many others successfully. No one ever mentioned anything about the K1 application either time at two different borders. I also asked a border officer myself on the way home from visiting my then-fiance who said this was fine.
  10. Sarah&Facundo

    Incorrect (?) I-94?

    They did the same thing for my husband. It was only a slight issue when we went for to the Social security office for his card. It took them an extra week to do a check, but he received it in 3 weeks anyway. It hasn't been an issue for anything else regarding immigration so far and we have our green card interview this week.
  11. We let ours expire by accident (yes, totally our fault) and ended up getting it extended for more than 8 months. It wasn't even an issue. They asked us to submit proof that we were still together. He had his interview a month after we contacted them. Granted, that may depend on the consulate and their discretion.
  12. It depends. Our case was the opposite. We went from Fingerprints completed to Interview Ready to be Scheduled within just 5 days. I had high hopes the remainder of the process would move quickly because we were shown as "ready to be scheduled" less than a month after the wedding. Then we waited 8 months to get an interview date and we will go for the interview next week. Ours isn't so bad in comparison to many other offices. I've heard many wait a year or two, so we are thankful.
  13. I have been "ready to be scheduled" since May. I just got my interview date which is in February. You'll probably have to wait longer.
  14. We went from New York to Alaska a few months ago. We also went to Miami a few months before that. Just use the foreign passport. There were no issues.