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  1. It really depends. Everyone is different. We got ours about 10 days after the interview. We were told at the interview that we were going to get approved, but they technically don't approve you on the spot. But our tracker on the website updated a few hours later to tell us we were approved. But this isn't the case for everyone. Good luck!
  2. That's not entirely true, although maybe that could be country specific. After we were approved by the NVC, we delayed our interview for the K1 for about 8 months. I'm not saying that would be necessary for this situation here though.
  3. My husband really, REALLY struggled during this time. And the wait was only 5 months when he got his EAD/AP. I actually took a job that paid less money just so I could work from home to be in the house with him (pre-Covid, when this wasn't the norm). That way he wouldn't feel as alone. But he still really struggled. I say this so you should know you are NOT alone. His second month living here, he started studying at the local community college where he eventually got his Associates Degree. But even that was a struggle because English isn't his first language so the assignments were much more time consuming for him. We are huge travelers and we've gone all over the world together, so to keep that as a part of our life, we took a trip to Alaska during that time because it has a feeling of being "different" and "traveling" because we couldn't leave without his AP card. He also found a local Jiu Jitsu gym because he loves that sport. At least there, he made some acquaintances. He has now been in the US for four years and he still hasn't really fully adjusted. Immigration is HARD and definitely not for the weak. Good luck!
  4. In addition to what everyone else says, you'd likely owe less tax since you'll have a higher standard deduction claiming married.
  5. If it's any consolation, most people are fine when going back and forth and no problems arise. Even my husband visited me in the US multiple times during the process before getting approval. He was never asked anything other than "Where are you coming from?" None of my friends from other countries or my husband's family members who have visited me have ever been asked anything other than maybe "how long are you visiting?" or "where are you going?" Definitely take proof of ties if you have them of course, but generally MOST people aren't scrutinized too heavily especially those with an ESTA. Don't abuse it, and you likely won't lose it. My husband always traveled with a folder while we were working on the immigration process where he would have documents to try to prove ties to go home (although he realistically didn't have anything strong at all lol) and he never once had to show anything at the border. Congratulations on the baby!
  6. We are also a strong and totally legit couple who applied for ROC 17 months ago. We were also told we are getting an interview and we have no clue why. Everything is financially co-mingled with lots of proof of living together and all of that. I just try to remind myself is that we are completely legitimate couple and any IO would see that, as we have nothing at all to hide. If you are in the same position, I wouldn't really worry about it. I'm more-so annoyed I need to take a day off of work in the future lol. I'm going under the assumption that they randomly select people to get interviewed. Maybe? We'll see....
  7. I hope the best for you, but your visa isn't approved. It sounds like you made it past the NVC who just basically checks to see if your documents are in before sending it to the petitioner's country. Most people get past the NVC. Everything generally comes out later, especially lies (or lies by omission). Good luck though....
  8. IF they are visiting as tourists with correct visas, neither.
  9. Step 1: Actually meet. You don't actually know someone until you spend time with them. Don't worry about marriage until you cultivate a relationship. You are not even eligible to apply without meeting them. I'm not sure if Venezuela is considered a high fraud country, but if it is, you'll likely need to spend a good amount of time in person together.
  10. We haven't applied for citizenship yet, but when we applied for AOS prior to the pandemic, we waited about a year.
  11. We are also in Monmouth County and we were sent to Mount Laurel when we had our AOS interview, so yes, that's where you'll go.
  12. Not a problem at all. I also work remotely and I've worked on every continent. It has nothing to do with immigration (unless you are away for too long, which you said you wouldn't be). It's more of an HR issue and if they are legally allowed to have employees work outside of US territory.
  13. We got it pretty quickly when applying in 2021. We've used it several times for travel already without any issues. If you are concerned, file pretty close to when your window opens (NOT BEFOREHAND), and that would give you about 5 months until you are ready to travel. That will be more than plenty of time.
  14. Most places don't care where your degree comes from, so repeating the same degree would be useless. I also work in the performing arts. Many people who are involved in the field either never studied it in a university setting or never even went to a university at all. My advice--Work on practicing English skills (both written, verbal, and reading comprehension). My husband has been speaking English for years and when he came to the US and enrolled in school, he REALLY struggled with classes in a university setting due to the language. He tested out of ESL classes thankfully which saved us a lot of money, but doing work took him triple the time as compared to others. Lectures were difficult. Everything was way harder for him and he is an extremely intelligent person. I have also studied his language (Spanish) for several years, and out of curiosity I started reading some of his textbooks and I could barely get through them. I would HIGHLY suggest putting a LOT of time into studying English if she intends on attending a university at all. In my opinion, that's where the priority should be at this point because she may be a long way (like....Years) from even being able to enroll in a class.
  15. It really isn't proof you are in a real relationship. I've never once sent my husband money, even when we were dating, and we are very real. Who knows--it could also end up being misconstrued as someone using the USC for money. It really isn't great proof either way. Showing proof of time spent together is what they are looking for.
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