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  1. No problem! Happy to help. You're correct, they did not ask for any evidence. I'd read similar reports and so, just in case, had also brought a copy of a driving licence and voters registration, but there was no mention of it. If anything, they made an effort to take as few documents as possible. I had assumed I wouldn't have to bring photocopies, since I'd heard about them scanning it all. This might be the NVC procedure, because I was asked for photocopies of all civil documents & police certificates too. This might be a DCF thing?
  2. Thanks! Great question: They asked for the most recent transcript. When I mentioned all I was able to get was the return since the IRS isn't processing paper filed returns at this stage, they happily took the tax return (1040 etc.) instead.
  3. Fortunately, I wasn't asked for any proof. I wasn't as well prepared as you guys with quotes! I just mentioned that I'd either obtain it through work, but that we'd looked for plans on the exchange as well.
  4. Thanks. I know the gentleman in front of me mentioned he was rescheduled and had his original appointment scheduled in March.
  5. Thanks! Just very basic questions: * how I'd met my husband * where his family lives * whether I/we would have health insurance. (they appear to be asking this question to everyone now) They did not ask for the public charge form, but I had it prepared just in case. They were asking everyone about how people will get healthcare though. Thanks!! I am! 😄 My main advice is, at this point, don't bother trying to bring your spouse with you. All the US spouses had to wait outside in the cold, because they haven't been updating the visitors lists.
  6. Sure thing! I updated my timeline with a review, but there relevant part is this:
  7. I can confirm that I just had my normal, non-emergency, IR-1 interview today and was approved. The other people all seemed to be there as either spouses or children of USCs. So routine visa services have resumed for those categories as least, it seems.
  8. I was able to schedule an appointment for today myself as we went through DCF. I just had my appointment this morning and was approved. So hopefully that means interviews will start to get scheduled.
  9. I should have mine next Monday. I'll update here if it goes ahead as planned!
  10. You're entirely correct in that you don't have to provide police certificates for those stays. Someone else might be more experienced in telling you how they did it, but a document confirming the dates you moved there & total time spent there, and that it was less than 12 months, should do the trick!
  11. Ah sorry, we're both living in the UK so we were able to file through DCF with the USCIS office in London and didn't have a DQ date. That also meant we had to book our own interview for the 7th. At least it looks like things are starting to move again for IR/CR-1!
  12. My IR-1 was brought forward as well. Initially it was scheduled for the 7th, but I've just been notified it's been changed to the 6th. Sorry to hear about all the K1 cancellations 😔
  13. Interestingly, the embassy rescheduled my interview and moved it forward. It was scheduled for the 7th, and has been moved to the 6th now.
  14. Glad I could help! 😄 It dates back to a while ago where some embassies had USCIS offices that could adjudicate the I-130 if the USC was living in that country with their family. Technically using those offices isn't real DCF, since with DCF it's the consular unit adjudicating the I-130. In our case we were just lucky that our embassy (used to have) a USCIS office that meant we didn't have to go through NVC.
  15. Thanks! We're both living in the UK. We filed last summer when we heard about the USCIS offices around the world closing, even though we weren't quite expecting to move just yet back then. We figured it would be better to file the I-130, and have the case wait in the embassy, than to risk it with the NVC. Also, direct filing with the USCIS office here is cheaper in that you don't pay the affidavit fee. It took less than 2 months from filing the I-130 and being approved. We then received a case number directly from the immigration visa unit here in London. As far as I know, the case never went to NVC. We didn't upload any documents, we're just told to bring them to the interview. I believe that as USCIS offices are closing, the only DCF still available to people now is for couples living outside of the US and the "exceptional circumstances" apply.
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