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  1. Great news! Some Embassies will start opening beginning July 15 for routine visa processing depending on local conditions according to the US department of State. Check Travel Gov Twitter Our patience has not been in vain.
  2. Update from the US department of State 😁
  3. I tried to find this info on the embassy site and didn't what did u click can u send a link please
  4. Jamaica has started issuing k visas for those individuals who already had their interviews and resuming student Visas July 20th. Praying we hear something about K1 visas interviews next week or before the month ends
  5. @Pinkrlion yes please share where you read that? Thank you 😊
  6. @Alexag I believe that will be true for the Jamaican embassy. They had a news article on it. It's hard to know which phase each embassy is in however. In the Jamaican news article per the US embassy it was predicted that Jamaica's embassy would open up July 17th. We shall see and it should apply then for other embassies in Phase 3.
  7. We will have to wait until embassy open for a clear answer. I tried emailing my embassy and no response. From what I've seen on this site two new intent to marry will be needed and brought to the interview once embassy opens. They should automatically renew the petition once the embassies open
  8. Thank you sooooo much for this update!! Great news and confirmation!! Praying we hear something next month 🙏
  9. @GinaCarterWebster Jamaica's US embassy should update today with a live video I read so hopefully we hear more about K1 visas.
  10. Land borders in Jamaica open June 15th
  11. Keep a positive mindset. I strongly believe I will see my fiance this year and I'm praying for August. No one can tell me different because we can't go through this without keeping hope alive. Don't let this crush your dreams.
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