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  1. Green card approved and card is being produced. Interview was straight forward verifying some info we placed on the application, how we met and the proposal story. Officer only asked for wedding photos and none of the many documents I brought. No tax forms paystubs etc. It's more of a conversation vibe than an interview. Best of wishes to everyone!! Didn't get the EAD so I'm glad hubbie will be able to start working soon.
  2. Biometrics done 7/22. Update: Interview was scheduled for September. No word on EAD or AP
  3. Hopefully soon! It's coming!! Its almost like they do the dates at random. Just messaged USCIS using Emma couple days ago not sure if it triggered something. They told me no appointment was scheduled
  4. Hahah yeah never know with USCIS we are in it for the long haul when it comes to immigration. Hopes are always high tho just gotta make sure we are not easily disappointed because after all it's immigration.
  5. Same thing happen for me too but I'm hoping the biometrics can come through too lol
  6. Received 2/10 Check cashed today 3/11 Awaiting the texts And the waiting continues
  7. Spoke with USCIS and they stated that NOAs are taking up to 60 days. Without the receipt what is our proof of pending AOS? I am trying to rent an apartment with my husband.
  8. Hello everyone quick question is the police record in Jamaica sealed? My fiance picked his record up and it was unsealed. My friend did k1 in 2016 and it was sealed for her then fiance at the time Thanks in advance for the replies
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