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  1. Yeah, you're being very nice and reasonable to me, thank you. I don't wanna burn that bridge, of course.
  2. Okay, I've got it. Thank you very much. You are far nicer than some who said, "I'm out." I'm glad we have people like you.
  3. 1) Yes 2) Because I don't belong here at all despite being a similar Asian outwardly. 3) Yeah, wondering never ceases. Why not apply for asylum if B2 gets denied? You're out. Thank you. I wish you the best in everything. I wish people were more considerate and kind to each other. Many straight people don't really understand my community's pain.
  4. I'll have to return, so will definitely return back to Japan. Let's put what we talked about before aside, can I apply for an asylum visa?
  5. That is what I am rehearsing for. I shouldn't be so emotional about how badly I wanna live in the US. "Inhale, exhale, I'll be OK," my inner voice is like.
  6. But, literally, I'm crying for help. How hard for LGBT people to live in the rest of the world? It's the same as I'm trying to escape from emotional/social torture to a free world.
  7. I'm not lying. I just need to smoothly pass that interview so I can see him and also travel a little. I like him and he likes me, we know it. Why are you talking about burning chances?
  8. Yeah, he's a friend and a boyfriend at the same time. How can you call someone your SO when you haven't had physical intimacy with him in 2years? I have already paid $180ish for a visa. My interview is scheduled for the end of this month, OMG. Europe you describe is pretty much closed to me. Israel is the only one I can travel to without undergoing a cumbersome visa application process.
  9. Yeah, I'll be truthful. I hope I will have a lenient visa officer who understands my community. Yes and No.
  10. We're not boyfriends because we haven't seen each other in almost two years. We're more like penpals who can't wait to meet in person. I've heard that naming one's "boyfriend/girlfriend" isn't smart because visa officers presume every B2 applicant has immigration intent and would pursue a "green card" sponsored by his American bf/gf. The youtube channel I'm watching is: https://www.youtube.com/c/ArgoSocial btw.
  11. Why, please? I'm not going to mention him as a boyfriend or fiancee. I'll say he's a friend who will host me during my stay.
  12. I'd like to go sightseeing in California or New York during my university holiday season this year or next year. I identify as a "gay" student (22) and was wondering if telling the visa officer my true reason for traveling is a good idea. If he/she turns out homophobic, will he/she automatically deny me a B2 tourist visa on the spot? Or do they adhere to some strict moral code that prevents them from discriminating against marginalized people? The areas I mentioned are liberal, diverse, friendly, accepting, and inspiring. For years, I've wanted to visit their gay towns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and the Statue of Liberty. I want to make him/her feel somewhat emotional so that he/she believes I have a valid reason for traveling. Should I remain silent on LGBTQ issues in general? Is it a plus or a minus to reveal my sexual orientation?
  13. Sorry for the delayed response. I reached my post limit yesterday, so I could only read the comments you all left for me. Today, I'm going to clear my mind, summarize things, and submit lengthy posts, Cathi, davidvs, aurelius22 I wanted to reply so badly. My American friend says otherwise. He doesn't think my B-2 will be denied. In fact, I applied for B-2 and paid the application fee of approx. 26000円 ($180) yesterday after speaking with Jorgedig. The fees are non-refundable. So, I'm hoping you'll all advise me to take this route (B-2) for the time being. I could be a complete moron. But let me act young and dumb shortly because I didn't have a good childhood (big chunks were bullying at school, domestic violence at home, and depression). The following are the reasons: 1) I am a recipient of a Japanese government scholarship. I was awarded a highly sought-after scholarship. I will present this fact to the immigration officer. Japan is more advanced than the rest of the world in many ways and has a high standard of living. He/she may believe I'm not going to blow this opportunity I worked so hard for. 2) Japan is the place I call home these days more than Mongolia; I'm financially and academically connected to this country, but not emotionally or socially. If I leave this country, I will lose a lot of money, my degree, and possibly my bright future. I will also present this fact to the immigration officer. 3) I'm a global member of an NGO called oSTEM. I'll bring up that I'm affiliated with a US-based organization. This organization is dedicated to LGBT STEM students and professionals. They do, however, only operate in the US, UK, and Canada. Unfortunately, because I didn't live in the same country as them, I never felt like I belonged. I'm going to shamelessly ask them to assist me as well. 4) I purposefully chose a more relaxed, less crowded embassy for the interview location. So it must have something to do with the success rate, right? I'll put on my natural smile and compliment his/her outfit to brighten his/her mood, haha. The probability of success jumps may jump slightly. Something is better than nothing. 5)I'll need to make a copy of my bankbook to prove I have enough money. Because I can afford to travel, the problem is my passport was issued from ... I mean, surprisingly I didn't find the phrase "third-world country" to be offensive. I am sorry anyways, you seemed a bit offended, aurelius22. aurelius22, your story is so inspiring, and I completely understand you. I shed tears. I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. katiana, Yeah I can't imagine Serbia being LGBT-friendly. I understand your pain. Coco8, Japanese borders are closed to individual tourism. We don't know how long it will stay that way. Knome, Thank you, what a nice story. I'm just so happy for you two. AffableAndy, Thank you, buddy. I feel like being int. student of Japan has similar status as being int. student of the US. aurelius22, that's why I came off as "overly confident". I'll look into Thailand. I felt blessed because of you all. You care.
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