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  1. The pick up location emails you. And I believe they are closed on Saturday. I am also guessing the public holiday on Thursday has an impact on the timeline
  2. We got the message that it is „issued“ on Wednesday and we’re able to pick it up on Monday. So once it is issued, the passport is sent to the pick up location. once the pick up location receives is, the will email the necessary pick up information to you and you can pick it up the next day
  3. Dear forum my children received their LPR status end of Dec 2021. Given our special circumstances, they became US citizens upon being allowed into the US. Their green card was delivered to our family but not their SSN/card. The kids received their US passports in mid-March through the US consulate in Germany, the green card was mailed back to USCIS after receiving their passports but their SSN is nowhere to be found so far. It has neither arrived in the US despite answering the DS 260 question accordingly, nor was the card mailed to us in Germany after seeing the representative at the US Embassy in Frankfurt and applying for the SSN card again. Now, I am not sure why it takes that long and it is somewhat stressful at this point as we haven't filed our taxes yet. Is there anything we can do? We are returning to the US this summer and my husband is leaving before us but it will still be too late for our taxes, plus I am not even sure if he can go to the SSN office without the kids as they are above 12 and he is the stepdad. I am also on a super quick 24h business trip to Boston in a few days but again, I wouldn't have the time to wait for hours at the SSN office nor would my kids be able to come along. Calling and emailing Frankfurt doesn't work. We haven't received a response and the phone line just plays an automatic message. Any advice, suggestion or experience would help us a lot.
  4. I don't think I ever disagreed with Boiler and TBone but I am not sure if I would pull the I-864 and instead wait until she has her work permit. Once she has her work permit, proceed as you have considered but reach out to your congressman before and point out the financial difficulties you guys are having. I am hoping this may speed up the process. She may have had entirely different expectations of her life before coming to the US. It is nevertheless unacceptable to have you do all the heavy lifting. My husband struggled despite me doing all the cleaning and me working full time because I expected to have an equal vote in all decisions. That was/is our problem and he would have preferred if I would work less but accept his "final say without questions". Needless to say, we came a long way but I do not want to project. I very much hope you have a good outcome whatever directions you choose.
  5. What does your wife want? My husband and I had the worst fights ever for almost 18 months after I got my LPR status. There were plenty of moments in which we both considered giving up. The socio-cultural differences, my European upbringing, his Asian-American upbringing… it was tough. And then throw in some stepkids on both sides. Marital counseling, church etc helped but didn’t solve the problems… What I am trying to say is, we are now five years in and the dust is finally settling. I saw you posting that you are done. But have you talked to her about separation?
  6. I would like to add some thoughts. Is there any way you could convince your husband to get your SSN before moving out? Perhaps mention that the ITIN is not valid as a LPR. It would allow you to open up a bank account and start building credit. How about mentioning that your parents would like to send money to an account you have in your own name? An unforeseen financial gift or inheritance from a distant relative? Some excuse that sounds valid. Something that will make him drive you to the nearest SSN office. Once you have your SSN you could open a joint account with him and your own account, of course, without him as an authorised account holder. But even if that should fail, some banks allow for ITIN holders to open up a bank account. How safe is your phone? Can you scan important documents and keep them on your phone? Or upload to iCloud or dropbox. How safe is your computer? If you start filling out the I-751, please make sure that your husband has no access to it and can not see the form as you would file under divorce waiver. Just make sure that your IT is safe. If your husband has any knowledge of your IT there is a chance that he may track your footprint. Just keep that in mind. And delete your history on your computer as a start. You can still access the information but it would take more digging. Chance your Passworts regularly if not weekly. If you can, get a second cell phone that he has no access to. Cheap AirBnB's may also help you to patch things over for a while. But please get out as soon as possible and keep us updated. Do not change your behaviour, patterns or mode of operation at home. It would make him even more suspicious. You need to secure your passport, green card, marriage certificate, bona fide documents.
  7. She will need a police certificate at some point. Perhaps a good time to apply for documents now and have them send to trusted friends. Not necessarily family members.
  8. I didn’t put 1 and 1 together. But as someone else pointed out, the IOE number mentioned on the receipt was the right one. Oddly enough, we are receiving the GC in the mail in the newer few days.
  9. Just an update: We filed for the children's n-600 and applied for their passports. Today I received the notification that USCIS produced their GC.
  10. I don't think I will receive their GC as both kids derived their citizenship upon being admitted to the US.
  11. I, unfortunately, agree with Ontarkie. For one, he can't do anything about your immigration status. However, in terms of keeping you safe, there are a few things you can/need to do: 1. Plan your exit strategy: Can you stay with someone? Do you have friends? Do you have the financial resources/employment to find an apartment for yourself and make the downpayment (for which you would need a credit history, or someone willing to give you a place to stay). 2. You guys are married. Is your home a joint property? Are you renting? If he threatens you again, call the police and have him removed plus retraining order. 3. You know what he is capable of and that should direct your options. 4. Secure important documents or copies of: Your passport, your greencard, pay stubs/W2, copies of your tax filings. If you have children, think of their documents (birth certificates, passports etc), too. 5. Depending on how much time you have to leave, set up a financial cushion to start a new life. Start having your own account if not already in place. Depending on how violent he is, the art of deception is key until you are out and I would also advise you to not change patterns of your behavior until you are safe. I believe that threatening to use violence and intimidation is beyond fixable and marriage counselling.
  12. I got confused because their case numbers starting with FRN didn't work at all. However, the IOE case number from their receipt worked perfectly. I just didn't know that.
  13. Milda, your husband has an obligation towards his children but also you, as a mother of his children. Depending on the state he is living in now (and if you are moving anywhere close), your assets are commingled. His income is a family income and not his alone. He can not just separate from you like an old pair of shoes. One of your other messages is mentioning that he will help you to get on your feet. And from what you write here, you seem to be an independent minded person: Please do not think that you need to do this all by yourself! He is required and obligated (both morally and legally) to support you all! Which state will you end up living in? Have you made up our mind already? 1. File for spousal support 2. File for child support 3. Ask for sole legal and physical custody 4. All passport related responsibilities should be part of your custody agreement and in your hands (this needs to be mentioned explicitly) 5. Have all documents sent to a different address but secure one Get a good divorce lawyer!
  14. This exactly. Just been through the whole passport thing with my ex-husband. If not agreed upon, this may keep you "hostage" to ex-partners flavour of the day mood.
  15. I am answering without reading all (but I read some) of the other comments. This post may be OBE. However, if hard work and determination is not a problem for you: Why not? I would fly to the US and look for a cheap AirBnB somewhere affordable but still within a relatively good school district. It does not have to be your permanent place. Then wait for your GC cards, Social Security Number etc. - perhaps even close to your uncle? My initial thought, however, was: Why not show up at his doorstep and ask him to move on/out? Didn't he want to set up everything for you guys? Then take him to court for alimony and child support. But at least you would have a place to stay. My guess, is, however, that he may not have looked for a place to live with the family in mind. Think strategically - this allegedly premeditated move was apparently driven by his hope to get rid of you cheaply and place a distance between you all. If you choose to move to the US, I wish you all the best. Before you move, you may want to ask him to sign over sole custody to you right now. I am guessing he is feeling somewhat guilty and this is usually a good moment to ask for something with a larger impact on life. In case he agrees, get all responsibilities signed over (including passport, legal and physical custody). I know this is a just a personal comment but I would move to the US as well if I were in your shoes. And if it doesnt work out, you guys can always return.
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