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  1. Thank you for your advise! I just called and found out my receipt number as well. It stars with MSC and my case was received on May 15th.
  2. My package arrived on Friday 15th during the morning. So far the check hasn’t been cashed. Do you guys think I could call for a case number already? I forgot to add the form g11something (forgot the numbers) and therefore do not expect a text. Where would I call? Just the regular USCIS number or the military hotline as we are stationed overseas?
  3. Oh and I just noticed, I didn't add the "notification form"... meaning, I won't get a text message or anything. I totally forgot. Oh my.
  4. I was just about to ask you all for the wait times regarding a receipt and see the messages above. It seems we are all in the same boat. I mailed off the package last week, it was received on Friday and I have yet to receive a case number. How long did you all have to wait? I was ready for my N-400 interview and the field office wants to merge both cases but is waiting for the case number in order to request the package. They already warned me, though, that it may take weeks to get the package to the field office.
  5. jakelake - I was eligible to file for expedited naturalisation unter § 319 (b) which I did. I would have had my interview in April but because of Covid couldn't proceed. You are right under normal conditions but my situation was a little different. However, given that my 90 day window to ROC opened up, I need to file the I-751 now but wasn't expecting it.
  6. Since we didn't expect to have to file this, we are kind of surprised now. I was scheduled for an interview in March for my naturalisation but then Covid placed us in a different situation. I am wondering, how important are Affidavits? I mean, we live together, we are on his orders, I am registered under DEERS etc.
  7. I saw sample letters which were written from the perspective of the non-immigrant spouse writing for the immigrant spouse and this got me confused.
  8. Hey, I am going to join this group and currently working on the I-751 form. Our case is a little different as we were slotted for a naturalisation interview based on my husband overseas orders but due to Covid couldn't participate. Which pushed us into the 90 days window regarding the I-751. Anyway, quite unexpected but now filling out the ROC documents.
  9. Dear all, this may be a stupid question but who is the petitioner for the I-751? Is my husband petitioning me (conditional resident)? Or am I petitioning for myself? Thank you.
  10. Dear community, my husband is on overseas orders and we are living with him overseas on his orders. My window for ROC opened up yesterday but all biometrics places are closed right now. Anyone else dealing with this situation and having a solution for us? Can we send in the paperwork and submit the biometrics at a later point (as soon as it opens up)?
  11. I have also not received any updates or notifications.
  12. Would the best strategy be to wait a few days before that 90 day window has been fully utilised in hope of perhaps getting the N-400 approved prior to filing for ROC? Which I doubt to be likely...
  13. Dear all, I applied for naturalization in December 2019 and while all petitions moved somewhat at normal pace (depending on your office) until the , I am wondering if anyone has heard anything? Mine is still going through background checks and I would assume that USCIS still continues to work, or does it not? Has anyone heard from USCIS while offices are closed to the public? I am somewhat lost because I applied for naturalization under 319 (b) before removing conditions. My window for ROC is soon opening up and I am not sure if I would still have to file for ROC while we are stationed overseas on my husband‘s military orders?
  14. I had assumed USCIS would still work on the application packages and continue background checks etc. And what I thought would happen is that the in person contact would be postponed but the administrative work continues. However, it seems that pretty much everything is at a standstill.
  15. Has anyone had any feedback from USCIS in Washington other than cancelled interviews? Are they still processing applications? Or will everything just be moved towards the right?
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