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  1. I disagree but I have heard your argument before. At the same time, in some cases, US passports may not be enough proof of citizenship and we have seen cases here where all the sudden a renewed passport was no longer granted.
  2. I don’t recall a glitch but I filled mine out in 2019.
  3. I filed mine by mailing them to USCIS. I also asked for the Washington DC field office as they are accustomed to military based naturalizations.
  4. What exactly are you assuming? And who said, the N-600 should be filled out without the required evidence? Also, which is evidence is not available? I filed for my children‘s N-600 before applying for their passports. I do have experience filling out these forms but I am struggling to understand what you are referring to.
  5. Last but not least, a friend of mine with a software company based in Germany expanded by purchasing a US based one. He spends a year in the US and then alternates back to Germany for year etc.
  6. I would simultaneously apply for the greencard lottery. Doesn’t hurt.
  7. Filling out a form and having custody are two different issues. You do not need other parents consent to fill out the N-600 but you need other parents consent to apply for a passport. The N-600 form, however, does not free you from meeting the criteria of eligibility (custody).
  8. Did you bring your children on a greencard /LPR status to the US? How did you become a US citizen? Assuming you naturalized and had children on a LOR status when you did, the kids automatically become US citizens the day you naturalize. If you were a US citizen before and the children received their LPR status later, they automatically become US citizens the day the activate their greencards by entering the US. You could file for their US passports now but I would simultaneously file for their N-600‘s (as you are already in the process of). As for section 6, I printed out the forms and mailed it off.
  9. I am assuming you mailed your naturalization certificate off when you applied for your passport. I would file for your child‘s N-600 right away and apply for her passport as well. You do not need father‘s permission/consent to file for a certificate of citizenship but do need his support regarding any passport application.
  10. I am a German citizen, well actually a dual citizen now. Back when my husband got orders for Germany, I had my LPR (greencard) and a German passport. The SOFA card was taped into my German passport by our local US base in Germany. So the argument you were given, is different from what I was told and experienced.
  11. I filed a mandamus for two N-600’s after our cases got stuck forever. I was very concerned about possible pushbacks but it caused the cases to finally get adjudicated.
  12. If I recall correctly, Warsaw is handling some of Moscows operations now. I would reach out to their visa section. Also, US Consulate in Frankfurt is very responsive. They may be able to point you into the right direction. Given the ongoing war, I believe Moscow reduced their activities significantly. But US citizens have been targeted for a while and I would think this is a valid argument.
  13. I can nöt help you with the answer but there is a VAWA threat here which K would highly recommend to you.
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