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  1. I think the questions you may want to ask yourself is which paperwork do I need to file for divorce? Here I would suggest to ask for a free consultation first. Secondly, your husband may be required to cover your legal costs if your income is significantly lower than your husbands. Lastly, I would ask for spousal support if there is said significant difference in income which you could use set yourself up and adjust to the new situation. He can not just walk out and leave you with no financial support or living accommodation. I would ask him to provide you with financial means to pay for a deposit on a rental unit and spousal support (again depending on your financial situation). You may want to look at a divorce forum to support you through this process. As for immigration, you are all set for now as you have just removed conditions. Did you finish the process?
  2. I scheduled a consultation with an immigration lawyer but once I receive their confirmation concerning the physical presence, I am getting ready to mail the I-130 to Frankfurt. Feeling a little deflated as this is definitely the much harder route to take with their biological Dad being a stout anti-US-believer and thinking his kids need to have no ties to the US. Thank you so much for all your help so far. I am just glad I didn't submit the n-600k yet.
  3. My husband just called the military hotline and they confirmed that it is their understanding BUT suggested to ask an immigration lawyer for clarification as this case is rather special. But the specialist mentioned that it is his understanding that US military bases worldwide count as being in the US.
  4. I checked the regulations and under §319 (e) the time spend abroad in marital union and in accordance with members official orders will count towards continuous and physical presence. But it doesn't restate that information under §322 (INA). The helpline transferred me to a specialist line but the call didn't go through. Waiting for my email response.
  5. I just emailed them. I was assuming the days spent abroad on his orders would count as physical presence but it is better to make sure. It surely is worrying. I'll keep you updated as soon as I have an answer.
  6. I am the US citizen parent but a military dependent on my husband's orders and not the active duty member.
  7. I am not sure I understand what you mean. The kids and I are all on my husbands orders (stepdad) but I am the one filing the N-600k as I am the biological parent. I am assuming that the days spent on his orders outside the US are counted as physical presence in the US (as it does for any other immigration purpose). I hope I am correct?
  8. This forum has helped me in so many ways and I always loved and cherished the support groups we had. Is there anyone else who is currently filing or has filed a n-600k? I would love to form a group to cheer us on. Also, is there an idea how long processing times are? We are a military family stationed overseas and planning to stay in Germany. My husband (their stepdad) is a US citizen and I a dual German-US citizen am. The kids have a German citizenship and reside with us.
  9. Yes, the kids are currently residing with us outside the US and given the current changes my ex-husband goes through (yes, no, maybe), we have decided to wait until the kids are 18. I am pretty sure they will follow us but we are taking the burden of „having to make a decision“ off their shoulders. I have a wonderful job here that supports our family. But we will see what the future holds. Our heart is in the US but I see how much it stresses the kids to make that decision now. We will have to carefully navigate the blended family life but the n-600k route would take a lot of pressure off our family as I am still hoping and dreaming that the kids (then young adults) will come with us when we return.
  10. I think I misunderstood your comment. As I am naturalized the five year presence has been met. I am just nervous as I don’t want the n-600k to get rejected.
  11. I believe that isn’t correct. The physical presence was stated by the the US consulate be accumulated by the time of filing. But I’ll double check!
  12. We decided to go the n-600k route for my children. And I am very grateful for the support I have received from you all. I have two questions: 1) As I am currently documenting every stay in the US, I am running into problems: For instance, I was an Au-Pair in the 1990s and have the Visa, stamps - but I don’t know the exact date I returned to Germany. Also, I have a postgraduate degree from the US and spent two years in Boston. Again, I can see the arrival dates but not the departure ones. How would I document a relative accurate number of days in the US? And would the n-600k filing get rejected if I am not too accurate on the departure dates? I am currently being very conservative and decided to opt for earlier departure dates as to avoid overstating days. As of today I am approximately 300 days above what I would need to comply to the 5 year physical presence: Do all the days as a visitor, student, LPR count towards the 5 year presence? Thank you for all your help!
  13. Good question. From reading the instruction, it actually doesn’t say that would have to be the case. It mentions physical presence but not physical presence after naturalization.
  14. Yes. But that's because you notice that I wasn't accurate. My husband is their stepdad and not their biological dad who has (understandably so) been very hesitant to support any notion of immigration. Hence, my husband tried to get stationed in Germany and managed to do so. We have been very fortunate so far. My physical presence is therefore a wild collection of time spent as an au-pair, student, and finally green card holder (but that's spread over twenty years or so)... plus about 8-12 months of being a tourist in the US (again over two decades). But from what I am reading, this may actually count towards physical presence as well?
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