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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I wanted to ask this question here because I can't find anyone else going through the same thing. My husband had his interview Jan 30,2018. Consular officer told him his visa was refused under the president proclamation 212(f). His ceac status still says refused. I emailed them what I can do to appeal this decision and here is the email I got from them: Please note that the case is pending mandatory administrative process. Following the new presidential proclamation, the consular officer found him ineligible for a visa under Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 9645. The decision cannot be appealed. The consular officer is reviewing his eligibility for a waiver. To approve his waiver, the consular officer must determine that denying his entry would cause undue hardship, that his entry would not pose a threat to the national security or public safety of the United States, and that his entry would be in the national interest of the United States. This can be a lengthy process, and until the consular officer can make an individualized determination on these three factors, your application will remain refused under Section 212(f). You will be contacted with a final determination on your application as soon as practicable. Please if anyone is going through the same thing help me figure this out. Thank you.
  2. Hello all, I'm hoping someone will be able to offer some advice, I've see a few posts on various forums about this particular matter but have yet to see an answer or definitive outcome to this situation. Some context about my case - For nearly two years I have been working on my O1 visa case with my lawyers; Kate Raynor & Associates. I have two job offers in Los Angeles waiting for me as a musician; one to join a band and the other to be an on call session guitarist to one of LA's top song writer/producers. We submitted my case with USCIS in June 2017 to which I was asked for more evidence. I was annoyed but did as requested and gathered more evidence then re-submitted at the end of October 2017. I then received a positive outcome mid December 2017 stating my O1 visa had been approved. I booked an appointment for my interview and to send off my passport to get stamped at the US embassy in London on January 3rd 2018. The interview didn't go as expected as I was told they would need to review my case further, the next day I received an email from the embassy with a 'notification of revocation'. The decision will now go back to USCIS who will either agree with the London embassy's recommendation to revoke my visa, or they might still think I deserve the O1 (I would think they would side with the embassy though). The average response time from USCIS seems to be about 6-12 months, possibly longer. As anyone can understand this is pretty ridiculous as no job offer will realistically wait indefinitely for an answer, even if it is positive, especially in the music industry. I have been given no specific reason as to why they are trying to revoke my visa other than one short line in the email saying 'The request for revocation is based on further administrative review of the applicant’s qualifications conducted subsequent to your visa interview at Embassy London.' This seems incredibly unreasonable as the interview only lasted about 5 minutes, I was asked about 5--10 questions which were somewhat vague, so I was unable to talk about 90% of the evidence that granted me the initial approval. It also appeared the consular officer who interviewed me had no previous knowledge of my case, so was basing the entirety of his decision on my answers in that moment. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on how to resolve this matter quickly, ideally with the visa ultimately being approved? (as it has been approved in principal in the US). This decision will have massive long term ramifications on my life as, from now on, if I travel to any other country and they ask if I have ever been denied a visa, I will have to say yes and explain why. This will obviously count against me and will potentially impact my ability to work as, being a musician, I'm often required to travel all over the world for gigs. So the embassy's decision to refuse a visa to work in the US will now risk my ability to work anywhere else. It will also affect the band and producer who have offered me jobs as they will now have to start looking for other guitarists to fill my spot until this matter can be resolved, which again will affect their ability to work and progress. Thanks for reading, I can give more info if needed, I didn't want to post too much straight away as that'll probably scare people off! Jake
  3. Hello everyone one .I am the new one in visa journey. I will be grateful to you that if you guide me .I applied for k1 visa .the co kept my passport in Islamabad embassy and for 7 months my case status was ready .3 days before it turned to refused .What should I do now ???
  4. EB21 employment based with my husband. July 21, 2017 Interview at US embassy Manila Consul approved our visa and did not return our passports. Instructed us to wait 5 to 10 days for our passports with printed visa through 2go courier. Checked the CEAC website everyday for updates. It was stuck on READY (for interview) for 14 days even though interview was done already. 15 days after. August 11, 2017 CEAC STATUS CHANGED TO REFUSED. Havent received any email from embassy yet. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Anyone with similar case? Please share.
  5. hello our interview for immigrant visa f-4 category was on 11-AUG-2017 our interview was successful and counselor said we shall receive our visa in 14 days but we didn't 'cas we were below the poverty line we needed an extra affidavit of support so we did send them it on 11-september-2017 and they changed our status from refused (administrative processing) to ready on 14-september-2017 they last updated our case on 22-september-2017 since then no update has been occurred and they aren't replying our e-mails what should we do how long we should wait? why is it showing ready when we already have had a successful interview ?