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Mike E's US Immigration Timeline

  Petitioner's Name: Mike
Beneficiary's Name: Iris
VJ Member: Mike E
Country: Myanmar

Last Updated: 2023-07-07
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Immigration Checklist for Mike & Iris:

USCIS I-129F Petition:      
Dept of State K1 Visa:    
USCIS I-485 Petition:  
USCIS I-765 Petition:      
USCIS I-131 Petition:      
USCIS I-751 Petition:  
USCIS N-400 Petition:  

K1 Visa
Event Date
Service Center : California Service Center
Transferred? No
Consulate : Rangoon, Myanmar
I-129F Sent : 2018-01-29
I-129F NOA1 : 2018-02-07
I-129F RFE(s) : 2018-08-28
RFE Reply(s) : 2018-08-31
I-129F NOA2 : 2018-09-14
NVC Received : 2018-10-16
Date Case #, IIN, and BIN assigned : 2018-10-17
NVC Left : 2018-10-18
Consulate Received : 2018-10-22
Packet 3 Received : 2018-10-22
Packet 3 Sent : 2018-11-16
Packet 4 Received : 2018-11-30
Interview Date : 2018-12-26
Interview Result : Approved
Second Interview
(If Required):
Second Interview Result:
Visa Received : 2019-01-07
US Entry : 2019-01-09
Marriage : 2019-01-25
Comments : All packets were exchanged via email and required documents were brought at time of interview. This embassy eliminated drop box in December of 2018.

Three hours inside the embassy. Ten minutes of actual interview time. Only people with immigrant visa applications and other immigration related requests were interviewed.

Visa took 6 working days from interview to availability to pick up.
Estimates/Stats :
Your I-129f was approved in 219 days from your NOA1 date.

Your interview took 322 days from your I-129F NOA1 date.

Port of Entry Review
Event Date
Port of Entry : San Francisco
POE Date : 2019-01-09
Got EAD Stamp : No
Biometrics Taken : Yes
Harassment Level : 0
Comments : Petitioner and Beneficiary processed at the same time by same CBP officer, using a single customs declaration card signed by Petitioner. CBP officer just reminded us to get married in 90 days. No secondary. No customs duty.

Adjustment of Status
Event Date
CIS Office : San Jose CA
Date Filed : 2019-03-27
NOA Date : 2019-04-03
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2019-04-22
AOS Transfer** :
Interview Date : 2020-01-16
Approval / Denial Date : 2020-01-27
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp : No
Greencard Received: 2020-02-01
Comments : IO didn’t ask any “gotcha” questions like “how many windows are there in your home”.

The IO was annoyed that we had a medical done for the AoS. Iris' original medical in Myanmar was in November 2018, so the lawyer thought she needed a second. As it turned out, the medical resulted in more required vaccinations, so it is debatable who was wrong here.

Otherwise it was a perfunctory interview that apparently ended with no decision. However the green card has an issued date of 2020-01-16, so apparently the IO made a decision that day.

Employment Authorization Document
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method : Mail
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2019-03-27
NOA Date : 2019-04-03
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. :
Approved Date : 2019-09-05
Date Card Received : 2019-09-11
Comments :
Estimates/Stats :
Your EAD was approved in 162 days.

Advance Parole
Event Date
CIS Office : Chicago National Office
Filing Method :  
Filing Instance : First
Date Filed : 2019-03-27
NOA Date : 2019-04-03
RFE(s) :
Date Received : 2019-09-11
Comments :
Estimates/Stats :
Your AP was approved in 162 days.

Lifting Conditions
Event Date
CIS Office : California Service Center
Date Filed : 2021-10-19
NOA Date : 2021-10-25
RFE(s) :
Bio. Appt. : 2022-03-11
Interview Date :
Approval / Denial Date : 2022-10-14
Approved : Yes
Got I551 Stamp :
Green Card Received : 2022-10-21
Comments : Using same lawyer we used for I-485 package. As we are planning to move out of state, our lawyer will be receiving all primary documents (extension letter, approval and green card) and we will travel to the lawyer’s office to get them.

Biometrics and interview waived

Initial field office was San Jose. Field office at time of approval was Tucson

Event Date
Service Center : Online
CIS Office : Tucson AZ
Date Filed : 2022-11-02
NOA Date : 2022-11-02
Bio. Appt. : 2022-11-02
Interview Date : 2023-01-31
Approved : Yes
Oath Ceremony : 2023-02-24
Comments :

Member Reviews:

Consulate Review: Rangoon, Myanmar
Review Topic: K1 Visa
Event Description
Review Date : December 27, 2018
Embassy Review : Male petitioner. Female Burmese beneficiary. Petitioner was not permitted to enter embassy so he waited outside embassy. Non-beneficiaries are permitted only when translator is needed. For example several residents of India and Nepal use this embassy for convenience, and they spoke neither Burmese nor English.

Note that per Wikileaks this huge embassy is a major CIA outpost and as such, absolutely zero electronics are allowed. It was very sad watching several visa applicants forgetting to give their phones to the people who drove them to Embassy before their rides drove away. Many appointments had to be canceled.

Similarly there is no public parking and several beneficiaries who drove themselves struggled to find a parking spot and had to miss their appointment.

This embassy has an “additional form” requirement where the beneficiary must list names, dates of birth,’addresses, phone nimbers, and occupations of parents, in-laws, siblings, and children. If one doesn’t have this form at time of interview, no opportunity is given to fill out a blank form. The appointment must be re-scheduled.

Three hour total appointment at embassy. Ten minutes of actual interview time. Most time was spent waiting. To kill time and speed up process, beneficiary helped older beneficiaries having trouble understanding instructions. For example, she helped finger print an old man who didn’t understand what was going on.

CO was not of Burmese origin and had rudimentary Burmese language skills. Interview was conducted in English at beneficiary’s choice.

Most questions were straightforward. USA petitioner is dual citizen of Canada and naturalized USA citizen. The CO wanted to know if beneficiary planned to live in Canada or USA. The CO also asked beneficiary for how long petitioner was a USA citizen. She got the answer wrong by year (she is pretty bad with dates) and was still approved.

CO asked if petitioner could speak Burmese (answer: a little). CO asked when was last time the couple met, and was told petitioner arrived five days prior, was outside embassy waiting and would wait for visa to return to USA with beneficiary.

CO did not ask for any documents the email to beneficiary did not list. The tax forms the email asked for were not collected.CO looked over the photos from 17 meetings and returned them.

CO asked how couple met. Answer was an online dating site. CO did not ask for proof that this site was not an IMB.

Visa approved and was told visa would take 1-2 weeks.
Rating : Good

Timeline Comments: 10

Willxkris on 2019-03-06 said:
Mike, thank you so much for sharing your K-1 visa experience. There is little to no information about K-1 visa process in U.S. Embassy Yangon on the internet, but you have given us a lot of tips on preparing for visa interview. Currently, we are at the NVC processing stage, and are doing our best to avoid hiccups in my fiancee's upcoming visa interview.
Mike E on 2019-03-06 said:
Will x Kris, My pleasure. This can be a maddening embassy to deal with. Get used to long weeks of radio silence followed by a demand for quick action. Best wishes for a good outcome.
Mike E on 2019-03-06 said:
I noticed Will is from Hawaii. Iris and I are doing our honeymoon in Maui after we file the AOS (hopefully this week if I can get the translator to follow instructions).
Mike E on 2021-11-22 said:
Last for 4 VJ I-751 timeline updates 2021-11-21: 2023-05-23 2021-11-14: 2023-03-22 2021-11-07: 2023-05-13 2021-10-31: 2022-12-10
Mike E on 2021-11-22 said:
Last for 4 VJ I-751 timeline updates 2021-11-21: 2023-05-23 2021-11-14: 2023-03-22 2021-11-07: 2023-05-13 2021-10-31: 2022-12-10
blank avatar Jstn on 2022-01-28 said:
Hey Mike- was wondering if you know the estimated time after submitting the ds-160 that we’ll get an interview date. They said we are on a waiting list?
Mike E on 2022-03-11 said:
Sorry Jstn just noticed your question. They added us to wait list on November 20, 2018 and confirmed the appoint for December 26, 2018 on November 29, 2018.
WaterLeaf on 2022-07-12 said:
I wish you sooner results and smooth I-751 process! Stay strong and don't lose hope. You'll get this figured out, ignore the other bully. :)
Mike E on 2022-07-26 said:
He is ignored
Mike E on 2022-10-25 said:
@waterleaf I-751 approved. The bully still waits.
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