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  1. If you’re scheduled on March 7, 2019 interview and have not seen an email notification like this, check your SPAM folder.
  2. My parents’s visa was issued today. I have questions: 1. Do they need to do the CFO seminar? 2. How much do they need to pay in NAIA before leaving? Or the terminal fee? 3. What else do we need to expect? thank you for your help!
  3. Good Day! I just wanna ask if anyone have an idea if i can hand carry the kareoke machine im going to buy here in manila? or it will be better if i will check in? also do they allow me to bring kareoke machine? thank you in advance for your response picture below is the sample kareoke machine i will bring to USA.
  4. Visa approved!! Timeline: NOA1: Feb.9,2017 NOA2: July 25,2017 Sent to NVC: Aug 1,2017 MNL case number: Aug 12,2017 Paid AOS and IV: Aug 15,2017 (Sent the expedite letter as well) DS 260 done: Aug 18,2017 Medical: Aug 22,2017 (I went really early and my medical was done in 1 day) Expedite approval and papers sent to Manila, Case status ready: Aug 23,2017 Interview: Sept 5,2017 - Approved!! VOH: Soon!! Interview experience : My schedule was 6:45 but went there at 6 am, I went straight to the guard and showed my interview appointment letter, he told me to go inside and fall in line which I did, we waited for 30 minutes and they let us in (naawa siguro kasi sobrang lakas ng ulan). Second set of lady guards or assistants, idk what they are gave us zip lock bags for our passport, the bio of your passport should be showing. Also show your DS 260 or 160 because they will put a sticker. Follow the line and go inside the embassy. Inside the embassy, you will go through 2 scanners, just be courtious and follow instructions of the guards because they get irritated easily... Next step: I waited inside for the Pre screening windows to open. And when it was my turn the lady was very pleasant. Her questions were: Hi how are you? Answered I'm fine, and you? She said she's OK. Asked for my DS 260 and passport. What's my name? Who is petitioning me? A:My husband (his name) Asked how we met. Asked for the original documents (CENOMAR. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. BIRTH CERTIFICATE. AOS. NBI, MEDICAL RESULTS) And she asked questions about ourselves. She said me and my husband are very lucky because we are both single, same age and same hobbies which is online gaming and animes and we are both Filipino. Told me to proceed to the window for finger scanning TIP: BEFORE YOUR INTERVIEW, MOISTURIZE YOU HAND ALWAYS KASI MAY PALYA YUNG FINGER SCANNER NILA. Finger scanning experience : I've read a lot about this guy that he gets irritated easily!! The person before me was asked to stand aside because their paper isn't ready.. So he took mine instead and asked my name and date of birth then asked me to press my left four fingers without the thumb and I did, isang click lang scan agad (always moisturize your hands sis) then he said very good, now right hand please, then I did as well, and thank God, one click lang ulit na scan na, then asked to press the scanner with my two thumbs and BAM na scan ulit!! he was pleased and he even did a small talk, He smiled and asked so where are you going? And I answered San Diego, California sir, and then he said wow California girl and I gave him the best smile I can give to someone, he told me good luck and I said thank you, and have a good day sir. Next step is the final interview. I wasn't really nervous, as long as you know your relationship is genuine ang dali lang ng tanong. The interviewer was a beautiful American woman, she asked me to swear an oath and have my fingers scanned then I gave my ds 260 TIP: ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BE PREPARED TO GIVE YOUR DS 260. And LISTEN TO YOUR SURROUNDINGS BECAUSE THE PEOPLE BEFORE YOU WERE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS LIKE PREPARE YOUR DS 260 AND HABANG NAKAUPO KA IPREPARE MO NA RIN PARA PAG TURN MO NA, PASA AGAD!! DAPAT ACTIVE KASI GUSTO NG AMERICANS MABILISAN BECAUSE TIME IS GOLD FOR THEM.THEY HAVE A LOT TO DO AND YOU HOLDING THEM UP WILL MAKE THEM IRRITATED. she asked me the standard questions that the Filipina consul asked me.. Name? Husband's name? Job? Where does he live? Have I ever been outside the country? My age? And then she stopped asking and was doing something with her computer.. I am a very chatty person so while she was fixing her computer I complimented her eyelashes because she was wearing extensions and ako kasi mahilig rin ako sa make ups and beauty stuff, she said thank you, told her I'm planning to get one as well, then she told me that I better get one before I go to America cuz it's expensive there.. And then she said, OK Lora I'll be endorsing your visa for approval. Expect your visa to be delivered within 2 weeks. I was like.. Ok mam. Uhhh that's it?? She said yea, just get a pamphlet and update your delivery information online Me: um so I can go home? Her: Yes, and tell the good news to your husband. I bid her good bye and thank you and told her to have a nice day. TIP: Always be pleasant and pro active. They really appreciate applicants who can answer questions right away, ayaw nila ng paulit ulit and smile, be confident and as much as possible,dont get an interpreter.. Because you will be migrating to America, it's natural that you should know their language. And the best tip is have faith, prayers really do move mountains. Pray to whoever your God is may it be Allah or Buddha or Jesus, as long as you pray hard and be a good person. Good things will come to you! "And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - The Alchemist. Thank you so much for this group and shout out to my mommy and angel Katrina Martin. Thank you for guiding me and I will forever be thankful with what you did. I love you sis and may all the blessings and good karma be given to you and your family.
  5. Hello all, I'm scheduled to have my interview at the US embassy (in Manila) on the 7th of February and I'm currently gathering the documents for me and my fiance (petitioner) for me to bring. I have a few questions: 1) I have a significant amount of savings and will be bringing a bank certificate to the interview. My fiance earns enough to cover the minimum for the petition, but will I be able to say that I'm going to mostly be relying on my own money for the time I won't be working? 2) Does the affidavit of support and the letter of intent to marry require a wet signature or can it be digital? I'm trying to figure out whether or not he has to send me the documents via courier or if I can just print everything out on my end. 3) What questions are typically asked during the interview? Thank you in advance for the help!
  6. Hello fellow visa journey filers! I am starting this thread to assist all of those who have beneficiaries in Manila. This way we can share information regarding the US Embassy in Manila and the requirements and help each other. I also recommend maybe some of the beneficiaries can help each other locally and point out the resources and what their experience has been and share their timelines. Our NOA2 approval was Feb 10th and we received the letter on Feb 14th. I have called the NVC today and still no case number. I would love to hear from all of you who are also petitioning someone from the Philippines who have gotten your NOA2 recently so we can share our timelines and what your experience has been as well. I will be updating this with each of my phone call attempts to the NVC As well as post dates of once I have a Case Tracker number. I’ll also post when the medical and other forms are being filed. If anybody has any suggestions or information to share regarding the Philippines US embassy please post here. I look forward to sharing our journey and getting our beneficiaries approved and on their way as soon as possible.
  7. Hello, I need help. I read that I need to register a delivery address where the visa will be delivered. So I went here http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ph-iv-documentdelivery.asp and created an account. I was then asked to schedule an appointment. So I saw the earliest they have is September 25. My original interview date from NVC is October 1. So cut the story short, I received an email confirmation saying appointment has been confirmed. I got really confused cos it has MRV fees UID with barcode. I then cancelled the September 25 cos I was thinking that might be intended for K1 visa applicants. It shows the appointment has been cancelled too on my profile. So yea. Just wondering if I still have my initial interview which is October 1? And how do I register a delivery address without needing to schedule an appointment??
  8. Hi everyone! I want to ask, does my fiancé really needs to send me an original copy of i134 or is scanned copy okay? Will only need this as part of the packet 3. Not sure if consulate in PH would even ask for it since it’s part of the requirement we submitted in 1st stage of petitioning.. Thanks!
  9. Sarry08

    Manila k1 interview

    Hello kababayans 🇵🇭! We are one week since our petition was approved (noa2). Is it true that all the slots for december interview are taken? We're still waiting for our case number hopefully we get on the end of the month or early December.
  10. I petitioned my mom and dad to go here in the US. They were done with their medical exams. Mom’s results were good. Unfortunately, my Dad’s x-ray wasn’t good and needed to do the sputum test. My questions are: 1. Would it really take 2 months for the result to be out? 2. His sputum test is until November 23. Do you think I would reschedule their interview in January 25? Or is it too soon? Need your advice. Thank you all!
  11. babybabycakes


    Hi guys, I have read some threads about this but I am still confuse. So, which is which? Should I only get GCP? or should I get both GCP and PDOS? I believe they are both under CFO (Commision of Filipinos Overseas) right? Thanks!
  12. Hello, My fiancee has her interview scheduled for this coming October 12th 2018. We have been told that as of september 11 2018 that the embassy is requiring a letter of Eligibility before they are allowed to enter the building.. I have spoke with many people.. some say they got inside without being asked, only had their appt letter, their passport and screenshot of the NVC case Ready status. But then i spoke with other people.. not any of them first hand, meaning they heard from someone that heard that someone said that they were not given passage without the letter..( i think they call this gossip ). Im just looking for real answers from the people that have experienced interview within the last month in Manila...thx
  13. the10thLegend


    Hello we had our interview last August 9 I've noticed that the consular officer wrote approved in our folder,but she told us to go in the realising area.the guy on realising area gave my mom a reverification form for cenomar of my mom and father and she filled it out and the guy said that my mom need to get a local civil registrar birth certificate.we go to the psa pasay to submitted the form and go home.yesterday we sent the lcr birth certificate to usem,and i checked the status today,said that the documents is received by manuel manalaysay.the status of the cenomar is still submitted to nso for processing. My question is: -how long the usem receive the cenomar from psa pasay? -when all documents submitted,how long the status on ceac.state.gov becomes issued? -why they need the local civil registrar birth certificate although my mom has a psa birth certificate? -how long do we get our visa? -The CO kept our passports,is that a good sign? We're F2A  Thanks for response!
  14. Good day! Just wanna know how's your interview experienced in US EMBASSY MANILA? because we applied for K-1 Visa and I want to be ready for the interview. Thank you and God Bless also how long does it take for the NVC to release the MCN#? LATEST EXPERIENCED will be great. thanks!
  15. Ok so our case was approved for expedite last June 14 and NVC sent our packet to the embassy on June 15, 2016. However, in CEAC site it says "in transit" still. We called NVC and said it on the US embassy now. So we called embassy and they just escalated our case got a notification email for my inquiry but till now there's no reply. I dont know why they dont allow us to talk to a supervisor. I am loosing hope and even regretting the expedite request. Thinking to call the USCIS too to make a new case and ask for an expedite. My goodness im getting crazy. Embassy agents cant really help, they just say "just wait". Hope someone could help me. Or give me some good thoughts. Thank you!