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  1. We have interview soon for F3 All documents are uploaded in CEAC . we have all originals of our documents but we don’t have the sponsors documents as they are sensetive and can be downloaded from the portal. My question is do we have to show physical copy from documents uploaded by the joint sponsor and the petitioner, they include tax documents and affidavit of support
  2. My husband was DQ’d in May, IL was sent in September. My husband already has photo album ready. However, someone told me I needed to upload the pictures onto ceac along with bringing the album. Before I upload anything i want to make sure uploading documents won't cause any delays with the interview
  3. Hello, We just got an update for one of our documents that it was rejected, I was wondering if you know the specific name for the document that we need to obtain. It says for Bosnia "Both the Policijsko Uvjerenje o nekaznjavanju and Opstinski Sud are required for immigrant visa purposes.", we submitted the Police Certificate "Policijsko Uvjerenje o nekaznjavanju" issued by the Ministry of Interior and that was accepted, but the other document that we also submitted under Police Certificate from the Minicipal Court (Opstinski Sud) was rejected. So I was wondering what second document you uploaded from the court if you know the name for it in Bosnian? Because apparently we did not receive the correct document from the Minicipal Court.
  4. Hello, My husband (beneficiary) went to University abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so he was temporarily living there for some time. He had to obtain 2 Police Certificates, the one from the Ministry of Interior got accepted, but the other one from the Municipal Court (Opcinski Sud) got rejected. So I was wondering if there is anyone else that had to submit documents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and if you could give me the name of that second document that we need to obtain because it only says "Both the Policijsko Uvjerenje o nekaznjavanju and Opstinski Sud are required for immigrant visa purposes.". What is the name of the document required by the Municipal Court (Opcinski Sud)? And did you upload that second one under "Police Certificate" on the CEAC website? This is what it says is required from Bosnia and Herzegovina, they do not give the name for the document from the Municipal Court:
  5. Hello Everyone, After 20 months, my fiancé finally had her K-1 visa interview at the embassy in Manila, Philippines on October 3. The bad news is, because of an oversite on my part, we were missing a document and she was given a 221g. The counselor told her not to worry, that as soon as they got the required document, we visa would most likely be approved. The 221g letter listed the single document required (which we have) along with instructions about how to submit the document along with the required forms and her passport. All that was self explanatory. The issue we are having is, the letter said to BOTH submit the document on CEAC (followed by sending hardcopy via courier) AND to just send the documents in (no scan and upload) via courier. I have attached a copy of the 221g she received for reference. The issue is, for a K-1 visa, I have never been able to create a personal account to "login" to. I've tried many times. We were only able to do our DS-160 there and to check our case status. When I go to the https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx page, enter our case number and invoice ID number, all we get on the next page is: "K visas are nonimmigrant visas that assist spouses or future spouses of American citizens in entering the United States. As with all nonimmigrant visa applicants, a DS-160 must be filled out in order for a consular section to process the case." The only option is to click the "OK" button which simply takes you back to the login page. Of course the DS-160 has been finished for a while, and there was no issue at the interview when it was examined. So my question is, is there a special place for K-1 visa applicants to access and upload documents to CEAC? Thank you in advance to any advice you may have for us.
  6. I submitted an F1 visa application for a family friend around 10 days ago, to the Recife, Brazil consulate office, and it still won't show me the application status when I enter all the details at https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=NIV. I put in what I believe is the correct information (which I got from the receipt e-mail when I submitted the application) and always get "Your search did not return any data." Should I worry about this, or does it take time to show up in the system? Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hello all, I am in the process of helping my parents submit their CEAC application for green card through me since I am now a naturalized US citizen. My parents both completed mandatory military service in Poland but never actually served in the military, received weapon training or basic training. They just completed their 2 years and that is all. They do have a "military card" that basically just has their information and completion of this mandatory requirement. One of the questions on the CEAC application asks about prior military service and if you answer "YES" then it asks further about branch of service, rank etc- all are things that do not apply and cannot be answered as their never served in any official capacity. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar situations or can give any advice. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hello everyone. We submitted our documents to CEAC (IR-1/CR-1) on January 19th, but yesterday (March 18th) after reading some posts about required financial documents, we uploaded additional pay stubs and some other financial supporting documents, and submitted them. My question is; Would this delay or reset our processing time for NVC? There was no warning or anything that states any delay on CEAC, and we couldn’t find any information on this matter online, so I wanted to start a new topic and ask my VJ friends.
  9. So today I got my documents accepted but also got messages which are confusing...so I have a question do i have to obtain the additional documents that are in the messages or not because they have been accepted ? Please check the photos for reference. Thank you all for your help and advice
  10. Hello again! This might seem like a silly question. But im gonna go ahead and ask anyway. On Saturday we submitted all of our Civil Docs, AOS etc on the CEAC portal. Our current status says "Submitted" Going back through a few things I noticed that if our case is processing electronically we must email the documents. Even though everything is submitted on the portal, do we still need to email NVC? Or is this advice out of date? Seems stilly to email docs as well as uploading them for review. Secondary question, I believe this has been covered but Id just like some clarification. The CEAC Status portal (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx) still says that we are required to submit documents. Am I right in thinking that this status will remain until NVC completes our case? Thanks everyone! tagging @llcoolwil because we have the same concerns.
  11. I got an email two days ago saying that my case has gotten documentarily qualified and the NVC is now working on scheduling my interview at the embassy. When logging into ceac it says police certificate (Germany) missing. Although my police certificate has been submitted and accepted further down in the same list. I’ve already tried researching and contacting NVC per mail and contact form but I can’t figure out what to do. Could the be worried my police certificate might expire before my interview? It expires February 2023 (it will be two years old by that time) I’ve requested a new police certificate just to be safe so I can end up bringing it to the interview but should I upload it or no?
  12. Hi, I've searched through the forums but can't exactly find my issue. I was recently approved for a EB2 NIW and have just completed my DS260 form on the CEAC webpage. However, there is no upload documents section present on the webpage and I am unsure if I should email or mail documents to the Department of State instead? As a self petitioned visa, I do not require affidavits of support but so need to upload a birth certificate, police check etc. I believe. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. My husbands interview is on Monday January 9th. We have our documents prepared and are hoping for the utmost best for us and all that are interviewed that day. Can someone please help me figure out how to see the status change on the CEAC website. Is it by the documents we submitted where it says "ACCEPTED"? or somewhere else. We just want to make sure we look in the right place and see our status has changed. Thanks for your help. Is anyone else there Monday Jan 9th as well?
  14. I submitted I-130 application for my son which just got approved and now my case is with National Visa Center, I have been living in Canada for last 14 years and for that reason I do not have any bank account in USA. Now I need to make payment to CEAC for further process. Can someone please advice how can I make payment to CEAC since I do not have any account in USA bank, and we aren’t allowed to make payments using credit card. Can we make payments from Canadian bank? Or from USD account in Canadian Bank. Following are some information from CEAC website about my application VISA CLASS: IR2 FOREIGN STATE OF CHARGEABILITY: CANADA INTERVIEW LOCATION: MONTREAL
  15. Hey I just received an email from NVC that there has been a change to my account. When I log in there is nothing that has changed, no new messages or anything. All my documents are accepted except the 2 that I submitted from my rfe in September. I have already given it about 3 days and there is still nothing new. Is this good news or should I be worried? Is there anything I can do?
  16. Hello Japan friends! I'm hoping to get a little information on what you all did in regards to the police report upload portion of the Civil Documents through CEAC. Obviously, I have to upload something or explain why I don't have one and will bring it to the interview sealed. Some sources say wait until the US Consulate tells you to get one before the interview. Some say get it during NVC and upload a scan of the sealed envelope with a note stating why it's sealed. Some say just say NOT AVALIABLE and explain that it will be brought to the interview. Some say they uploaded the sealed envelope and then were told that it wasn't necessary to upload via CEAC. Considering it takes 2 weeks to get one, I'd like to not sit around and wait if there's no reason to! This seems to be a uniquely Japanese problem so I'm hoping that we can pool a little bit of info here for myself and future applicants. Take care and thanks in advance!
  17. Question. I have previously brought someone over on a DCF Spousal visa (13 years ago) and another on a fiance visa (9 years ago). Unfortunately neither worked out. My husband and I are now awaiting our interview for spousal visa. I would very much like to explain to the officer why the previous marriages did not work out (first was just 2 years, divorced before conditions were lifted on 2 years green card) and (second, fiance visa, married, together 8 years total before divorce). However, I do not believe the embassy will allow me in at the time of the interview. Should I write the explanations and upload them to the CEAC site? I just feel the officer could easily judge me, however they were legitimate reasons (adultery and abuse)
  18. My husband and I had our interview yesterday and were missing one file. Went home to upload the file and received an error that I've never seen before on the CEAC website, "webservice unable to scan file". I'm the one that has been handling uploading everything to CEAC, I am so familiar with their error messages, but this is the first time I have ever seen this one. I've tried resizing my .pdf, it's under the 2MB limit. I tried uploading it as a .jpg, same result. I've tried clearing all history/cache/cookies, same result. I've switched browsers, same result. I've changed computers, same result. I've tried posting in non-peak times, same result. I've tried uploading a document already on the CEAC, so logically it should upload because it's been uploaded before, same result. We sent an email to them explaining the situation, I reported an error on their website, and plan to (try) and call when they open to try and resolve the issue. Can someone, anyone, shed light on what the issue could be? We're beyond frustrated and disheartened by this point and this is really the icing on the cake. I'm losing my mind over this, losing what non-gray hair I have left. The children are crying. Someone please please tell me you know what's going on 😭
  19. Hello, I had my K1 Visa interview on October 6th 2022. My visa was verbally approved on the spot. I have been checking my CEAC status and it has been all over the place! First it went to "Approved" Then it went to "Administrative Processing" Now it is at "Application Received?!" I am not sure what this means and from what I've read, it should be at "Issued" right now.... Has anyone else had this problem?
  20. Hi everyone I’m confused at this point as to what happens next. my fiancé and I are doing a K1 visa. He is from Afghanistan and we had his case transferred to Islamabad. I saw on CEAC that they received the package from NVC on 7/21/2022. We haven’t received anything about instructions or interview appointment. From everyone’s experience do I pay the visa fee first on cgi federal website? Then apply? Or do I need to wait for embassy in Islamabad to schedule the appointment or send instructions first? When I email nvc all they say is to contact the embassy and that they sent the package to them. when seeing other peoples timelines it’s showing that after around 13 days they got their instructions and then interview dates were scheduled for between 30-45 days after. I already filled out the DS-160 form but I’m not sure what else I need or If I’m missing a step. Any help or advice is truly appreciated.
  21. Hi all, I am sponsoring my parents for a green card, and I received an CEAC message that states that documents are documentary qualified, however the next message states: This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. This is confusing as it's my wife, I and two kids, so a household of 4, and we are sponsoring my mother (who got all DQ without this note) and my father (who is also DQ but with this CASE FE note). If i am reading the HHS poverty guidelines correctly a household of 6 (my wife, 2x kids, me and my parents) requires minimum of 46,487.00 income. I am well above that and I proved that with last three years of my income, which was: 57k, 62k, 65k, so I am not sure why is this an issue? What should I do about this? I can use my wife as a joint sponsor, but like i mentioned above I am over 10k for minimum needed; really confusing what to do. Thank you for any help.
  22. Does anyone have experience with mailing to NVC or uploading documents on CEAC and whether they require the translations to have the original (ink/wet) signature/seal or are they OK with a digital signature/seal? What about the consulate at Montreal, if they ask for certified translations, can those be the print version of the secured digital pdf translation?
  23. I recently uploaded some of my documents to the NVC and had a question about the I864A. My father must file the I864A since he is a household member as I live with my parents after returning to the US, if I understand this correctly. He files his taxes jointly with my mother who has been retired for the last 4 years or so, making her individual income zero. I have seen many people say that the I864A will still be required from her due to their taxes being filed jointly even though she has no income. Reading through the I864A instructions, I have found this: I have not found anything directly stating both of my parents will need to file the I864A, just include every related W-2 and Form 1099 which would only include my father's. I have two questions related to this: 1. Will I need to include my mother in part 5-7 of the I864 which relates to household members I am combining my income with? I currently have only included my father as she has no income so I figured it would be unnecessary. 2. If it truly is necessary for me to upload an I864A for my mother as well, will I need to create another household member item in CEAC separately from the one I created for my father, or will I need to upload her I864A in the same section I have uploaded my fathers along with tax information, their marriage certificate, etc.?
  24. My husband (in Morocco) and I (in the states) submitted all docs to NVC yesterday. In the beginning of the application process on the CEAC (Consular Electronic Application Center) stated "If your case is processing electronically, please scan and email your documents to NVCElectronic@state.gov". This confused me as we submitted the documents on the website. While researching the information, I found "only email documents if instructed. Submitting documents by email when not instructed to will delay the processing of your case." So now I am not sure what to do. I don't want to email if it is redundant and will delay our case. I am second-guessing this now. Should we email even if we submitted online? I can't find a single piece of information on this anywhere. Did anyone else do this? Help or guidance would be appreciated!! Ty!!
  25. Hi Folks, Created this thread specifically for December '21 submissions. I submitted all my documents to NVC on December 19th 2021. Looks like it's a 3 month's process. I happened to upload my passport copy facing sideways, so a bit worried about that. I again uploaded another copy facing right side up under additional documents. I hope they consider it. Hope to hear from NVC soon. Please update your NVC case status here.
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