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  1. Hi there, Visa category: F4 I have submitted all of my documents including affidavit of support, DS260 and civil documents to CEAC online on 25th February 2020. Its been more than 10 weeks of my first submission which is the Affidavit of support, but still there's NO SINGLE REVIEW from CEAC end so far. This is emotionally very frustrating and getting really stressful over the days. However, I've tried making an inquire through the NVC inquiry form but all I got in return is "THE DOCUMENTS YOU SUBMITTED ARE BEING REVIEWED" and this has happened twice. In regards to the situation described, what actions can I take other than waiting or if I can apply for expedite under the basis of emotional hardship? Any kinds of support and info will be appreciated. TIA
  2. Good day! Does anyone experience after submitting documents through Consular Electronic Application Center and you got a message saying "we are unable to process document, please replace document." Then the INCOMPLETE Link is unavailable or when I click it, it will say: Application Error You have encountered an application error. Please try again later. it has been a week already that we have tried getting on using Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Google Chrome, IOS. hoping that "later" it will be okay sadly, to no avail. we called NVC and they said it will take 6 weeks for them to fix it. Please help, we will greatly appreciate any tips or guide for us.
  3. HI, I am trying to access my DS260 application today, but it is returning an "Application Error" message. Anyone having the same issues? How can I rectify it. Please help. Thanks.
  4. Hi Hope everyone's Fine and well. I am in the process of uploading documents to CEAC website but have few questions. 1. Do i have to upload affidavit of Support all pages as one file or each page separately? 2. My paystubs are weekly so for 6 months it would be 6x4 = 24 so should i upload them all or just one pay stub from each month? 3. Also the same about w2 and federal tax return pages? Any help would be appreciated. THANKS
  5. Is it true that CEAC updates with a date change when an inquiry is made? Are those date changes essentially meaningless? Does a date change have more validity when it’s changed on its own without any inquiring? Thanks all!
  6. Hello guys!! Have a good day. Our case just got approved and I have a little question regarding the information they are asking on the DS 260. Why do they need our information about the educational institutes we've studied at? Do they verify it with the institutes if we have put legit details on the form? I mean what is the purpose of it?
  7. Hi guys!! is it possible to go back and check what we've filled out after submitting the DS 260 form?
  8. Hello everyone As of March 22 i received an email from the US embassy scheduling my appointment, i had my medical examination in the same day , my appointment should have been april 01 , on March 20 the US department of state suspended all the routine immigration visa services worldwide , but i emailed the embassy inquiring if the appointment wss cancelled or not, but there was no response, on April 01 i went to the US embassy and as soon as I arrived they told me there was no office in duty to interview me , yesterday i opened CEAC and found that last update on my case is on April 13 although i didn't have my interview,
  9. I got my 601 Extreme Hardship waiver approved last week, March 11. However, CEAC updated the status of my case, MArch 16, and is Saying REFUSED. " The Consular Officer adjudicated and resfused you a VISA . Please see the interview letter we gave you during the interview" My question is, can they still REFUSE you even though the INADMISSABILITIES were already cured by the 601? Is the CEAC peopl accurate?
  10. Hello everyone, I am writing about my issue hoping if someone who has gone through the same issue could help me understand this. I had my interview on 25th feb at Mumbai India US consulate for CR1 visa and was approved the same day the ceac status was updated to 'issued' and the passport was dispatched but for some reason it was recalled on the same day it was dispatched by the consulate and my passport status was changed as 'return to the post' while the visa still remained issued last updated 28th Feb. I had tried contacting the support center but always received same answer your visa is issued it's in final processing. Both on call and in the email replies. Today as I am writing it's been more than 12 day post interview but still haven't received my passport getting worried
  11. Hello I am new to this website so I am a little nervous but here is my past two weeks in a nutshell. I had my interview on the 26th of February at the Montreal Consulate and I was given a 221g to submit a new passport. I submitted my new passport on the 2nd of March and it got to the consulate on the 4th. On the ceac website it says that my case has been refused since the 26th of February. On Monday March the 9th my case has been updated to still say refused. I have emailed the Montreal consulate for clarification on what to do next. I'm very open to see if anyone would like to share their advice on what this means or if I should panic.
  12. I recently submitted all my documents to NVC and upon submitting these documents I realized that I had pages 8-10 twice in my police report replacing pages 5-6, which will be a obvious rejection once reviewed. I’m just trying to forecast how long it will take for them to review my documents once I uploaded the correct version ?
  13. This is pretty urgent! I filed my mom's paper work and she finally has an interview on the 6th of next month, but she needed to go to a different interview a week before the Visa interview in order to get her fingerprint recorded on the system and she needs the DS-260 confirmation page but when I looked on my E-mail it wasn't there (definitely my mistake) and then I tried to get it from CEAC but it doesn't allow me to see the confirmation page, does anyone has a solution for this problem? I called the NVC but they said that they can't do anything since the case is being processed abroad and when I called the one in my home country they said that they can't do anything either...
  14. Hi, Currently trying to fill out my DS-160 form and I'm pressured for time throughout this whole process. The CEAC website is completely down and I am losing my mind. I've been looking into it and it seems to happen every year. This website error could go on for weeks. I'm really frustrated because they aren't giving any time limit to this failure. Problem is due to the heavy traffic on the website. Is anyone else having this frustrating problem?? Please let me know so I know it's not me.
  15. The TAB , "Affidavit of Support Documents and Civil Documents" is missing which is supposed to be right next to the "IV APPLICATION" tab. I am unable to upload civil documents, same issue goes with my agency and attorney. Whenever they log in, there is no where to upload documents. This is very frustrating as my documents are already complete but NVC no longer accepts mailed documents. They should at least have an alternative ways of submitting documents and not relying on their system that is completely failure to do its job. As far as I can see this is an error in their system or the programming of their site. Fee has been paid, DS260 has been completed for both me and my wife, last thing to do is upload documents. But how in the world could I upload documents or somebody else if there is nowhere to upload the documents. Is there anyone here with similar situation or problem and what was the solution? I have tried emailing NVC but it seems like it will take decades to reach them. Also, due to huge time differences, I am having difficulty contacting them by phone. IF YOU WOULD COMPARE BOTH PHOTOS ATTACHED, YOU COULD SEE MINE IS MISSING THE DOCUMENTS TAB
  16. Hi, When submitting tax transcripts on CEAC is it okay to combine the 2018, 2017 and 2016 transcripts into 1 pdf? and in the comment section mention the order in which they appear in the pdf. I submitted it in 1 pdf and now just stressing out. Can someone please confirm this?
  17. Hey, Have just submitted all our paperwork online on CEAC tonight. Just curious about how long till we hear back and whats next? Will I receive a letter with interview and Medical or via email?
  18. Hello, my Fiancé just had his interview and we are a bit confused with the CEAC status. I checked it by using the case # given by NVC and selecting IMMIGRANT VISA... Status says READY He checks it using the ID# on the DS-160 and selects NON-IMMIGRANT VISA and the status is "NO STATUS". So which is it? Why do both work? His interview went well but they asked for our additional proof of relationship/contact and pictures (which he handed over) and they gave him a 221g white form saying "Admin Review" and we will call you in 2 weeks. Gave him his passport back. Does anyone know what's going on? Or which status is correct? Thank you, Andie
  19. What documents are required for household member in a AOS tab? The household member of the petitioner does not do job. What documents must be submitted for the household member besides I-684A
  20. Hi all, From the time My wife submitted all civil docs for cr1 visa to the NVC on the CEAC site to when they first got back to us took a month and a half. Her police certificate document was deemed invalid as Morroco has more than one police certificate document required. One from the court and one from the local police station. This was not known to me before as i only submitted the police certificate from the local police station. I just wanted to get a tally on if the response time the 2nd time around will take the same amount of time as the first time around (a month and a half.) I would imagine not since we are only pending one doc but wanted to hear from your experience for those who needed to resubmit documents. Also wanted to know how long it took from when all documents are approved on the ceac site to the time when they send the interview letter. And then how long from the interview later to the interview date. Any info will be greatly appreciated. The wait is so long and brutal. Best, Syed
  21. Hello, Fiancé had interview November 15 and was issued 221g for joint sponsor and W2. Have had updates every week and today I checked and the case creation date and last update date were updated to today’s date. Still in administrative processing. What’s your experience with this? Going in the right direction?
  22. Hello, This is my first time posting here and I hope that it is in the correct place. On 09/10/2019 my wife and I received our second approval letter for her CR1 Visa and her case went to the NVC; I've seen a lot of posts on here about how it takes 4-8 weeks for our case to be input into the system and receive our logon credentials for CEAC. But as of today, 12/19/2019, we have still not received our login information to continue the process. I've tried calling the NVC but wasn't offered much help when inquiring about my wife's case. Does this part of the process normally take a little longer at times? I've seen quite a few posts on here from people who received their letter after we did and have already gone to the next steps of the process. Thank you for any input, - Justin
  23. Hi, we received our case number on the 9th of October. We submitted our ds 260 on the 14th of October. CEAC was down for 10 days so we couldn’t upload our documents till the 22nd of october. all of our documents show as submitted on CEAD. Both fees as paid, and ds 260 as completed. yet when i check the case tracker it says please submit requested documents. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  24. Hello. I had my second interview. They said they will call with a decision in two days. The day after my interview the embassy emailed me to do my medical exam because the first one were expired. Two days after i did my medical exam they updated the status on CEAC. Since then nothing new. Its been1 month . I dont know what to do, to email the embassy or wait for an phone call or email from them.
  25. I initiated petition case for my husband in March 2018, He had his visa interview on 08/05/2019, was told he got approved and to wait for his passport to be returned to him in about 3 weeks, it’s been over two months now and he hasn’t received his passport, his case in the CEAC page shows ready for interview and it shows it has been updated several times, 09/30, 10/07, 10/08, 10/11 and 10/17, the embassy is only saying we have to wait and aren’t explaining what this means. We had a baby girl in May 2019 and he hasn’t been able to meet her. This wait is the worst.. Anyone experience something similar?
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