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  1. She has her COVID shots and a booster so we are good there. Thank you all for help on this one. One less thing I need to think about.
  2. @hunny&me So if she shows up with no records of vaccinations will they do this Titer Test to confirm what she has or hasn't gotten or just administer the MMR, TDap and whatever else a 35 year old needs to have? Should we get a Titer test?
  3. Do they send an email for the NOA1 or am I going to get a letter from them? When I login to my account the status says they "sent you a receipt notice or acceptance notice" but I didn't get an email other than the receipt for my payment. It also states 10 months is the estimated processing time with the note it could be shorter or longer.
  4. So what happens if she cannot find her vaccination records?
  5. Reading through --> USCIS Immigration Vaccination Requirements it lists 8 different vaccines, but when you look at the I-693 it has more on there. If I go to https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/ link from the same instructions and answer the questions I just get MMR, TDap and the flu vaccines are needed. I know she has to have documentation to show she got certain vaccines but what are all the vaccines that my wife will need before she is allowed to come here on her visa once we get it? I would like to get this taken care of now and make sure she is all set so we don't have to worry about it later. So who do I follow? The requirements page here, the I-693, or the CDC?
  6. What Pushbrk said still stands. Just tell the truth as to the facts.
  7. I just had my mom take a picture of me and my wife had her son do it. I used the photo tool @DAYEE28 mentioned and cropped both picture and uploaded them.
  8. You said in your original posting tat you met in Dubai... Here you say you have never met in person... Which is it, have you met in person or not?
  9. @pushbrk I am reading instructions but it doesn't always click with me 100% and that is why I was stating the above to make sure I understood it correctly. Thank you as always for your help.
  10. I should get an email in the next few days which would be my NOA1 showing they received it? Then a year(ish) from now I will get my NOA2 which is when they have approved it? Once I receive NOA2 then that would be the time to start the next set of paperwork? Just trying to make sure I am understanding this.
  11. So I submitted my I-130 and paid the fee on 9/28. It shows received but I didn't get a welcome email, only a receipt for my payment. I go to the CEAC and it doesn't recognize my case so I can't pay the fee for the affidavit of support and if I am reading this all correct I would fill out and send it in after I pay the fee? Is that correct? @pushbrk So all I do now is wait for them to proceed then? They will tell me when to move to the I-864? And yes I will download and read.
  12. Title says it all... When do I start the I-864? Do they tell you when to do it or do I just do it now? Can this be filed online as well, I can't seem to find it online only in PDF form?
  13. Assuming you took your honeymoon after you married because why would you call it a honeymoon if you weren't married. Did you marry online through Utah or another state? As long as you were married virtually and then met after you are in the clear. I uploaded the electronic marriage cert and also scans of the original marriage cert from Utah just to cover all bases. What specific paperwork are you worried about? If your wife is a US Citizen then she should be processing your immigration paperwork.
  14. I just finished filing mine and for evidence I gave them a bunch of pictures, flight itinerary, flight tickets, hotel and air B&B receipts, and chat logs from messenger. With my chat logs I downloaded them from Facebook and then copied a day here and a day there (15 files in total for 6 months) and pasted just the text into word and saved them as PDF's. As far as joint accounts and such I haven't done any of that, nor have I changed my beneficiary for my life insurance or retirement plan yet. If you read the info given under evidence proof there is a spot that explains the letters from relative and friends and exactly what needs to be on them to qualify. IMO online is the best option.
  15. Ok so I made a small oops. On my wife's marriages I misspelled the last name by 1 letter, Defour instead of Dufour. Is there a way to correct that or do I just hope they notice it and correct it on their own or I guess they could send us an RFE for it. Is there anything I can do?
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