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  1. We just got approved! ❤️ Hang in there August group your time is near. NOA1 August 31, 2020 NOA2 March 25, 2021
  2. There are August NOA2 approvals for K-1 now that I have seen in other forums(August K1 facebook group). Many were on August 3 and 4. Hang in there people, it looks like our time will be sooner than expected for the NOA2! Now if they just would open up the Manila embassy for average typical K-1 appointments I would be super excited personally. Start working that backlog!!!
  3. Yes it seems like they would be bending over backwards at this pandemic time to get it right. It's not like a bunch of people are actively booking international flights. That is a lot of points for 2 people to Southeast Asia, and back too. But they are doing the exact opposite. I would be frustrated too. It's mid November, they should have been able to refund your points by now, especially since THEY cancelled your flight. I'd be interested to know how you can transfer those points elsewhere. I guess you must have a credit card that can do that. I hear Chase Sapphire is really good for doing things like that. I think I'm stuck with my air points and cant move them since I just got those points by flying on either American or Delta. P.S. I love when I get those American emails and they ask, "Where would you like to go?" I'm screaming PHILIPPINES at my computer. LOL.
  4. Thanks I think. Just wanting to be ready for her to use the points as soon as she can. Not exactly a worry, more just trying to get some clarification from those that used airpoints for their fiance's. The lockdown situation will change sometime. In fact, she could use them now if she were able to get a travel visa, just I couldn't go there. Bummed because we had a trip planned for November/December and as you are aware, unmarried Americans cant go to the Philippines. Somehow this cluster*** will get resolved. When is always the question.
  5. Thank you very much for your reply. I haven't ever used points for anyone but myself and appreciate the feedback. You are right, maybe I can look at the Sky Miles and One World partners for other options too. Since you have bought tickets for others with your points its good to know they weren't questioned. It's always good to prepare to avoid potential problems is how I view travel related items. And to hear others experiences with points usage a bit outside the norm is valuable. Sooner or later the K1 approvals will occur and when ours does, I want to be knowledgeable and ready to go ASAP, especially with airlines tickets essentially paid for already potentially with points. Always like your posts as you try to help people where you can.
  6. I'm planning to use either my American or Delta Airline points to buy my fiance's flights. Would she need anything besides her passport and visa to show at the airlines check-in counters if it was bought by me, in her name? There would not be any of my credit card info to show as it's my points.
  7. I didnt see anything mentioned about intent to improve K1 visa timelines (as only expedites are happening now) or remedy all the ridiculous waiting for already approved K1 visas. Or about opening up the embassies to full processing staff. Those are the things that are the main problems. Help people who legally did all they can. Not putting any of the limited staff working on doing anything to take away from the legal applying immigrants to "fast track" illegal immigrants ahead of legal applicants.
  8. The links appear to be the same. Both Non-Immigrant.
  9. Thank you for the response. Greenbaum you have put out very much valuable information all over VJ and it is appreciated. Opening the Embassy has to be the K1 communities highest priority to get things moving from NVC to pre-covid shutdown K1 visa on hand levels in a timeframe similar to pre-covid. Understanding what can be done to get it open was my curiosity. Thanks again for your work here.
  10. Thank you for the response. Where did you find that information? Are they all of the "expedited" type of approval or are any of the regular typical non assisted K1 type? I have read the USEM is closed for ordinary K1 from many posters. I assume that if any K1 did get processed there, it was from people who had expedite ability.
  11. Who determines when a US Embassy (for instance in the Philippines) will open for K1 visa processing? Is it officials in the Philippine government or officials in the US government? If it is the US government, who in particular decides? Can a US Senator be contacted for help putting pressure on "whoever decides" to get the K1 process moving in the Manila Embassy? Just who is in charge of getting the US Manila Embassy opening and processing K1 visa's is unclear to me. Thank you,
  12. Hotels I have stayed at in metro Manila: Conrad-Awesome if you have points to cover it. It's right there at MOA/seaside and is super convenient Hyatt City of Dreams-Another great place if you have points to cover it. Casino area is fun to be around. Golden Phoenix-Near to the convention center is a plus. It isn't near as nice as the others I mentioned, but the rooms are big and it is clean overall. Crowne Plaza Galleria- In Ortegas and is very nice. Metrowalk is not far and Robinsons is connected. IM Hotel-Makati-Has an awesome see-through glass bottom pool I think its on the 3rd floor, and great evening music scene on the rooftop, fun place. Seda Vertis North-near Quezon City-really a good hotel if up north right by SM North and another mall up there I forgot the name. Cheers!
  13. Unfortunately, I agree about the interview not until next summer and the world being very different then. Probably 9-10 months or even 11 months from my NOA1 to Visa on hand completion seems a realistic timeline. Reading about priority being put on K1 is encouraging but with the backlog already I'm thinking 10 months total. Thanks for the feedback too. P.S. One of my good friends is in Minneapolis. Lots to do.
  14. Small, small world my friend! Thank you for the information and the info on your time in Godfrey I'm semi-new to the area and have been enjoying it. The last Mister Donut in the USA is here in Godfrey, the maple long john donut is to die for . Really appreciate the feedback on the timeframe. It's such a gray area with flight uncertainty and how both governments restrictions will be at that time related to covid. FIngers crossed all goes well with no RFE delays added too as the process is really long right now without any "self-imposed" delays. Take care.
  15. Thank you very much for the information! Right now short notice flights between MNL and DVO appear to be only about every 3 days at best (AirAsia,CebuPacific,PAL) and about $100 USD one way at best. I have some time to see how things adjust nearer her time frame pre-medical. But really appreciate knowing your times from medical to visa on hand. When to start scheduling everything is our uncertainty at this point. Thanks again.
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