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  1. Yes, unfortunately my health insurance is with Kaiser Permamente in California. It is what it is. Good for you that you were able to add your wife to your health insurance.
  2. UPDATE on getting the SSN. On July 13th, I mailed a copy of my fiancee passport bio-page and K1 Visa Stamp with application and printed I-94 form. On July 21st, I received everything back from SSN local office saying they need the original documents. On July 24th, I mailed application again with original passport. Today, August 7th, I received everything back (including passport) with another note saying I need to call to make an appointment. I called the number on the note and it was invalid. I googled my local SS Office number and called them. Believe it or not, I actually got hold of someone to talk to within 5 minutes. I explained I got a note from them saying to make an appointment. However, the agent I spoke to said I can only make an appointment if it is a dire situation like my finance has a job offer or is working. I explained she needs a SSN so I can add her to my health insurance. She told my contact information and the reason I stated the need for the SSN. The agent said she will forward it to a Supervisor and they can decide if the reason is dire enough to process her SS application. It can take up to two weeks before the Supervisor will contact me. My recommendation for other members is to not mail the passport with application for SSN. I wasted a whole month. I should of called first on the 13th of June and explained I need a SSN for my fiancee for health insurance purposes. Then wait two weeks before the Supervisor calls me to setup an appointment. The Social Security Admin don't understand how important a SSN is needed in the USA to function. Without the SSN, I cannot add my future wife to my health insurance, pension death beneficiary, bank accounts, etc. I'm back to square one and waiting now for the Social Security Supervisor to contact me. 🥴
  3. I'm just waiting for a copy of my marriage certificate to mail in with my petitions. I will still mail in my I-944 form with I-785. I don't want to get a RFE. If it is not needed, I assume the USCIS will just disregard the I-944.
  4. I-944 is currently still in effect. Maybe by the time you go to your interview for the AOS, USCIS may not look at your I-944 application if the Judge's ruling still holds.
  5. Just an update to help others from the Philippines to the USA. My fiancee left Mactan Airport to Manila International for a layover flight to San Francisco. She got her Travel Pass and Health Certificate and hired a private car to take her to the airport. Taxi and GRAB (Ride sharing app) were not operating in Cebu City. She got there way early, more than three hours before departure time so she waited outside. The ticket agent for PAL did questioned her about her VISA (K1). The agent had to get her manager or supervisor to approve if K1 visa holders were allowed to leave. Whoever they paged to the ticket counter, gave the okay and my fiancee got checked in. From there on it was smooth sailing. The planes left on time. She got her luggage at Manila Airport for visual inspection and rechecked in. No more interviews or questions about why she was going to the USA. The plane arrived on time in San Francisco. My fiancee said the custom agent (Female) was very nice and friendly. We got married via Video Conference with the County Clerk. You have to make an appointment online for the ceremony at least 72 hours ahead after submitting the marriage license application online. Next was the Social Security Number project. This used to be simple before the corvid virus pandemic. Just go to the office in person and apply for the SSN. Now the Social Security Offices are closed. You have two choices to get SSN. One is to mail in the Application with Passport and I-94 printout. The other is to have USCIS process the SSN for you when you submit the EAD application. We decided to mail in the passport and application because we would get her SSN faster by applying directly to the Social Security Administration. There are many things we can't do here without her having a SSN. My company health insurance requires a SSN from her, for example. Opening her own bank account is another example. Many members voiced their concern about mailing in their passport. Yes, there is a risk. However, you can mail it via register mail for comfort. I feel confident the Social Security Office will take care of the passport and send it back to us as soon as they can since it is normal process now. Waiting for the SSN after filing the EAD application would take much longer; maybe two more month or longer. In the meanwhile, we did get her a CA ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicle. However, she got it because the person helping her was very understanding and went out the way to help her. My wife did not have any billings with her name on it and she has not received her SSN yet. She only showed her passport and I-94 form and a copy of the marriage license application. She had a copy of my utilities billing under my name. The person made an exception to the rule and processed her for an identification card. So hopefully, she will get her SSN in a couple of weeks so I can add her to my health Insurance. Stay safe and I hope other members will soon have their love ones with them soon.
  6. You need to attend the CFO seminar in person.
  7. I know what you are feeling now after reading the email from the Bureau of Immigration Philippines. IMHO, the BIP has little to do with people leaving the Philippines. Only you know what is best for your situation. Wait longer to leave or leave when you can. As long as you can get to the airport and have the required travel pass from the local Barangay, K1 Visa holders has left the country. I'm not saying it is guarantee you can leave. It all depends on the personal at the airport. From the ticket counter person, Immigration and Custom Officer, Boarding Gate Attendant, and so on. It's all a gamble each step of the way. My Fiancee Visa will expire in mid-July. After 4 flights cancellations, she has a flight out just a few days before the VISA expires. For us, we really have no choice, we can't afford to wait.
  8. Just FYI, my finacee knows some other K1 Visa holders and they were able to leave the country. That was about 10 days ago and the flew on Korean Air from Manila. She encountered no problems.
  9. So typical of the Philippines. No one wants to offend or upset anyone. Pass the buck to another department or person. So the Bureau of Immigration is telling you the anyone at the airport can refuse to let you board the plane. So if the Airline Agent is having a bad day and decided you're not boarding, they can refuse you and you have no recourse.
  10. Still very limited flights out of Manila to the USA. My fiancee got her canceled just two days before departure. We re-booked the flight but the next available was 25 days later.
  11. To answer my own question I posted to start this subject, the answer is yes, K1 Visa can leave the Philippines if they can get to the airport and the flight is not cancel.
  12. My fiancee in Cebu just got her travel pass. She had to go to the city health department to get a certificate and a form from her local Barangay and Police Station. Don't ask. I don't know why all they paper work either. She sent me photos of the forms and talk about bureaucracy. If you're in Manila, you don't need a Travel Pass to get to the airport, I think. It took my fiancee two full days to get all the forms as transportation in Cebu is still not 100% back up. Knowing the Phillipines, each area and each person will have different experience.
  13. There are flights leaving the Philippines if you're lucky enough to catch one that was not canceled. The last flight from Manila to San Francisco via Philippines Airlines was June 1st. PAL has since canceled all the flights to SFO until June 14th. So passengers that held tickets to leave before June 14th had to rebook their flights again at a later date.
  14. Same here. I feel your pain. My fiancee tickets were cancel twice already in April. Her K1 visa will expire in mid July. She is afraid that if she don't leave now, the PH government may re-shut down again if the virus cases start increasing. We are taking our chances and will see what happens.
  15. "Good evening! Kindly be advised that K1 visa with CFO Online Registration Certificate is allowed to travel out of the country, subject to primary inspection by the conducting Immigration Officer. " .....subject to primary inspection by the conducting Immigration Officer. (?) What is that suppose to mean? You're allow to leave BUT the conducting Immigration Officer has the final say???? So if he or she is having a bad day or doesn't like the way you look or if you did not insert some pesos with the supporting documents, you can't leave???? I don't know to laugh or cry.
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