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  1. Jorgedig, Thank you so much for your words! you and your fiancé have an amazing story - we'll keep you updated! Josh.
  2. I appreciate your words guys! thanks Sarah&Facundo, I did not know how much it varied between countries cause I noticed some countries were really long waits where as with the NOA1 to NOA2 the timeframe is the same doesn't matter the country so they say but this it matters alot
  3. Hi guys, We got NOA1 in November and roughly expecting NOA2 around July, do you guys have any idea how long it takes from NOA2 to the Interview stage?? Keep in mind I'm from New Zealand which there shouldn't be too many people applying from I wouldn't think? Also wanted to ask what I should have prepared for the interview but the first part was my main question, thank you guys all so much!
  4. Does where you are from have anything to do with how fast you might get your NOA2 for example? As I've noticed some couples from Ukraine/Russia etc seem to take longer than people from New Zealand, are there different security processes for different countries?
  5. I'm sorry it's my fault for how I phrased the question, sorry to anyone who's confused cause of me!
  6. Jorgedig you didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know but thanks for your input.
  7. I understand what people here are saying however.... we are not married and won’t be able to until we meet again, we are not in the same country, I’ve researched this well, I just wondered the quickest way to be able to study or work with the visa we have already applied with. thanks 🙏
  8. I just got back from the U.S. and we are engaged but we didn't marry yet cause K1 was and is the idea is why
  9. With a K1 Visa am I better off getting a work permit with a I-765 once I arrive or just adjusting status? what is the quickest way to be able to go to college or work??
  10. No NOA1 and it's 2 days away from being 4 weeks, is this normal at the moment? Is it due to COVID or what other reason could it be taking almost 4 weeks cause I thought you were supposed to receive it within 2-3 weeks max? Thanks
  11. Hi guys, So I sent off my application on the 21st of October and trying to figure out: 1. which service center it will go to? & 2. When will I receive NOA roughly? I heard it was 2 weeks but is it extended because of COVID? thanks so much for reading. Josh & Sarah
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