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  1. Same here. And my wife and step son both did their biometrics back in April.
  2. How much do you want to bet these border crossers are eating better than the troops who are feeding them.
  3. I think the border wall should also go around California. Keep all the socialists from fleeing the collapsing socialist utopia.
  4. Funny how they claim obstruction of justice when there was literally nothing to obstruct. Except tens of millions of taxpayer dollars weren't thrown away and a special councel wasn't appointed. Apart from those small things they might have some similarities on the surface though it it a bit of a reach.
  5. There is nothing more to say about it except no collusion no obstruction. Mark my words though. The left won't let this go.
  6. But they don't actually do anything for African Americans. On the other hand Trump has lowered black unemployment and passed criminal justice reform which will benefit minorities among other things. But he's a racist.
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/booker-introduces-senate-bill-for-slavery-reparations Considering there are no slaves or slave owners in the US today who is going to pay the reparations and who is going to be paid? I see this going about as far as the green new deal. Have the left lost their minds?
  8. My opinion is it is wrong to shame people for being overweight but it is also wrong to celebrate and promote obesity.
  9. In the town I live in I would probably get nothing but complements but if I travel about an hour from here to a liberal stronghold it would be a totally different story. Even there I am sure I would get negative comments but I doubt anyone would assault me. Many of the liberals here are more centrist liberals.
  10. From what I have read in various articles it seems that Duterte wants to have good relations with China but he is being pressured to stand up to China by the people of the Philippines (some of them anyways). I could be wrong but that is what it seems like from what I have read. Also it seems that our government announced last month they would back the Philippines against China which may have emboldened Duterte.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/05/south-china-sea-duterte-warns-china-of-suicide-missions-to-protect-disputed-island I don't agree with Duterte on some things but it's good to see him finally stand up to China while they are stealing Philippines territory. It's also good that we have a defense agreement with them where if China attacks we will intervene. That is a good deterrent. As I have told people before Russia is not nearly as big of a threat as China is.
  12. Doesn't surprise me. All the Filipinos my wife and I know here in the US are big Trump supporters. I think in a way they think of him as the American version of Duterte because of how politically incorrect he is. My wife has made that comparison though in my opinion Trump is not nearly as dictatorial as Duterte.
  13. I never wear hats. Even in the winter. Never liked hats. That being said with what is currently going on I think I'm gonna order a MAGA hat and wear it everywhere I see liberals.
  14. Beat me to it. She needs to look in the mirror if she is looking for a freak.
  15. Trump is a predator for having a private conversation about consensual acts between adults but Biden is a good man when he sexually assaults children in public for everyone to see and their parents don't have the guts to press charges. This kind of mentality is too much for me. That is why I haven't been posting here much recently.
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