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  1. Nop I don’t have an interview date nor I’m close to be given one😅, just for you to have an idea, K1 cases with NOA2 may 2020 just started to be sent from NVC to Guyana’s embassy, plus the ones being sent, some of them are rescheduling cuz like you said almost no flights to go to Guyana so they can’t get there, I wish so much I was wrong but don’t make plans for this year unless a miracle, and again don’t worry about flights, they won’t be a problem for when our time comes, best of luck.
  2. Hello, another Cuban fiancé here, so if you are waiting for NOA2 you don’t have to worry about flights right now, the backlog in Guyana is so big that by the time you get an interview date Cuba will be back to normal with regular flights as per before COVID-19 😉
  3. Thank you so much for your response!! Yes her company is a legitimate business in Michigan, our biggest worry was that as immigration is at the federal level that was gonna be a problem because the money she is earning to sponsor me is from cannabis which is not federally legal and that was gonna be a reason for denial at some point in this process.
  4. Hello so a bit of context befor the question. I’m the beneficiary, my fiancé and I are applying for the K1 visa, when we started this process back in April 2020 she had a non related cannabis job, then at the end of 2020 she changed her job and now is working in the cannabis industry. Our case got approved in January 2021 and now is sitting at NVC. So the question would be: Would it be a problem, either at the interview or any other time, for our case the fact that she is working in that industry now? thanks for the feedback
  5. Well it all started before that you are referring to, with Eisenhower, with Fidel refining russian oil in US refineries, then you saying: hey the refineries are ours we don’t want to do that, then Fidel nationalizing your oil refineries, then you not buying our sugar anymore, then Fidel nationalizing all American companies in Cuba, and yeah then that.
  6. Have you asked yourself why did USA placed an embargo on Cuba? Also healthcare in Cuba is far from being free actually
  7. A cuban here, federal web pages from USA are not blocked in Cuba, your spouse should definitely e-sign DS-260
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