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  1. hello , we have f4 case application and scheduled Interview at 22june , but consulate asked from us again to upload new Police certificate , our lawyer tolding me its to early to upload new additional Documents "NVC will fast trasnfer Doc to our embassy , but im little scared NVC sometims Delays to review Reuploaded Doc , it will be to late then , bcs 22 june is for 11 days and i dont think NVC have time to Tranfer moddified Documents To our local embassy , what should i do?
  2. hello all , im going with parent at interview soon , im asking its important What to wear to an interview ? can someone suggest which dress , im 26 year old and im soon going at fashion to see about dress , thanks
  3. hello all , today i recived new x7 messages at once and with title of message '"POST-feedback" my case os also at local embassy and we waiting for interview , CEAC status is "READY" . im uploading The pictures to show what they again Asking from us or do we need any action so x4 messages : New police certificate x1 message : IRS Tax Transcript 2020 must be uploaded x1 message: New I864A, Marko must be omitte x1 Message : New I864 form from petitioner, Marko must be omitted The Marko is my brother wich is removed from Ceac due to aged out . i wanted to ask are they asking for uploading any other doc? here os pictures
  4. no approval date cant be in mar 30/2021 if priority date is januar 2003 ... check my situtation my brother removed also from CEAC , even we paid fees birthday 10/10/1992 pritority date 16/10/2005 approval date 01/10/2009 visam becom current april 2019 But my brother is not CSPA protected its over 21y , so if your approval date is same like our , sorry but your daoughter is aged out even under CSPA
  5. hello , we same have f4 , and my brother also removed one week after we paid ds-260 fees , due to aged out even with cspa is aged out , can you please give : birthday priority date apporval date ds-260 filed Date i will check it
  6. i dont have form i-797, we have i-130 (f4) approval date : 01/oct/2009 birthday ; 26/09/1994 ds-260 Data filed : 16/nov/2019
  7. yes our lawyer told us he can print the letter ,that is all what i want the officer calculate CSPA correctly , i just want to respect law , i was little panic bcs there are many users here in forum wich i read also had issue with CSPA .its komplicated also to check when our visa becom current . my priority date is 16/11/2005 when i go to visa bulletin archive i just get our visa becom current april 2019 ,this is just found by myself . if visa becom current : agusut 2019 , then im aged out even with CSPA . can you please check visa bulletin and told me exaly to be sure . i see you here have a good reputation and helped me a lot
  8. when i said "appointment letter" i mean letter wich i recived at E-MAIL not "MAIL" in this : my name and brother are here (additional applicants)
  9. yeah i agree . but lawyer answer me , who is listed in appointment letter they can take interview do you know did NvC HAVE an supporter wich speak serbian or albanian bcs im not very good at english
  10. Hello evryone , Today im going to share with all You My Application Case , My uncle Filed F4 i-130 Category Visa for My Father and we Recived Appointment Letter (E-mail) , the difference is Betwen Appointment interview Letter List from Email and CEAC case Status currently , so We are 3 derivative beneficiary ( Mother , Me and My Brother ) Wich our names are in Appointment Letter ( i will Upload the Picture ) and in CEAC Status showing (Ready) But showing only TWO cases numbers wich i think that mean , that is only Two derivatives ( one missing no reason) me and brother are both protected under CSPA , my lawyer is refusing to call NVC , he say npt needed but he dont explain me evrything (why one case is removed from CEAC status) im personaly about to call NVC but my english is not primary and im scared if i do any mistake , the lawyer says we all need to go at interview , i dont think is worth it go there befor all is explained to me , i dont want pay for medical or other things befor i know 100% why CEAC case status cases disapered , if someone had same situation Please share with me , thank you
  11. Here is Exact Details Of My Application : My Birth: 09/26/1994 Priority Date: 11/16/2005 Aproved Date: 10/01 /2009 Data Filed DS-260: July 2019 Final Visa Become Current: April 2019 (Visa Bulletin) Im Not Married Yet
  12. Hello i Checked Yesterday CEAC Case status was READY (F4 category ) Father ( beneficiary) Mother Me And Brother ( derivates ) . yesterday Was "Your search has returned multiple results. Please select the Case Number to display the status" BLG*00**0*00* 01 BLG READY BLG*00**0*00* 02 BLG READy BLG*00**0*00* 03 BLG READy BLG*00**0*00* 04 BLG READy ,............................................... Today i checked , Showing Only Two : BLG*00**0*00* 01 BLG READY BLG*00**0*00* 02 BLG READy .................. What happen why is two Case number line removed ,? im scared are me and my brother removed and cant qualify with parents at interview? should i worry ? should i call NVC ? due to me and brother also are under CSPA protection , but im confused why we are removed ? Yesterday (4) and Today (2) look like this
  13. thank you so much , i will be very happy if il get visa with my parent due to my age is very large 26 old now ( CSPA calculated 20 and 9 months ) but im again little scared to get refused about aged out
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