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Found 10 results

  1. My wife has her interview scheduled for September 13, which means her 6 month window to enter the USA will expire a few days before our 2nd anniversary, assuming that 6 month window starts from the interview date. Does anyone know if that’s the case or is there a delay in processing a passport as it typically takes awhile to receive it back after the interview from what I’ve read? It is possible to reschedule the interview with cause, but does anybody know how feasible that option is?
  2. Hello all, My spouse received her immigrant visa approval on July 31, 2023 under the CR1 category and we have planned her arrival to the US by September 2023. The consular officer gave my spouse a note about the removal of CR1 status, which had the following text - "If at the time of admission to the United States you will not have celebrated the second anniversary of your marriage, you will be granted conditional permanent residence by an officer of USCIS at the time of your admission to the U.S." Based on this can someone please elaborate, if the immigration officers at the port of entry will no longer consider this to be applicable if my spouse traveled to the US after October 2 (our second marriage anniversary date) and that we would not need to file I-751 for removal of CR status? TIA.
  3. Context: My husband and stepkids are currently scheduled for their interviews at CDJ in Mexico on September 26, and our plan is to have them cross as soon as they get their visas (hopefully a week or two after - early-ish October). Our second wedding anniversary is March 11. We are (like many of us here on VJ) dying to finally live together; plus, getting my stepdaughters enrolled in school and having my husband get a U.S. job sooner rather than later is a major advantage. Could you expand a little on why ROC should be avoided if possible? I've read through this thread and others that it is expensive ($595 x 4 for us - goodie!) and is extremely delayed. I guess my initial reaction is - well, sure, it may be a lot more waiting, but at least we'd be waiting together, living together. It's been hell doing all of this paperwork and paying all of this money, plus the waiting and waiting and waiting, all while living apart. Is the ROC process particularly nerve-wracking? Is there a chance of losing status? Are the chances of getting denied high? All that to say, this thread has me rethinking our plan a little bit. To wait until March would break my heart and crush me, but I'm curious of ROC is bad enough that it would be worth it to wait.
  4. Hi! We will be getting married April 2023 and after that, we will be processing our Cr1 application. We will be doing the application it online. Just some questions, what is the best way to organise the documents? This is my plan: 1. Communication and Phone calls and timeline of relationship 2. Gifts and receipts and whatever money transfer he gives to me documents 3. 1st meet up, 2nd meet up and 3rd meet up: -some receipts, photos, airline tickets, hotels accommodation, etc (*anything connected with the each meet up i will put in one pdf file) 4. Wedding plans and documents connected to wedding 5. Letters of family and friends This is what im thinking for now. Can anyone give me recommendations? Thank you so much!
  5. Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing great! My RFE response was received on May 11 2022. I have been patiently waiting. Today (sept 9), I talked to an agent and they said since it has been outside the 60 day timeframe, they will file a service request and I got the referral number. They told me to wait 30 days. There wasn’t any change on the status (should there be? Like “inquiry received?” Or is an inquiry different from service request?) Does anyone have experience with an agent-filed service request ? How long did it take? Good news? Any thoughts? (VSC: PD Aug 2021. US Citizen filing for Spouse)
  6. I see that there's no thread for March 2022 filers, so I decided to make one; My Timeline: Submitted: March 20, 2022 NOA1: March 20, 2022
  7. Hi Everyone, Our case has been with NVC since July 2021, they only checked the documents after 4 months and requested for a new document but no response yet, been 2 and half months. We are thinking to expedite our request as my husband has been diagnosed with clinical depression recently and he is diabetes type 1 and he lives all by himself, because of the treatment he can barely take care of himself affecting his overall condition which in turn is aggravating the diabetic condition leading to very low sugar levels and unbelievably high levels which is life threatening. Would NVC consider it for expedition? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hey guys. My husband had his interview for a CR1 spouse visa at the Beirut lebanon embassy back in March 2021 and we have been waiting for 6 months now in administrative processing and we still have not gotten any response except that his case is still pending AP. We filed a writ of mandamus action and still no response. Does anyone have any experience with them? We still haven’t passed the 60 days they are allowed with the mandamus action, but does anyone have experience of a possibility that the embassy would surpass the 60 days and not respond? We are soooo worried and so desperate for help!!
  9. Anyone’s i-130 (CR-1) for spouse got approved recently from Vermont service center? I’m still waiting for updates 😞
  10. Hello, I hope my question finds you well :) I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how long after the documents are approved by NVC do we get scheduled for an interview? With Covid everything is different and im worried this could take a while. Thank you
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