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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, ☺️ before i start, i am the foreign spouse, currently in germany and my husband is a USC present in WA. I was reading through some websites from the gov and nvc about civil documents but nothing for any additional evidence. when i first filed for the i130 i was reading through some discussions like here and they said that we have to gather additional evidence of when we would next visit, new photographs or anything new. so just read through the nvc page and they only want the civil documents? i was going to add some new supporting letters from friends and family, since they got to meet him here before the pandemic went viral, also we’ve been on trips in cities and have hotelinformation etc. i was going through a sample of the DS260 and there is a question at the end which said ‘ were you on a J visa and didnt fulfill your 2 year stay? I was on a J visa for 1 year and 9 months (2017-2018 - exempt from 202 stay, i believe it is called) because thats how i decided and basically fulfilled my time. So do i check NO or YES? this question really confuses me, lol question to where they ask about employement : currently unemployed due to corona - is that exactly what i’ll state in the explanation box? I will have my interview here in Germany, so that i can immigrate to WA and be with my Husband and someone said that i dont have to translate the documents because they are in the german language. Is that correct and will i upload my civil documents and any additional documents to the nvc in german without a translation to english? Thank you for your help! I will really appreciate it 🤗
  2. So, you've made it through the NVC in 2020 and your case is being sent on to Montreal (finally)? Please post your case complete/documentarily qualified date here for easy tracking! Cheers!
  3. What should you do if your spouse visa denies only upon the public charge rule? What are the other options we have?
  4. Hi- I am completing this process on my own and before I send off the packet the last thing I need to make sure I have 100% filled out correctly is the I-130 form. My question is: Where would I put my sons information down from a previous marriage on the app? I am the petitioner and not the foreign national/beneficiary. I had my son, who is now ten, from a previous relationship. I was thinking I should list him under Part 4, page Six 29.a but was not sure that would be correct or required. Please help! This is the last step before I mail everything off.
  5. I am considering applying for a fiance visa or a spouse visa for my girlfriend who lives overseas. However, I have a concern due to a prior arrest. I was arrested, a little over a year ago, for what would fall into the category of dating violence. I was charged with criminal mischief in the fourth degree and for harassment in the second degree. I received and ACD (Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal). My record has been sealed since the accident. Apart from my arrest, I am an upstanding citizen. I am college educated, and have a steady work history. Is it likely my that my case will be denied because of my arrest? I understand IMBRA, and its intend to protect immigrants, but if the Fiance visa is not a viable option should I apply for a CR1 visa instead? Please, advise.
  6. Hi, we received our case number on the 9th of October. We submitted our ds 260 on the 14th of October. CEAC was down for 10 days so we couldn’t upload our documents till the 22nd of october. all of our documents show as submitted on CEAD. Both fees as paid, and ds 260 as completed. yet when i check the case tracker it says please submit requested documents. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  7. Sorry I'm going to try and keep this short! Back story: I married my husband in 2008. I divorced him in 2014. And I just remarried him again in December 2017. When we were married the first time we filed the I130 and were approved, but never followed through. He was given a 10 year ban and as of October this year, has completed and complied with the ban - he's been in Mexico for the last 10 years. Currently: We got married again 12/2017, and filed the I130 with our (same) lawyer. I received the I797 with a notice date of 10/01/2018 saying it was approved. Our priority date is 01/16/2018. We submitted all required documents and received notification on February 11, 2019 that all documents were received and he is in queue waiting for an interview. We have yet to receive an interview date! Is this normal? The lawyer says that they are taking longer than usual at the embassy in Juarez. Do you think our previous marriage is negatively impacting him obtaining an interview date? Is there anything else I can or should be doing? Just looking for opinions and any help/advice/signs of hope is greatly appreciated! 😁
  8. Hi, I am 21 years old and I’m currently in college. I submitted a petition for my wife and my cc is 8/22/19. I’m still living with my parents and I reported 18k on 2018. Since I’m only working on those days I don’t have classes. However, my father is co-sponsoring me and he reported 60k. (Family of 4, mom, dad, brother and me.) is our income enough? My wife and I do not have any kids. So it’ll just be her.
  9. Hi all. I am waiting for CR-1 interview for Montreal consulate since January 2019. Its already been 5 months that my case got documentarily complete at NVC and every time I call NVC they just reply same thing "Case is complete and there is no interview scheduled". I don't know why its taking so long for them to schedule an interview for me however, I have seen people who got Case Complete after me getting their interviews done. I don't know what to do? And whom to contact? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Good day, I just want to ask because me and my husband are already in NVC Stage, Now we have completed civil documents and Affidavit of Support and supporting documents. We have his Federal Tax Returns 2016-2018 and w2&taxstatement. Do we need his tax transcripts? We already ordered tax transcripts in IRS but until now we haven't receive anything yet. We are under CR1 Visa.
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