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  1. <snip> I think you've gotten all the answers you need to move forward. So, I'm going to instead ask you a question. How did your MIL and SIL ever get visas to visit you so many times in the first place? My Colombian husband's relatives had tried numerous times to get tourist visas and have always been turned down. And they own multiple properties and have high paying jobs. How the heck did you get tourist visas? Please let me know your secret as my husband would really like to have some of his relatives visit us, instead of us always going to Colombia.
  2. @DanCode7703 Thanks, I appreciate your comment. I understand that some cases are difficult and complex and may require extra time, but 60 days after an interview for status to be changed is too long and an unreasonable amount of time when dealing with a simple case like mine. It all seems so arbitrary to me and it remains frustrating.
  3. Thanks for the optimism, I may just be a worrier but I'm not as optimistic as you. Tomorrow marks 30 days since out interview and the status on our case has not changed. I am still getting the feeling that our IO may have been homophobic and or ageist as there is also an age gap between my husband and I. I really hate to be judgmental or to make stereotypical assumptions, but my gut is telling me our IO is looking for any possible way to deny us. Ultimately, I know we will be successful in obtaining his green card, because our relationship is successful and we have all the bona fides necessary to prove the validity of it. , but I just feel like we are being put through the ringer because of long held prejudices by some folks. I't's frustrating when I see so many folks getting approved on the day of their interview in cities all over the country, but in SF... not so much.
  4. Congratulations! my husband and I had our interview in San francisco on the 26th of February. We are still waiting for a decision. It's frustrating. Our IO was pretty dour and never smiled once during the interview, rarely made eye contact and left me feeling less than optimistic. He said we should expect an answer in 30 days as they are "backed up". UGH
  5. Congratulations on your approval. Dealing with U SCIS seems so arbitrary at times. We had our interview on February 26th and are still waiting on a decision.
  6. SF is so slow and yes it has become a financial burden for us. We filed our I-485 October 23, 2019 along with the I-131 & I-765 My husbands combo card expired on February 9, 2021 and we never bothered to renew it because stupidly we thought by the time it was renewed he would have his green card. WE were interviewed for his AOS on February 26, 2021, it's been almost one month and we still have no decision. At our interview we told the Officer that my husband had been interviewed for a job and we were expecting good results. The next day he was offered the job... That wasw almost a month ago, today, no job, no Green card. SF is intolerably slow, it's extremely frustrating.
  7. This is what I was afraid of....I'm wondering if anyone has advice on how to help expedite the GC or get around the EAD expiration if the employer is willing to write a job offer letter?
  8. Hi fellow VJ'ers, I'm in a bit of a pickle. My husband applied and was approved for an EAD/AP combo card based on a K1 visa (C)(9) filed in conjunction with the I-485 AOS. My husbands EAD/AP expired on February 11,2021. We have not filed for a renewal because we had no plans to travel or seek employment before his Adjustment of status I-485 was adjudicated.. We had the in person interview on February 26, 2021 and anticipated no problems. (first mistake). He applied for a job in December of 2020, but because of Covid-19 and other problems, we never heard anything from his potential employer until March 5, 2021 when they offered him the position starting on March 8, 2021, So now my husband with his expired EAD card was told that he cannot be hired, BUT, the employer was willing to give him some time to get an extension or renewal. We immediately called USCIS and were told to file a new I-765 and request a renewal and expedited extension. We filed the I-765 with a letter requesting a letter of temporary extension that we can give the employer while we wait for the renewal to process. And our fingers are crossed. USCIS has received the packet, but no receipt number has been posted on our USCIS account, and we have as yet not received and I-797C notice. I'm freaking out because I'm not sure I have done everything necessary to get a renewal or temporary extension in a timeframe fast enough to suit the employer. Does anyone have advice, suggestions or questions that might help me speed the process up? I'm really afraid that because the original EAD/AP has expired, they may not grant an extension and force the whole issue to be a totally new renewal. This is a really great job opportunity and I'd really hate to think we messed up so badly that he will lose it. Talk to me...😬 thanks
  9. Thanks for your well wishes on our upcoming interview.  Today is the day and we're really excited. We received our notice of interview letter on January 23rd, so it was more than a month in advance of the interview.
  10. Thanks for checking in on us. As of toda"y, 1-23-21, we still have not received an interview appointment for our AOS. Every time i check the USCIS website it says... "Ready to be scheduled".

    1. bdglen


      Our AOS  interview is scheduled for February 26, 2021

  11. OMG, this same thing happened to us. We received the EAD/AP card in February 2020 and used it once already to travel out of the country and back again. But we received two notices for biometrics appointments for I-131 biometrics. I rescheduled them both while trying to figure out what's going on. We had biometrics done on 11-25-19 . I've tried calling USCIS multiple times and cannot get any human being on the line.
  12. I am in the same boat as both of you. Our AOS was filed on 10-23-19 and biometrics taken 11-25-19 Our file shows "ready for interview to be scheduled" since 1-6-20"
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