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  1. <snip> I think you've gotten all the answers you need to move forward. So, I'm going to instead ask you a question. How did your MIL and SIL ever get visas to visit you so many times in the first place? My Colombian husband's relatives had tried numerous times to get tourist visas and have always been turned down. And they own multiple properties and have high paying jobs. How the heck did you get tourist visas? Please let me know your secret as my husband would really like to have some of his relatives visit us, instead of us always going to Colombia.
  2. Ok this may sound like a silly question, but I am concerned about having to choose between embarrassing myself and my fiance and possibly having our visa denied. We are a same sex couple with a considerable age gap (30 years). I am the older USC and my fiance is younger Colombiano. We communicate almost entirely on Whatsapp. We text every day and video chat several times a week. Despite week long meetings together in Panama, Dominican Republic and Mexico, I am concerned that age gap and same sex relationship will be red flags for the CO, so I want to print out our WhatsApp chats (without pictures) as proof of our ongoing and consistent relationship. My concern is that our chats are frequently pretty spicy and I don't want to embarass my fiance at his interview (I will accompany him to the interview in month or so). So I have the choice, I can totally delete all the spicy chats, which will obviously make our chats seem way less frequent. Or, I can redact (black out) the offending words and phrases leaving everything else which will keep our daily contact intact. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Especially from those with a similar experience.
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