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  1. I would be very suspicious of my son dating a woman that many years older. You are still a very young adult and have a lot of life lessons ahead of you. Please be very careful. Don't allow yourself to be pressured to do anything for love if you are not ready. My 30 year old brother recently married a love of his life, a woman who is 43. The difference is they are both fully grown and mature adults. Please, don't do anything before you are ready.
  2. Asylum application occurs after arrival in US. Refugee status is granted before arriving in US.
  3. Refugees are not the same as parolees. They would have to be granted refugee status prior to entering US.
  4. Look for resettlement agencies in your area. They know how to help with applying for certain benefits, help with housing and employment.
  5. I am helping my friend with submitting N400. She obtained an LPR card 15 years ago as a derivative of her husband’s employment petition. Two years after arriving in the US and living as an LPR she got divorced. Prior to this marriage she was married to her first husband back in the home Country. Citizenship application is not based on marriage. She does have divorce decree for a second marriage (divorce occurred in the US). Does she also have to submit divorce decree for first marriage with her N400?
  6. Just getting a US passport is way cheaper and faster. Some people submit N600 because they want to have another proof of US Citizenship in case passport is lost. I am just perplexed why N600 is so expensive. Maybe some other members can list more advantages of obtaining Certificate of Citizenship and spending all this money. I honestly don't see many advantages.
  7. You should also research health insurance options and cost for your elderly parents. Unless they are still young and healthy to find a job that provides health insurance.
  8. If he makes up his mind and decides to be with you, then have him immigrate to your country instead. It is really inconsiderate of him to change his mind after you left your life, family and work or school behind to be with him. I don't think this is even forgivable. I sense this might be the end.
  9. Why don't you try contacting your senator first? It's free and they may try to unstuck your wife's case.
  10. Your lawyer is trying to scare you unnecessarily. Don't worry about it and reapply when you have continuous residence.
  11. Also, there was a discussion at one point that oftentimes immigrants get rejected by recruiters because they think we will require sponsorship.
  12. This is sad, but I noticed after few years of solid US work experience and strong references your background doesn't matter that much anymore. Have your fiance visit Finding work in US section on visa journey to prepare for work search. It's also a very good resource for immigrants waiting for EAD to exchange ideas, share success stories and to vent about looking for work.
  13. This is so true about sounding or presenting less foreign. Once I dropped my foreign degree from my resume I got a lot more calls from recruiters. Also, I think my foreign degree also aged me (think age discrimination). Once I left my US University only on the resume I got a lot more calls and invites for interviews. Sad, but true.
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