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  1. A while ago I was helping someone with criminal record submit N400. Lawyer quoted 5K just to start. After lots of research we decided to proceed without a lawyer. Requested all court records and police records. All went well and he is now a US Citizen. Another time, I was helping a friend submit AOS packet. Immigration officer was surprised with the quality of well put together application and supporting documents. Officer was surprised he did not have a lawyer. It can be done! All resources are there available for anyone willing to do the work.
  2. I guess we all know that applying for US Citizenship occurs after five years as an LPR. Even if Mom becomes a US Citizen it doesn't change the fact that she hasn't earned any quarters in US. I don't know about Georgia, but in CT an elderly LPR (after five years) or US Citizen with no qualifying quarters can apply for Medicare and conditionally enroll into Medicare. SSA will give such individual a statement showing how much Part A and Part B will cost. Then the LPR (after five years) or US Citizen with no quarters can apply with the state (DSS) for MSP which is a Medicare Savings Program which would buy in Part A and B for such individual. Of course deeming of sponsor's income and assets would still be required.
  3. Your elderly parents are not eligible for Medicare due to never working in the US as they don't have 40 qualifying quarters. They may apply for Medicaid with the state Department of Social Services after being an LPR for five years. Be aware that even after five years, portion of your/sponsor's income and assets will be counted/deemed. Which essentially may put you parents over income for the program. Best advice I can give is for the parents to become US Citizens ASAP. Meanwhile you will have to pay for their healthcare.
  4. Just be sure your friends address is in the same state from which you filled your N400. Otherwise USCIS may transfer your case to another state office based on your current, most recent address.
  5. Let us know how it goes. Ask politely if they are willing to speed up the process for you due to AOS. Might work, depending on who you get.
  6. I would be livid if this happened to me. I work for a state government and many of my coworkers have no clue about immigration process and what it takes to obtain a green card. I would first talk to the manager at the specific DMV branch to obtain the name of the worker and manager. Then file a complaint with DMV commissioner and the governor. More than anything they are afraid of lawsuits. At the very least it will force the state to implement some very specific trainings. Good luck! Please, update us on what happened next.
  7. Your dad applies for his own citizenship. Him being married to your mom who is now a citizen has nothing to do with his citizenship application. Take some time to teach him English and reapply in the future.
  8. Your Father can reapply anytime. Nobody petitions his Naturalization. I assume he failed English and/or Civics?
  9. It doesn't hurt to get Certificate of Citizenship. I wouldn't do it because I am cheap. It's very expensive!
  10. Doesn't sound like he is interested in actually using his green card and living in US.
  11. I agree! Topic of AOS from non-immigrant visa can get very passionate/negative here on VJ. I know many people who adjusted, they are not evil or fraud. If AOS was illegal this would not be an option allowed by USCIS.
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