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  1. Congressional assistance is your best bet at this point. Embassy has to respond to congressional inquiries promptly - maybe they can email it over?
  2. Plenty of apps for pictures that match any country photo requirements - pick one, download, take pictures and when happy with result send to your folks to print in Walgreens or cvs. For the form itself you can complete it, sign in blue ink, scan and send to your folks for printing and inclusion with the rest of supporting documents.
  3. Whatever is the country’s current name. I was born in what was then Yugoslavia but put Bosnia and Herzegovina as that’s what was called afterwards.
  4. Yes, it does. Look up the guide for naturalization on USCIS.gov.
  5. So why don’t you go for an interview? You’ve been dragging this out for six years? Obviously something surfaced about the petitioner (you) and they have questions for you.
  6. I think there are steps to verify your experience is in the area needed on the online Department of Labor database. Check that. All other questions (1-2) are nothing to worry about.
  7. Sure they can be a joint sponsor whether they’ll be accepted at interview is a whole different issue. Be realistic here - someone that is 90 years old has high likelihood of dying or getting sick in the next few years. Consular officer wouldn’t be wrong telling you to find a different joint sponsor.
  8. About time. Now they need to stop vaccination requirement for tourist visas.
  9. Umm, unless you’re physically moving to a different state you can’t just up and change your address with USCIS to speed up processing time.
  10. So he does or doesn’t have a valid extension letter? You may have to involve you congressman or senator for the missing extension letter.
  11. ~Topic split from unrelated thread. Jumping into an unrelated thread is in poor form - don’t do it again. ~
  12. Right. You don’t get to say what sort of answers other posters can post. Check the TOS. There’s no fiancé visa available for LPRs. Only USCs can petition for a fiancé/e. You can get married and file I-130 and that would cover the wife and child (as long as you don’t naturalize before they get the visa and enter the country. If you naturalize before then you’ll have to submit another I-130 for the child). It’s a minimum 2 year to get F2A visa.
  13. Based on what you wrote the policy (insane) is - do the test and be on your merry way without any boosters.
  14. Didn’t it all go current for June this year for prior year DV? check the visa bulletin on state.gov.
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