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  1. No extensions per INA. Most of the states have already reached peak COVID period and it’s highly likely you’ll see business opening in the next month.
  2. They will not extend it past the congressionally mandated deadline of September 30.
  3. Yes, expedited and in-person. Definitely major delays to be expected while under current circumstances.
  4. You should be able to check on the status of passport - google the number. But, they have stopped all passport issuances unless life or death situation. They won’t even accept new applications.
  5. Agree. Example from CT where an infant accidentally died was touted as a covid death when it clearly wasn't. Everyone knows Americans have over 50% people who have at least one chronic illness - add the obesity epidemic plus other comorbidities and no wonder the death rate is high - even if they only test positive after death they'll count them as covid death which is wrong.
  6. Often times other countries will help neighbors to at least get back in the region (European repatriations from Asia and other places pulled in even Kosovo and Albania folks and they’re not part of EU). He needs to 1. Work with his employer on this and at the same time 2. Get in touch with any and all SA consulates or consulates covering for them (example Serbia covers for Bosnia in Ethiopia so Bosnians would get in touch with them to get out if needed) and 3. Find a safe place even if it means quarantine
  7. Why not shelter in place until April 16 or when his embassy arranges repatriation?
  8. May want to ask for waiver to the policy given limited flight options. Or the company can charter him a flight if they’re that concerned?
  9. ~English only in the upper forum. Moving to regional forums. ~
  10. Why would he want to go to the States where he has a high likelihood of catching covid than go back to his home country and flights are available? Very strange reasoning.
  11. OP, reminder not to jump into other people's topics with questions about your waiver - your post in that topic has been deleted. You've been given current and correct information.
  12. No, you'll do that when NVC starts asking for AOS and other documents to be processed closer to visa interview date.
  13. He won’t get a new number but if his SS card has the restriction on work with DHS authorization only verbiage on it he’ll want to get a new card without a restriction. That way all he needs is a driver’s license and SSN for employment.
  14. Well if the mother hopped the border (undocumented) without a visa that's one way to not be able to get an immigration visa (or AOS) without having to go to the country of origin and serving the ban. Ask your fiance how the mother got in?
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