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  1. No, you don’t have to submit a new petition. Contact your elected congressman or senator and have their immigration aide fix this for you. You have proof it was received, have USCIS reopen the wrongfully closed case free of charge.
  2. How did your father immigrate and why can’t he petition your mother? Or he married a USC?
  3. Nope, you won’t be let in on an expired K-1 and no AP.
  4. milimelo


    No. To become a citizen she would have to have a green card at the time of your naturalization. ~ Also moving to naturalization forum. ~
  5. They’re tightening up on affidavit of support. They now deny if it remotely seems the immigrant will end up on public dole - this looks like such a case. Op, get a job and until you’re making enough to not need a co-sponsor postpone the interview for your father.
  6. milimelo

    Humanitarian Parole Visa , Brain Cancer

    Next step - apply for tourist visa in Toronto. There are instances where appointments can be expedited so look for that info on their site. https://ca.usembassy.gov/visas/do-i-need-a-visa/
  7. You can file I-90 online and wait for RFE to tell you to mail in the card or you can wait until you’re back from your trip to send in paper I-90 with wrong gc enclosed (make several color copies of front and back GC). If you haven’t already, update your ssn to remove the valid for work with DHS authorization only before you send in your current/wrong GC in. Will make it easier to just use SSA card and DL for proof of employment on I-9.
  8. I’d go the route of rescheduling the interview until you’ve sorted out his court issue because they’ll want the final court papers and doubt you’d get those in 4 days between court and interview. He will have to notify USCIS at interview - those have you ever questions so better he be forthcoming than try to hide it.
  9. Nothing to do until baby is born. The baby will get a visa after you get his/her birth certificate, complete medical, and fill out visa application form. You’ll want to notify embassy of birth so they can unlock your visa form so you can add the baby. May also want to push back interview for visa until December/January so you can get all paperwork needed for baby - birth certificate, passport.
  10. But you should have caught the error too - you knew it hasn’t been 2 years since you got married when you entered the country. File I-751 and once that wraps up finish up naturalization.
  11. Read the employee handbook so you know what’s permissible and what is not. Then work within those constraints.
  12. Not true if he doesn’t have requisite number of years in the US after age of 14.