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  1. Yes, you should tell him but also ask to see the information is saved in the SAVE database on their computer. Still update your address upon arrival online (hopefully you provided correct address for green card when paying for GC issuance fee).
  2. Perhaps wait until he's out of jail and has a job before petitioning you?
  3. It does as most K-1 apply for SSN before sending in for AOS. Thus it comes with the DHS verbiage until they remove it by providing an EAD or GC (or some folks don't do it and later have an issue with employer demanding to see their GC).
  4. You serious? Knowingly going through with visa for work for company A and at all times knowing you won’t work for them but for company B is visa fraud. Scammed the company A and probably misrepresented himself at visa interview as well. Stay and work in your home country - there won’t be re-entry for you.
  5. Should’ve 1. Updated your SS card to remove valid with DHS authorization only and 2. Updated your DL. All ever needed is unrestricted SSN card and DL to satisfy I-9. I never showed my GC.
  6. If you turned 18 and didn’t leave at 18 y 6 months it will be an overstay regardless if you were brought in as a child. Need to first do I-601a or I-212 and have it approved before going for consular interview. Hopefully your lawyer told you that.
  7. Of course he will starting with just the one way ticket.
  8. So did you have the proof of completed high school or not? which country are you from when there was a question why you’re interviewing in India? who completed your DV lottery entry? Was it all correct?
  9. ~Topic split into its own thread. Do NOT spam other people’s topics with your personal situation. Keep all future questions to this topic. ~
  10. Divorcing will NOT remove the sponsorship requirement so not smart to refuse to do ROC because of that (she could turn around and ask for $$$ for maintenance per I-864). Best to just do ROC - she has enough evidence for it? If it comes to a divorce she can update her application to divorce one.
  11. Don’t you have to file travel vouchers after each trip with your company? That should get you the dates/locations as it must match your itinerary so per diem is correct.
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