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  1. Thanks guys for all the information and to all of you who replied to my question. I really appreciate it, I know some of us that live far from the embassy have to book a flight just to go to the Philippine embassy. It’s a hassle especially if your working, I just wish you can just do it by mail. But anyway, thanks again to everyone and God Bless us all..
  2. We move to NC after the oath taking, I didn’t update my profile yet since then. But I’ll think about it. Thanks for the info 😊
  3. Hi guys, I just have a question but I don’t know if it’s the right forum to ask this. Btw I’m from the Philippines and came into the US thru fiance visa in 2013 and became a US citizen in 2019. My question is since now I’m a US citizen does it mean I’m not a Filipino citizen anymore? I know it sounds stupid to ask this question but it bothers me coz I don’t know if I’m still filipino citizen. Thanks, hope someone can enlighten me..
  4. Really? Well, that’s a good thing.. hopefully the petition for siblings have changed 🙏
  5. Yeah it would be nice if they change it and reduced it to 10 years. 😊
  6. Thanks to all of you guys who answers all my queries. I really appreciate all your help.. 🥰 my brother told me his visa was C1D. And October this year his contract ends, it’s hard to find an employer (land base jobs) that hires Filipino worker from the Philippines and much harder to find agency in the Philippines that process work visa to come to US since there’s a lot of scam out there. I don’t know how to get him here except petition him but it takes forever.. and I don’t think I’ll take that option since my brother is in his 30+ years old plus he’s married and have 2 daughters. But anyway guys thanks again for all your input/info 😊
  7. Thanks for all the info, I was planning to petition my mom after my dad died from covid 😥 last August but she doesn’t want to live here coz if she did she can petition my siblings but I think it will never happen. But thanks anyway for all your help/info guys I really appreciate it..
  8. Thanks for the info, I guess there is no fastest way to get him here.
  9. Hi guys, I don’t know if I post on the right page but I just wanna ask some help or info. I have a brother, from the Philippines and he was on a working visa here in the US as a bartender in a cruise ship. I know it takes 20-30 years to petition your siblings but is there anyway I can petition him to live here permanently? Since he was in the US already? Thanks
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