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  1. what is VPN anything to do with ticket? does ur fiance have K1 visa? if she does, you can buy one way ticket
  2. someone i know literally just got approved i-601 this month June 2024. she filed it 17 months ago after it got requested during interview in US local field office ( not consular processing)
  3. i will keep the e-ticket, ticket, boarding pass etc that shows you are indeed complete ur trip to go to the states on top of going to closest CBP office (usually in big airport). you wont get i-94 since ur visa is immigrants visa. only non immigrant visa get i-94 online
  4. if you have a confirmed ticket and just cant check in on app, it doesnt mean you will be check in by them the last. even if it's full flight, you should have confirmed seat, unless you are on standby which i think u dont. just go there earlier
  5. yeah it look the same. but you need to update ur citizenship / naturalization status. you wont get any issue because u already have the unrestricted one now yes, thats new form started in april 2024
  6. me. i went once but i called and called and called until they became familiar with my voice and issue. took me roughly 2 months to get the unrestricted.
  7. show ur passport and tell them that's the correct name ( related with the visa later on)
  8. 1. yes 2. ur W2 3. just use i-864. thats uscis want
  9. 2-3 months is normal for GC to arrive
  10. U mix Asylum / CBP app with global entry. Global entry program is DHS program and you need to be eligible to even apply. Many American can’t even get global entry due to their past let alone non American who’s present it’s not even in the states right now. To be able to receive global entry, a person need to do interview in person inside US. How she’s gonna do that if she’s not even in the US? Let say she’s in the US, how she be eligible to apply for global entry? And why she need global entry if she’s inside the US? A person need to be in status to apply for global entry. Asylum seeker with pending status is not eligible. Pending = limbo.
  11. you dont need to come to the interview. it's not mandatory for consular processing
  12. i would wait. im the unlucky one, even waited 10 days, DHS aka USCIS didnt update my GC status. after i went to SSA office, took me 2,5 months to get the unrestricted SSN. when employer asked me to update my I-9 i just gave them my DL and unrestricted SSN. the end. super easy i refused to show my GC for job related (that's my choice) you dont need to wait to find a job if u already have SSN that's restricted.
  13. can always file AOS to USCIS while in removal proceeding, but USCIS cant adjudicate i-485 until removal proceeding terminated. once removal proceeding terminated, go back to USCIS to reopen i-485. seems for some reason USCIS didnt catch it while OP AOS'ing but catched it on n-400
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