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  1. Kudos for her! Do you have a similar priced rental in Houston? I'll jump in a heart beat. Hahaha
  2. Well, my case completion now jumped from 12 to 14 months. 😒😒
  3. Hahaha there are those who wish to submit even before the window is open. They just can't wait. The moment it's 12:00.01, they hit send not even thinking about timezones. One thing I've learnt is USCIS doesn't care about timezones. I just don't understand why it's difficult to wait a few days. There is a huge difference between: 1. Someone asking for information well in advance so as to prepare and 2. Someone asking why they cannot submit when they are not yet eligible or right at midnight when they are. And then there are those who just submitted their application and then start calling USCIS for receipts etc. Sometimes I empathize with those agents. Lemme not get started at all the impatient hullabaloo I see on VJ.
  4. @austex thank you. His name is all I needed to locate the thread. Hahaha not me. There are some people who don't believe till they see. Nonetheless, they still won't belive even if they see it @NikLR Here's the thread. I think Moderators should pin this at the top of the N400 thread as a lesson learnt/ for doubting Thomases. Credits to @Hypnos for the thread.
  5. It's a double taken on this one. Some people put N/A. Others like me leave it blank. USCIS has no issues with either preference.
  6. There was a N400 thread a year or 2 ago from a senior member. USCIS had just rejected his N400 application because he sent it immediately his window opened. He later fought it and was successful. I think he was from Dallas and wanted to even contact the local newspaper...His story stuck to me because it was interesting..nothing else If anyone knows it, or any one knows such story that I can use to warn a fellow who wants to submit right at midnight? (I am not saying the Dallas member/ any member is wrong for submitting immediately. I just wanna use it as a lesson learnt so as to avoid USCIS drama).
  7. The above are all correct. Though I'd just wanna say that I'd think carefully before I relinquish the GC. I hope you are aware that if your marriage was bona fide, you can still have the GC and continue with your process all the way to becoming a citizen without your spouse. Many people have done it. In fact, you can file I-751with a divorce waiver as soon as you obtain the divorce certificate. People have come to regret relinquishing their GC. However, if you have thoroughly come to this conclusion, then carry on.
  8. Post the letter from USCIS. We can read and help you better. Sometimes people say X while the problem is Z
  9. That's exactly what's gonna happen. This was my case. Mine was 10 days. When 10 days were up, I received the bolded.
  10. 1. I don't know about this. But I'd go with country of birth. 2. Yes. 3. I left anything unrelated to me blank. Had no issues with USCIS. Some people would prefer to write N/A. All entirely up to you on how you prefer it.
  11. I don't think being a "solo parent" is a reason to request an expedite. Infact, in my opinion, I think it's a blessing to have her family around for support. Starting a new family in a new land is stressful. My two cents
  12. Understood. My idea with the spreadsheet was to just collect data for future analysis. This should be separate from individual timelines i.e individuals should still fill their timelines eg. In the future, if we wanna look at the rough estimate for processing times for ROCs for January, we can easily look at the spreadsheet. Just an idea as I see a lot of individual spreadsheets. We can do better by standardizing. As mentioned earlier, this would just be a place to locate your process eg ROC then input local office, when it was filed and when it was adjudicated, nothing else. Monthly discussion and huddles will still be reserved to their respective discussion forums. The data remains VJ property as opposed to currently where it is individual property. My two cents. Ideas against or for are welcomed.
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