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  1. Where did OP go to? I see he was last seen 6 hours ago. We never see such stories through. Sad 😂
  2. How'd you know his name is Steven? 😄 Yap. Got mine same day. Nothing yet after that. Got tired of waiting. I am off for a month's vacation starting next week. First time I bought travel insurance just incase USCIS decides to schedule within my travel days. Of course, I will not think twice but reschedule my trip. I would dare not reschedule N400 because getting an interview during COVID is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I see you are in Sugarland? I am close by at Sugar Creek Center Blvd. 😄
  3. You did the correct thing by filing address change. However, had I been you, I would have used new address right from the beginning. I have a friend who changed address then a week later got notice for interview at former address. He went and did the interview. Unfortunately, the IO said she passed but the case has to be transferred to her new FO. Still waiting to see if she's gonna get new interview or just skip straight to oath coz she already passed her interview at former address.
  4. Yap. Glad you got me. I have been reading articles about this. However, the only ones I have got so far are those in which one party has residency/ GC/ filed to AOS but is now divorcing. I have not found anything like 2 foreigners / 1 foreigner on eg B-2 wanting to divorce their spouse in the US...I do not know how a judge say in NY will give divorce yet the judge doesn't even know anything about the marriage as to whether it is legit or not. We already know some countries do not have good marriage records. Additionally, some countries are good at forging stuff. So the judge may or may not know about that.
  5. So what prevents the "cyber agent" story people from legally divorcing while in US? That's where I'm scratching my brain.
  6. I think in this case you can request substitute sponsor, who can be her brother.
  7. How did you obtain the Nigerian divorce papers? 1. Were you in the US by then? If so, did you send someone OR 2. You got them yourself while back in Nigeria? @Adedamola06
  8. My questions to VJers: 1. Can one divorce twice? 2. Can non-citizen, OP in this case, come to US and divorce foreign spouse in US courts? I kind of find it weird that US court would grant a divorce for (a) marriage not done in US AND (b) none of parties is LPR/ USC...this opens loopholes for people to come on B-2/ non-immigrant visas and easily divorce foreign spouse that is left behind in country of origin, with or without that spouse's knowledge. If (b) above is true, then all those whose "cyber agent" indicated "married" should pretty easily get foreign divorce in US and easily go through with AOS after marrying USC.
  9. After biometrics, current wait time is close to 8 months before you get EAD. Used to be 3 months pre-COVID.
  10. Hhahhaha as much as I agree, this will not happen. I am sure they did this 2 year EAD thing because EAD renewal is free anyway. However, conditional GC and subsequent ROC are paid for. Pretty sure USCIS does not want to let go of the ROC $$$$. If they do, they may come up with "marriage checkpoint" where you have to send documents so that they update their records... something like "This is a mandatory USCIS check point. We just want you to update us so that we update your file. However, pay $600. If you do not, we will block you when you attempt citizenship or renewal of your 10 year GC." 🤣
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