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  1. Isn't the first and won't be the last. We see this very often here in VJ..so I wonder how many non-VJers are doing this out there.
  2. You're even lucky USCIS rejected it. Normally, they accept it, cash check and you join queue. It is only later, maybe 1+ year later when you'd be expecting an interview that they send you a rejection for early filing and just like that, you start a fresh. So, I'm not sure which receiving person looked at your package..but you should seek them and buy them a drink..that person saved you $$$ and time. Sometimes I think USCIS just accepts and cash checks for early filers to teach them a lesson as well as take their non refundable $$ knowing fully well they'll deny it and send you back at the start of the queue in about 1+ years time. I mean, it's not their job to look at early filing dates. They already wrote the manual. You need to read and follow it. If you don't read it, that's not their fault. They'll happily cash your check and lie low to throw you back at the start of the queue in a year's time.
  3. You don't qualify for K1. Either meet or face a denial...Can't use COVID as an excuse..
  4. I haven't delved into this but I think 1099 or W2 doesn't matter to USCIS as long as you make enough. So, I think you'll be okay
  5. Not really. Even at fastest Consulate, you need to establish residency in that country to be eligible to interview at that Consulate. Establishing residency takes time.
  6. His other visa is not a concern to US government. So, NO
  7. Relax. Expired GC + extension still works. And yes, you can travel on them even though your GC has been issued but you haven't received it.
  8. I edited my post above. Paris doesn't have CBP pre-clearance. Your closest ones are in Ireland. See link below for all pre clearance locations. https://www.cbp.gov/travel/preclearance
  9. Dublin and Shannon in Ireland have CBP pre clearence. Before you waste $$ and time, I'd suggest book a flight that originates from any of the 2. If they let him on a plane, you're good. If not, you just saved $$ & time.
  10. Petitioner needs to establish domicile. After that, you should get your visa. She can get an apartment, bank account etc as proof of domicile
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