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  1. Hi VJ Community! I'm in the organizing part of my printed papers and I was wondering if I need to send anything original to USCIS? Like our marriage certificate? Son's birth certificate? Or would a copy of everything be okay? Also, is it okay to have the 3 hole binder at the left side or would a 2 hole puncher on the top be best? I was also wondering about something I read in another thread. It said that CR1 would probably not have their interviews waived. If that's the case, then should I make double copies so I can bring it to the interview or not? Or maybe for personal use? Sorry I have a lot of questions. I hope someone can help! Thanks!
  2. Yeah, being able to explainreally does give peace of mind. Thank you so much! I've been trying to find those little stuff too. Thank you so much! Such a big help!
  3. Did you have a part in your packet where you explained why you opened late or whatnot? Thank you so much
  4. Are you CR1? I'm thinking of adding pictures because we don't have a lease or any purchases under both our names. We rent but to our relative so only proof are the checks. Then we moved and live with his parents so we just contribute and dont really have a rental. So I'm a bit on the edge. However, we have a child which most say is the hardest of evidence you can give. Lol!
  5. I was also planning to add a letter expelaining why we opened a joint account after a few months after entering (my ssn arrive soooo late. Pandemic problems). So you mean 10 total from the time of marriage to when you entered or for everything?
  6. Oh! At least you didn't get an RFE! What other evidence did you send?
  7. Are you on CR1 then? I see peolle sending joint accounts since the time they were married but how could I do that if I was in another country! Lol Anyways, thank you for this!
  8. Ohh 10 pictures only? I see yt videos almost sending an album. Lol! Thanks for the reply!
  9. Hi! I have read some forums here stating that the photos we provide as proof can just be from the time I entered the US or time since issuing the green card (for those who has adjustment of status). And I find that very reasonable since we already submitted photos in our petition for my CR1 visa. But then the instructions on the I 751 says "..circumstances of the relationship from the date of the marriage to the present date" I came in here just a month short of our marriage entering 2 years and I would have been IR1 but I was forced to come early because of my medical expiry (long story). Anyways, it would be 4 years of pictures if this would be the case. I would be glad if anyone has been approved and only showed photos from the time of entry or granting of conditional green card? That would be 2 years less photos. Thanks in advance.
  10. The first address you placed is for mail from USPS to a list of specific states. The other one is for non-USPS couriers for ANOTHER list of states. You can find it here: https://www.uscis.gov/i-751-direct-filing-addresses
  11. Thank you for everyone's insights! i am travelling on July 28 and I was hoping I could get the biometrics done before I leave. I am on a CR1 so I believe my biometeics won't be waived. I see CR1's getting biometrics earlier than 2 months after filing so I hope I get it (and I think being optimistic is good.)😆 Thanks again everyone!
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