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  1. Thank you so much! 😁 Thank you as always! 😁
  2. Basically the visa expiry won't even be valid, like useless, if my medical has expired right? I wish I wont have to do a second medical.
  3. So it is fair to say that the medical's expiry is the actual expiry, like I need to be able to enter before that?
  4. Hi everyone! As we all know, everything has been stuck in the process. Very unfortunate times for us who almost had our interviews. But maybe there's a reason behind this? All we can do is wait. Anyways, I was thinking about my medical exam results. If this situation really worsens, I am worried my results would "expire" as it is only valid for 6 months. I took it this March so that would be September. Maybe a bit far but from what my husband and relatives are telling me about the situation there, I'm thinking for the worst. So here. If I do get my visa, given I can have my interview maybe late May or June (which is what's feasible here in the Philippines for now), the visa expiry wouldn't matter right? I would still need to enter the US before my medical expiry date? Any input would help. Thank you!
  5. Yes, they did. You asked about a reschedule right? I did not get a NEW interview letter. Sorry if that confused you. Also, I am from outside Manila so there was no way I could go to the embassy by that time. Very unfortunate events.
  6. Hello! No, they did not send any email regarding a new interview date.
  7. Hi guys! I would like to share the info I got from USEM call center service. As of last wk, they told me it was business as usual but knowing the Metro Manila quarantine (from Cebu btw), I rescheduled my interview(March 23rd) which was set by NVC, to a later date. However, just today, around 2pm, I asked them about my schedule and they told me that all they can see is my new schedule. I asked if my March 23rd sked was cancelled(just to be sure that it wont be tagged as a "no show") and they told me they cannot see or access any interview date set by NVC themselves. But he assured me that it would still be cancelled since they have cancelled all visa interviews until further notice. What he said was March 16, but basing on this thread, I must have heard otherwise. All we do for now is pray that this will all settle down soon. Good luck to those who will have their interview pushed through! 👍🏻
  8. So I assume this also goes for interviews set my NVC themselves right?
  9. That's true. We, beneficiaries from other parts of the country, have a lot of confusion and uncertainty right now. I'll just wait for an email or an update on their site. Though I really don't think they'll post soon.
  10. Same! At least there's a big possibility it'll push through. Still keeping my hopes high though. They actually also said this "ban" would be assessed daily. Anyways, good luck on her interview! 👍🏻
  11. Here is the latest news. This is from CNN Philippines on "BREAKING: Travel to and from Metro Manila suspended from March 15 until April 14 due to COVID-19 https://t.co/2w4TDfMIrO" I'm really worried about this. My interview is this 23rd of March which has a very big chance of being postponed or rescheduled I think. Anyone else with interviews around these dates?
  12. Okay thank you. We were also thinking that this could be due to a very old NVC inquiry we had this January about an update on our case. NVC also sent us about it so this is probably it. As always, thank you again Hank! Anyways, my interview would probably be re scheduled I think, with all this COVID 19 news. 😥 praying for everyone!
  13. So I upload it again on the CEAC website? Yes, I would bring all the originals as advised. This is just too weird to have them ask me to upload but I have already done so. Also, I can't seem to find this step you posted in the link. I have read it somewhere tho but assumed it meant the hard copy original documents.
  14. Here's another picture from the email on an iPhone.
  15. I already have my interview sked and also have done my medical. However, just now, I received this email from Manila IV Info. It says: "Congratulations on your upcoming immigrant visa interview. Your file is now with the U.S. Embassy in Manila. Please bring the original copies of the documents marked below (except for the Affidavit of Support, which can be a copy). Please also scan and upload documents into the CEAC portal (using your login) for the documents marked in RED. Instructions on how to upload documents into the CEAC portal is also attached for your reference." Below shows small icons with other marked with red X, so I assume this is what they mean "marked red". But I have uploaded all of these and even upon checking CEAC, they are still all there. Does this ask me to upload everything again? Thank you!
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