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Wedding celebration on K1 Visa in a foreign country before filing for legal marriage in the US
My fiancee and I are currently going through the K-1 process. I was advised that NVC just sent my paperwork to Vietnam on June 23, 2018. I already booked a trip to Vietnam for my our engagement party on July 11 before our interview inquiry. Our marriage celebration will be on October. We will be filing the marriage license in the U.S. if her interview goes well.
Our concern is that what if my fiancee fails the interview and the i-129f was completely thrown out AFTER our marriage celebration? We plan to file for cr1 if that happens but would it look bad for our case because we had a marriage celebration while still going through the k-1 process or would it not be a problem as long as we don't file the marriage license until my fiancee is in the US?
When filing the i-129f, we signed the promise that my fiancee and I would get married within 90 days upon arriving in the US. 
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US Visa Interview with a 221G Administrative Processing Result
A VJ'er recounts their US visa interview, "The officer who interviewed us asked several questions which I answered truthfully. He didn't ask for any documentation, he only asked only for pictures. In my heart I felt we were about to be approved... then he proceeded to write 221G on a paper that he had on his desk... completely heart broken."
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Vaccination waiver question
We are in the process of having my fiance immigrate from the Philippines. Assuming we get approval to move ahead in the process, the next step would be the medical review/vaccinations. We would have had vaccinations as a kid, but she has no paperwork for any of it.
I am not going to get into a debate on pro or anti-vaccinations - I am just wondering if anyone has successfuly requested to not have vaccinations for religious reasons. I heard of one person getting a waiver, but that was well over a decade ago. Is this still a possibility? Did you do this successfully? If yes, how? What is the process?
Any advice or feedback is appreciated.
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Divorce and Remarry: Getting to the US Faster on a K-1 Visa?
Since the timeline for K1 visas appears to be about 4 months faster, would divorcing and remarrying be an option? I certainly don't like that option, but if it saves me 4 months then I might have to think about it. I have not filed anything in the US. Could we just have another ceremony there? Since her ID shows her being married, I am assuming the answer would be no on that one. 
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