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DV Lottery of K1 Visa - Can I file for both?
I applied for the DV lottery 2025 and hope to be selected this year. My fiancé and I discovered that there is a fiancé visa for the USA. Do you think if we apply for the K1 visa but are selected for the DV lottery that we can stop the fiancé visa process? What are the timelines and options here :)?
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Confused about steps after marriage
My fiancee arrived last month on K1 fiance visa and we got married yesterday. It seems from what I have seen online that I made a mistake by not getting SSN prior to marriage? I am going to the SSN office on Monday to gather more information... also worried about employment authorization and travel authorization(s). Thanks for any insights!
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N-400 interview in TWO days. Last wise words?
Hey everyone!! My N-400 interview is in 2 days. I am so nervous!!

Any last words of advice?? Do's and don't? Anything you wished someone had told YOU? Thanks!
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Divorce from non-immigrant (out of status) and financial responbsibility
I go to court next month for another hearing... The judge previously said the "Plaintiff was financially obligated to support [my ex] while she resided in the United States." What does that mean?
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Recently filed 129F - still so many questions - here's the first
I am a USC, my partner is Burmese.  We met in Thailand in 2022 and are starting the K1 process but we have soo many questions... Please help! :)
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Tourist visa cancelled by CBP agent.  Can we still get a CR1 or K1 Visa?
Upon my gf's most recent arrival, her tourist visa was cancelled at the airport due to her frequent visits last year and suspicion of working here. She was denied entry and sent back same day. Is a CR1 or K1 visa process an option still? I would appreciate any advice or tips you can provide!
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Is a fiance or marriage visa a better path if getting pregnant during the application process?
My fiance and I are both almost 43 and want a child very much. By the time a visa is given, it may be too late to start a family. How does getting pregnant/having a child affect things? Which visa is better?
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Which line when entering US as family, US citizen with Foreign Spouse?
What are others experience when entering America with your US spouse -- which line during border control (US Citizen or Foreign National) did you go in and what was your experience?

Bringing Prescription Medicine into the US
My fiancée will be arriving in the US this summer and will need to take medications with her. Some of them are prescribed and others are over the counter. Do we need to worry about anything (one of the meds is a Schedule IV opioid)?
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Do you need to propose to your girlfriend before you can file for a K1 Visa?
Hi everyone! My girlfriend and I met while on a trip and hit it off. We never formally got engaged and I never proposed, however we think the K1 Visa makes sense to us. What are the rules?
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Step Kids Not Accepting Step Mom
I have been in an LDR with a Filipina since June of 2020 and we finally got our K1 Visa approved. The challenge is that my children are not accepting my fiance now that she in the US. Any suggestions?

K1 Denied. Applying for B1 Tourist Visa instead?
My fiancé and I originally applied for the K1 visa, but we were denied. I went to visit her December and we are considering a B1 tourist visa now. Is this possible?

DS-5535 and Administrative Processing after K1 Visa Interview. What's next?
My fiance had her interview at the Abu Dhabi US embassy yesterday and they refused her visa for no apparent reason. The interviewer gave her a sheet that our case requires "administrative processing" and may take several months. What's next?
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Can my fiance enter the US while her fiance visa is pending?
My girlfriend returned from the US 3 years ago but her student visa is still valid. We dated for 3 years, got engaged and started the fiancee visa process. Can she enter the US with her old visa while the K-1 visa is processing?
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K1 Visa Delays: So frustrated and disappointed, I don't know what to do
We applied for the K-1 Visa back in September 2021... no updates, no progression. I don't know what to do, I see some people from May 2021 still waiting. It's infuriating!
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Getting a K-1 Visa fastest?
My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together...
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ESTA To AOS Potential Problem?
I met and married a wonderful woman who entered the US on an ESTA in 2020. At the time of our marriage, she had overstayed her ESTA by over one year . We married after nine months of dating (June 2022). We are starting the process of adjustment of status. She told me last night that she cancelled her return ticket home a few months after her 90 day ESTA expired. She has also been working in the US illegally since May 2021...
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Why does the US hate AOS from tourist visas?
I've been studying the immigration process very closely ever see we embarked on this journey, and I don't get it from a US point of view. If you adjust status, then you qualify for a green card, and your visa bulletin is current. It's not like you are adjusting status despite an ineligibility to do so. What kind of problems, possibly security or workload related does it create for USCIS for aliens to adjust status from a tourist visa...
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Travel before applying for AOS
My fiance and I have decided to apply for AOS instead of spousal visa.   But we will not be able to do the wedding and submit the AOS application before my fiance's visa entry expires.  I read before that there is a small chance that my fiance could be detained for overstaying her visa.  But we also need to travel before our wedding.  Will it be a problem to take flights after the visa entry expires?  Would we be better to stick to other forms of transport?  Thanks in advance for any thoughts or experience you have...
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Waiting for AOS/EAD - how do people spend these 6-9 months without work?
I'm getting frustrated waiting for my AOS approval... Do people really NOT work for those 6-9 months it takes for your AOS to be approved? I applied for my EAD with my AOS in December 2021 and it says the case is pending.
So how do you spend your days?
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Hidden cost of processing a K1 Visa
Recently we were knocked backwards on the processing of our Adjustment of Status after entering on a K1 Visa.  As you are aware the initial cost for the processing of the AOS  is $1225.00 USD.  What is not as well known is the cost of processing the I-693 and other items...
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K1 vs CR1 Visa
My fiance and I are trying to figure out the best route to take for immigration. We plan to reside in the US. I have been researching the best I can without a lawyer but it is quite confusing. Thankfully a kind Redditor pointed us in the direction of this website. Can you help?
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How to find work in America?
Dear friends, could anybody share experience on how and where to start looking for a work. I am about to get my SSN and I just received GC. I don't have driving licence and I am not sure if I will drive. Any advices on job website or tips are highly appreciated! 🙌🙏
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Expediting K1 visa due to Ukraine crisis
With the Ukraine/Russia crisis happening right now, has anyone seen any updates from the U.S. government on expediting K1 visas, or any Ukraine visas in general? I reached out to my immigration lawyer and I'm waiting to hear back....
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Which Visa is easiest and best, K-1, K-3 or CR-1 for my situation?
First of all, I initially visited my girlfriend in the Philippines in October of 2018, traveled the country and with her, then came back to the US. I moved there in January of 2019, leased a couple of houses, then moved back to the US in February of 2021. We married online through Utah on a zoom wedding in December of 2021...
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