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Lost Vaccination Records
Good day! Do you guys think that it’s inadmissible for not having a vaccination record? My vaccination card got misplaced, I don’t have any history of my vaccination in childhood with me right now. does anyone have an idea what should I do?
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USCIS proposes increasing application fees by 21% or more
N-400 fees to go from $640 to $1,170 with the "weighted-average" fees across all applications going up 21%. Effective date is unclear, but notionally ~ Oct 1, 2020.
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What if i don't get the recorded marriage certificate back before the 90 day K1 fiance visa expires?
I am getting married next week and just learned that it may take weeks to get the recorded marriage certificate mailed to me.  This will put us beyond the 90 days. The officiant says he can take a photo of what he files at the courthouse (is that a file stamped non-recorded marriage certificate or something else)? But I am worried that it won't be sufficient to adjust status.

What should I do?
1. File for AoS before the 90 days expires with the photo of documentation he sends me and possibly/probably get an RFE?
2.  Wait beyond the ninety days and file for AoS?
3. File for AoS within and then supplement that filing in a few weeks with a nice copy of the recorded marriage certificate?

Also, after we file for AoS, what paperwork should my fiancee carry with her to prove she is in the country legally?  
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K1 Visa 129-F Denial -- Next Steps?
Well after waiting for an answer from our RFE response, I got an electronic notification today that our petition has been denied.  I'm sure most people who have been denied quickly leave this forum all together but I could really use some advice.  I have not yet received the letter, so I have no explanation for exactly why we were denied but I would think it would be safe to say it is related to our RFE.  It said the letter would explain the reasons and what our options are but I have read on here that there are NO options after being denied a K1.  I guess I'm reaching out to anyone on here that has been through the same thing that could shed some light on where to go from here.
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NVC Filers - November 2019
Welcome to another monthly thread for those going through NVC! This is the one place you should visit if you are filing through the NVC in November 2019!
Please read everything below and refer to it throughout your NVC journey, whether this is your first month at NVC or your third. 


Before posting questions, please read the wiki Saylin wrote on the NVC process. Once you're done, read it one or two more times to really understand it ;). Don't forget to also read the official form instructions as well as USCIS and NVC's websites!
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New Healthcare Requirements for US Immigrants
Immigrant visa applicants will have to demonstrate that they will be covered by health insurance within thirty days of entering the country or have the financial resources to pay for medical costs.  Details below:
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US Immigration Petition Approval Stats (I-129F, I-130 and others)
Have you ever wondered how frequently petitions are denied by USCIS?  We've collected a list of statistics on common petition forms.  Interesting results!
I-129F (Fiancee Visa Petition):  19.6% of petitions denied
I-130 (Spouse Visa Petition): 17.8% of petitions denied
I-485 (Permanent Residence Petition): 14.4% of petitions denied
I-751 (Remove Conditions on Residence): 3.7% of petitions denied
N-400 (Citizenship): 10.5% of petitions denied
I-131 (Advance Parole): 31.4% of petitions denied
I-765 (Employment Authorization Documents): 17.5% of petitions denied
I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers): 7.6% of petitions denied
Note, that all numbers above are from the last 3 months at USCIS (3Q19).
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SSN Card Help on K1 Visa
Hi there, I'm currently here in the US under a K1 visa. I arrived in August and got married a week ago in Sept. We went to the SSA office and were told we could not get a SSN yet. Help!
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Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews
Top 10 Mistakes at Visa Interviews:

The Visa interview is the most important part of the whole visa process. A successful interview has a positive impact on your visa being granted. Following are some of the most common mistakes people make during their interview.

1. Not Prepared Well for the Interview

Being prepared for interview can better equip you for the interview. Prepare beforehand for commonly asked questions and their appropriate answer will be helpful prior to the interview.

2. Not Providing Complete and Truthful Information

It is very important that you provide complete and truthful information. Any incomplete/false information can lead to unnecessary delay(s). False information can have severe impact on your future ability to apply for US visa. It may also cause you lot of frustration and legal actions against you. You could be band for life from receiving a US visa. THINK before answering.

K1-VISA Income/Household & Joint Sponsor Question
Hi there, I am Max, in the UK. I am getting on top of FORM i-134 and have a few queries....

1. The household will be my FIANCEE'S parents - who live there with her. So the FULL TIME occupation is THREE (3) - HOWEVER , she has 3 children (9-11-14) who are there 3 days a week. What is the correct way of stating the household occupancy? - I believe she is NOT the MAIN CAREGIVER.
2. If a JOINT SPONSOR is required - where on the form i-134 do you add this information - so it is taken into account? Just use the SPARE PAGES at the back?
3. FINALLY - Question 38 (I DO/DO NOT Intend to make specific contributions etc...) - I am not sure what to put here - as I will be working (intend to in IT) and want to take nothing from her. I expect to find work fairly swiftly.
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Please help!! K1 Visa expiration question
My (now) wife is here on a K1 visa. She arrived in the US in July. Her 90 days ends October 2nd. We got married last Thursday. We are waiting for the marriage certificate now. Does our paperwork need to be sent out by the end of the 90 days, or do we just need to be married before the 90 days are up?
thank you!
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Timing of K1 entry, SSN, Wedding, and AOS
Our K1 interview went perfectly and processing was unbelievably quick.
Now we're planning our next steps and want to make sure we're doing things right. Here's what we're planning:

-Sat Oct 5: entry into US from Canada
-Mon Oct 7: apply for marriage license
-Thurs Oct 10: pick up marriage license
-Sat Oct 12: wedding!
-Mon Oct 14: submit AOS paperwork
-Fri Oct 18: apply for SSN
-Sat Oct 19: honeymoon!
Entry, license, wedding, and honeymoon are fixed dates at this point. We'd like to get paperwork moving asap.
So what about our timing of SSN and AOS paperwork? I remember reading we should wait 2 weeks from after fiancee enters US.. correct? Or should we try earlier?
And for AOS, some paperwork asks for SSN if we have it. By the time it's mailed, technically "yes." Should we send AOS paperwork sooner than later to get things moving, or wait until we have SSN?
Thanks for any guidance on this!
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Choosing not to provide social media information
During visa scheduling processing, they ask for social media information if any. My beneficiary chose not to provide her social media information, her reasoning was she has been hacked in the past and therefore does not feel comfortable providing that information online. Is this okay or does it raise flags?
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Married with an ESTA (tourist) visa
My family and I came to the states for a family vacation (with ESTA/tourist visa). My American citizen boyfriend of 3 years spent some time with us. After 86 days together, he asked me to marry him because he couldn't bare to separate from me. We are now married. How do we go on from here? What steps do we take? What forms do we need to submit? Will we be denied?
My ESTA visa is about to expire in 3 days, will that be a problem with the process?
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Wedding celebration on K1 Visa in a foreign country before filing for legal marriage in the US
My fiancee and I are currently going through the K-1 process. I was advised that NVC just sent my paperwork to Vietnam on June 23, 2018. I already booked a trip to Vietnam for my our engagement party on July 11 before our interview inquiry. Our marriage celebration will be on October. We will be filing the marriage license in the U.S. if her interview goes well.
Our concern is that what if my fiancee fails the interview and the i-129f was completely thrown out AFTER our marriage celebration? We plan to file for cr1 if that happens but would it look bad for our case because we had a marriage celebration while still going through the k-1 process or would it not be a problem as long as we don't file the marriage license until my fiancee is in the US?
When filing the i-129f, we signed the promise that my fiancee and I would get married within 90 days upon arriving in the US. 
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US Visa Interview with a 221G Administrative Processing Result
A VJ'er recounts their US visa interview, "The officer who interviewed us asked several questions which I answered truthfully. He didn't ask for any documentation, he only asked only for pictures. In my heart I felt we were about to be approved... then he proceeded to write 221G on a paper that he had on his desk... completely heart broken."
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Vaccination waiver question
We are in the process of having my fiance immigrate from the Philippines. Assuming we get approval to move ahead in the process, the next step would be the medical review/vaccinations. We would have had vaccinations as a kid, but she has no paperwork for any of it.
I am not going to get into a debate on pro or anti-vaccinations - I am just wondering if anyone has successfuly requested to not have vaccinations for religious reasons. I heard of one person getting a waiver, but that was well over a decade ago. Is this still a possibility? Did you do this successfully? If yes, how? What is the process?
Any advice or feedback is appreciated.
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Divorce and Remarry: Getting to the US Faster on a K-1 Visa?
Since the timeline for K1 visas appears to be about 4 months faster, would divorcing and remarrying be an option? I certainly don't like that option, but if it saves me 4 months then I might have to think about it. I have not filed anything in the US. Could we just have another ceremony there? Since her ID shows her being married, I am assuming the answer would be no on that one. 

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