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Long distance relationships during Covid
How are you dealing with your long distance relationship during covid? My boyfriend and I have been apart for a year already and I am feeling so drained, he's also in the military so I guess it gets a little more complicated. 😢  Hopefully we'll be able to reunite soon and all of this mess will come to an end.
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Is a Zoom Marriage Valid for Immigration?
I’m staying with my fiancé for about a month and a half, and we’ve decided to definitely go for the Zoom marriage... Are we on the right track? Thanks in advance!
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Congrats to the 171 VJ members from nearly 55 countries that were approved in March!
Congrats to the 171 VisaJourney members from nearly 55 countries that were approved for US Visas in March!
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Approved Spouse Visa. Zoom Marriage!
My husband and I married through a Utah Online marriage ceremony (via Zoom) in September 2020. I visited him in Costa Rica in October 2020 and filed for the CR-1. Our I-130 was approved January 29, 2021.  

My husband passed his interview this morning and now we await his passport and POE in the coming weeks.
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Married to US Citizen, left to visit Canada but now denied re-entry to the US by CBP officer -- Help!
I am Canadian and I recently got married to an American. I was staying in the US and took a quick trip home and on my way back to the US was denied entry... help!
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March Visa Bulletin & April Predictions Released
March Visa Bulletin and April estimates are now out!  Decent movement this month.
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US Immigration Act of 2021 (proposed)
The White House has released a proposal for the US Citizenship Act of 2021 to: 1) Provide pathways to US Citizenship, 2) Strengthen labor relations, 3) Prioritize smarter borders, 4) Address root causes of migration.
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Can I continue working remotely while waiting for an EAD?
I plan to move to the US as soon as possible, get married and file for AOS along with an EAD. I have a job with a non-US company that has me working remotely. I can continue to do that legally from the US, before my EAD is issued?
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New Covid19 travel ban on South Africa, U.K. and Brazil (Jan 24)
President Joe Biden will sign a travel ban Monday on most non-U.S. citizens entering the country who were recently in South Africa. He will also reinstate travel restrictions on the entry of non-U.S. citizens from the U.K. and Brazil, where new Covid strains have emerged. The restrictions will also apply to Ireland and much of Europe. Former President Donald Trump had rescinded the restrictions just before Biden took office.
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Air travelers will need negative Covid test to enter US
Most air passengers coming to the U.S. from abroad, including children from the age of two, will be required to present a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of their trip. The new rules, introduced by the CDC, come into effect Jan. 26. Only certain passengers transiting through the country or coming from places with little testing capacity will be able to enter the country without a negative test. The U.S. currently bans most visitors from Brazil and Europe.
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Choosing a K-1 Fiance or CR-1 Spouse Visa in 2021
VisaJourney members discuss the pros and cons of choosing between a K-1 fiance and CR-1 spouse US visa in 2021
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Congrats to the 118 VJ members from nearly 50 countries that were approved in December!
CONGRATS!!  It's exciting to see folks getting their US Visas approved (even increasing in numbers each month... despite Covid).  Best wishes to everyone still waiting or delayed due to embassy shutdowns or interview suspensions.  Your day will come soon.  HANG IN THERE!!
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Stimulus Checks for non US Citizen Spouse
Can a non-US Citizen spouse get a stimulus check with the new round of US Covid funding? VJ'ers discuss.
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Latest US Visa Bulletin for Jan 2021 (and Feb 2021 Predictions) Posted
The latest Jan 2021 US Visa Bulletin and Feb 2021 predictions are now posted!
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Fiance being denied onto flight from Madrid to NYC USA
My fiance is currently on a layover in Madrid waiting to fly to the US on K1 visa. The airport in Spain is now saying that he can't continue to the US, despite his valid K1 Visa. Please someone help...
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Could I marry my USC spouse on an ESTA?
I would like to know if it is legal for me to enter the USA, marry on an ESTA and return home? I would like to marry in the US as: 1) I don't have any family to attend my wedding and 2) For the scenery and freedom in choosing location weddings. Is this allowed?
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Similar Timelines, Weekly Case Approval Estimates and Other Useful Features
VJ has tons of features that help you track your immigration case and keep you up to date on the latest consulate information for your home country.  Here are a few features you may not be aware of...
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What are our US Visa options?
We are only 4 months into our relationship. However, we want to spend QUALITY time with each other before we decide on marriage. At least 6 months to a year. Because of the pandemic, visiting is difficult. And the K1 Visa just feels like a rush. Thoughts?
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Proof of Marriage: Chat/Call Screenshots
How do I document online chats with my spouse to document "proof of marriage"? Screen shots, names, phone numbers...? Thanks!
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Biden's Plans for US Immigration (Big Changes)
When Joe Biden takes office in January, he has pledged to reverse many of Trump's  controversial immigration policies from the last 4 years.  Here are a few key items that Joe Biden plans to change...

Need to get married this month but everywhere seems to be booked (California).
My Fiance and I are in the K1 process and she is currently here with me in the US on a tourist visa.
To avoid Covid risks we are considering getting married now instead of her going home, but we can't find any place to get married before the end of November when her current visa expires. Help!
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2020 Election Thread
2020 Presidential election discussion and results!
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Visa K1 now (October) or Wait?
Hi everyone, do you think it's a good idea to file my K1 petition now in October?  I am totally confused! I'm afraid of being late and having things take forever to get into the USA. Do you believe that processing will take more than 9 months now?
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88 VJ'ers Approved in Aug, 99 so far in Sept -- Things are Speeding Up!
Compared to July where we saw 34 approvals, we are pushing triple digits!  We have seen 25% of the approvals being K1-Visas which is a huge jump from 0% in July!
Never lose hope!

K1 Expedite Request
Does anyone have experience with expedite requests for K1’s? (Or any visa if there’s no difference!) My fiancée and I are going to make a request on grounds of financial hardship for the petitioner.
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