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  1. Hmm, yes that is strange that you haven't gotten the receipt from USCIS and they have already scheduled the biometric appointment! Do you have any idea why?
  2. OK, so you had a two month gap between filing the I-130 and the I-485 packet. I was thinking about a few days difference. Sounds OK.
  3. Hmmm, yes that seems like a good idea. Do you know whether the I-130 and I-485 packet need to be submitted simultaneously? Or can there be a gap of a few days?
  4. Thank you MissCloud. So I guess the receipt is generated immediately? Considering all of the bona fide marriage documents it might be a lot easier to do online!
  5. OK, so in our case, the original is sent to some government entity to record the marriage. We got three certified copies. You're saying we only need to send in a photocopy of the certified copy? Is the 130 processed in the same place as the 485 or should it also include a copy?
  6. So I just want to confirm that, for the purpose of AOS, you only need one certified copy for the I-485 and one for the I-130? You don't need any for 864, 131, 765, etc?
  7. Yeah, I can imagine that would be difficult for some countries. The US is pretty good about that, though.
  8. Hello, Am wondering what advice people have on this as some forms, at least the I-130 can be e-filed, while the I-485 cannot. Is it better to keep it all together in one packet and send it by mail? Or does it make sense to file some part of it electronically? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  9. It took 8 months and 10 months from the US government - or is this Korea? Anyway, I am still optimistic that this birth certificate can be corrected quickly.
  10. Hi, thanks, that's a good analysis. From my view the most important thing is that you are honest on the forms. So when filling out the forms we will use the correct info according to parents' national IDs, passports, etc. Then I will attach a letter or note explaining why the info on the BC is incorrect. In the meantime we are trying to get a correction. I'm not sure how much experience you have with foreign governments, but in many countries there are issues with corruption, administrative delays, bureaucracy, and just being arbitrary and making up rules on the spot. Due to these things, it's difficult to predict what may happen when we try to get a corrected version of the birth certificate.
  11. Thanks for your reply. I panicked when I realized what happened with the birth certificate. I now think that USCIS may just totally ignore it because the actual purpose of the birth certificate is to establish the applicant's nationality and it's not related to their parent's information. But an RFE would be OK assuming we can get a correction in time. We are starting the process of getting a correction. I also saw the info about when a BC is not available and also looked up the State Department website that they refer to. But agree that it's not relevant in this case since my spouse has a birth certificate. As always, if you tell us the birth country of your wife a member on this forum might be able to tell you how to expedite the process to obtain a corrected birth certificate. Between my spouse and I, we are well positioned to get a replacement, and there are other country-specific sources to find out. Thanks for answering as you were the only one that responded!
  12. Thanks, the consensus seems to be that non-DACA applicants don't need to complete Part 4. But on the sample form on the Visa Journey site, it is actually filled out, saying that they are going to Australia. Do you agree with handwriting "unknown" into Part 3? Some older replies said that AP is routinely approved for AOS applicants.
  13. Hi, thank you, I am filing 130, 485 and 131 concurrently, AOS based on marriage/ for spouse. I have now seen multiple advice for Part 4 "Information on your proposed travel" both on this forum and elsewhere. I've seen advice to: -leave it blank (not needed as you are not DACA applicant) -say something normal like going to visit family -Say "to be determined" or "unknown". For Part 3, "Processing information", I've also seen advice to just put a date about 6 months from filing date, while others advise to print out the form and hand-write "unknown". Does anyone else have suggestions on these two (Part 3 and 4)?
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