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  1. Hi, Nice to see someone from my home country doing this process. Could you explain what you meant by time is up? Do you mean the 90 days you have to marry after approval? I also want to make clear that I meant K-1 Visa being fastest for my specific situation. The reason I consider it fastest is because if we were to wait to get married first and file for IR1 it would take me over 2 years. My fiance cannot travel to meet me until sometime March Next year, this means that we would just start filing for a IR1 April and then from there have to wait the whole 13 months until approval. That puts the IR1 at roughly 20 months total vs 13 from us having filed K-1 (This past week actually). I wanted to read everyone's input on the matter as well as see if there were any alternative routes I was not aware of. I appreciate all the comments even though quite a few touch on points that don't have to do with me like being unable to travel or work. Those wouldn't be an issue for me at all. As for driving, that's also not that big of a deal to be honest, I can just uber or something if I need to get somewhere fast. Thank you to everyone!
  2. Please read again, the state law says that any foreigner on a visa (not permanent residen status, you are a visa holder while on a K-1 until you get your greencard) is allowed to drive lawfully with their legally obtrained foreign driver's license for up to 1 whole year upon entering the US.
  3. According to New jersey state law I can drive with my foreign license for up to 1 whole year This is what I also thought due to my circumstances. Thank you for your input. I am aware I cannot work nor do I need to, even if I had to wait 2-5 years I would be more than okay with my foreign company earnings.
  4. The last time was this past February, however there's a lot of time constraints we're trying to see if we can beat like wanting to be there for our son's (I consider him my own) 8th grade graduation and many other things. That's the only reason I asked. The amount of people that apply here for K-1 and CR-1 is very low because most people usually go to America first, get married there and apply for both I-130 and I-485 consequently so it avoids the needs to come back here to the embassy (I know at least 15 people that have gone down this route). The reason I don't do that is because I've been denied a B1/B2 since I have a pending I-130 through my father (He is a permanent resident and my whole family is in the US so no family here back in Uruguay) which has been a priority date of late 2017. Even if they were to ever get there and approve me I'd have another 2-3 year wait with the NVC so my fiance whom I've been for a couple of years now and I decided we'd go down the K-1 route. I know the CR1 could be faster or the same amount of time but like I said she is a single mother and there's a lot of things that play against her like: 1. Her ex not wanting to give permission for the kids to fly internationally all the time1 2. Her job having long hours and odd schedules 3. Her already having had taken all her vacation days for this year in February. For those of you that say "You'll be disappointed" I know I won't because trust me, I've been waiting for an approval for almost 5 whole years on an I-130 F2B Thank you for your inputs!
  5. I am the beneficiary and I explained above the reason we cannot do that. What is the difference between IR-1 and CR-1?
  6. Oh but we share our timelines as well as screenshots of NOA1 to NOA2 on our groups and subreddits. I do know that the philippines has longer wait times since you guys have a huge amount of applications versus countries that have way less applications like mine or even countries like Peru etc. I am not having insane expactations, I know it can take up to 13 months or so, just trying to figure out apart from the "Having a greencard upon entry" and "financial struggel" what else makes filing for an IR-1/CR-1 better than a K-1.
  7. Hey guys, I'm new here and I've been reading through the forum for some input from individuals on going the K-1 route. My fiance and I are just about ready to file for the K-1 this coming week. We're just wanting to make sure this would be the fastest route to be together. We've been seeing through several apps and facebook groups that this is the case as the processing backlog is almost null with cases from as early as December 2021 already being processed. We want to be together as quickly as possible and the financial aspect would not be a factor for me since I own a company here in South America and make passive income. I would be easily able to support and maintain us for 2 whole years if needed. I also know that if I bring my driver's license I can trade it in for an international driver's license once within the US so driving is not another issue for me. I'm just asking for some input from people since they keep claiming IR-1 and CR-1 are the way to go, our only issue is that we cannot get married as she cannot travel due to work and having 2 small children (Which I am dying to live with and yes we've met already in person, have lots of proof etc). Would greatly appreciate some input from you guys, Thank you!
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