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  1. Yeah, I sent it from the USCIS account (~month ago). Wait, your husband got his work permit approved? I submitted all three forms in December and nothing has been approved (work, travel, AOS).
  2. I don't know if this constitutes as an "update" but any type of new information is celebratory since I've waited so long and here is some! I sent them a message on May 30 re: my December 2021 AOS application since I haven't had an update since February (where it says they are actively reviewing). I don't know if this is NEW information from "actively reviewing" but this is what they responded with the following paragraph today (almost a month later). Your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, information has been entered into the system which schedules applicants for interviews at their local Field Office. Interview appointments are scheduled as slots become available at the Field Office. Once you have been scheduled for an appointment, you will receive an Interview Appointment Notice to appear at a certain date and time at your local Field Office. You must take the Interview Appointment Notice and photo ID to your appointment. Please review the Interview Appointment Notice for any other requirements.
  3. So at your behest, I looked into this. Emma was a bot I think so I didn't go through that but I did email them and after 22 days they responded with this image below. I'm really hoping this means I will get my interview date soon!
  4. I got an actively reviewed notice in February and it's still the same, just FYI. I'm in LA And I filed December 2021.
  5. That's exactly what happened to me (they asked for something 100% I already sent). I uploaded it right away (same time as you). Ack, if I just even knew it would take only another 2 months, I wouldn't be as frustrated but when you look at the estimated wait times, it says up to 22 months for California? How can that even be the case?!?!
  6. OK so it took you 8 months! That gives me hope because it seems like so many people are getting it in 3-4 months (I'm waiting at 6 months now.) I did NOT think of chatting to Emma. I don't know what that means but I'll google it and make sure to do that, thank you! Did you have any RFEs?
  7. I've been doing all that but it's been 7 months now. How long did it take you to get your AOS approved?
  8. Hi, can you guide me where you found the instructions to submit an expedited request? I applied for everything in December and it says it's currently being reviewed (no update since February) and I am going crazy unable to work. Hi, when did you submit? Also, did you get an RFE?
  9. My file says that reviewing is in progress for all three. I'm getting so frustrated as it's been 6 months now and it seems like others here who applied in January are getting their approvals or even their interview dates!
  10. Those are the three I applied for back in December. Thank you for letting me know.
  11. Wow, that's insane. And to be 100% clear, you applied fro 485 (adjustment of status)? I'm so jealous and bewildered.
  12. WAIT, no way, you applied in February 2022 and got the card end of March? I applied in December in California!!!
  13. TWO YEARS? That's insane! Everyone told me 6-9 months? I'm in California... English is my first language so I don't need to learn it at all but that is a very good use of your time!
  14. No hope as I'm in the same boat as you. Where are you? I'm in Los Angeles and it says this? This can't be real???? I was thinking 6-9 months?
  15. Did you have any RFE? I filed late December, got a RFE right away which I submitted within a day and haven't heard back since! Dying to start working or at least go to Canada to see my family. I'm in LA.
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