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  1. Here is the instructions that the Dubai clinic emailed to me. US Medical Guidelines - NMC Deira, Dubai (Dec 2022).pdf
  2. Hello, I called the clinic in Abu Dhabi and inquired about how long it would take to get the results. They said it could take up to 10 working days. I called the clinic in Dubai and they said it could take up to 14 working days. However, the Dubai clinic has an option to expedite! If you pay extra, they will have the results ready in 3-5 days.
  3. Here it is: https://mydhl.express.dhl/us/en/tracking.html#/results?shipperReference=EXP 14 FEB 2023A&fromDate=2023-02-14&toDate=2023-02-22&destinationCountryCode=BO I was delivered today 😉
  4. Hello, My fiance's visa interview is in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We need to have a medical examination in New Medical Center Hospital. My question is: how long does it typically take for the results to be ready? 😕 My fiance is flying from Iran and I'm flying from Texas to be with her so we don't want her to miss her visa interview because the medical exam results aren't ready. We waited almost 2 years for this and missing the interview date cannot be an option! How many days before the interview should we do the medical exam to be on the safe side? Thanks!
  5. Hello, what is the invoice number used for? I scheduled the interview but it didn’t as me for an invoice number 🤔
  6. Sorry to hear about your setback. Must be super frustrating. What is a SLEC exam? First time hearing of it.
  7. If I remember correctly, there is an explanation to the right that says they need the 13 digit USCIS case number.
  8. My case changed to "Ready" status yesterday. I submitted the DS 160 and created an account on the embassy portal. The portal asked me to pay a "visa application processing fee" of $265. After paying that using a debit card, the portal let me pick a date for an interview. The earliest available date was May 4 so I booked it. Should I have waited for the welcome letter from NVC or instructions from the embassy before scheduling the interview date? I am feeling nervous as heck that I'm going to mess something up. 🥶
  9. If your case is "in transit" you can find and track it using instructions on this thread:
  10. Hi, I'm not at that stage yet (still in transit), but from what I've read it contains a "pre-interview checklist" that tells you what documents you need to prepare and bring to the interview. It also gives instructions on medical exam and how to book the interview date. It is mailed to the beneficiary or emailed to the petitioner. It varies by embassy.
  11. Got an email from NVC this morning that my case was sent to the Abu Dhabi consulate. The CEAC status also shows "in transit". The email also had an attachment that said it can take "several weeks" for NVC to transfer the case to the embassy!!!!!!!! Does it really take that long?
  12. The only way you can get a status of your case from NVC is to use their "public inquiry form". They're not going to send you a receive letter.
  13. This calendar shows the dates that NVC ships cases to embassies. NVC will hold it until the embassy has the capacity to take more.
  14. Great, I submitted an inquiry asking for case number and they responded today!
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