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  1. I understand but better than start all the process from the beginning
  2. Hi. I want to add some thoughts 1 ) k1 can take from 1,5 -to2,5 years waiting now because of vivid 2) when you are here you can apply aos and get EAD to work quickly Our case took 2 years from filling till visa in hand andv7 months for green card U didn't get EAD just GC right away because as officer said our case is easy. We were in California center to I If I were you I would not switch because most people after covid started applied to cr1, second reason it will take time to get approved that you spent already with k1 route. It's up to you. You should study cases in your country it can be vary from Europe backlog and vice versa. It's a little hard to wait here for GC but there's always something to do here) wish you find way better for you. The only thing keep in mind this process is never quick or easier especially now.
  3. Do not expect it will be back fast process. We had waited for 2 years from petition till interview during covid. Also California office.
  4. OlgaA

    EB-1-A question

    Thank you so much! I will learn it
  5. OlgaA

    EB-1-A question

    Hi, everyone! I am looking for info about EB1 A visa for my friend. Could you please point where I can read about it. And whats thr difference between EB1 and EB3?
  6. I went to indeed first, then the place next to my house they have their own website where you need to upload your CV and then they called me and invited to the interview which was successful. Though I work not right there in another store but still first what I did I wrote CV included all experience even not related to applied vacancy. Second I went to all places next to my house because I can't drive. And then I found this place. Indeed is a very good place to search too. I went to some places from that site too. The thing is just keep trying and intend to work physically first because good places when first in the country not easy to find if only you have not got a rare profession. Good luck!
  7. Thanks everyone for advices I have found a job and have been working for a month now! The key is to look for and not to be afraid of physical work, not to be lazy! God bless all!🙏🙌
  8. Did you mention that you have a friend in the USA on 160 DS? It's important how he behaves during interview. The most important to show ties but it's also not a quarantee to be approved it's all up to CO, percentage of approvals and denials I heard they have a particular number of approvals a day not sure about it I was denied a tourist visa due to absence of ties to home country Some people are rejected even if they have houses, family and cars. In this case it's only up to CO Try again but he should to have something changed in this time to show he will come back home and won't stay in the USA
  9. It's really helpful, thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you for such a thorough answer with a set of suggestions!
  11. Good idea! Thanks Thanks a lot!
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