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  1. Hi, everyone! If we don't send our documents to USCIS before K1 expiration on August 12 should we take any other action or fill more documents? I know it was asked several times before! Sorry. Any help is accepted! Our marriage certificate will come only this Friday
  2. Hello all! We are getting ready for AOS! Please help do we have to pass medical again? I have results from my country and vaccination list, did anyone pass it again or just dictator listed your state and vaccines for USCIS?
  3. Hi, all! Good day! We are going to gather papers for AOS and I have my medical done before interview for k1 visa, do I have to make a medical again or doctor will fill I 693 form based on my medical? Please help who has applied for AOS in NJ
  4. Hi there! I would recommend to file now because during covid it's hard to see often, and they understand it. Your petition will take time to be approved so I would file a lot of evidence like plane tickets, photos, some call logs and I am sure it will help as long as your relationship is real. During waiting we can meet again and later on interview you will show or if they ask, that you met again! Don't wait long because time waiting is so long now. Don't listen much who whatever say follow your heart and all requires you fulfilled, you met once during last 2 years, the only thing you need to know each other as longer as better, so I would file and read again info on official website of USA consulate or here in threads! Good luck! 🌺
  5. I had my interview in Warsaw in April and I brought some pics with dates and places written in back side of them, printed call logs showing we have been in touch all that time before interview, my pics from website where we met with messages and what's app messages, but they didn't ask to show anything from it. The CO only took affidavit if support, birth certificate translation, tax return and that's all. Don't over think! If your relationship is real they won't ask any additional info! They are super good in Warsaw! Good luck!
  6. Hello to everyone! I am finally with my love and we are going to get married! God is good😍 My question is regarding to AOS checklist can I provide only electronic copy of translation of my birth certificate with stamps and apostile? My bc was taken at the interview by CO. Or should I translate it again? Thank you all for help and responses! Good day to all!🌺💑
  7. It's true it's written on visa excepted form/not subj to pp on corona virus I have got it recently
  8. We have been apart since October 2019 and online chatting and messaging is one option, so it really helps. We both work and keep busy. I think it's a good advice to keep yourself busy, time passes quickly when you are busy with something. Don't focuse on how long you have been waiting focus on how little it's left to wait and how happy you will be in the end after reunion!🌺💖 Stay strong, be calm!
  9. HELLO. DS160 is filled after your documents with approved petition is sent to your embassy , and after that you can start filling DS160. Usually people fill this form after your case is sent to your local embassy and after local embassy sends you a welcoming letter that you can start to getting ready for the interview, but I filled the form before welcoming letter because it came later.
  10. We were approved in March 2020 and have been waiting since then, during pandemic it's hard to predict when anyone can get their appointment for the interview, but you should stay strong and believe for better! Don't give up! So many couples are waiting!🌺
  11. I agree. I just want to add if a person you meet online first ask about your income, property and are you an American citizen it's big no to continue relationships, I mean it's normal to ask what profession you have and who do you live with but at the beginning if they ask you details of income and property is not a good sign. I see many women on Facebook who ask about bringing 20 years old guys to states when they are 50 and people give them advises and wish happiness, the same old men and young women, people don't understand or they understand but they are afraid of loneliness and just pay for that, I wonder to know the answer.
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