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  1. we were instructed to do so by the Regional Office in Houston. Time for you to stop. I haver made it clear. No one but you have spent so much time being so critical. What I posted is factual and not intended to hurt anyone. Stop now please.
  2. Time for you to stop. I haver made it clear. No one but you have spent so much time being so critical. What I posted is factual and not intended to hurt anyone. Stop now please.
  3. Germany could not help because he did not die there.
  4. The frustrating thing is his Death Certificate was approved for every aspects of our K1 visa and was never challenged any where except Houston. Given the fact that Houston Consulate had a difficult time explaining what was needed. They wanted a raised stamp. We called then Ethiopian Hospital and was told the copy we had was the copy available. Just as a side point there are no Ethiopian Consulate's open due to a war in their country and the Embassy was not helpful.
  5. No, and that is the problem. The worst of circumstances, he was German and had returned home to Germany for heart treatment. He attempted to travel back to the Philippines before he had fully recovered and died in flight. The plane landed in Ethiopia and the hospital declared him deceased and issued a death certificate, that death certificate was good enough to get a CEN0MAR and a K1 visa, get married and all that, but it isn't good enough for the Houston Consulate who have refused to process our ROM. We have complained all the way to the Philippines Embassy in Washington and no help. Our case is under review by PSA.
  6. It has been over one year since we filed in Houston and we are still waiting. For some unexplained reason Houston would not accept the Death Certificate of previous husband and paperwork was sent to Manila for approval. ROM has become a nightmare of paperwork and waiting on Manila to reply.
  7. Does the same rule apply for those traveling on a conditional green card during the AOS period?
  8. When you do the visa medical exam pay close attention to the documentation of vaccinations. Ensure your vaccination record is completed and signed. SLEC can be sloppy with their documentation and you will pay the price later on.
  9. I posted so much information about the RFE I thought it was understandable and that is based on the responses I received from others. For someone to argue that it was not an RFE and on top of that say that I made a mistake in understanding the processing requirement is not accurate. Once again I will go over the RFE. It initially stated that a vaccination was missing and then in the fourth paragraph I am told that I must submit a new I-693. I called USCIS and read them the RFE and their response was to only get the missing vaccination. The only provision for submitting the missing vaccination was to submit a new I693 signed and sealed by a CS. The CS would not submit the I-693 with only the missing vaccination. The results were the completion of a battery of vaccinations and a chest x-ray was done in order to submit the I-693. If someone is confused about the RFE then join the club because so was I. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but does not work for someone having to comply with USCIS suspense dates.
  10. I have fully, and correctly, explained the RFE, for privacy reasons I will not post the RFE. Have no axe to drive in this matter. If you have read all my posting on this matter you will see that I fully explained the RFE. As far as remedy I think we need to be aware of the importance of medical records. You are starting to sound like I am lying and trying to create despair amongst the readers. That is not my intention and if you knew of the problems caused by trying to comply with the RFE you would understand . Yield to the expert.
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