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  1. Sounds like you will be fine. If you have not received a 221g by now I don't think there is anything to worry about. They have been pretty good about paying attention to expiring medicals. Good Luck...
  2. Not saying they don't pay a fee I am saying they should like the rest of us. Look I understand the plight of DACA and really support there situation, I am simply saying legal immigration needs some attention and support from this Government.
  3. Applicants pay for over 96% of the USCIS budget with the paying of fees, that is what I mean. Why should DACA get off free? They need to pay like the rest of us.
  4. All this political talk about "fixing" immigration is being directed towards illegal immigration and not to those paying the bills for USCIS, and that is us. I don't mind taking care of others but fix legal immigration first. Take care of those paying those outrages fees for visa issue and the never ending road to citizenship for those of doing it the legal way.
  5. The IRS will not open until February 12, 2021. A lot of people are not aware of this.
  6. PWB

    My exit report

    By the time you get to this stage you have been beaten so badly by the Philippines Government and the U.S. Embassy you would give them anything to get out.
  7. It seems like anything that the Filipino Government touches is overreaching interference. Right up to the time my wife boarded the plane out of Manila the Government was creating confusion. They collected tax payments that were already paid, demanded covet testing with facilities that they designated, the CFO requirements were a joke, it just went on and on. Changing almost daily. The Philippines is being crushed by it's own Government, couple this with an inept Embassy and you have the perfect storm.
  8. After a long period of time in AP, mostly caused by Manila Embassy mistakes, our K1 was approved. Now we are beginning to process the AOS and it is a pain in the ... The same stupid questions/documentation are required plus a 1226.00 USD processing fee in order to get in line and wait. Trump made the AOS much more invasive with the filing requirements of the I-944. The AOS makes you wonder why you even bothered to file a 129f and a 134 and go through an interview only to repeat much of the same requirements with a governmental agency that is as difunctional as the USCIS. CR1 is the way to go, both today and tomorrow.
  9. Really not much new in the way of travel requirements. In the interests of everyone get the PRC test prior to travel and go about your business. This inconvenience is minor compared to where we were four to six months ago.
  10. My wife flew out of Manila a month ago on Emirates Air less than a month ago. PCR was required for leaving airport and boarding flight in Manila. No where else did anyone look at PCR Covid testing. As usual the problems are with policy in the Philippines and have no impact any where else. PCR testing was about $200.00 USD and may well be worth it for the peace of mind that you will have and possibly may need.
  11. Don't see a time line for you and do not know where your visa will be processed, but like the others are trying to tell you, use caution on all ceremonies. We held an engagement party in the Philippines and made the event ever so clear that it was not a wedding ceremony. We also held a going away party for the family and no one could ever interpret these events as being a wedding. Use caution on how you dress and the exchange of any rings, to include an engagement ring. Above all else enjoy each other.
  12. When my wife told me that we needed to buy fruit I was watching football, then she laid on the Filipino Tradition angle and I was soon reaching for the truck keys. I will get even with her because in Texas you must eat Black Eye Peas for good luck on New Years Day, and the best of Black Eye Peas are terrible.
  13. They did the same to us on two occasions claiming no Medical Records from St Lukes, when in fact they acknowledged they had the Medical Records, but returned her passport anyway telling her to take a third physical. Same problem with NBI's. There must have been some staff turnover at the Embassy that is causing all these mistakes.
  14. Don't worry USCIS and the rest of the money collectors in this business are open for your donation.
  15. It is only fair that no one gets to walk between the rain. In this immigration process we all get wet some time or the other.
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