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  1. Two days it took for me You’re very welcome. Wishing you all the best with your husband!
  2. Showed 2 for me too. In the end when you get the indication one of them has reached and is ready for pickup, you go to Aramex
  3. DQ February and March 2023 got their IL today to be interviewed in June.
  4. DQ March 2023 got their IL today to have their interview in June.
  5. If both the passport and visa are present, why the I-193?
  6. Thank you!! I was terrified of being stuck for months.
  7. Nope I had a stellar interview and was verbally approved by the CO! Was surprised by the DS5535 later Anyway, last Monday (8 days ago) I was called by the embassy asking to send my passport through Aramex. Today my visa was ISSUED. AP total length - exactly 14 days. Sometimes nothing’s missing and it’s just security checks. They only tell you after you think you’ve been approved lol.
  8. Time and time again it is said to not take such decisions until you wait for your feelings to cool down and you can think clearly.
  9. Thanks. Asking if there's an active thread that is not consulate-specific, although I figure it doesn't really matter.
  10. As the title says. I know the Montreal one is alive and well (unfortunately), but I was interviewed in US Embassy Amman and got handed the DS5535 with my passport back. Hope there's a different thread for other embassies where we can all meet and cry.
  11. I don’t know what to say, the way your family is separated is horrible. I hope this ends for you soon and you all get to live as one unit US Embassy Amman’s website says 5 months, so maybe it’ll be over for you soon.
  12. Have you tried a congressional inquiry? Says 2-6 weeks, but I know there’s no fixed timeframe. It’s so devastating.
  13. Hello. I was put in AP today, they gave me my passport back with the same DS-5535 questionnaire. Any updates for you?
  14. So I had my interview today. They gave me my passport back and handed me the DS-5535 Administrative Processing questionnaire. Did all the paperwork flawlessly and have had a swift journey til now, but guess it happens to the best of us!
  15. Hahahaha I know the feeling!! I can’t wait to join my husband either 😇
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