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  1. You can check the timelines on this website, although no post-COVID timelines have been made. Other than that, check Facebook groups for Lebanon family preference visas. I'm not sure how backlogged Beirut is, but F4 and DV are least priority right now, so it'll probably be a while.
  2. Not only did you not answer my question, but you also offered incorrect information. Vermont is currently at 15 months (14-16 before the last update), thanks though.
  3. Hello, Our case is in Vermont, AKA the black hole of USCIS. This means many people will be getting approved and becoming DQ before us, even if our PD is earlier than theirs. So we want to know if interviews are scheduled based on DQ or PD, given that all other variables such as (USC spouse, country of beneficiary) are the same for consular processing.
  4. I heard about that. Luckily, COs now have lists of schools to avoid. I heard of this school in MN that has in-state tuition for international students. Apparently Indians and Chinese apply to them to get to the country to later secure jobs.
  5. So there is no submitting police reports for AOS from a tourist visa? Isn't that a major loophole? Now this is the kinda juice I started this topic for! Do you know any more about the story? If the owner has opened a business providing jobs to at least 10 US citizens (and brought $0.5million), then he did what he came to the USA to do, right?
  6. Thank you, you're the first to answer my question without preaching to the converted! But I always thought, even if so, don't the immigrants adjusting status have to provide criminal report from their home country (and any other country they have resided in aged 16+)?
  7. Guys, y'all are not reading the post. I am not protesting and whining that we want to adjust status on a tourist visa. I come from a high visa fraud country, and I hate that we created that reputation for ourselves. That being said, I am trying to discuss why it is unethical in the eyes of the law, and if there are security and other concerns I am overlooking. I know we have a strict policy against visa fraud, and I don't see how I am going against that? This is a discussion about USCIS concerns.
  8. That makes sense. I, too, am not familiar with the paperwork you fill out for a tourist visa. That being said, we are N O T conspiring to commit visa fraud, so you don't have to warn me. This is a casual discussion about the approach USCIS takes, and not a protest against it. I find that US immigration puts a lot of weight into intention, which to me is really strange. It's good for immigrants, but it surprises me!
  9. Hey guys, don't jump on the hate train! We're not planning to do that, and can't anyway. I've been studying the immigration process very closely ever see we embarked on this journey, and I don't get it from a US point of view. If you adjust status, then you qualify for a green card, and your visa bulletin is current. It's not like you are adjusting status despite an ineligibility to do so. What kind of problems, possibly security or workload related does it create for USCIS for aliens to adjust status from a tourist visa? I am not looking for an answer like "Well, it wouldn't be fair to the immigrants who went through consular processing." I know it isn't fair, but USCIS doesn't care about how we feel, so what's the actual reason?
  10. We really need your advice. So here's the story.. Husband is the USC. Our I-130 is in Vermont, and will probably get approved April 2023 or later. 2022 is husband's first year making qualifying income to sponsor an immigrant. Husband has filed his taxes previous years, but tax transcript 2022 will be our supporting document for the I-864EZ. Joint sponsor is not an option. For tax year 2023, want to paper file, apply for an ITIN, and MFJ, etc. All of the above considered, 1) will that be a good decision to make, given that we'll need the tax transcript 2022 for the affidavit of support? 2) How much does it take from paper filing at the beginning of tax season until the tax transcript is ready? Will that delay the NVC stage?
  11. Thank you so much! Yes, I know about Vermont. But I'm trying to be positive Thank you, that is good advice.
  12. He HAS filed taxes. I just meant that these returns probably won't help us establish his eligibility as a financial sponsor. Is it really possible they'll ask for a joint sponsor because this is his first year making taxable income? It is 6 figures, they really won't accept it? What are paystubs?
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